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Painless Reashing

$1599 $1099
The easiest to use reashing system on the market, with some kick-ass features for advanced users! More on page 126.



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SC1, SC4, KW1, KW11, SE1, WR5, Y1, Y11, M1

1 Mortise Cylinder
Available in SC1/KW1 silver, brass, duronic


Precision Measuring Digital Caliper



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p.131 HRT BMW EWS Programmer

BMW keys made easy

On-Board Programming Motorcycle Key Info Transponder Vehicles Cut-Out Cards Helpful Contact Info Finishes Door Handing

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Locksmith Logo T-Shirts & Polos

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201-Pc HV High Visibility Socket Set

Includes 39 1/2-drive, 60 3/8-drive, & 13 1/2-drive tools and 89 specialty tools & accessories. HV sockets feature size callouts that are full 3/8 high for fast size identication, forged directly into socket wall. Will not rub off, wear out, or rust with use. Lifetime warranty.


Item #ALT-640746


58-Pc Deluxe Ratchet, Bit & Socket Set

Includes 36 bits, 1/4 drive SAE & metrick sockets, 12 exible shaft...

3-Pc Locking Pliers Set (Vise Grips)

Includes 10 , 7 , and 6-1/2 long nose locking pliers. Comfortable grips.

Master Steering Wheel & Lock Plate Puller Set
22-piece set for servicing steering wheel and steering column components. Includes universal steering wheel puller w/ 5 different pairs of cap screws. Also usage photos and detailed instructions!

Item #ALT-835285


Item #ALT-835789

3-Pc Pliers Set

Includes 6 long nose, 6 diagonal, and 6 slip joint pliers. No-slip grip.

4-Pc Snap Ring Pliers Set

Carbon steel with black nish. No-slip vinyl grip. Lifetime warranty.


Item #ALT-648748


Item #ALT-835117


Item #ALT-835128

G Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

Telescopes to 25 , ts in shirt pocket. For retrieving lost parts, tools, and nuts and bolts up to 8 lbs.

6-Pc Screw Extractor Set

For removing broken studs, screws, bolts, etc.

3-Pc Wood Chisel Set

Includes 1/2 , 3/4 , and 1 chisels. Durable polypropylene handle.


Item #ALT-648511


Item #ALT-648508


Item #ALT-832107

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TOOLS: Hand Tools

3-1/2 Telescoping Inspection Mirror

Large mirror for viewing in conned working areas. Swivel ball joint arm. Extends to 30 .

15-Ft Drop Light / Work Lamp

15-ft cord gives you the freedom to shine light anywhere it's needed.


Item #AJ-CHIP4352


Item #FTI-2412

Helping Hands
Gives you a "third hand" for working on precision soldering, electronics, or any other detailed work where magnication, a steady hold and extra hands are needed!

Bag of 10 24 Bungee Cords

Heavy duty fabric covered elastic tie-downs feature protective tips & non-marring, coated steel hooks.

Bag of 3 Various Bungee Cords

Heavy duty, fabric covered with protective tips & coated hooks. 1 each, 12 , 18 , and 36 in length.


Item #AJ-CHIIP005


Item #FTI-2107-24


Item #FTI-2105

2x 60-Yd Duct Tape

All purpose, all-reliable. Cloth backed, rubber base adhesive.

2-Pk 3/4x60 Electrical Tape

Heavy duty electrical tape provides quick insulation for any wiring job.

3-Pc Socket Extension Kit

1/4 , 3/8 , and 1/2 drive socket extensions.


Item #FTI-2112


Item #FTI-2111


Item #AJ-TAIB0456

Visor Light with 5 LEDs

Compact, bright and versatile light has built-in visor clip and magnet for a variety of mounting options. Light base ratchets up to 90 degrees for easy beam adjustment. 5 bright LED bulbs illuminate wide work area. Convenient twist on/off function. Batteries included.

A Goodie With Almost Every Shipment

Item #ALT-641574


5/32 36-Piece Stamping Tool Set

Contains 36 solid-metal stamps in wooden carrying / display case.


Item #AJ-CHI16351UL

33-Pc Security Bit Set

Handy set includes 32 1 length security torx, hex, and spanner bits.

