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Elements= Fire->Nature->Terra->Lightning->Water

ThLand Of Kikarita PART OEwith a Dark Volt attack. Flare outyelped in pain. Night Paw landed in a ninja-like pose. It was Flares turn to attack. As much as disliked her, he didnt want to hurt her. They used to be such good friends. Night Paw would never had hurt Flare. Until now. Hurry up, Fyair, she sneered.Or are you to wimpy? She laughed. Flares mind went black. He couldnt think, a sharp ting rippled though his skull. Something had hit him. But what? But who? It was his turn to attack, and he had been facing Night Paw the whole time. Someone- or something-wanted him dead. The last thought that passed through mind before he cloncked out was I wonder ifI wild dragon queen. The Queens husband, Darango, died a while ago. But recently she stangly fell in love with a Fyair Fox, his name, Martino Kitsune.

Later, when Flare woke up, was lieing on a hard slab of stone. It was dark. At first he thought his still knocked out, when he turned to see a small camp fire blazing next to him. He sat up, rubbing his head. Where am I? he wondered out loud. You fainted. Flare spun around, wincElements= Fire->Nature->Terra->Lightning->Water

The Land Of Kikarita PART ONE Flare Kitsune snarreled. He scratched the frozen ground with his sharp black claws. Why are you fighting me? he questioned, paceing around his opponent. Night Paw LunaMoon smirked. Then, startlingly, she lashed out with a Dark Volt attack. Flare yelped in pain. Night Paw landed in a ninja-like pose. It was Flares turn to attack. As much as disliked her, he didnt want to hurt her. They used to be such good friends. Night Paw would never had hurt Flare. Until now. Hurry up, Fyair, she sneered.Or are you to wimpy? She laughed. Flares mind went black. He couldnt think, a sharp ting rippled though his skull. Something had hit him. But what? But who? It was his turn to attack, and he had been facing Night Paw the whole time. Someone- or something-wanted him dead. The last thought that passed through mind before he cloncked out was I wonder if I will wake up for breakfast. I hope were having pancakes

The truth is, Night Paw is a princess. Not any Princess, but to Princess of Kikarita, the planet re all this is happening. Her mother is Leanthia, the five tailed dragon queen. The Queens husband,

Darango, died a while ago. But recently she stangly fell in love with a Fyair Fox, his name, Martino Kitsune.

Later, when Flare woke up, was lieing on a hard slab of stone. It was dark. At first he thought his still knocked out, when he turned to see a small camp fire blazing next to him. He sat up, rubbing his head. Where am I? he wondered out loud. You fainted. Flare spun around, wincing from the pain still throbbing in his head.After that stone hit you, you got knocked out cold. Said the owner of the voice, stepping out of the shadows. Startled, flame burst from Flares mouth- but the Hippowow was quick. He dodged the fire, snatched up a stick, and landed tooth-barred in from of a panicked Flare. Flare yelped. I-Im sorryuh,sir? The names Hergus. And Dont worry son, he said, still armed. I wasnt trying to attack you, I was after them. He pointed behide Flare. Flare spun around- but soon regretted it. Right in fount of him stood a six legged, greenish yellow wolf like reptile . In fact, a while pack. And He was nose to nose with the leader. Kermights, Back off! the olden Hippowow bellowed. An infuriated Kermight roared, claws out stretched. He missed his main target, and went flying into Flare, knocking him down. Kermights are strange creatures. Flare spewed from Flares mouth. His fur burst into flames. A bright red glow lit up his eyes. Flare was mad. Then, just then, a giant tornado of fire whipped voiletly across the plain. What the blazes?! Hergus bellowed as he clung to a tree, that was dangerously bending. The wind died down, and the night grew silent. The fire in Flares eyes flicked out. Uhhhggg.. he mumbling fainted . Flare, Hold on! Hergus can running. Wow. Now that was impressive. Almost Burnt me to a crisp, but still. How did you do that, Flare? Flare?! Flare!?!? The hippo man sighed, and picked up Flare and carried him back to their camp. Stella sighed. Ever since the king died and the Queen re-married Martino, things have changed. The Queen has been acting strange, and the Princess has been in going out on battle with the gauds. Martino. Dont even mention that name around Lady-in-waiting Stella. She hated him. She hated his greasy fur, dirty paws, oily voice, that old cologne reek-everything about Martino she hated. What was going on?

When Flare woke up, it was midnoon. Hergus turned around. Would you like some Yargo Mushroom soup? He didnt even have to wait for an answer. Flare snatched it and in only a few large slurps it was gone. You were hungry, werent you? said Hergus, a little taken back. Flare burped loudly, wiping his mouth with his arm. Hey, Hergus? I can go explore the forest over there? The camp was at the edge of ache Dark Pine Forest. OkayBut be careful. With that, Flare dashed out of sight.


