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Introduct on Co#$%n& $ro' () Bu& n+ ,)-%. our Bu&)r d)c 0 on $roc)00 SWOT An%(&0 0 O,3)ct .) o' t-) 0tud& R)0)%rc- #)t-odo(o+& R). )6 o' ( t)r%tur) D%t% %n%(&0 0 R)co##)nd%t on conc(u0 on 8u)0t on%r) R)')r)nc)

!-" "-** */ *1-*2 *" *4 *5 *7-// /1-11 11-1! 1! 12-1" 14-15


Every business organization that comes into contact with the customer develops a perception in the mind o the customer. !oday" in this competitive world every organization needs to know the perception in the mind o the market share is the main lookout the customers. #n order to gain mind share or heart share o customers along with or the organizations. Especially in consumer electronics sector" where the products are more or less same" the only way to leave positive impact on customer$s mind and to gain competitive advantage is providing best possible services to the customers. #ntroduction part o this report is classi ied into two di erent sections.


Pro,()# St%t)#)nt !he principle cause behind this pro%ect is to know

that to what level customers are en%oying and aware o Sansui !& o ered by the company and what urther improvement can be done in uture in this area so as to get brand awareness.


Sansui" a globally recognized brand name and one o the 'orld leaders in ounded in 1()). Sansui started manu acturing

consumer electronics" was

trans ormers and subse*uently" e+panded into manu acturing ,i-.i ampli iers and other electrical e*uipment. ,istorically" Sansui has been a technology leader in the electronic industry" with such irsts as/ .irst 0udio !rans ormer1 .irst ,igh 2owered !ube-transistor 0mpli ier1 .irst in the 'orld with matri+ 3Surround sound4 in 1(56" Stereo 07 in 1859 and :igital Sound 2rocessing in 1(83" to mention but a ew.

Sansui is now primarily engaged in the design" manu acture and marketing o
home audio ; video products. Sansui audio ; video products consist o e+tensive range o an ,ome !heater Systems" 0& receivers" <omponents

Systems. :&: 2layers" 7ini and 7icro Systems" 2ortables" :iscman" 2ortable 723 2layers" =.1 Speaker Systems" and a range o !elevision products that also include ><: ; 2lasma and Rear 2ro%ection !elevisions. )

Sansui is committed to providing an integrated service to our customers" which consists o commitment to e+cellent product *uality" up-to-date product design" competitive market pricing and constantly e+panding its distribution networks or easy access or our products. 'ith this integrated service as our company goal" we constantly strive to e+cel ourselves. <ustomers world wide surely bene it rom our services.

ABOUT ELECTRONICS INDUSTR: H 0tor& o' E()ctron c0 n Ind %

!he Electronics #ndustry in #ndia took o initiated by the government. !his was around 1(9= with an orientation towards space and de ense technologies. !his was rigidly controlled and ollowed by developments in consumer ollowed. #n 1(82-a signi icant electronics mainly with transistor radios" Black ? 'hite !&" <alculators and other audio products. <olour !elevisions soon year in the history o television in #ndia @ the government allowed thousand o <olour !& sets to be imported into the country to coincide with the broadcast o 0sian Aames in Bew :elhi. 1(8= saw the advent o <omputers and !elephone E+changes" which were succeeded by :igital E+changes in 1(88. !he period between 1(8) and 1((6 was the golden period or electronics during while the industry witnessed continuous and rapid growth. .rom 1((1 onwards" there was irst an economic crises triggered by the Aul 'ar which was ollowed by political and economic uncertainties within the country. 2ressure on the electronics industry remained though growth and developments have continued with digitalization in all sectors and more

recently the trend towards convergence o technologies.

