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Mechatronics & Microprocessor(10ME65) Origin of Mechatronics: The name "mechatronics" was originated in 1969 by senior engineer Tetsura Mori.

. He was working for a Ja anese com any ca!!ed "askawa #!ectric $or oration that was famous for bui!ding mechanica! factory e%ui ment. &t that time' "askawa #!ectric $or oration was using some e!ectronic features for manufacturing mechanica! e%ui ment. Mori wanted to introduce a technica! term for that new techno!ogy' so he combined the two technica! words (mechanica!) and (e!ectronics) and created the new word "Mechatronics." *n 19+,' "askawa a !ied to make this word a registered brand and got the rights in 19+-. .ut' at that time this term didn)t gain much o u!arity. &fter the 19/,s' the term started gaining o u!arity because of its usefu! features. #ar!ier' this term was based on on!y some e!ectrica! and e!ectronic com uters' but after the 19/,s' the use of com uter techno!ogy was integrated. The contro!!ing and functioning of machines became much easier by use com uter hardware and software. This a!!owed the start of manufacturing of a 0ariety of roducts of any si1e with 0ery high accuracy and com arati0e!y !ow cost. Mechatronics' a!though sti!! a new term as com ared to other we!! estab!ished branches of engineering' now seems to be firm!y estab!ished. 2ow' indi0idua!s and industries around the wor!d use the term free!y.

&t the research and de0e!o ment !e0e!' mechatronics is c!assified into ten technica! areas: Motion $ontro!' 3obotics' &utomoti0e 4ystems' *nte!!igent $ontro!' &ctuators and 4ensors' Mode!ing and 5esign' 4ystem *ntegration' Manufacturing' Micro 5e0ices and O toe!ectronics' and 6ibration and 2oise contro!.

2ow the a !ication area of mechatronics is e7treme!y broad. This techno!ogy is firm!y used in the automation of machines' ser0o8mechanics' industria! goods' biomedica! systems' energy and ower systems' 0ehicu!ar systems' data communication systems' com uter aided design' $2$ and 52$ systems' etc. 3obotics is direct!y de endent u on this techni%ue. There are uncountab!e e7am !es where this techno!ogy is used. .ut ro er a !ication' uti!i1ation' and maintenance of these high techno!ogy roducts and systems are a!so some im ortant characteristics because these factors are res onsib!e for the enhancement of roducti0ity and the %ua!ity of the roduct and system. Ob0ious!y' the design of future roducts wi!! in0o!0e a combination of recision mechanica! and e!ectronic systems' and mechatronics wi!! be the basis for a!! acti0ities in roducts and roduction techno!ogy.

N.VENU,M.Tech,MISTE Asst.Pro ,S!IT

Mechatronics & Microprocessor(10ME65)

The "est e#a$p%es &' 1. Ear%( 1)th cent*r( ports o +iese% an+ petro% en,ine -ere operate+ "( ca$s "ase+ on openin, an+ c%os*re o ports ca$ pro i%es -ere +esi,ne+ , at present scenario o en,ine are contro%%e+ an+ "( $icrocontro%%ers i,e inte,ration o e%ectronics, e%ectrica% -ith $echanica% s(ste$s /. Ser.o $otors *se+ i n ro"ots -rist, an0%e & other parts (ser.o $eans a*to),a contro% si,na% "een sent to act*ator o $otor to ,ra" a $ateria% contin*e ee+"ac0 sent to $otor to $a0e a $o.e$ent o ar$ *nti% it ,et $ateria%.

N.VENU,M.Tech,MISTE Asst.Pro ,S!IT