100-Pc Security Bit Set

Contains 100 1 length security torx, hex, and spanner bits.

10-Pc Screwdriver Set

Includes common phillips and at head screwdrivers and wall mount.


Item #AJ-TAIB9040


Item #AJ-TAIS0406


Item #AJ-TAID0639

6-Pc Precision Screwdriver Set

Hardened and tempered, rustproof blades. Bright plated handle.

3-Pc Titanium Nitride 6-Pc Professional Step Bit Set Spade Bit Set
Replaces 28 individual drill bits. Includes wooden display box. Drop-forged and heat treated. Accurate position & fast penetration.


Item #AJ-CHIS45


Item #AJ-CHIB0220


Item #AJ-CHIB0223

H 19-Pc Titanium Nitride HSS Drill Bit Set

Titanium nitride coating for much longer tool life.

16oz Fiberglass Claw Hammer

Fiberglass handle allows for maximum shock absorption.

36 Bolt Cutters
High-carbon machined steel jaws cut rods, bolts, rivets, bars, and chains. 5/8 cutting capacity.


Item #AJ-CHIB0225


Item #AJ-CHIHM2316


Item #AJ-CHIC3036

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TOOLS: Hand Tools

8 Needle Nose Pliers

Heat treated steel. Mating wire cutters. Non-slip foam comfort grip.

8 Bent Nose Pliers

Heat treated steel. Mating wire cutters. Non-slip foam comfort grip.

9 Wire Cutter / Crimping / Screw Cutting Tool

Drop-forged, heat-treated steel. Cushion grips. Spring-loaded.


Item #DCPI1884


Item #DCPI1886


Item #AJ-TAIC0098

Tough Nylon Bucket Tool Bag

Made of tough 600D nylon material. Large & small pockets.

10 Locking Pliers / Vise Grips

Black powder coated nish. Rugged 5-rivet design. Includes wire cutter. Soft-grip handles.

24 Magnetic & Claw Pick-Up Tool

Flexible shaft with powerful pick-up ngers.


Item #AJ-CHIIP005


Item #AJ-CHIP102


Item #AJ-TAIP0040

25-Pc Ball Hex Wrench Set

Drop-forged, heat-treated steel construction. Plastic organizer.

4-in-1 Spring Loaded Snap Ring Pliers

Spring-loaded handle. Cushioned PVC handles for a comfortable hold. Incl. 4 interchangeable tips.

Precision Measuring 6 Dial Caliper

Measures with .001/inch accuracy. Stainless steel. Shockproof. Foam-lined, hard shell case.


Item #AJ-TAIH0598


Item #AJ-CHIP4193


Item #AJ-CHIC013

Precision Measuring 6 Digital Caliper

Measure in inches or metric Extra large display screen Hardened stainless steel Four measurement functions Fine adjustment roller Complete with premium storage case and battery


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100ft 16-Gauge Outdoor Extension Cord

UL Listed Grounded plug & outlet 3 wire 16 gauge 125 volts Requires 10amps or less 1250 watt max

Item #AJ-CHI16351UL

4-Pc Mini Pick & Hook Set

Heat-treated & chrome plated with neon handles.

3-Pc Magnetic Bit Holder

Holds screws and nuts in place when working in tight spots. 3-6 .

16 Plastic Box Frame Level

3 bubble vials: 90, 180, and 45.


Item #AJ-CHIP4194


Item #AJ-TAIB81


Item #AJ-CHIL8719

16ft x 3/4 Easy Read Tape Measure

Exclusive blade lock for controlled measuring. Smooth power tape.

25ft x 1 Easy Read Tape Measure

Exclusive blade lock for controlled measuring. Smooth power tape.

3-Pc Color Nail Punch Set

Heat-treated, nished alloy steel. Knurled body for a sure grip. 1/32 , 1/16 , and 3/32 .


Item #AJ-CHITA008-16


Item #AJ-CHITA0009-25


Item #AJ-TAIP0354C

Digital Battery Tester

An essential tool for any locksmith, Works with all small batteries, including coin-style (CR type).

2-Way Hand Riveter

Heavy-duty. 2-way head gives you exibility in different situations. Incl. 10 ea 3/32 , 1/8 , 5/32 , 3/16 rivets.