0 ter the so tware boom in mid 1((6 #ndia$s 'hile = the hardware sector was treated ocus shi ted to so tware. by successive

with indi erence

governments. 7oreover the steep all in custom tari s made the hardware sector suddenly vulnerable to international competition. #n 1((5 the #!0 agreement was signed at the '!C where #ndia committed itsel to total elimination o all customs duties on #! hardware by 266=. #n the subse*uent years" a number o companies turned sick and had to be closed down. 0t the same time companies like 7oser Baer" Samtel <olour" <eletroni+ etc. have made a mark globally.

#n recent years the electronic industry is growing at a brisk pace. #t is currently worth D 16 Billion but according to estimates" has the potential to reach D )6 billion by 2616. !he largest segment is the consumer electronics segment. 'hile is largest e+port segment is the consumer electronics segment. 'hile is largest e+port segment is o components. !he electronic industry in #ndia constitutes %ust 6.5E o the global

electronic industry. ,ence it is miniscule by international comparison. ,owever the demand in the #ndian market is growing rapidly and investments are lowing in to augment manu acturing capacity. #ndia however remains a ma%or importer o electronic materials" components and inished e*uipment amounting to over FSD 11.9 Bn at present.

#ndia is also an e+porter o a vast range o electronic components and products or the ollowing segments/ 9 :isplay technologies Entertainment electronics Cptical Storage devices 2assive <omponents Electromechanical <omponents !elecom e*uipment !ransmission ? Signaling e*uipment

#ndia is also an e+porter o a vast range o electronic components and products or the ollowing segments/ :isplay technologies Entertainment electronics Cptical Storage devices 2assive <omponents Electromechanical <omponents !elecom e*uipment !ransmission ? Signaling e*uipment Semiconductor designing Electronic 7anu acturing Services GE7S6H

COMPAN: PROFILE A,out SANSUI Br )' Pro' () Sansui Electric <o. >td. is a Iapanese manu acturer o e*uipment. ,ead*uartered in !okyo" Iapan" it is part o and Bakamichi. .ounded in !okyo in 1()5" Sansui initially manu actured electronic parts" but by the 1(96$s had developed a reputation components. !hey were sold in demand by audio enthusiasts. #n the FJ around 1(82" the Sansui 0F-:161 ampli ier and its more power ul sibling the 0F-:33" were highly acclaimed by audiophiles and were so 5 decade. S0BSF#$s ampli iers and tuners or making serious audio oreign markets through that and the ne+t rom the 1(96s and 1(56s remain in audio and video

Arande ,oldings" a

<hinese ,ong Jong @ based conglomerate" who also owns Iapanese brands 0kai

well matched to a pair o JE. <oda ### speakers that they could be bought as a set rom some outlets. !hese ampli iers used a comple+ .eed @ orward servo system which resulted in very low success" Sansui completely audiophile components. 0s the mid 1(86$s arrived" sales were lost to competitors GSony" 2ioneer" and 7atsushita$s !echnicsH. Sansui began to lose visibility in the Fnited States around company began to manu acturing high @ end components in Iapan. !he company began to manu acture high-end television sets and other video e*uipment" but ceased e+portation. #n the late 1((6$s" the company$s brand was used on video e*uipment manu actured by other companies. !he current manu acturer o the rebranded sets is Crion Electric" based in Csaka and .ukui" Iapan. #ts F.S. subsidiary markets products under the Sansui brand" among others. Sansui is thus a mere umbrella brand at present. !his radical change in Sansui$s corporate identity has resulted in a notable change in its product *uality as consumers now tend to consider Sansui a mass-market brand rather than a maker o high-end electronics. 2 n d order harmonic distortion. :espite this ollow up with urther mass market ailed to

R)c)nt A6%rd0
7ay" 2665 world most Ethical <ompanies GEthisphere 7agazineH Ianuary" 2665 166 Best <orporate <itizens. 8

Ianuary" 2665 .orbes" 2669 ,onour Roll. 7arch" 26650merica$s most share holder riendly companies 7arch" 2665 Black 2earl 0ward or <orporate E+cellence in Aood Sa ety and Kuality. 0pril 2668 Sponsors !ele 0ward 2665

