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Why does milk curdle?

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First you need to understand what milk is, other than a just a white li uid you get !rom mammary glands" #ilk is an emulsion o! !at, water, lactose $a type o! sugar% and a mi&ture o! proteins $loads o! other stu!!, 'ut these are what we will talk a'out%" (he small !at glo'ules are surrounded 'y a skin o! phospholipids and proteins, which are chemicals that help them stay as small glo'ules in the mi&, rather than cumping together into a 'ig pat o! 'utter" )! you 'eat the milk, that is e&actly what happens * and is how you make 'utter !rom milk" (he water in the milk contains solu'le proteins, which wander around 'y themsel+es in the li uid, and proteins which ha+e one end which likes water, and one end which doesn,t" (hink o! a match * a red head on one end, with a tail o! wood trailing 'ehind" )n order !or the -water hating- ends o! the protein $the wood o! the match% to stay away !rom the water they are !loating in, these proteins arange themsel+es into glo'es called micelles" .ind o! like a circle o! cows in a !ield standing in a protecti+e circle, with all o! the tails in the centre and a circle o! heads looking outwards" (he proteins that do this are called caseins, there are !our di!!erent types and they make up a'out /01 o! the weight o! the total protein in the milk" (he outer layer o! these micelles is made up o! a type o! casein known as kappa*casein, and the kappa casein reaches out a 'it into the surrounding li uid" 2nder an electron microscope, each 'all looks a 'it like a little polystyrene 'all $like you get in 'ean 'ags and the like%, with a 'it o! a lumpy sur!ace" (he kappa*casein has a negati+e charge, and as like charges repel, all o! the micelles stay away !rom each other * which keeps them in solution" 3n acid is any chemical which lo+es to gi+e $positi+ely charged% protons away, and the stronger the acid, the stronger the tendency to !orce protons onto other chemicals $which usually 'reaks them down into simpler structures * this is the iconic -!i44ing- you see in 5ollywood mo+ies in+ol+ing acids"% 3s you add acid to milk, say 'y pouring in lemon juice, or 'y letting 'acteria turn the milk sugar lactose into lactic acid, more and more positi+ely charged protons are gi+en to the negati+ely charged kappa*casein, the kappa*casein loses its charge and so the casein micelles 'egin to clump together" E+entually the clumps 'ecome 'ig enough to see * which are the lumps we call curds, and the process is called curdling" Good if you want to collect the curds to make cheese. Bad if you want a smooth drink or sauce! )! you heat the milk up to at least /6 C 'e!ore you add the acid, then the kappa*casein reacts with the solu'le protein $called a whey protein, 'ecause it doesn,t mind !loating around 'y itsel! in the watery whey% '*lacto* glo'ulin" (he result is a comple& which makes the casein micelle sur!ace markedly coarser, so i! you now add acid $usually 'y allowing a -good tasting- 'acteria to turn the lactose into lactic acid% the casein micelles clump into an open spongy gel" (his sponge soaks up the li uid, and you end up with 7oghurt" 7oghurt is much more sta'le in cooking and accepting acid !or this reason"

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#elevant answers: 5ow do you curdle milk?

?y shaking it

3t what temperature does milk curdle?

3t anything higher than room temp, it will take @A plus hours" )n a re!ridgerator, it will last a day and a hal! past its e&piration date"

5ow does milk curdle?

First you need to understand what milk is, other than a just a white li uid you get !rom mammary glands" #ilk is an emulsion o! !at, water, lactose $a type o! sugar% and a mi&ture o! proteins $loads"""

Why milk curdles?

(here are a couple o! reasons why milk can curdle" )t o'+iously curdles when it sours and goes 'ad" #ilk and egg products can also curdle when they are added to a hot pot and the temperature is too"""

5ow long does milk take to curdle?

3 long time" ******* :epending on working conditions" See !or general in!ormations the link 'elow"

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