100-Pc Rivets


$2.50 $10.00

Item #AJ-TAIR0375

1000-Pc Rivets


Item #BRK-BT-168D


Item #AJ-TAIR0373

Item #AJ-TAIR3076

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TOOLS: Hand Tools



6-Outlet 1.6ft Economy Power Strip

Lighted on/off switch with circuit breaker. UL Listed.

8-Outlet Heavy Duty 3-3/4 x 2-1/2 Yellow Block Power Magnetic Parts Tray Strip w/ Cable Mgt Organizes small parts in the van
5-ft power cord. Electrical rating: 125 Volt, 15 Amp, 1875 Watt. or workshop. Resists rust. Rubberized bottom magnet.


Item #AJ-CHIO2512


Item #AJ-CHIO2518


Item #AJ-TAIT51

D Pneumatic Adjustable Roller Seat

Combination Sharpening Stone

Medium and ne grit. Superior wear-resistance. Lengthens service life of knives & chisels.

Thick cushion, integrated storage tray, and a 15 to 20 lift range. 360 swivel seat.

Professional Clear & Light Safety Working Glasses

A metal shaving in your eye is not a fun thing to experience.
Item #AJ-TAIG0141


Item #AJ-CHIS028

$25.00 Item #AJ-CHIJS70031 $2.50


15-Pc Car Fuse Set

Includes 3 each of 5 AMP, 10 AMP, 15 AMP, 20 AMP and 25 AMP.

15-Pc MINI Car Fuse Set

100-Pk Blue Nitrile Gloves

Includes 2 each of 5 AMP, 7.5 AMP, Available in Small, Medium, 10 AMP, 15 AMP, 25 AMP and 30 Large, or X-tra Large. AMP and 3 pieces of 20 AMP. Latex free.


Item #AJ-TAIAF15




Item #AJ-CHIP4193

Extra-Long 16ft 6-Gauge Jumper / Booster Cables

Color-coded red and black for positive and negative terminals. No-tangle cables 400-AMP copper plated jaw clamps for excellent contact. Includes zipper carrying pouch.

Item #AJ-CHIBC12-06

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43-Pocket 23 Open Top

A premium quality open top tool carrier with a large center section plus 43 pockets and sleeves for ample tool storage, a parts tray, 2 window pockets, an electrical tape strap, tape measure clip, and padded shoulder strap. 7 x 5-1/2 multi-compartment plastic tray included Box-shaped design prevents tipping over

Item #CLC-1530

27-Pocket 20 Open Top
Removable and adjustable partition slides into place to customize tool box to your storage needs.
Item #CLC-1579

16-Pocket 16 Open-Top w/ Center Tray

A contractor grade open top tool bag with a center section dedicated for a large, multi-compartment parts tray.

Item #CLC-1529

21-Pocket 14 Open Top
A premium quality, open-top, softsided tool box with a large center section plus 21 pockets and sleeves for ample tool storage.
Item #CLC-1578

D Set of 2 General Purpose Soft-Side Carriers
Great for organizing small odds and ends, loose parts, hand tools and fasteners. Reinforced bottoms, super-strong handles.
Item #CLC-1107


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TOOLS: CLC Work Gear

A 5-Pocket Cell Phone/ Tool Holder

Includes ashlight loop and key ring hook.

B 4-Pocket MultiPurpose Tool Holder

Includes ashlight loop and key ring hook.

3 MultiPurpose Clip-On Zipper Bags

Sizes 9x7 , 7x6 , and 6x5


Item #CLC-1105


Item #CLC-1104


Item #CLC-1100

D Blackberry Tool Holder

E Horiz. Cell Holder

Gadget Holder
Incl. ear-bud pocket & sleeves for cards or pens. Swivel belt clip. Interior: 4-1/2H x 3W x 1-1/2D.

Incl. ear-bud pocket & sleeves for cards or pens. Magnetic BB shut-off. Int: 4-1/4H x 3W x 3/4D.

Includes ear-bud pocket and sleeve for business or credit cards. Interior: 4-1/2W x 3H x 3/4D.


Item #CLC-1516


Item #CLC-1514


Item #CLC-1517

G 9 Climate Gear Smart Parts Bag

Weather resistant tarpaulin parts bag. 9L x 2W x 6H.