SANSUI !/ INCHES LCD TV PDP !/!! Brand /Sansui Bow/ R0."!77; Rs.21663 for 3 months SANSUI /" INCHES LCD TV =:UUTEN LCD /"!H Brand /Sansui Bow/ R0.1177; Rs.11330 for 3 months SANSUI *2 INCHES TV - HR *2! E:E Br%nd 9S%n0u No69 R0.242; Rs.1917 or 3 months SANSUI /* INCHES TV - HR /! E:E Brand /Sansui Bow/ R0.**/7; Rs.3763 for 3 months

SANSUI *! INCHES TV - CINE SAR<AM *! Brand /Sansui Bow/ R0.177; Rs.1330 for 3 months SANSUI !; INCHES LCD TV =:UUTEN LCD !;*H Brand /Sansui Bow/ R0.4!77; Rs.24997 for 3 months SANSUI /* INCHES TV - HR // E:E Brand /Sansui Bow/ R0.*;47; Rs.3597 for 3 months SANSUI /; INCHES LCD TV =:UUTEN LCD /;2 Brand /Sansui Bow/ R0.*777; Rs.6663 for 3 months

SANSUI /* INCHES TV - HARDROC= /=WT Brand /Sansui Bow/ R0.5*7; Rs.2730 for 3 months SANSUI *7 INCHES LCD TV - =:UUTEN LCD *7! Brand /Sansui Bow/ R0.*577; Rs.6330 for 3 months

SANSUI /; INCHES LCD TV - =:UUTEN LCD /;! Brand /Sansui Bow/ R0.*777; Rs.6663 for 3 months SANSUI *7 INCHES LCD TV - =:UUTEN LCD *72 Brand /Sansui Bow/ R0.*577; Rs.6330 for 3 months

!he aim o marketing is to meet and satis y target customers$ needs and wants. !he ield o consumer behaviour studies how individuals" groups" and organizations select" buy" use" and dispose o goods" services" ideas" or e+periences to satis y their needs and desires. !he consumer buyer behaviour is the buying behaviour o inal consumer@individuals and households who buys goods and services or personal consumption. Fnderstanding consumer behaviour and 3knowing customers4 are never simple. <ustomers may state their needs and wants but act otherwise. !hey may not be in touch with their deeper motivations. !hey may respond to in luences that change their mind at the last minute. Bevertheless" marketers must study their target customers$ wants" perceptions" pre erences" and shopping and buying behavior/ Studying consumers provides clues or developing new products" product eatures" prices" channels" messages" and other marketing-mi+ elements.

A Mod)( o' Con0u#)r B)-%. or

0t one time" marketers could understand consumers through the daily e+perience o selling to them. But the growth o Sansui companies and markets has removed many marketing managers


rom direct contact with customers. #ncreasingly" managers have had to rely on the 5 C$s ramework or consumer research to answer the ollowing key *uestions about any market/ 'ho constitutes the marketL 'hat does the market buyL 'hy does the market buyL 'ho participates in the buyingL ,ow does the market buyL 'hen does the market buyL 'here does the market buyL Cccupants Cb%ects Cb%ectives Crganizations Cperations Cccasions Cutlets

!he starting point or understanding buyer behavior is stimulus-response model shown below. 7arketing and environmental stimuli enter the buyer$s consciousness. !he buyer$s characteristics and decision process lead to certain purchase decisions. !he 7arketer$s task is to understand what happens in the buyer$s consciousness between the arrival o outside stimuli and the buyer$s purchase decisions. !hey must answer two *uestions/

,ow do the buyer$s characteristics-cultural" social" personal" and

psychological-in luence buying behaviorL

,ow does the buyer make purchasing decisionsL

Marketing 0t #u( 2roduct 2rice 2lace 2romotion

Ot-)r 0t #u( Economic !echnological 2olitical <ultural

Bu&)r>0 c-%r%ct)r 0t c0 <ultural Social 2ersonal 2sychological

Bu&)r>0 d)c 0 on

Bu&)r>0 d)c 0 on

$roc)00 2roblem Recognition 2roduct choice #n ormation search Evaluation :ecision Brand choice :ealer choice 2urchase !iming 2urchase amount


