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Adam Swindell The ship Embargo was just about to depart from the planet X, when the E.S.

C (Earth's Space Command) radioed in. !epart from planet X ne"t wee#, we are detecting high Xenomorph acti$it%. Sorr% E.S.C, but we need this ship home under & wee#s, or else the cargo aboard will go bad. 'esponds Captain Swindell hastil%. Then good (uc# to %ou Captian, E.S.C out. The Captain rounded up his men and the% set off for earth. ) ha$e ne$er been afraid in m% life, and ) won't be scared awa% b% some alien frea#s the Captain sa%s to himself aloud. *e wal#s down the ship's long corridors to get to the command center. *e arri$es and opens the door. +e are on course to earth Captain. responds the ship's na$igator. ,ood, what is our E.T.-. / wee#s, sir. 0% this time, the ship Embargo is alread% /1,111 miles from planet X. -s the Captain wal#s out of the ship's command center, the emergenc% siren wails. 0efore the Captain can e$en respond, the% crash into an alien ship that is going through a space tra$el wormhole. To the crew, it was une"pected. 0ut to the aliens, it was a part of the plan. The Captain goes uncounscious. *e awa#es to what seems to be moments later, and rises to his feet. The command center, which was full of ad$anced technolog%, is now ripped to pieces. Spar#s fl% from the torn computer cords, computers are l%ing on the floor, bro#en and useless. 2nl% one light remains on of the twent% that were in there. (uc#il%, the Captain had his 34/& suit on, or he would ha$e surel% died from lac# of o"%gen. The onl% thing he can do now, is loo# for sur$i$ors. The gra$it% stabli5er is now full% malfunctioned, which causes all loose objects to float endlessl%. -s the Captain acti$ates his weight boots to sta% aground, he notices a shadow flash b% the command center's door. *e pulls his sidearm from his holster, and slowl% approaches the door. Computer cords with spar#s shooting out the bro#en ends, are now flailing around the room. *e gets to the door. 6ot sha#en from what has happend this entire time, the Captain breaches the doorwa% aiming down his guns sight e"pecting an enem%. 0ut what he finds, ma#es this bric# wall, fearless Captain cringe and chilled down to his core. Ten men, brutuall% murdered. 'ipped to pieces, unrecogni5able. The walls were painted with the blood of the men, this

made him terrorfied. *e trudged on, not #nowing what the ne"t room would gi$e him. The corridor he wal#ed down was confined and dim. 6ow #nowing fear, the Captain too# his time getting to the ne"t room. E$er% crea# from the ship made the Captain on edge. *e got to the room's door. *e too# a deep breath and breached the door. The room was pitch blac#. he turned on his 34/& suit head light, which did ne"t to nothing for lighting. as he wal#ed into the middle of the room, he ran into something. 6ot #nowing what is was he stumbled bac# and opened fire, bad decision. what he shot was harmless. 0ut what he alerted, were cold #iller aliens from another gala"%. relie$ed at what he shot at was just a cart, he continued on through the dar# room. -n un#nown fear of being afraid of the dar# had now caught his mind in suspense. he located the door to the ne"t room. ,otta find a radio to send a distress signal. *e told himself. *e lea$es the room of endless dar#ness onl% to find an e$en longer corridor, which was e$en dar#er than the last room. 0ut it wasn't the dar#ness that scared him this time, but the glowing red e%es that filled the corridor. Terrorfied and trembling, he opened fire. The% dashed for him, growling and ma#ing noises no man should e$er hear. The Captain cut them down one b% one until onl% one remained. the last one charged at the captain, #noc#ing him o$er. *is gun flew out of his hand and down the hall. The horrid beast had the Captain right where he wanted him. 7inning the Captain to the floor, the wretched beast spo#e bro#en English to the Captian +e will not stop until %our entire planet is dead. and at that moment, the once bro#en Captain, full of fear, had now regained his bric# wall stature. *e reached for his #nife and gutted the beast, causing the guts to spill all o$er the his suit. 7ushing his limp bod% up, to float eternall%, he grabbed his gun and carried on. The now hardened and fearless Captain approached the ne"t door rapidl%. ) will sur$i$e this he told himself just before entering the ne"t room. *e goes in, guns bla5ing, #illing all the Xenomorph aliens before the% could bat an e%e. luc#% for Captain Swindell, the room he burst into was the armor%, full% e8uipped with assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns, an%thing a soldier could want. *e grabs two assault rifles, a shotgun and a bag full of ammo. *e is now read% for war. The bac# of the ship has the radio distress signal, that is m% onl% hope. the lights in the room go out, but he is not afraid an%more. )n an instance, horrible screeches and growls fill the room. The Captain opens fires and clears the room. *e reloads and mo$es on. *e is now in the sleeping 8uarters, which lea$es him $ulnerable to attac#. he turns on all his lights on his suit, since the power outages #eep coming and

going at random moments. 0efore he can e$en step into the hallwa% where the rooms lie, growls and horrible noises can be heard. ,ripping his gun, he mo$es forward into the dar#. Each step forward is a death sentence, but he continues on. *e approaches the first side room of the long strech of corridor. *e mo$es in it 8uic#l%, scanning each corner. Clear. *e does this until he reaches the last room, his room. This is where the loud growls are being heard from. *e #ic#s open the door and unloads his rounds into the dar#ness. 6othing can be seen, but the cries of the aliens are heard, signaling he cleared the room, or so he thought he did. The ne"t room is the mess hall. *e approaches the mess hall doors slowl% and 8uietl%. -s he approaches the doors, he reloads his guns. Suddenl%, the Captain feels a sharp pain pulse through his stomach. *e loo#s down onl% to see a sharp pointed alien tail through him and blood spewing out, floating around in 5ero4g climate. *e 8uic#l% dispatches the alien, and pulls out the tail. *e is now bleeding out, without an% medical e8uipment on board. The pain o$erwhelms him and he falls to his #nees. *e cries out in pain, alerting the swarm of Xenomorphs in the cafeteria. The Captain drags himself awa% from the door and prepares himself for a final stand. -t this $er% moment, the onl% thing Captain Swindell can thin# of is a poem his father once told him9 2nce more into the fra%, )nto the last good fight )'ll e$er #now.. (i$e and die on this da%, (i$e and die on this da%, *e grips one hand on his gun, and the other on his bleeding out wound. This is the end for Captain -dam Swindell, and he #nows it. The aliens can now be heard charging toward the cafeteria's re$ol$ing doors. The noises that were once e%e goring, and terrible to hear, are now music to his ears. *e now #nows that he will be freed from this deep space prison. -dam lets off a final grin as the aliens burst through the door. *e is freed.