H 12 Climate Gear Small Parts Bag

Weather resistant tarpaulin parts bag. 12L x 3W x 8H.

Pro Gel Kneepads

Comfort Zone gel center provides maximum cushioning all day.


Item #CLC-1205


Item #CLC-1206


Item #CLC-G340

BuckleStyle Kneepads
Contractor-grade w/ high density foam padding for comfort.

Large Industrial Kneeling Mat

NBR material will not degrade with oil contact. 36 x 18 .

Medium Industrial Kneeling Mat

NBR material will not degrade with oil contact. 21 x 14 .


Item #CLC-342


Item #CLC-303


Item #CLC-302

Small Industrial Kneeling Mat

NBR material will not degrade with oil contact. 18 x 8 .

3-Pc Nylon Poncho Climate Gear Rain Suit

Lightweight, super-portable PVC poncho keeps you prepared. Drawstring, elastic waist pants and a detachable drawstring hood.


Item #CLC-301


Item #CLC-R10410


Item #CLC-R103

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FrameWork Multi-Tool
Includes pliers, wire cutters, knife, saw, le, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver headssmall and medium, Phillips screwdriver, and a small knife.

Item #TRU-TU193


TrueLite Maxi 3W LED Torch

3 x 1 watt, 120+ lumens. Uses 3 AAA batteries, not included.

TrueLite Maxi 1W LED Torch

1 watt, 70+ lumens. Uses 1 AA battery, not included.

ClipTool Multi-Tool
Holds small pliers, wire cutters, knife, screwdriver and bottle opener.


Item #TRU-TU100


Item #TRU-TU101


Item #TRU-TU192

Scarab Multi-Tool
Serrated needle-nose pliers, wire strippers, screwdriver, knife, le.

CombiLock Security Key Ring

3 number combination lock, slashproof stainless steel braided wire.

LaserLite Keychain Flashlight

Powerful LED torch, CE certied red laser, removable pen clip.


Item #TRU-TU204


Item #TRU-TU209


Item #TRU-TU209

TraveLite Keychain Pocketknife/ Flashlight

Bright white 3mm LED torch, scissors, knife, screwdriver, le.

Nail Clip Kit

Flick-out nail clippers, nail le, screwdriver, scissors, knife, and key ring.

SlimClips Keyring Nail Clippers

Strong slim line nail clippers for your key ring. Includes coarse le.


Item #TRU-TU212


Item #TRU-TU215


Item #TRU-TU236

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TOOLS: Pocket Tools

TagLite LED Flashlight

Includes woven neck lanyard, quick-release key ring, LED.

EyeGlass Keychain Magnifying Glass

5x discreet magnifying glass. Only 40mm x 29mm.

ReCoil Retractable Key Ring

Retractable key ring with quickrelease clip and belt clip.


Item #TRU-TU233


Item #TRU-TU234


Item #TRU-TU235

CoinStash Keychain Money Holder

Waterproof container holds 5 emergency coins.

MicroTool Multi-Tool
Includes scissors, knife, bottle opener, screwdriver, le, nail clippers, and quick-release clip.

LiteBulb Keychain Flashlight

Lights up like a light bulb instead of a torch. Press for On button.


Item #TRU-TU239


Item #TRU-TU242


Item #TRU-TU243

Keyring System
4 quick-release CleverClips. Key shackle holds up to 5 keys completely at and in order.

TelePen Keychain Pen

A full-length pen that is as small as your door key! Incl. 3 rells.

KeyTool Keychain Multi-Tool

Bottle opener, eye glass, medium, and large screwdriver, nail le & cleaner, tweezers, thread cutter.


Item #TRU-TU245


Item #TRU-TU246


Item #TRU-TU247

FireStash Miniature Waterproof Lighter

This unbelievably small, waterproof key ring canister houses a fully working lighter that is ready to ignite at your command. Rell with standard lighter uid. Dark chrome plated zinc alloy Waterproof neoprene O Ring

Item #TRU-TU262

We Know What We Sell!


CashStash Keychain Money Holder

This clever capsule has a special cash clip inside to wrap an emergency note around. Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum with a waterproof neoprene O ring. Never leave home without it! Also makes a perfect gift, especially if you put cash in it!