2ost 2urchase Behaviour

THE BU:ER DECISION PROCESS T-) ,u&)r d)c 0 on $roc)00 con0 0t o' F .) St%+)0 -/ Beed recognition" in ormation search" evaluation o alternatives" purchase decision" and post purchase behaviour. <learly the buying process starts long be ore actual purchase and continues long a ter. 7arketer need to ocus on the entire buying process rather than on %ust the purchase decision. 1. NEED RECO<NITION- !he irst stage o the buyer decision process in which the consumer recognizes a problem or need o Sansui tv. 2. INFORMATION SEARCH- !he stage o the buyer decision process in which the consumer is aroused to search or more in ormation1 the consumer may simply have heightened attention or may go into active in ormation search to the colour tv. 3. EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVES - !he stage o the buyer decision process in which the consumer uses in ormation to evaluate alternative brands in the choice set. ). PURCHASE DECISION- !he stage o the buyer decision process in which the consumer actually buys the product. =. POST PURCHASE BEHAVIOUR-!he stage o the buyer decision process in which the consumer take urther action a ter purchase based their satis action or dissatis action.

70RJE!#BA 7#M

7arketing mi+ can be de ined as the set o controllable tactical marketing tools @ product" price" place" promotion-that the irm may blend to produce the response it wants in the target market. PRODUCT-2roduct means the goods and services combination the company o ers to the target market. #n case o sansui television it includes variety" *uality" design eature" brand name" packaging" services that are o ered along with the television. PRICE- #t is the amount o money the customers have to pay to obtain the product o Sansui tv. #t includes list price" discount" allowances" payment period" and credit terms. PLACE- #t includes Sansui tv activities that make the product available to target consumers. <hannels" coverage" assortments" locations" inventory" transportation" logistics becomes the part o place PROMOTION- 2romotion means activities that communicate the merits o the Sansui tv and persuade target consumer to buy it. &arious promotional activities are advertising" personal selling" sales promotion" public relations.


<onsumer purchases are in luenced strongly by cultural" social" personal" and psychological characteristics. .or most marketer cannot control such actors" but they must take them into account.

?%@ CULTURAL FACTORS <ulture actors e+ert the broadest and deepest in luence on the consumer behavior the marketer needs to understand the role played by the buyer$s culture" subculture" and social class. ? @ Cu(tur)- the set o basic values" perception" wants and behavior o the sansui tv institutions. ? @ Su,cu(tur)- a group o people with shared values system based on common li e e+periences and situations o the colour television. ? @ Soc %( c(%00- relatively permanent and division in a society house members share a similar values" interests" and behavior o the which brand o colour tv. ?,@ SOCIAL FACTORS 0 consumer$s behavior is in luenced by social actors" such as the consumer$ small group" amily and social roles and status ? @ <rou$- !wo or more people who interact to accomplish individual l or mutual goals. Strongly in luence buyer behavior ? @ Ro() %nd St%tu0- Role consist o the activities people are e+pected !o per orm according to the persons around them Status re lect the general esteem given to it by the society. 2eople choose the products that show their status in the society. ?c@ PERSONAL FACTOR

