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Name: E Mail: Phone: Brian H. Kurbjeweit, JD !"#!$%# $!&

CATALOG DESCRIPTION B'(B %"" )* units+: E,amination o- moral an. legal business issues in .omestic an. international conte,ts with em/hasis on contem/orar0 /roblems. COURSE OVERVIE AND RATIONALE 1his course /re/ares stu.ents to i.enti-0, criticall0 anal02e, an. a//ro/riatel0 res/on. to contem/orar0 ethical an. legal challenges associate. with business management. B0 e,/loring a number o- concrete /roblems -acing contem/orar0 business managers, stu.ents will sur3e0 the ethical an. legal res/onsibilities that organi2ations ha3e towar. an arra0 o- sta4ehol.ers, e.g., em/lo0ees, customers, local communities, go3ernments, sharehol.ers, an. su//liers. 5t will intro.uce stu.ents to the anal0tical tools, theories, an. .ecision#ma4ing metho.s that hel/ a..ress ethical an. legal /roblems in business. Due to tren.s in globali2ation, s/ecial attention will be /ai. to /roblems that arise in international business. COURSE LEARNING OB!ECTIVES '/on success-ul com/letion o- this course, stu.ents will be able to: $. i.enti-0, anal02e, an. e--ecti3el0 a..ress contem/orar0 legal an. ethical issues in business management, issues with international signi-icance &. .e3elo/ holistic .ecision#ma4ing s4ills where economic, legal, an. ethical consi.erations are thought-ull0 integrate. %. a//l0 ethical theor0 to business .ecision ma4ing *. criticall0 e,amine the law an. its relation to moral 6. .iscuss im/ortant conce/ts relate. to cor/orate social res/onsibilit0 !. clearl0 an. e--ecti3el0 communicate anal0ses o- these issues MA!OR TOPICS
7 Kurbjeweit, &"$% 8 1he Ethical an. 9egal En3ironments o- Business $

1he relationshi/s between business, ethics an. law Ethical .ecision ma4ing an. ethical theor0 :a/italism, /ro/ert0 rights, an. intellectual /ro/ert0 :or/orate social res/onsibilit0 an. citi2enshi/ En3ironmental sustainabilit0 an. global climate change ;ights an. res/onsibilities in em/lo0ment :or/orate :ulture an. 9ea.ershi/ :on-licts o- interest an. /ro-essional res/onsibilities 1ort law, Negligence ;es/onsibilities to consumers, /ro.uct sa-et0, an. mar4eting ;egulation o- business in .omestic an. international conte,ts

RE"UIRED TE#TS Boatright, J. )&"$$+. Ethics and the conduct of business. ) 5(BN: "&"6"6%$%" )Purchase this s/eci-ic e.ition+.

e..+. Prentice Hall.

<t times 0ou ma0 be e,/ecte. to consult electronic resources a3ailable through the worl.#wi.e#web an. the 'ni3ersit0=s electronic .atabases, such as P$%"u&st %$ L&'is(N&'is) or /ublicl0 3ia the worl.#wi.e#web. (tu.ents are e,/ecte. to be -amiliar with the use o- the librar0=s .atabases an. utili2e them when assignments call -or a..itional or research. A$*+,%st Li-$+$. S&$/i,&s >or in-ormation about 9ibrar0 (er3ices -or the (chool o- Business, /lease go to htt/:??!, an. clic4 on (chool o- Business 9ibrar0 Arientation. 1o -in. out how to use ProBuest an. other librar0 ser3ices, clic4 on an. rea. the to/ic gui.e on C(earch -or Journal <rticles 'sing the 9ibrar0 Databases.D 1o learn about the .i--erence between scholarl0, /eer#re3iewe. /ublications an. /o/ular /ublications, go to the same web /age an. clic4 on C;esearch Eui.e -or the (chool o- Business.D 5- 0ou nee. more hel/, /lease contact the librarian liste. on the web /age. Cit+ti%n St.0&s >acult0 ma0 choose an0 recogni2e. st0le -or the correct an. consistent citation oresources an. must /ro3i.e stu.ents with lin4s to boo4s or websites that /ro3i.e .etails concerning their /re-erre. st0le. >acult0 ma0 also instruct stu.ents to use an a//ro/riate st0le o- their own choice. E,am/les o- a//ro/riate st0les inclu.e <merican Ps0chological <ssociation )<P<+, :hicago Manual o- (t0le ):M(+, Mo.ern Humanities ;esearch <ssociation )MH;<+, Mo.ern 9anguage <ssociation )M9<+, an. 1urabian. 1he .e-ault citation st0le -or mo.el s0llabi an. all B(B /rogram .ocuments is <P< unless the -acult0 changes it in the s0llabus. 5t is the res/onsibilit0 o- the -acult0 to

ma4e all a//ro/riate changes in a course s0llabus i- a .i--erent citation st0le is being a.o/te..