Once he was in the forest, Flare looked left and right. He saw a convent Charcope stump. He lifted his leg, and was just about to go when he heard a voice. EwwAre going to pee there? giggled a voice. This startled Flare, making him start to pee. Oh..ErrI wouldnt do that She had just finished speaking when the tree stump startled to move. It unfurled all the way to revile a bald stump sprite. Hey!! It yelled, startling Flare even further and making him pee more. Blub Blub Bleach!! The sprite yelled, jumping out of Flares aim. The stump sprites face was red now with anger. UT-oh the female mystery voice said. Curse you! For you peed on my head, I hear by curse you to have no fire-breathing powers for the rest of your life!!! Flare yelped, and sure enough, the fire of his tail fizzed out. The sprite muttered to himself, and curled back up and retransformed into a stump. ErrI warned you.. the air seemed to shimmer and there appeared a beautiful dragon-like creature. Her fur sparkled and shimmered when you looked at it. Instead, of fire, like Flares, her tail seemed be made out of some sort of glittery flowers. Also, she had shiny wings and she could turn invisible. She was holding her nose, so her voice sounded a little funny. My names Rose Stone, but you can call me Gem, and who are you, why are you here, and why did you just pee on a stump sprite? Flare felt his cheeks turn pink. Umm..well, my names Flare and here. So what are your powers? Heaty punch, Nip, Dirt Claw, Blazing Teleport, Fire Spark, and Flame Thrower. Gem looked concerned. But didnt that stump sprite just take away all of your elemental powers? I mean, you know the elements of Kikarita right? Fire, Terra, Nature, Lightning and Water? Yeah Flare attended a Fire Spark attack on a nearby tree. He only succeeded in going into a hacking fit. Are you O.K.? Gem flew over. Flare did not feel O.K. Infact, he felt like he might throw up. But not in front of his newly found friend (and crush). Not..cough..Realy. He managed to gag out. Green light swirled around Gem. Then, she shot a glowing beam of light and leaves at her friend. Magical Forest Sun! Flare felt warmth all over-a magical energy pulsed through him. He closed his eyes. The pain had faded. But the feeling only lasted a second. They it faded and Flare opened his eyes. It worked! Exclaimed Gem. thethanks stammered Flare. Its my best- and howl broke her off. She flashed out and became invisible quicker than quick. Flare panicked. It was now dusk. He was lost, alone(or so he thought) in the middle of the forest with Kermights and no elemental powers. Slowly Kermights started to come out of the trees at him from all directions. Some of them limped, had burnt fur, wounds or badges over their paws and heads. With a start, Flare realized this was the same pack he defeated earlier. He gulped. The leader Kermight( the one with the scar over his left eye) was rapidly approaching. Ssssay ssssso longFoxsssssy his voiced slithered in a mensing snake like way. Finding the perfect time, Gem struck out with a Claw Slash attack and the Kermight shirked in pain and clutched his eye. Ssssoilgders! Attack!!! hissed the leader in pain. The Kermights moved in closer, surrounding Flare and Gem, who now stood back to back. Just when they though t all was lost, angry Hergus burst from between the trees. In one mighty blow using

