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Outline for Internship Report 1.

First Page First page should display: Student name and surname, internship start and finish dates, number of internship days, type of internship (production, or design and development), company/institution name. This page should be signed and stamped by the supervisor of the intern student. 2. Weekly timetable A ee!ly timetable here each ro in the table corresponding to a day in internship period. "ach ro should record the date, internship activity on that date. #ee!ly Schedule should e$plain the or! accomplished each day of the ee! during the internship period and should contain:

The department of the organi%ation that the ee! as spent. &ame and signature of the controlling supervisor for each ee! The official stamp of the organi%ation.

3. A Brief !e"uti#e $ummary of the Internship A one page summary of the company/institution and a short account of the ma'or activities carried out during the internship period. %. &able of 'ontents (ontents of the report ith page numbers, list of tables, and list of figures. (. )es"ription of the "ompany*institution This section should ans er the follo ing )uestions: *.+. #hat is the full title of the company/institution, -ive a brief history of the company, full mailing address and relevant eb lin!s. *... #hat is the type of o nership of the company/institution, State the main shareholders and their shares. *./. #hat is the sector that the company/institution operates in, Specify the products and services produced and offered to its customers. *.0. #ho are regarded as the customers of your internship company/institution (consider the end users, retailers, other manufacturers, employees, etc.), *.*. 1rovide an organi%ation chart of the company, along ith information on the number of employees. *.2. 1rovide a list of functions performed by the mechanical engineers in the internship organi%ation. +. Internship a"ti#ities This is the main body of your report. 3ou should present the activities performed during the internship period. 1lease refer to ,-ui.elines for /riting 0 Internship A"ti#ities1 document for the types of analysis and in)uiries that you should be performing during 41roduction5, and 46esign and 6evelopment5 internship.

2. An assessment of the internship 7n this section you should ans er the follo ing )uestions 8.+. #hat s!ills and )ualifications you thin! that you have gained from the internship, 8... #hat !ind of responsibilities you have underta!en during the internship period, 8./. 9o do you thin! the internship ill influence your future career plans, 8.0. 9o do you thin! the internship activities that you carried out are correlated ith your classroom !no ledge, 3. 'on"lusions of the report This section should include: : A summary of !ey conclusions derived from the internship e$perience. : -eneral observations about the sector in hich your internship company/institution operates 4. Appen.i"es an. supplementary material (charts, graphs, pictures, computer codes, etc.) 15. Referen"es Rules for writing the internship report:

3ou do not have to provide a day;to;day diary of the internship activities. 6o not rite theoretical e$cerpts from te$tboo!s< 6escribe hat you e$actly did there and hat e$periences you have gained throughout your training. The internship report should be bet een +*;.= pages and ritten to 4Training 1rogram 6iary5 hich can be provided from the university boo!store. The internship report should be ritten in hand riting, and each page should contain about .* lines. The internship report should be original, no photocopies are accepted. 3ou can include graphs, pictures, data, dra ings, or design calculations in your report> ho ever they should not cover more than +// of the page. ?arger graphs, pictures, data, dra ings, or design calculations should be given as an Appendi$.