Frite BUSB300 +n1 YOUR NAME in 0our e#mail subject line. 5- 0ou +tt+,2 + 1%,u*&nt, P<(1E 1HE DA:'MEN1 5N 1HE E#M<59 51(E9>, then sa3e the .ocument )Y%u$ L+st N+*&) N+*& %3 D%,u*&nt+ so 5 can sa3e it easil0 0our name in m0 -iles, an. attach the -ile.

LATE PENALTY4 A00 Assi5n*&nts All written assignments must be typewritten. A LATE PENALTY of 1.0 will be imposed upon any written assignment that is not submitted on the due date, and an additional penalty of .1 will be assessed -or each a..itional .a0 that the assignment is late. For example, a paper that earns a grade of 4.0 is due Wee !, but is not submitted until Wee 4 shall recei"e a grade of 1.# $ i.e. 4.0 minus late penalty of 1.0, $%.0& minus added penalty of .1 per day $14 days late 1.4 points& ' 1.# &. (ate assignments may be e)mailed to me in *icrosoft Word format, or may be faxed. +rading will be predicated upon content, clarity, and spelling,grammar. Each written assignment constitutes e"idence of your learning and understanding the concepts presented in the assigned reading. Each written assignment re-uires an organi.ed, concise, focused, and coherent analysis of the case as well as a compelling application of the concepts presented in the assigned reading and class discussion. /emember that proper spelling and appropriate use of grammatical rules is important.


E+,2 %3 *. stu1&nts is &ntit0&1 t% + %n&(ti*&) t6%(1+. &'t&nsi%n to submit a /a/er that cannot be .eli3ere. b0 the .ue .ate. 1he /a/er must be e#maile. or -a,e. to me b0 mi.night on the s&,%n1 1+. +3t&$ ,0+ss en.s. I3 t2& 7+7&$ is n%t $&,&i/&1 -. *i1ni52t t2& 0+t& 7&n+0t. st+tus -&5ins i**&1i+t&0., starting with the $." -ull /oint subtraction imme.iatel0, an. .$ subtraction -or e3er0 .a0 it is late -rom mi.night.

0ee reading and assignment list below for full assignment explanations Session due $ & % * 6 ! @ Final 1aper 1aper 1resentation P+$ti,i7+ti%n in C0+ss Dis,ussi%ns Total %"" &"" 800 $""" What <lbert :arr 8 Business Blu--ing Analysis 1aper 2ne Kurbjeweit 8 9aw ? Ethics Analysis 1aper 3wo Point Value $"" $""

Kurbjeweit 8 Eame o- Business Analysis 1aper 3hree



GRADING SCALE Gour -inal gra.e will be com/ute. base. on the total /oints 0ou recei3e as a /ercentage o- the total /oints /ossible. 1he /oint 3alue -or each assignment will re-lect the relati3e weight outline. abo3e. 1he chart below shows the eHui3alencies -or a gi3en letter gra.e, its numeric 3alue, an. its /ercentage range. *." I < I J!#$"" %. I <# I J"#J6 %.% I BK I @@#@J %." I B I @&#@ &. I B# I @"#@$ &.% I :K I @# J &." I : I &# $. I :# I "# $ $.% I DK I !@#!J $." I D I !&#! ". I D# I !"#!$ "." I > I "#6J 1he criteria -or each numeric gra.e set -orth in the 'ni3ersit0 o- ;e.lan.s :atalog are as -ollows: %. , *." <

