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Make your tomorrow count

As a Chartered Accountant, you can match your professional side with a sense of adventure, global travel, dynamic career opportunities and an exciting lifestyle. Fresh business potential is everywhere you look.

Why become a Chartered Accountant? What is the Chartered Accountants Program? Where you can work Global Accounting Alliance be part of a global profession The rst steps to getting there Support for Indigenous students International students your steps to success OneNetwork student club 4-5 6-7 8-9 10-11 12 13 14-15 16-17


Imagine the kind of future you can have

Want to be the best? Then work with the best. The Chartered Accountants Program is Australias only professional accounting qualification offering global career opportunities through the Global Accounting Alliance.
The Chartered Accountants designation speaks volumes to prospective employers and clients, and provides a career platform from which to launch yourself in any business direction you choose.

Take your thinking to new heights

The Chartered Accountants Program places you at the pinnacle of business anywhere in the world. Travel. Retail. Music. Banking. Finance. Not-for-prot. You can take your pick of industries in which to make your career. Best of all, youre not locked into your rst choice or even your second. As a Chartered Accountant, youll sit at the forefront of business. Youll be highly respected for your superior grasp of business, communication skills and leadership. Just like your qualication, your skills and roles are highly portable too. As a Chartered Accountant you really can take your thinking to new heights in careers ranging from business analyst, strategist and advisor to nancial controller. Long term, you could climb to senior management in roles such as CFO and CEO.

Want up-to-the minute salary information?

Financial reward is a natural and welldeserved part of your career. So, youll be excited to know that Chartered Accountants are among Australias top paid professionals. Completing the Program can feel like a lengthy process, but it is very worthwhile. Details on all states, sectors and levels of the accounting profession can be found at: survey

Career opportunities
The Chartered Accountants Program is the only Australian professional accounting qualication giving you:

An accredited and internationally

recognised Graduate Diploma

Career opportunities in major capital

markets around the world through the Global Accounting Alliance (GAA). The Program also gives you:

A superior understanding of business

with specialist technical knowledge and real-world experience

The opportunity to work in a

diverse range of sectors: public practice, commerce, government and not-for-prot.

A career that can take you anywhere

Chloe completed the Chartered Accountants Program while working at the Big 4 accounting firm, Deloitte, in Canberra. Three years later Chloe moved to London. When she first arrived, she was fortunate to land her first job with a FTSE100 company, Bunzl plc, within just six weeks. Although the lure of travel was not the reason I began the Chartered Accountants Program, it helped to keep me going. When I came to London, I was so glad that I had my Chartered Accountants qualification. Here in the UK, they really hold it in high esteem.
Chloe Speedie CA Internal Auditor GlaxoSmithKline (London)

What is the Chartered Accountants Program?

The Chartered Accountants Program combines the Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA) with Mentored Practical Experience.
The Program offers a combination of online and face-to-face learning. That way, you and your employer have more exibility. And, its easier balancing your work and study. You can undertake the rst four modules of the GradDipCA in any order. Your last module is Capstone, which can only be taken once you have the other four under your belt. Your ve modules are:

3. Management Accounting & Applied Finance

Chartered Accountants help organisations manage resources and achieve strategic goals. The everyday is anything but, in this eld. So here is your chance to apply management accounting principles and applied nance in a variety of practical scenarios, enabling you to offer the same invaluable skills to organisations through your ability to identify, analyse, interpret and communicate information.

5. Capstone
Here youre at the nal module, where all the learning from the rst four modules comes together. Youll integrate your technical knowledge and practical experience to develop the leadership and professional skills to take you to the next level of your career as a Chartered Accountant. The module includes three face-to-face workshops where you work individually and in small teams to tackle real-life case studies and nd solutions to complex business problems. Capstone will be your opportunity to demonstrate what youve learned in the Program so far and to netune those key competencies expected of a Chartered Accountant:

1. Audit & Assurance

Conducting and managing audits is one of the best ways to gain a comprehensive understanding of any business operation. Youll give your own auditing skills a workout through an integrated case study that forms the bedrock of this module.

4. Taxation
Australian taxation law is highly dynamic. Youll get ready to practically examine and apply relevant law and advice to various tax entities in numerous ways. These are all combined in a comprehensive case study that integrates the various units.