learned by the member o the society rom amily and other important

? @ F%# (&- !he amily members Ghusband" wi e" and childrenH can

0 buyer decision o Sansui tv also are in luenced by personal characteristics such as the buyer$s age li e style" and li e cycle stage" occupation "economic situation " li estyle " and personality and sel concept depend upon the personal actor. ? @ A+) %nd L ') c&c() 0t%+) - 2eople change the goods and services they buy over their li etime. !astes o the people undergo change with their age. .amily li e cycle- the stages through which amilies might pass as they mature over time. GiiH Occu$%t on @ 0 person$s occupation also a ect the goods and services they bought. GiiiH L ') St&()- 0 person$s pattern o living as e+pressed in his;her activities" interest" and opinion. GivH P)r0on%( t&-0 person$s distinguishing psychological characterstics that lead to relatively consistent and lasting responses to his or her own environment. ?d@ PS:CHOLO<ICAL FACTORS 0 person$s buying Sansui !& are in luenced by our ma%or psychological actors/ motivation" perception" learning" and belie s and attitudes. ? @ Mot .%t on- 0 need that is su iciently pressing to direct the person to seek satis action o the need. ? @ P)rc)$t on- !he process by which people select" organize" and interpret in ormation to orm a meaning ul picture o the world. G @ L)%rn n+- <hanges in the individual$s behavior arising rom e+perience. GivH B)( )'0 %nd Att tud)- Belie is a descriptive thought a person hold about something 0ttitude is a person$s consistently avorable or un avorable evaluation" eelings" and tendencies towards an ob%ect or idea.


S6ot An%(&0 0 o' 0%n0u t.

Str)n+t-0 1. Specialist in Sound .eature 2. ,ighly ocus on Response !ime 3. ,ighly ocus on :elivery time ). Aood internal environment =. <heap 2rice 9. Alobal acceptance W)%An)00)0 1. >ow market penetration 2. Bo e+clusive show rooms 3. 0dvertising Strategies ). 2ositioned itsel as a marketer =. >ess


ocus on unconventional

channel 9. 2roduct demo not available 5. Bot providing good service T-r)%t0 attractive 1. 0 new competitor in your own home market. 2. <ompetitor has a new" innovative

O$$ortun t& 1. 7oving into


market segments. 2. !apping o rural market 3. .ocussed on Ioint

substitute product or service. unconventional 3. #ncreased trade barriers. venture o ). #ncreased trade barriers

channels ). 7ergers"

strategic alliances


!he buying behavior o the consumer with regard to S0BSF# !& is in luenced by number o e+ternal and internal actors and this study attempts to know about the consumer buying behavior and at the same time what actors do the consumers have in their mind be ore they make up their mind to purchase a S0BSF# !& so the main aim o my study was/ !o determine the most pre erred brand.


!o determine the most pre erred eatures that the consumers look or while the selection o S0BSF# brand. !o determine the level o satis action with regard to services provided retailers and brand already owned by the consumer.

R)0)%rc- M)t-odo(o+& 1. 2. 3. ). =.

.ormulating the ob%ectives o the study1 #dentity and de ining problem Selecting a research method1 surveys1 interview and other methods. <ollecting the Secondary data through company web sites" %ournals and 0nnual Report. Evaluating the data and interpreting the results.

D%t% co(()ct on9 Pr #%r& D%t% 2rimary data o research are collected rom direct resources Gcustomer o colour televisionH through *uestionnaire. S)cond%r& D%t% Secondary :ata which are used or research to know the history scop o Sansui industry are collected rom already available resources like net and other sources.

S%#$( n+ t)c-n Bu) <onvenience sampling is used or research pro%ect. # have given e*ual weight ages to my all respondent and chose them randomly without any biased like gender" age" income culture. S%#$() 0 C) 166 respondents has selected as sample size or research. D%t% r)$r)0)nt%t on t)c-n Bu) %nd too(0 <olumns chart ? 2ie chart has used or representation.

<.I. H)%(d ?*74;@ 3!he relationship o intentions to buy consumer durabbles with the levels o purchace4!his paper states the traditional short-term econometric orecasting models or durables and generally represents e+penditure as a unction disposable income relative price an inde+ o purchase control and as an estimation o total stock o durables. J. P cA)r n+ ?*745@ 3!he :urable 2urchasing Behaviour o the individual ,ousehold4 ,e 2oints out that cross @sectional investigations per orm reasonably well in e+plaining individual household behavior. Both in terms o level o outlay on consumers durables and in identi ying purchasers o particular commodities. 18

