James E. Himley; MA, MEd, LMSW Email: james.himley@tamingthewildchild.

com Phone: 803-270-2546
Career Objective: Supporting parents and teachers in the management of children's behavior. • • • • • Strengths: • • Management of children with emotional and behavioral disorders. Self-management; cognitive therapy; LD, ADD / ADHD. Media and cultural influences on behavior and learning. Supervision and induction of teachers; quality assurance of Special Education programs. Innovative and creative problem-solving in fast-paced, multi-detailed environments. Nurturing, management and communication skills with students of all ages. High energy, enthusiasm and humor.
(1-2-3 Magic, Taming the Wild Child, etc...) 1987 - Present.

Professional Interest:

TEACHER of Parenting and Classroom Behavior Management Seminars Teaching Experience: TEACHER of Self-Contained Emotionally / Behaviorally Disordered Special Ed. Students
Bayvale Elementary School; Augusta, GA; August 2001 - Present.

TEACHER in Murphy Middle School Sandhills SEBD Psycho-educational Program TEACHER in Psycho-educational SEBD Program with Middle and High School Students
Douglas County, GA; March 1998 - June 2000. Richmond County; Augusta, GA; August 2000 - August 2001.

• • Prior Experience: • • • • •

Twenty-five years as a counselor, psychotherapist, educator, and administrator in community mental health programs, Vietnam Veterans counseling services and children's inpatient and outpatient services. Provided assessment, crisis management, counseling, coaching, psychotherapy, advocacy, and case management to children, adolescents, families and adult clients. Taught parenting skills and behavior management programs. Developed, implemented, marketed and managed programs. Recruited, trained and supervised up to twenty-five staff. Served on management and training teams. Public relations, consulting and networking with community agencies, schools and other service providers.
State University of West Georgia; Carrollton, GA 2000

Masters of Education in Emotional / Behavioral Disorders in Special Education Education: Masters in Communication Science with emphasis in Therapeutic Interpersonal Comm. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Teaching Certification, Endorsements and License: • • •
Governors State University; University Park, IL 1976 University of Illinois; Urbana, IL 1972

Behavior Disorders (P-12) State of Georgia, August 2000 - June 2005 Teacher Support Specialist and Educational Leadership Endorsements 2004 Licensed Master Social Worker State of Georgia

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