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We are presently living in the new age of technology that has been degrading in every possible form.

The television, that was once a utility in receiving important news, now has become the central cultivation grounds of inane and absurd shows collectively termed Reality TV shows. These reality shows are a poison to all aspects of television and society. They offer unwholesome influences to children and warp the sense of reality, proving to be nothing but detrimental and a bunch of refuse. Many believe that reality TV shows are good for television because they show viewers a glimpse of another world of society. owever, reality TV shows are as fresh as the very putrid decay of a crisp fruit. !irst and foremost, the obscene nature of reality TV shows is bad for television because they offer unwholesome influences to children. "veryday, a countless number of children plop down in front of a television screen, and since they are li#e sponges, they absorb everything they hear and see. $ remember one day $ was playing with my niece when she blurted out an offensive word. $ as#ed, Where did you hear that word% $ heard it on &'ersey (hore.& $t is my favorite show) she said. $ reali*ed the negative effect reality TV had on my niece and sighed when $ comprehended the international detrimental effects of such shows. Recently, $ conducted a poll at my school and it showed that children and teens that spend watch an average of +, hours of television a wee# e-perience a drop in their academic performance. This poll clearly demonstrates that because of the large amount of hours spent on it, television negatively influences young children in their academic performance. .s stated by /aniel Marsh, 0If the television craze continues with the present level of programs, we are destined to have a nation of morons.0 !urthermore, the counterfeit programs presented as reality TV is bad for television because they warp the sense of reality. !or e-ample, on an very popular program called Toddlers and Tiaras, young toddlers are introduced to the beauty pageant world where they are taught about how to build1up their self1esteem through ma#e up and tight fitting outfits. That teaches them that beauty is only s#in deep and success depends on the number of crowns you win. True happiness for them is ephemeral, only

lasting until the ne-t competition rolls along. .s a matter of fact, the effect of this beauty is only s#in deep mentality has led to many young girls to become increasingly depressed, especially if they feel that they are not pretty li#e those on television, stated mental health therapist $ngrid .costa. This distorted view is effecting people of all ages. $s this distorted reality truly good for television% .s has been noted, the entertainment on television has stooped down to an all time low with the introduction of reality TV shows. These reality TV shows are bad for television because they prove to be unwholesome influences to children and warp the sense of reality. That is why $ believe action should be ta#en to limit the number of shows available free to the public. $f someone wants to watch these shows, then they should pay for them. Reality shows are fires spreading into every corner of the social spheres, we cannot prevent them all the time but we can stop them.