S% A%t B%n)r3)) ?/;;5@D:imensions o #ndian culture" core cultural" values and marketing implications4 ,e e+plained that the behavior o a consumer largely depends on interplay between inner sel and outer stimuli. <onsumption decision made in the market cannot be viewed as an independent event. #t is closely related with values and social relationship and cultural allegiance. M%nd%r N%r)0- D-u#%( %nd A. 0-A%r T%&%d) ?/;;5@ 3Rural marketing- Fnderstanding the consumer behaviour and decision process4 e+plained in this paper rural population account or 56E o the indian population and it is increasing at the high rate in comparision to urban population. !he buyer o rural and urban area di erent in their characteristics while buying any product. !he reason behind its di erentiation are many like1- 0ge and li e style. Cccupation. Economic situation >i e style. 2ersonality and sel concept. 2sychological actors like perception cognition and motivation. Buying decision o the consumer o di erent age occupation di er rom rural area to urban area the rural area is move bounded by the tradition " custom" and value which bring a gigantic change in the li e style and personality o the customers o the rural area in comprasion to urban area. 'here people are more attached towards the welter cultural now per capita income o the consumers in the rural area restrict them or low consumption pattern as compared to urban population. 'here the consumers are brand conscious and are ready to pay high. <ur%. =un%(?/;;5@ 3#mpact o relationship marketing strategy in customer loyality4 e+plained in this paper that their need to be developed customer loyality and pay the much more concentration on marketing strategy and relationship between promotional schemes" customer trust" and customer ace to ace communication. C-%tto$%d-&%& T%n#%& %nd S- .%n S-r%dd-% ?/;;7@E :o multiple time consumers also observe imper ectly. !he case o automobile consumers in #ndia4 ,e e+plained the customers holistic perceptions o the e+tra value due to brand name. !he researcher also e+plained that any organization that makes a new product or society always takes care o products" price" brand


name" *uality and perceptions o the consumers. Aenerally consumer perceptions is that higher price is associated with better *uality o the product which may not be true. Pro'. S- ($%. S.=oA%tnur ?/;;7@ 3<onsumer perception brands. 0n Empirical e+aminations4. in this study researcher observed that consumers on *uality " money" packaging" taste" price" and brand image o products. !here ore there is a need o making brand image image in ront o customer. Su#%n+%() %nd U$$%r ?/;;7 @ 2urchasing 2ractices o consumer durables 0mong .arm .amilities o gada% :istrict 3,e pointed out that selected =E o villages o gada% district or a primary survey. !hey used purposive sampling or the survey to re*uire practices o consumer durables. !he household purchased ood items on a weekly basis rom nearby town.4:aily wear o women and men and kids were purchased once in si+ months. But used credit and instalment system or purchasing motorcycle and television riends were their sources o in ormation or purchased. J.L ((&. ?/;*;@ 3<ustomer perception and 2re erence towards Branded 2roducts. 'ith Special Re erence to !elevision sets4. ,e points out that to move consumers rom trial to pre erence" brands need to deliver on their value proposition" as well as dislodge someone else rom the customer$s e+isting pre erence sets. 2re erence is a scale" and brand moves up" down and even o that scale with and without a vigilant brand management strategy. 2ricing" promotional deals and products availability. 0ristotle pro essed" 0ttaining and sustaining pre erence is an important step on the road to gain brand loyalty. !his will help to generate more revenue" gain greater market share and beat o the competition. M%AA%r Ur.%0- %nd D-&%n V 3)ndr% ?/;*; H 3<onsumer perception towards di erent media options.-0n empirical study o rural and urban perspective4 e+plained in this paper helps the marketers to ocus attention on the diverse media vehicles in general and media speci ically. 'hich are the key buying guides or the customers in urban markets. 2rovide insight in the ormulation o urther media strategy by the marketers enabling them to ocus on right media choice and media mi+ once thing that is sure is that the media is having a dramatic impact on the consumption patterns o the consumers irrespective o their a iliation to certain geographical location rural and urban and their gender. Even in this new business environment where 26

electronic transactions are becoming the norms. ,e use o other media option to document business transaction is e*ually important. Speci ically or the rural customers indeed as per the current researches.