Ground Rumble (his element is Terra in case you didnt know) he sent the Kermights stumbling back. What! Now we have an Hippowow to deal with, too?!? No, hes a friend! cried Flare. Whatever you say, said Gem, a Nature elemental herself. Kids, get in that hollow log, while I hold them off. Hergus cried in his deep voice. Flare ran to the log with Gem, his heart racing. Flare stumbled and, slipped in his own puddle from before. He went sliding into startled Kermights, knocking them down and covering them in pee. I said get into the hollow log, not go Kermight bowling! Hergus thundered, Knocking over Kermights with his spiked battle hammer. Flare! Grab this! Gem was lowering down a old knotted rope. Flare took hold, and Gem tied the rope to a bent over Skin Wood tree. She let go, ang Flare went sailing. He flew way heck-n-gone to another part of the forest and landed smack dab in the middle of a creek. It was very dark, and he could still hear the sounds of battle. He hoped Gem was O.K. Flare heard the snap of a stick. Why-whos there? he stammered. He heard some russleing and he could barley in the dim light make out the shape of an Rainowl, the Water element creature. Who are you? the owl creature hooted. Me? Im a Fyair Fox and my names Flare. oh. Why, Hello. The young owl came closer.Im Mist. There was a silence. Wheres your family? Are you lost? Mist flew around Flare, inspecting him. My parents were killed when I was young. An old Barkee couple adopted mebut, they went into the woods one day and never came back. When I was older, I tried to go into the forest but might up with an old enemy and lost the battle. A Hippowow took care of me, then I meet a new friend, lost my fiery powers, and then we got attacked and now Im here. Misty sat perched on a tree branch listening intently to his story until dawn. Flare yawned. Id better by getting home now, Mist said. You could join us for dinner if you like. Diner? Oh, yeah, youre Rainowls, right? Ill come. Yay! Follow me! hooted Mist flapping around Flare. So Flare followed Mist to an old Sky Wood tree. Mom? Dad? Can I have a friend over for dinner? Mists mom said, Of course sweetie. Who is it? Snow? Fluffy? Cocoa Puff? No, Mom! Itd my new friend I meet in the forest. His name is Flare. Flare followed Mist into his home. Mists Mom, Blue Berry, was cooking dinner and Mists Dad, Cameo, was reading the afternoon news. Mom, meet Flare Mists mom turned around. Ee! Youre not an Rainowl, are you? No, but dont worry, I wont eat you. Flare said politely. A little later, when Blue Berry got over her shock, the owl family and Flare sat around the table eating Mionce Burgers and drinking Sky Wood bark tea while Flare told his story. So, you lost your elemental Fire powers? asked Blue Berry. Flare nodded. I know of someone who can give you your powers back. Queen Liiiiiiii. She lives in the Crystal Castle, just North of here. It will be a long hard journey, but it will be worth it. I hear she has the power to control all five elements. Flare perked up. Great! But theres just one problem Night Paw was bored. She had already Killed twonty Mionces, one Windolf, three Carimunks, and captured one Hippowow. That one put up quite a fight, so, she decided just to arrest it. She studied her claws, sharpening them with an old knife sharpener. She felt viscus, dangerous and truly awesomely cruel. At that very moment, Martino strutted into the room. Hellooo, my Darkest Princess, he purred in his deep oily voice. He came closer. Night Paw batted at him. He

could be so annoying. He take back for a second, then slithered forward. Would you like a Charcope berry smoothie, My Dearest Blackness? he hissed. Night glared at her step dad. No, now get out of here before I whack your slimy head off. Sssay.. is that any way to treat your father? Martino lurched forward, latched his claws onto Nights shoulders and, and the same second, exhaled a noxious black-green cloud of toxin into her face. He leaped back admiring his work. Night seemed paralyzed, her eyes gazing off to no where. Her eyes snapped shut and quickly reopened, now blazing red. Go find me prey, and come back pronto, he hissed. Yes O great evil one chimed Night in a robotic-like way. As Night headed out the door, trouble was brewing in the dungeon. Let me go! Hergus bellowed, thrashing in his metal bindings. As ever, sneered Toxo, the Prison Gaud.

Flare trundled off into the forest, with the knapsack the owls had given him. Flare, with his mind off in the clouds , thinking about Gem, wasnt looking where he was going and fell right in to the middle of Mad Mud swamp. Waaahhrg!! he screamed, sinking fast in the quick sand. Was it an illusion, or did he see the mist shimmer by whet moss-covered log? What a minuet, did he know that smell? And what was that? Soon, the creature was so close to drowning Flare that all he could seem was its gleaming white teeth-teeth Flare knew all to well.

Gem was scared. She had her new best friend. In fact, she felt so bad that she spent the night alone in cave, crying. Also, Hergus the Hippo man she barely knew, had been captured. Gem sobbed, her life was in ruins. Although she knew a lot about the forest, she knew nothing about the city, the Queen, or Martino. She was no real dragon. Whats wrong? a voice asked. Go away! shrieked Gem, burying her head in her paws. Flare was probably angry and hated her. No, really. Why are so upset? Gem hissed a reached out to slap the annoying thing.

Flare was indeed very far away. He was right now at the castles dungeon. Heavy ropes weighed down his ankles. Flare was shoved into a prison sell next to a snarling ball of teeth and claws. Flare was shoved into then cell, and the snarrleing ball calmed down a little. Now Flare could see the true animal-a Snowhowl- a wolf-like creature of the cloud element. Grrh. Hallo. My names is Mac-claw. Tough lucks, ben here in da dongen, anitn it? He growled in a wolfish voice. Mac-claw smiled and showed all of his pointy teeth. I hate dese them there iron collar-chains. They take away all yer element powers dats what. Did that them there Night a bring ya in too? Respectable kid. Aint got much of an noggin. Flare tired to speak, H-h-how l-long have you b-been here, Mr. W-whack-claw? Dats Mac-claw, son, and I been round here in dis here dungeon for ova twenty years, although evenly ya have ta Stink Battle. Flare was taken back. S-stink Battle? Mac-claws face scrunched up a little at the mention of it. Aye, He replied, Dem dere Stink Battles Tis when a prisoner as to fight another prisoner to prove is non guilty-