Twistick Keychain Cork Screw

Fully functional key-ring corkscrew. Makes a great gift for wine lovers.

SciXors Keychain Scissors

Mini pair of personal sprung scissors with quick-release clip.

LockLite Key Flashlight

Transforms any round-ended key into a ashlight.


Item #TRU-TU248


Item #TRU-TU249


Item #TRU-TU250

Compact Microlite 3 LED Flashlight

SILVER. The brightest key ring ashlight on the market. 1.9 length.

Compact Microlite 3 LED Flashlight

BLACK. The brightest key ring ashlight on the market. 1.9 length.

TrueLite Mini 0.7W LED Flashlight

Ultra bright and compact. 50+ lumens. Lens protector & belt clip.


Item #TRU-TU283


Item #TRU-TU283B


Item #TRU-TU302

TrueLite Mini 0.5W LED Flashlight

TrueLite FlashStash LED Flashlight

FlexLite Flashlight & Laser Pointer

Can be clipped to your clothing to shine light exactly where its needed.

Special lens gives incredible bright- 0.5 watt, 30+ lumens. Twist on/off ness from an unusually short length. switch. Includes cash clip.


Item #TRU-TU303


Item #TRU-TU304


Item #TRU-TU344

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TOOLS: Pocket Tools

Now all of our pocket tools come in attractive, water-proof retail packagingready to hang on your store shelves...

Belt Knife
Safe and simple, attaches to your belt with a handy clip. Locks in open position for easy use.

True Lock Knife

Smooth, one-handed opening. Attach to key ring with lanyard attachment. Locks into position.

True Skeleton Knife

Can be clipped onto a belt or hung on a key ring from its lanyard attachment. One-handed opening.


Item #TRU-TU505


Item #TRU-TU570


Item #TRU-TU571

Ambidextrous, one-handed operation. Features nger grips for control and belt clip.

Well balanced, general purpose lock knife. Ambidextrous, onehanded operation with belt clip.

Super sharp, use to perform delicate and precise tasks. Incl. 5 spare double-sided blades.


Item #TRU-TU575


Item #TRU-TU576


Item #TRU-TU578

Skeleton Knife Pro

This chunky, little cut-down skeleton knife works on a waste not want not design principal. Minimal clever design, and one-handed opening and closing set this small, but useful, 1-3/4 bladed pocket knife apart from the competition. Fine sandblasted high grade 420 stainless steel Lock knife Rubber blade stop

Item #TRU-TU574

Packaging That Helps You Do Your Job


Flip Key Pin Removal Vise / Jig

An essential piece of equipment for removing and inserting pins in ip keys when changing or replacing the blade. The double vice is designed to hold ip keys of all shapes and sizes. Works both left and right handed.


B Case of 12 Houdini 4-Way Lock Lubricant

Houdini 4-Way Lock Lubricant

Grooved Tweezer
Specically grooved for pinning. Optimum design for i/core.

11oz. The #1 spray lock lube in the Save a little when buying by locksmith industry for over 30 years. the case.






Item #AER-TW1

Cylinder Removal Tool

Needed to help disassemble Kwikset knobsets.

Smart Key Reset Cradle

Quickly reset an improperly keyed SmartKey cylinder.

Strike Locator
Essential tool to make sure youre drilling that hole in the right place!


Item #KWI-81467-003


Item #KWI-83260-001


Item #KWI-89919-001

Multi-Function Clip Removal Tool

Removes Kwikset spindles, detent pusher, removes C & E clips.

25-Pack Basic Curved Shims

Total necessity when working with standard res. and commercial locks.

VATS Interrogator
Economically priced. Works with single or double-sided VATS ignitions. Super-simple operation.


Item #AER-RT




Item #AER-VAT1

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TOOLS: Other Tools

Retaining Ring Plier

Unique design allows a natural hand-wrist orientation.

Get-A-Grip Key Puller

.040 spiral. A1-30


Set of 2 Each GetA-Grip & Mega-Grip Key Pullers

2 each .040 and .050 spiral extractors.
Item #A1-30SET

Mega Grips Key Puller

.050 spiral. A1-30B


Item #A1-42

$3.29 $12.48

Broken Key Pullers

Includes .040 spiral, saw tooth & hook. Durable & effective.

