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A 3 5226 00440831 Vv MASTER THE SECRETS OF THE SUPER-STRONG —UsING BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES ONLY Praise for The Naked Warrior “Mr. Tsatsouline has redefined strength-conditioning for the 21st century! Recently retired from 32 years in public education, I used to agonize over the archaic athletic training which I witnessed on a daily basis; Now, Pavel's research can yield a much more condensed, result- producing package.” —John McKean, six time All-Round Weightlifting World Champion “With The Naked Warrior, Pavel has moved the art of exercise without weights to a new level. Now, whether you have weights or not, there is no reason not to get into top shape!" —Arthur Drechsler, author "The Weightlifting Encyclopedia" “The Naked Warrior is the best book T have read on strength building since Only the Strong Shall Survive, I really enjoyed it.” —Ed O'Neill, actor “The tools Pavel explains in The Naked Warrior will help my Olympic style weight lifters gain the core strength they need to put additional kg on their totals. ‘Thanks Pavel for such a great work!!” —Mike Burgener, Sr international weightlifting coach “For martial artists who don't wish to weight train or just don't have the time The Naked Warrior program is the way to go to enhance strength. You can practice martial skills without the information offered in The Naked Warrior, but you risk not operating at full potential.” —George Demetriou, Modern Warrior Defensive Tactics Institute, NYC “The Naked Warrior has caused me to completely re-evaluate the way I look at allows us in the field to still train for great strength with only our bodies and that's like money in the bank!” —SSgt. Nate Morrison, USAF, Pararescue Combatives Course Project Manager “If you are that rare breed who will never settle for anything less than the best you can possibly be, The Naked Warrior is the book for you. It teaches people of all levels of fitness how to reach levels that they might never have thought possible. I improved my deadlift from 465 to 505 in one month. My “pistol” is now rock bottom, and a Gold's gym musclehead called me a Cirque de Soleil performer.” —Randy Part, Santa Monica, CA “The Naked Warrior is pure gold. If you follow Pavel’s advice as laid out in this book, you will get stronger, regardless of your current level of strength. And you'll do it safely - and quicker than you thought possible, with less effort than you thought imaginable. Pavel’s works have changed my life, and made training at the age of 44 more fun and effective than ever.” —John Quigley, Camp Hill, PA “No words can accurately convey the depth of my appreciation for Pavel and the fight he has cast on Russian strength and health systems. He's deepened and broadened the path between world-class performance and the average individual who wants to increase strength and fitness. This information is worth its weight in gold.” —Steven Barnes, North West “T practiced yoga for years and train hard to be a strong rock climber, but the techniques presented in this book have been more valuable to me than anything I have ever worked at.” —Millerclmb, Carbondale, 11 “Pavel keeps delivering the goods. This book has the ingredients that you need to ‘have wired in’ if you want strength. Like all of Pavel's products, I wish I had this information when I was 20 years old. Better late, than never. Four years of University with a double major in Phys Ed, it's not a patch on Pavel.” —Pete, Hobart, Australia