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Create configuration material MM01 Material type: KMAT configuration material

Item category group: 0002

Available check : 01 individual requirement

MRP Type: P


!trategy group: 2" MT#

!ave the material$

Maintain condition type in pricing procedure %ondition type: &A00 variant %ondition category :# variant

Item cat: TA% variant con'iguration %on'iguration (trategy: 01 (ale( order (trategy)TA%* &ariant matching )check bo+*

Create characteristics


%haracteri(tic(: 'eature( o' the product %haracteri(tic value(: option( 'or each characteri(tic(

Window colour characteristic

%reate !elling price characteri(tic


" Communication #etween S and $ariant Configuration


&'()* +

Create Class


%la((: ,rouping o' variou( characteri(tic(

Maintain the Class in Material Master MM-

Create Configuration profile


Select the row and clic/ on 0rofile details #utton

('11 Create Ta#le


&ariant %R-AT- table(: (toring the relation(hip bet.een the characteri(tic value(/ and in other .ord( (tore the dependency bet.een t.o or more characteri(tic($

Clic/ on characteristics #utton

Maintain Ta#le


Maintain the table: maintaining o' characteri(tic value combination in the variant table 0ere choo(e the valid combination(/ by (electing the deci(ion table

Clic/ on change #utton

Create !#3ect ependencies C.01 Dependencies allow you to create relationships and restrictions between different characteristics and characterstic values. Types of Dependency: Precondition Selection conditions Action condition Procedures Contraints

Click on dependency editor button

Make it release the status and save 4ere if u select 1, 516 window 7 here (t will not showing 8rown colour

Assign !#3ect ependencies 0recondition dependency in Colour9win characteristic !n 8rown char :alue

Clic/ on o#3ect dependency #utton 4ere if u select 1, 516 window 7 here (t will not showing 8rown colour

And Sa:e

Create :ariant condition records


Sa:e the record

Simulate configuration


Select your plant1 Clic/ on configuration #utton

Sa:e *i/e that do it for other characterstic :alues also11 C.01 MA(%TA(% T4) 0-!C) .-) )0)% )%C< )=: >>S)**90-(C)90-!C

Ma/e it -elease status and sa:e

T4(S W(** ASS(=% (% 0-!'(*) :C.41

Create sales order


Requirement type: 1-1 MT# con'igure material

4ere u ha:e selected 1, 516 window 7 here (t will not showing 8rown colour

(n :ariant condition row we r seeing three row in third row ? ' ? this indicates :ariant condition :alue

Sa:e the sales order1

A'ter con'iguration reque(t i( generated in !# / i$e characteri(tic value( i( tran('erred 'rom !# to material planning PP$ A'ter material production i( completed in PP/ the (y(tem return( the material 'rom production order to (ale( order$ M21% enter (ale( order / item no$"21 (pecial (tock "01 Receipt .3o purcha(e order into unre(tricted (ale( order (tock "01-

%heck in MM2- u can (ee in (tock in (ale( order( (tock

In (ale( order material i( con'irmed


elivery document .ith re'er to (ale( order

And pick and P,I$

&401 create 2illing doc .ith re' to

elivery doc$

!ave and RTA

0recondition: used to hide characteristics and characteristic values, it assi n in Characteristic , characteristic values Selection condition: deter!ines which variants re"uire a specific co!ponent or operation. #sed to select relevant ob$ects such as %&M ite!s, characteristics etc ..based on characteristic chosen. This condition can be assi n only to Cathartics, characteristic values. Action condition: used to conclude 'infer(values for characteristics. )alues that r set by an action cannot #e overwritten. This condition can be assi n only to Characteristics, characteristic values and confi uration profile *** 1 0rocedures: #sed to conclude 'infer( values for characteristic + they r like actions ,ere we can overwrite default values that r set by other procedures. This can be assi n to confi uration profile **** C#-. only -eference Characteristics: Ta#les @ Structures whose filed :alues can #e changed #y dependencies: S C!M " Communication #etween S and $ariant Configuration $CS 9.0 AT) " Ta#le for .pdating Sales ocuments from the Configuration MMC!M7 ST0!7 0*0!7 0*'47 0*'* Ta#les @ Structures whose filed :alues can #e read #y dependencies: $8AK7 $8A07 $8K 7 $80A9A=7 $80A9W)7 $80A9-)7 $80A9-= $) A7 MA)0$7 MAA0$