R%n .S. S%At- .)( ?/;*;@ 3<onsumer behaviour in rural market 0-B-<-: paradigm and its application4 e+plained in this paper the most important di erence between the rural and urban is in degree o sophistication o the consumer. Frban consumers are generally amiliar with such products home their address and value related to purchase and consumption will be di erent. !he conversion o rural consumers to purchase sophistication products is great challenge or the markets. But this kind ensure a good demand or sophistication product in the uture here in the marketer may have to work harder to sell their goods in rural areas because o diversity o value and attitude present in three region. Fse term such as 3new and improved4 since these may be e ective in rural areas. E+amine the obstacles in the path o consumers access to in ormation and illiteracy and diverse methods to overcome these kind o obstacles note the cultural similarities in consumer behaviour which might allow standardization o marketing strategies across countries however it must be noted that it is possible to capitalize on the similarties among the rural markets. Several researcher have suggested to possibilities o clustering area which allow the standardization o marketing strategies across these region.


*. Occu$%t on
Service Business man )2E =8E


D%t% nt)r$%t%t on9 #n total respondent we analyse that most o the people are businessman =8E and )2Epeople are service man in %alandhar or out o the city.

/. Do &ou -%.) TV %t &our -o#)F

Nes 86E




D%t% nt)r$%t%t on / #n total respond we analyse that show the chart 86E people have a colour television and 26E people have not tv.


1. W- c- ,r%nd do &ou -%.)F

Sony Sansui Samsung Cnida >g &ideocon

36E 1=E 1=E 16E 3=E =E

D%t% nt)r$%t%t on9 0lthough there is lot many competitors in television section among all this >A is the leading market share .Show the data many colour !& <ompany are available in the market. !hen sony tv consumer are 36E" Sansui tv consumer are 1=E"Samsung tv consumer are1=E"onida tv consumer are 16E" lg tv consumer are 3=E"and &ideocon consumer are 16E.>g customer are more than compare to Sansui tv.


!. Fro# 6-)r) &ou co#) to Ano6 %,out t- 0 Br%ndF

0dvertisement :ealer Suggestion .riends ? Relatives Bewspaper ==E 1=E 2)E 9E

D%t% nt)r$%t%t on9 #n total respondent we analyses that most o the customers are attract on advertisement o the product and the decide o the buy a product. Show the data ==E people are known to the product o advertisement" 1=E people are depend on dealer suggestion" 2)E people are depend on riends and relative suggestion" and 9E people are news advertisement.

2. W-%t F%ctor0 n'(u)nc)0 &ou to $urc-%0) t-) $roductF

2rice .eature 3=E



Kualit y 0 ter Sales service 2rovidingma+imum Auarantee 2eriod

36E 16E 16E

D%t% nt)r$%t%t on9 #n total respondent we analyses that most o the consumer see the price" eature "sales service" *uality and providing ma+. Auarantee period see to the consumer and decide to the product buy or not buy. Show the data many consumers want o *uality.

". W-o n'(u)nc)0 &ou #or) to $urc-%0) t-) $%rt cu(%r Br%ndF
'i e .riends ? Relative 26E 2=E


Son ; :aughter Bo Body

3=E 26E

D%t% nt)r$%t%t on9 #n total respondent we analyses that most o the consumer in luence more purchase to particular product take the suggestion o wi e" riends and relative" son;daughter" and no body. Show the data many consumer are in luence o son;daughter.


4. I' %r) &ou %6 %r) o' S%n0u F

Nes Bo 53E 25E

D%t% nt)r$%t%t on9 #n total respondent we analyses that most o the consumers G53EH are aware o the Sansui product and 23E consumers are not aware o the Sansui product.