ness in da Sewage Pit. Flare looked surprised and scared at the same time. The next mourning after a bewildered sleep, Flare woke up and yawned. Then he *Ahem* lifted his leg. After he was done, he took a moment look around. Thats when he noticed the prison guard. She was a beautiful Katari-one of the fire Element creatures-like Flare. Her tail flowed wondrously in the colors of cream, gold, and sunset red. Her eyes sparkled like rays of sunlight. Flare immediately fell in love. He had totally forgotten about Gem. Then the cat-like fire creature whirled around. Flares cheeks turned the color of his fiery tail.

Silk Golden was visiting her cousin, Night. But Night just swatted her away. If you want to bother people, go look in the dongen! she had screamed. Silk, dim of wit, decided to go to the dungeon. She was just strolling through when she felt eyes on her. She turned around, and this is what she saw; a dirty cell, a discussing fox with a puddle of smelly pee behide it. Prissy by nature, Silk walked over and said, Dont you know any better? I mean, come on! Cant you even use a perfumed litter box? Because I-I do. Flare, sick with love, answered, A what? Yes, Why yes my love Silk raised an eyebrow. Um hey.. Just then a Royal Guard burst in. Her Majesty calls a on a Stink Battle-one between that fox he pointed at Flare, and that bear. He pointed to the cage three down from Flare. Sign that read danger! hung all over with what must be millions of padlocks. A roar sounded through the castle. ut-oh, Flare thought. As it happened, Flare was seized by solders and led to a large pipe at the end of the dungeons hall. Get in there! of the there soldiers croaked roughly, shoving Flare down the slime pipe. Wahhh!! Flare howled as he slid through the smelly pipe. Kersplash! He land in a bog of slime. Oh,Eww. Flare said, discussed lifting up a paw to fan against the stench. Then, out of the pipe opposite of Flare came sliding out the most hideous, revolting Bugbear Flare had ever seen. Its eyes glowed red and it let out a vile snared. Flare grimaced. A cloud type vulture-a Bolture- hovered above the sewage pit. Today, he cackled, Will be a Stink Battle between: Slime Bang of the Water Fall and Flare of the Fire! Tails up, claws ready, Fight!! He screeched and flapped out of the arena. He had berly finished saying this when Slime Bang hurtled himself toward Flare. He slammed into Flare knowing the wind out of him. Time to die! Slime growled and started racking his claws across Flares face. Blood dribbled over his face. Flare suddenly felt sick. Urrg..Uh..*Burp*.. Then, marackulously fire spewed from his mouth in a great wave, flinging Flare up into the air with lots of fours. Slime Bang stood there, his fur smokeing and black. He leaped at un-conscience Flare, but when flying into the wall instead. The second he hit the wall, his entire body crumbled into a pile of ash. The audience could not belive what they had just seen. The strongest battler, the champion of over 55 battles, had just been defeated by a meek little fox. Zow.

Gem dipped he claws in paint scraped them against the wall of her cave. She was mad, sad, and bored. The newspaper Flame-fly tossed a paper right in Gems paint bowl, splattering organeish

red paint all over her and her art. Ack! What was that?! She snarreled. The paper boy had already left, so she picked up the paper, and was just tear it to shreds when something on the front page caught her eye. FIRE-LESS FYAIR FOX BEATS BUGBEAR It read. Startliztion zapped through Gem faster then lightning. Forgetting about her painting, she bolted to the castle. But she wasnt the only one going to the castle.

Streonare the great hunter and master thief, was planning a raid on the Royal Castle. Tonight. He had his eyes on that golden bottle, the one he has seen the King, Martino, drinking out of. It was made out of some sort of perilous black metal and sparkly gemstones. Streonare aproched the castle, his eyes gleaming. Two guards stole by the entrance, but they were no match for Master Thief. In one swift kick, Streonare sent they sprawling onto the floor. He leaped spun in the air and landed on a torrent. Streonare kicked down a door and down a pipe, swung up the stairs, and landed in his final distinction: the kings bathroom. He rustled through all the regular supplies and pulled out the cologne, triggering a secret cabnit to open. A small black metal vile rolled out. The reason no one else can find this is because his cologne smells so badly strong no one will ever go near it let alone pull it out. Streonare turned the bottle over in his hands. He was too busy admireing the bottle that he did not hear the paw-steps just outside the bathroom door.