(tu.ent .is/la0e. e,ce/tional gras/ o- the material, -reHuentl0 with e3i.ence ointellectual insight an. original thought. &. , %.", %.% B E,cellent For4 .emonstrate. a thorough gras/ o- the material with occasional errors an. omissions. <ssignments were thoroughl0 an. com/letel0 .one, with care-ul attention to .etail an. clarit0, an. with e3i.ence o- intellectual insight. $. , &.". &.% : <cce/table 1he Hualit0 o- the wor4 was acce/table, meeting minimal course, but not e,ce/tional. Per-ormance on the e,aminations an. other assignments was satis-actor0 an. .emonstrate. that the stu.ent was 4ee/ing u/ with the material an. to .etail. ". , $.", $.% D Poor 1he Hualit0 o- the wor4 was not alwa0s satis-actor0, but o3erall was /assing. <ssigne. wor4 was not alwa0s .one, an. when .one was ina.eHuate. Per-ormance on e,aminations an. other wor4 was generall0 wea4 with regar. to osubject, /ro/er -ormulations o- i.eas, an. thoroughness. "." > >ailing < gra.e o- L>L in.icates that the stu.ent -aile. the course. 1he Hualit0 an. Huantit0 owor4 was not o- college le3el. < -ailing gra.e ma0 be assigne. -or a 3ariet0 o- reasons such as -ailure to com/lete course reHuirements as outline. in the s0llabus, inabilit0 to com/rehen. course material or ine/titu.e in .ealing with it, consistentl0 unsatis-actor0 /er-ormance on e,aminations an.?or assignments, or e,cessi3e absences. 5: 5ncom/lete. Fith a 3ali. e,cuse, an incom/lete will be gi3en. :onsult the CLASS POLICIES below an. the ' o- ; :atalog -or -urther in-ormation on incom/lete F: (tu.ent o--iciall0 with.raws -rom the class. CLASS POLICIES C0+ss P+$ti,i7+ti%n :lass /artici/ation an. atten.ance are e,tremel0 im/ortant, an. stu.ents must come to class -ull0 /re/are.. Due to the accelerate. nature o- (chool o- Business courses, each class session co3ers a large amount o- material. (tu.ents are res/onsible -or all in-ormation gi3en .uring the class instruction. 5- stu.ents miss more than two hours oinstruction, a ma4e#u/ assignment ma0 be reHuire. an. incor/orate. in the stu.ent=s /artici/ation gra.e. 5- the stu.ent must be absent, he?she shoul. in-orm the instructor. 'ne,cuse. absences )those which are not cleare. with the instructor be-ore the class an.?or are -or reasons other than an emergenc0+ will a.3ersel0 a--ect the gra.e. 5- the stu.ent misses more than two sessions, she?he ma0 not recei3e -or the course. Ti*& M+n+5&*&nt

Each * ):arnegie 'nit+ un.ergra.uate course is the eHui3alent o- $!" hours. 5n an @#wee4 accelerate. course, that is eHui3alent to &" hours /er wee4. (ince stu.ents will s/en. * hours each wee4 in class, the course has been .esigne. with the e,/ectation that homewor4 will be a//ro,imatel0 $! hours /er wee4. <lthough the amount o- time s/ent stu.0ing ma0 .e/en. u/on the subject matter, a stu.ent shoul. e,/ect to s/en. an a3erage o- $! hours each wee4. G$+1& %3 9In,%*70&t&: <n Lincom/leteL is not gi3en -or /oor or neglecte. wor4. < gra.e o- Lincom/leteL is to be grante. onl0 -or 3er0 s/ecial reasons. 1he granting o- an incom/lete gra.e shoul. occur onl0 a-ter a .iscussion between -acult0 an. stu.ent, initiate. b0 the stu.ent. 1he .ecision o- whether or not to grant an incom/lete is .e/en.ent on an emergenc0 situation which /re3ents the stu.ent -rom com/leting )on time+ the wor4 necessar0 -or the course. <n incom/lete gra.e will be con3erte. to a /ermanent gra.e within eight wee4s -rom the last night o- the course. 1his means that the instructor must turn in the gra.e to the ;egistrar no later than the eighth wee4. <n0 incom/lete wor4 must be submitte. to the instructor with enough lea. time -or the instructor to e3aluate the wor4 an. issue a gra.e change. $itin5 R&;ui$&*&nt E--ecti3e writing is 3er0 im/ortant to business stu.ents an. /la0s two 4e0 roles in this course to im/ro3e communication s4ills an. as a mechanism -or .emonstrating an a//lie. o- the conce/ts intro.uce. in the course. <ll written assignments shoul. be: -ocuse. in the /ur/ose o- the assignment com/le, in thin4ing .emonstrate e--ecti3e integration an. s0nthesis o- assignments organi2e. an. well#e3i.ence. -ormatte. an. cite. using the a//ro/riate citation st0le grammaticall0, st0listicall0, an. mechanicall0 correct contain a t0/e. bibliogra/h0 o- cite. sources ).ouble#s/ace., $ inch margins, $&#/oint t0/e+

Dis+-0&1 Stu1&nt S&$/i,&s < stu.ent with a .ocumente. .isabilit0 who wishes to reHuest an accommo.ation shoul. contact the sta-- at his?her cam/us or the Disable. (tu.ent (er3ices A--ice on the main cam/us at )J"J+ *@#@$"@. A,+1&*i, H%n&st.

