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Lesson 1

Ba older woman Co older man Gor younger woman Anh younger man

Excuse me, yes and no

Excuse me Sounds like: Zin loy i e xi i Yes Sounds like: vung Looks like: vng No Sounds like: khong Looks like: khng

Vietnamese language Sounds like: dee-ung viet Looks like: ting vit English language Sounds like: dee-ung ang Looks like: ting Anh Person Sounds like: ngoi Looks like: ngi You are: Sounds like: Baa/on la Looks like: bn l Are you American? Sounds like: Baa/on co /fai la emeehee khong? I am t America D i Kh g fai a i emeehee.

Do you understand? Sounds like: Baa/On cor heyor khong? Looks like: c hi h g Do you understand English? Sounds like: Baa co heyor jung ang khong? Looks like: bn c hi u ting anh khng? I dont understand Sounds like: Doi khong heyor Looks like: ti khng hi u I dont understand Vietnamese: Sounds like: Doi khong heyor dee-ung Viet. Looks like: ti khng hi u ting vit

I understand a little Sounds like: Doi heyor motee Looks like:

co / khong = inserted to make a question with an answer yes or no

Lesson 2
Hello to older person Sounds like: Chow ba /on (older/middle aged woman/man) Looks like: Hello to younger person Sounds like: Chow gor (young woman middle tone) Looks like:

How are you (you are healthy?)

You are healthy? Sounds like: ba co hewhere khong? I am very healthy Sounds like: Doi hewhere lam

Thank you
Sounds like: Gam-urn on (older man)

Goodbye (hello, Im leaving)

Goodbye (to older woman) Sounds like: Chow ba doi dee

Aah (how interesting)

Sounds like: Hai gwar

How well?
Not very well (not well very) Sounds like: khong har lam Very well Sounds like: har lam

Lesson 3
What about you? Gon ba

Yes I am Vietnamese Vung, doi la noi Viet But nyung

Vietnamese Pod101
Most words consist of one syllable Similar syntax to English - subject, verb, object No plural forms, or tense changes Express with auxiliary verbs and time phrases ("already"), ang ("in progress") and s ("will/going to") - place these after the subject and before the verb of a sentence Pronouns are slightly more difficult - which ones you use depends on age, gender and the closeness of relationship with the person you are speaking to

There are 29 letters, 22 are in the English alphabet and 7 additional with diacritics There are 17 consonants and 12 vowels There are two groups of tones - even tones and slant tones. Unmarked and gradual falling tones belong to the first group, while the rest (high rising, mid dipping falling, broken rising and heavy falling tones) belong to the second group. Unmarked tone - start at the middle stay in the middle Gradual falling - start low and get to the lowest level High rising - mid level to highest level Mid dipping falling tone - middle and lower it quickly Broken rising tone - little above normal range, dip, then raise quickly Heavy falling tone - little below middle then quickly to lowest level

Top 5 phrases
Xin Chao - hello and goodbye, informal or formal Gam On - thank you Xin Gam On - more formal thank you Xin - please Zup toi - for me Xin hoi - to ask something Xin loi - to ask to do something, excuse me, sorry Toi xin loi - Im rry

How to say thank you

Gam (broken falling) urn (flat) Xin gam urn (more formal) Gam urn niew lam - thank you very much

How to say youre welcome

Hong (flat) kor (rising) zi (falls gradually) - pr b em Hong gor zi dau (flat) a (heavy falling) - more formal Khng c g u .

Getting what you want

Zin (flat) char toy gy (rising) nai (falls gradually) = This, please Xin cho ti ci Zin (flat) char toy gy (rising) dor (rising) = That, please Xin cho ti ci . More formal please = lam (falls gradually) on (flat) Lm Cho ti = give me



Basic Vietnamese Greetings

- Xin (flat) Chao (gradual falling) - any time of day, and all situations - Xin cho. - Cho. - goodbye, can be used at any time of the day.

Tm bit. temp rary farewe Hn gp li. app i tme t meet agai

- see you again

I dont understand
Ti khng hi . I Ti khng bit. I d t der ta d w

Using English to advantage

Bn c bit ni ting Anh khng? Can you speak English? C, ti bit ting Anh. Yes I know English Khng, ti khng bit ting Anh.

Learning Vietnamese using Vietnamese

Xin ni li ln na. p ea e pea agai e m re time Xin ni chm li. p ea e pea w y agai

Im sorry
Xin li. It my mi ta e


g a . ever mi d, d

t w rry

How much?
Bao nhiu? Ci ny bao nhiu? How much is this? Ci bao nhiu? How much is that?

How do you says this in Vietnamese?

Ci ny ting Vit ni th thi , Viet ame e a g age, pea h w