So, how did eat battle go? asked Mac-claw. Flare rolled over, groaning. It was OK, I guess Before Mac-claw could reply, Silk strutted in. She looked at Flare. You did so well in the battle yesterday, the Queen requests for another battle today. With him. She pointed to Mac-Claw. Mac-claw growled. Flare was so destacted that he didnt release what she had said till he was shoved down the tunnel pipe.

When Gem arrived at the castle, leaped up to the tallest tower. She squinted. Flare! Her heart leaped. With another girl!?! Her heart want up in flames.

After that long battle, Martinos potion had worn off. He was walking to his bathroom when smelt another creature in his royal bathroom. Martino thrust open the door, growling. The thief, Streonare was startled and in that moment, he popped the led off the bottle and swallowed the contents. I may let you know, this was only out of habit for with he is startled or stressed Streonare nomarly eats. Noooo!! Martino hissed knocking the bottle out of Streonares paw and onto the floor. But it was to late, Streonare had already swoloowed enoth of the potion for it

to work. You Fizzle bop! Martino screamed.(actually he didnt say that, but what he did say is inrepetable. What Did you ..doooo toooo meee? Streonare croaked. His paws swelled he fur bristled, his eyes bulged, and he looked angry. A word of advice-never drink a bad guyss potion. Streonare roared, pounding his fists, smashing into the sink, sending water flying every where. Martinos scream echoed through the castle.

The Bolture squawked. Here we are with Flare of the fire, winner of the Bugbear, against Macclaw of the Cloud! Tails up, Claws ready, Fight!! with that he flew out of the stadium, leaving Flare faceing Mac-claw. With a snarrel, Mac-claw leaped at Flare. He pinned Flare to the ground. Time to die!! he roared, inflating his lungs to shoot wind at Flare. Flare squinched his eyes shut. This is it, he thought. Its all over.

Flare braced himself. Mac-claw fired. Silk fell. Gem leaped. Streonare roared. A vortex bolted out of Mac-claws mouth, but a crazy Racono smashed into him, disdericting his blow, which hit Silk, whose was dropping at a dangerous volacity, and slammed he r a gainest the wall. Flare rolled out from Mac-claws reaches, and stood up rubbing his head trying to under stand what was going on. He reached cout to help her up when Gem struck. She was clawing him in rage when the loco Racono leaped upon them. Flare glanced around and saw Mac-claw lining in a puddle of his blood. He saw the Racono had Silk and Gem under its talons. Flare bolted faster than he could think to the beast and wrapped his arms around it. The beast was so suprized it no clue what would come next. Then it happened.

Fire blazing all around him. The beasts earpiercing screams. Darkness. Fire. Sweat. Blood. He could feel it running down his face, down his orange coat, soaking his paws. Was this the end? Was he dead? Probably.

Martino squizzed his eyes shut. Holy Kikarita! He screamed. Look! Stella yelled. Look! Oh Gosh Oh my my my my my. By my head! Why-it its the five Lost Tails!

Flare, Gem, Hergus, Night, and Mist from five different derications they soared up into the sky. Red, green, brown, silver and blue light. Then all five of them collided all at once in the night sky.

PART TWO So these are they ones you say, the Five Lost Legendary Tails, Eh? Cant be mistaken! saw them rising in the shadows, as the Prophecy said. Scoff! They dont look like much to me. Well, wheres my money? Fine, if theyre a s Legendary as you claimIll take em.

All dreamBump! What was that? All a dream Flare! Gem jolted awake. She glanced around and gasped. She was on the back of something, something that could fly. They were high up in a barred cage of some sort. Flare? she called again. Anyone? To her left lay the huge hippo man. To her right was Flare. Flare! Gem ran over to him. His face was coved with scares, one in particular, stole out to her. A large slash running down his face to his neck. Gem cringed, seeing it, and ran her paw gently down it. G-gem Flare slightly opened one eye. W-where a-are we-e? Im not so sure, she replied, Were in a cage on back of some sort of flying creature. O-oh. Wheeze Where are the others? Are there others? Gem looked around. Yes, Hergus, a Rainowl, and Night. The cage rattled violently. Flare turned his head to barf over the side. Gem went over to visit Night. Night was sitting with her paws tucked under her glaring through the bars of the cage. Gem wondered when she woke up. Night, are you ok? Im fine. I just wish my stupid father hadnt died in the first place. She snapped. I know. Im sorry. Gem sat down next to Night. Get away from me! screeched Night scooting away into a corner, hissing. Gem sighed.


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