Gou are encourage. to wor4 in teams or stu.0 grou/s as most management acti3it0 is .one in teams. Gou are, howe3er, boun. b0 the 'ni3ersit0=s /olic0 on aca.emic honest0. Gou are not to gi3e nor recei3e assistance such that the wor4 0ou /resent is not essentiall0 0our own. 3he 4ni"ersity of /edlands 1olicy on Academic 5onesty will be strictly adhered to and applied. 3he 1rocedures for Addressing Academic 5onesty are set forth in the 4ni"ersity of /edlands 6atalog. 7t is expected that all students read and understand the 1olicy and the pro"isions outlined in the 6atalog. 1he highest o- aca.emic con.uct are reHuire.. 1his is /articularl0 true -or the /ro/er citation o- course an. research material in all written assignments. 5- 0ou .i. not actuall0 collect the .ata or in.e/en.entl0 arri3e at the i.ea /resente., then a /ro/er citation must be use.. :itations )in the -orm o- /arenthetical notes, en.notes or -ootnotes+ must be use. -or Huote. or /ara/hrase. te,t an. an0 time 0ou borrow an i.ea -rom an author, the instructor, or 0our /eers. 'sing someone else=s sentence or organi2ational structure, /attern o- argument an. wor. choice, e3en i- not e,actl0 similar in e3er0 res/ect, warrants citation. 5t is stu.ents= res/onsibilit0 to ma4e sure that their citations an. Huotation mar4s un+*-i5u%us0. highlight the i.eas, wor.s, sentences, an. arguments that the0 borrow -rom other sources. Para/hrasing is not sim/l0 changing one or two wor.s in a sentenceM it ,%*70&t&0. reconstructs someone else=s i.ea in 0our own wor.s. >or gui.elines on a//ro/riate citation, Huotation, /ara/hrasing, an. /lagiarism, see materials /ro3i.e. b0 the 5n.iana 'ni3ersit0=s Friting 1utorial :enter at 2tt74<<666=in1i+n+=&1u<>6ts<7+*720&ts<70+5i+$is*=s2t*0 an. Har3ar. 'ni3ersit0=s E,/ositor0 Friting Program at 2tt74<<666=3+s=2+$/+$1=&1u<>6$i,nt$<$&s%u$,&s=2t*0 Discussion with the instructor an. 0our /eers is encourage. be-ore the com/osition owritten wor4M howe3er, all written wor4, unless s/eci-ie. b0 the instructor, is to re-lect in.e/en.ent com/osition an. re3ision. (tu.ents wor4ing on grou/ or collaborati3e assignments are e,/ecte. to contribute eHuall0 to all tas4s necessar0 -or com/letion o- the assignment. (tu.ents are e,/ecte. to -ollow all written an. 3erbal instructions /ro3i.e. b0 the instructor with regar. to written assignments, Hui22es an.?or e,ams. 5n a..ition to /lagiarism, other im/ermissible aca.emic beha3ior, but is not limite. to, collaboration without instructor consent, -alsi-0ing research .ata, illicit /ossession oe,ams, using stu.0 ai.s .uring e,ams, unauthori2e. communication about an assignment or e,am, in others= wor4 as 0our own, reusing assignments or /a/ers -rom other courses, an. im/ eHual access to e.ucational resources b0 other stu.ents. 1ime constraints, the .eman.s o- wor4 an. -amil0, -ailing to rea. the 'ni3ersit0=s Polic0 on <ca.emic Honest0, unintentional misuse o- sources, or a lac4 o- /re/aration .o not e,cuse aca.emic .ishonest0 or otherwise mitigate the a//ro/riate /enalt0. Penalt0 -or a -irst o--ense is at the .iscretion o- the instructor.