2. Financial Accounting & Reporting

This module catapults you straight into the heart of nancial accounting and reporting. Youll refer to and apply both Australian Accounting Standards and pronouncements to practical scenarios. All your work on this module is pulled together through a comprehensive case study.

Problem solving and critical thinking Working in and leading teams Effective communication Ethics Accessing data, analysing information
and synthesising knowledge

Integrating technical knowledge and

professional skills.

Chartered Accountant
Admission to membership Achieve Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA)

Integrates technical knowledge and professional skills, using complex real life case studies, to become a well-rounded professional

14 weeks Online learning, 3 face-to-face workshops Workshops (40%), Final exam (60%)


Develops technical competence through problem-based learning using case studies and scenarios

12 weeks each Online learning, Optional face-to-face lecture forum (Aus)/virtual classrooms 3 online assessments (20%), Final exam (80%)

Audit & Assurance

Develops professional competence with guidance from a Chartered Accountant

Financial Accounting & Reporting

Management Accounting & Applied Finance

3 years approved full time (or equivalent) Concurrent to study

Mentored Practical Experience

Accredited undergraduate/masters degree or alternative entry pathway


More options than you can imagine

By now you get the idea that Chartered Accountants are exceptional thinkers who are highly sought after. As a Chartered Accountant, youll be tuned into the top end of business.
Got your sights set on working in a leading multi-national organisation, one of the Big 4 or a not-for-prot? With the Chartered Accountants Program behind you, youll have the preferred qualication. Chartered Accounting is your number one career choice. You could work in:

Mid-tier accounting firms

All set to specialise? With six or more partners, a mid-tier rm can offer you this career chance. Mid-tiers are also a great place to build your skills, while forging strong networks with senior managers and partners with whom youll work on a daily basis. Think RSM Bird Cameron, Pitcher Partners and Crowe Horwath.

Public sector/Government
Want to help shape the world you live in? Public sector careers place you right alongside key policy-makers, legislators and budget writers, with career opportunities spanning local, state and federal entities such as the Australian Tax Ofce (ATO) and Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Large corporate
As a Chartered Accountant you sit at the very heart of business, ranging anywhere from Westpac to Vodafone, eBay to Louis Vuitton, Qantas to Rio Tinto.

Small-to-medium accounting practices

Are you a born leader who relishes the opportunity to work with others? Keep your client and professional relationships close in the easy accessibility of small-to-medium accounting rms. Youll enjoy diverse work, great promotion opportunities and work closely with your associates, who usually number between one and six.

If making a positive difference appeals to you, you can truly have inuence in improving todays world. RSPCA, Oxfam, UNICEF, World Vision and many other charities have Chartered Accountants steering their business functions. To learn more about where the profession can take you, download the Institutes free Employment Guide at employmentguide To see Chartered Accountants in action visit

The Big 4
Global accounting rms often provide international opportunities. When you knock on the door of Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG or PwC, it will open into incredible training and development opportunities.

Australian Chartered Accountants work in:



PUBLIc SEcTOR Fashion and business work hand in hand
The Chartered Accountants Program provides you with the skills, attitudes and thinking to really place yourself at the coal-face of big business. It gave me the confidence to think bigger picture and actively participate and add value in the growth of our business.
Simone Taylor CA Financial Controller OrotonGroup



Put yourself in the BIG picture

The Global Accounting Alliance gets you going places Being a Chartered Accountant, youll have immediate access to the international business world. The Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) represents about 800,000 accountants worldwide. The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia is the only Australian accounting body within the GAA. In fact, we are one of its founding members.
American Institute of Certied Public Accountants (AICPA) Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI) Hong Kong Institute of Certied Public Accountants (HKCPA) Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland Institute of Public Auditors in Germany, Incorporated Associated (IDW) Japanese Institute of Certied Public Accountants (JICPA) New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA)* South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA)*

*ICAA and NZICA members voted in favour of amalgamating and creating a new trans-Tasman body. The transition to the New Institute is expected following changes to the NZICA Act and Royal Charter in April 2014.