5. W-& don>t &ou u0) S%n0u TVF

,igh 2rice 2oor Kualit y >ess awareness 0ny other 2)E )9E 16E 26E

D%t% nt)r$%t%t on9 #n total respondent we analyses that most o the consumer don$t use Sansui !& many reasons high price" poor *uality" less awareness" and any other. 7any consumer are not use o the sansui provide o poor *uality.


7. Do &ou 0)tu$ &our # nd to $urc-%0) %n& TV n 'utur)F

Nes Bo 8=E 1=E

D%t% nt)r$%t%t on

#n total respondent we analyses that most o the customer are set up o the mind purchase o the colour television in last si+ month.



I' &)0G t-)n 6- c- Br%ndF

Sony Sansui Samsung >A Cther 28E 19E 18E 32E 9E

Int)r$r)t%t on#n total respondent we analyses that most o the consumer are buy o the colour television want to consumer >A and sony compare to other company.


# recommended that S0BSF# should also concentrate more in technological advancements which more o the consumers are e+pecting now in the present world. #n the same way S0BSF# can also concentrate and try launching >E:$s which will be the uture a ter ><:$s. !he a ter sales service must be taken care o every point o time because worst backup service may spread negative image among the potential consumers there ore a ecting sales drastically care should be taken or that S0BSF# can also improve its range o products rom the current to advanced" it can launch various home appliances inductions which more consumers are re erring now instead to be more cost e ective" in the same way can also introduce more models. Similarly S0BSF# has good base here in the region I0>0B:,0R where the study was conducted but un ortunately it ails to utilize it ully up to the level" hence it must be taken in mind and measures should be ramed or utilizing the capacity. #t can be e ectively done through various sales promotions activities and building a good rapport with the :ealers and distributors in the locality because they only act as the mains source or supplying the products. !he 2F>> and 2FS, strategies must be o ten discussed with them or e ectively marketing the products. &arious o ers and #ncentives can be o ered to them apart rom doing so to <onsumers in order to improve the sales e ectively.


7ost o the dealers here in this region are dealing with &arious brands simultaneously so care must be taken that S0BSF# should be their irst pre erence selling it to the consumers. ,ence it should be considered and various o ers and dealings should be made with them.

Conc(u0 on9
S0BSF# a part rom concentrating in the *uality and improvement o its products can also try to improve its reach to the consumers. <onsumers are always in search or good *uality with a ordable price so S0BSF# can go with such an idea o capturing the market by attracting o consumer .


1. Bame 2. 0ge iH 2=-36 years O P iiiH 3=-)6 years O P 3. Cccupation iH Business O P iiH Service O P ). E-mail #: =. 2hone Bo 9. :o you have !& at your homeL iH Nes O P 5. 'hich Brand do you haveL ----------------------------------------8. 'hat made you choose the BrandL -----------------------------------------(. .rom where you come to know about this BrandL iH 0dvertisement O P iiiH .riends ? Relatives O P 3= iiH :ealer Suggestion O P ivH Bewspaper O P iiH Bo O P iiH 36- 3= years O P ivH )6-)= years O P


'hat .actors in luences you to purchase the productL iH 2rice O P iiiH 0 ter Sales Service O P iiH .eature O P ivH Kuality O P

vH 2roviding ma+imum Auarantee 2eriod O P


'ho in luences you more to purchase the particular BrandL iH 'i e O P iiH .riends ? Relative O P iiiH Son ; :aughter O P ivH Bo Body O P


# are you aware o SansuiL iH Nes O P iiH Bo O P

13. 1).

'hich .eatures have Sansui !& do you ind interestingL 'hy don$t you use Sansui !&L iH ,igh 2rice O P iiiH >ess awareness O P iiH 2oor Kuality O P ivH 0ny other O P


:o you setup your mind to purchase any !& in utureL iH Nes O P iiH Bo O P


# yes" then which BrandL iH Sony O P iiiH >A O P vH Cther O P iiH Samsung O P #&H Sansui O P


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