Broken Key Extractor

Includes .050 and .040 spirals, saw tooth & hook in leather case.

Cut-Away Cylinder
See whats happening while youre learning. Great teaching tool.


Item #A1-27


Item #A1-KP1


Item #MWX-CL

Broken Key Extractor Kit

Your solution for 5-minute key extractions. Includes instructions.

Broken Key Extractor Kit

Set comes with leather case and 1 extra spiral extractor.

Extra-Long Spiral Extractors

Same high quality extractor found in the 3000/5000 extractor sets.


Item #WC-3000


Item #WC-5000

$2.80 ea.

Item #WC-7000

6 Pippin & Round Files

Item # J GRB-31.268 Desc. Pippin #2 Pippin #4 Round #0 Round #2 Round #4 Price $64.93 $75.57 $15.50 $18.91 $22.15
Pippin Files: Tapered in width and thickness. Combines the crosssections of the round le with the crossing le, along with the edge of a knife le. PEFECT FOR LOCKSMITHS!

K GRB-31.269 L GRB-31.288

M GRB-31.290 N GRB-31.292

Most Shipments are FREE & Reach Our Customers in Just 1-2 Days


Universal 150-Pin Rell SmartPacs

$1.83 per
Item # A LAB-SP-BTM003 B LAB-SP-BTM005 C LAB-SP-TOP Description Bottom .003 Incr Bottom .005 Incr Top Pins


Each pack has two sealed packets Clear reverse side for viewing contents Easy to read product description and quantity

.115 Long TangleResistant Springs
100-pack vial Phosphor bronze Will not clump together Compatible with Arrow, Baldwin, Dexter, Schlage, and Weslock
Item #LAB-115LTV1



LAB Mat WorkCylinder Cap Bench Pinning Mat Removal Tool

Use on workbenches or adhered and used in mobile vans Will capture and retain several hundred pins and prevent them from spilling onto the oor.

Time saving tool to remove the cylinder caps from Schlage, Weiser, Arrow, and Falcon Cylinders.
Item #LAB-LCR005

Set of 5 Plug Followers
Made of white Delrin, these followers are very light weight, durable, and reects light for easier pinning.
Item #LAB-LFT005

5-in-1 Key Gauge
Quickly and easily decode Kwikset, Schlage, Weiser, Master, and Weslock keys. Measures 3-3/8 x 2-1/8 .
Item #LAB-LKG001

Wood Block Pinning Tray
Made from maple Holds 5 plugs Great for repinning multiple cylinders, master and grand master pinning
Item #LAB-LPB001


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TOOLS: Other Tools

Toyota/ Lexus OBD2 Quick Reset Tool

Advanced Plug Spinner

Double-Sided Tension Wrench

2.5mm thick on one side, 3.0mm on the other. Perfect for auto work.
Item #BRK-TL-01

No more 30-minute wait! Works Interchangeable tips for all kinds with TOY44D, TOY50, smart keys. of locks. Adjust strength/speed.



$40.00 Item #ADVPLUGSPIN $16.00


Padlock Shims
Pack of 10 shims for bypassing pesky padlocks. Rubber coated.

Toyota Sequoia / Prius 30-Minute Reset/Resync Tool

Pocket Coil Detector

Inexpensive way to detect if there is an active transponder system.







G 16-Oz. Can Crusher

Essential for any Pepsi addict. Besides, its just six bucks.

Wafe Tray
Rounded pockets are perfect for those that like to use their ngers.

Premium Pinning Tray

Square pockets keep pins in their place. Key can be inserted in plug.


Item #AJ-TAIC0688


Item #A1-WT1


Item #A1-WT2

Bulls-Eye Installation Jig for Cylindrical Locks

Finally, an installation jig that uses conventional hole saws. The BUL-2 is economically designed for locksmiths. Equipped to drill 1-1/2" & 2-1/8" cross bores with 2-3/8" (residential) or 2-3/4" (commercial) backsets. Includes an automatic toggle backset adjustment and alignment guide for drilling latch hole.

Item #A1-BUL2

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