5- a stu.ent is uncertain about a//ro/riate metho.s o- citation or has a Huestion about the aca.emic honest0 /olic0, it is his or her res/onsibilit0 to see4 gui.ance -rom the instructor, a 'ni3ersit0 o--icial, or another re/utable source. C%u$s& S,2&1u0& S&ssi%n 84 Et2i,+0 D&,isi%n M+?in5 +n1 G%/&$n+n,& in Busin&ss Boatright, :ha/ter % N $% <lbert :arr 8 87s 9usiness 9luffing Ethical:; )e#maile. to 0ou an.?or a3ailable 3ia 5nternet+ Analysis 1 Due 5n a /a/er consisting o- no more than one /age )0ou ma0 single s/ace+ answer the -ollowing Huestions: )$+ Fhat is the author=s major /remiseO, )&+ Fhat reasons .oes the author use to su//ort an. /ro3e that /remiseO, )%+ Do 0ou agree with the author or notO E,/lain wh0. S&ssi%n @4 Int$%1u,ti%n4 L+6) Et2i,s +n1 t2& %$01 %3 Busin&ss Boatright, :ha/ters $ N & Kurbjeweit, Brian )&"" +. 8(aw is the Ethics of <esterday, Ethics is the (aw of 3omorrow.; )e#maile. to 0ou an.?or a3ailable b0 5nternet + Analysis 2 Due 5n a /a/er consisting o- no more than two /ages )0ou ma0 single s/ace+ answer the -ollowing Huestions: )$+ Fhat is the author=s major /remiseO, )&+ Fhat reasons .oes the author use to su//ort an. /ro3e that /remiseO, )%+ Do 0ou agree with the author or notO E,/lain wh0. S&ssi%n 34 C%$7%$+t& S%,i+0 R&s7%nsi-i0it. Boatright, :ha/ter $& S&ssi%n 44 P$%7&$t.) P$i/+,. +n1 C%n30i,ts %3 Int&$&st Boatright, :ha/ters 6 N ! S&ssi%n A4 M+$?&tin5) P$%1u,t Li+-i0it. +n1 Ou$ Cu0tu$& %3 M%n&. Boatright, :ha/ter $" Brian Kurbjeweit, 83he /ole of Ethics and (aw in +o"erning the +ame of 9usiness; )e#maile. to 0ou an.?or a3ailable 3ia 5nternet+. Analysis 3 Due 5n a /a/er consisting o- no more than two /ages )0ou ma0 single s/ace+ answer the -ollowing Huestions: )$+ Fhat is the author=s major /remiseO, )&+ Fhat reasons .oes the author use to su//ort an. /ro3e that /remiseO, )%+ Do 0ou agree with the author or notO E,/lain wh0. S&ssi%n B4 Et2i,+0 +n1 L&5+0 Issu&s in E*70%.*&nt) P+$t 8 Boatright, :ha/ters @ N J

S&ssi%n C4 Et2i,+0 +n1 L&5+0 Issu&s in E*70%.*&nt4 P+$t @ Boatright, :ha/ters * N S&ssi%n D4 Et2i,s +n1 L+6 in Int&$n+ti%n+0 Busin&ss Boatright, :ha/ter $* Term Paper Due 5n an @#$" /age /a/er anal02e the ethical or legal issues a--ecting business an. societ0. Gou might choose an issue a--ecting societ0 such as uni3ersal healthcare, immigration re-orm, tort re-orm, -inancial re-orm, the nee. to mo3e towar. renewable resource consum/tion, bioethics issues )stem cell research+, geneticall0 mo.i-ie. -oo.s, mortgage or other sales in.ustr0 laws an.?or ethics, etc. Minimum ! ;e-erences. But use $"#$&. Don=t ha3e to cite e3er0thing. :an be bac4groun. Gour /a/er shoul. a..ress both the legal an. ethical o- the issue 0ou choose. E,/lain the current legal -ramewor4 in the area. Now e,amine whether or not 0ou belie3e the law go3erning that area is ethical. E,/lain wh0 or wh0 not. Be thorough an. concise at the same time. Presentation Due Gour /resentation shoul. aim -or %#6 minutes o- e,/lanation. 5 .o this because 5 will .ialogue with 0our .uring 0our /resentation an. as4 Huestions as we mo3e along. 1hus, ma4e 0our /oints clear an. concise an. 0et ca/ture the o3erarching themes o- 0our /roject in a wa0 0ou can teach others. 1he wa0 to .o that is to .isco3er an. -ocus on the core /oint o- 0our /a/er, the main thing 0ou learne. while researching an. writing it, an. then teach us that. Fhat is the gol.en nugget o- learning that 0ou ha3e gleane. -rom all o- 0our wor4O 1each us that. /ichard=doyle>