Scotland Ireland Germany England & Wales United States of America Canada


Hong Kong

Australia South Africa

 Global Accounting Alliance

member countries
New Zealand

 Other countries where Chartered Accountants live and work

Take your career around the world

Quite simply, the Chartered Accountant qualification opened up new doors for me; Im currently working as a CFO in Hong Kong. The pace of business is incredibly fast here, but I know I have the confidence and the training to make a difference.
Darren Chan CA Chief Financial Ofcer Integrated Hospitality Management Limited


The first steps to getting there

Accounting graduates
Step 1: Make your qualications count. Supercharge your approved business or commerce degree with an accounting major. Your eligibility for the Program requires adequate coverage of the mandatory core areas which are listed on our website. Step 2: Employers often seek
commercial awareness in the form of real world experience. Once you begin work you can start the Chartered Accountants Program. This involves completing the ve modules to build your knowledge and skills. Youll also need to obtain Mentored Practical Experience (three years full time or equivalent in an accounting role with an Approved Training Employer) while you are studying your modules.

Non-accounting graduates
If you did not study the business and accounting subjects you can still make strides towards securing your spot in the Chartered Accountants Program. Some steps you could take include:

The exam will assess your readiness to complete the Program and identify any knowledge gaps. Youll be assessed on your core* knowledge of:

Conversion courses
Did you know that most Australian universities offer conversion courses as a postgraduate program? First off, check out the Institutes accredited course list, and understand the core knowledge areas you need. Once youve ticked off the must-haves, you can enrol in the Chartered Accountants Program.

Finance Financial accounting Management accounting Audit Taxation Company and corporations law Accounting information systems Economics Quantitative methods.

Entrance exam
Do you have extensive accounting work experience and want the qualications to match? Get employer backing, and apply for the Chartered Accountants Program entrance exam.

Step 3: Congratulate yourself. Having

successfully completed the above steps youll be eligible to be admitted into membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia, and as a fully recognised Chartered Accountant youll have the world at your feet.

*Additional core areas required if you commence your Accounting degree or conversion studies post January 2013.


Supporting Indigenous accountants

Are you an Indigenous Australian considering a career in accounting? For the help you need, reach out to Indigenous Accountants Australia. This is the combined network of all three accounting bodies; CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and the Institute of Public Accountants. Together they work with some of the major employers in the business world to promote accounting as a profession, and offer support to all Indigenous students undertaking business, nance and accounting studies.

Your chance to make a difference

Big opportunities in small accounting firms

Ellery Blackman, an Indigenous Chartered Accountant, began his professional career in Townsville (QLD) before making a big move to an accounting firm in Perth (WA). Working in a regional office was a great starting point for my career. I was able to work across a range of different areas and had lots of one-on-one contact with clients. Now Im building my expertise in the custodian services team of a small accounting firm. Day to day I provide advisory services for a range of not-forprofit and charitable trusts, including many Indigenous Corporations and Native Title projects. Its a challenging and rewarding role where I can apply my business skills, while making a positive contribution to local and Indigenous communities.
Ellery Blackman CA Accountant Pascoe Partners (WA)

It doesnt matter whether you work in a large rm or small community, as an accountant youll have the capacity to make a real difference and be a respected role model in your community. To nd out more visit

I would encourage anyone considering accounting to do so. It is a skill which will stay with you for life whatever you choose to do.
Trent Lynwood NSW Aboriginal Land Council

International students your steps to success

1. Your academic record
Here is where your qualications really count. Youll need an Australian Bachelors degree or overseas qualication approved by the Institute. Any international qualication must show you have the required level of knowledge in all pre-requisite areas. Gaining a spot in the Chartered Accountants Program is an opportunity both Australian and international students strive for. The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia will assess your qualications and skilled employment for accounting to make sure you are Program-ready. Like to know more? Call 1300 137 322 or email

3. Getting a job and a mentor

To get into the Program you will need to be in full-time employment or equivalent, in an appropriate accounting position with an organisation recognised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia. All it takes is backing from your employer, so speak to them about supporting you in your studies. As you work through your modules, youll get three years of hands on practical training under the mentorship of a professional Chartered Accountant. Register as a candidate Once youve completed steps one, two and three, register as a candidate for the Program. candidates.

Remember IELTS
Its about talking the talk. That means positive communication with clients, colleagues and your networks. So when applying for permanent residency in Australia you must have English language (IELTS) academic band scores of at least seven* in each of the following areas:

Speaking Reading Listening Writing.

Need more info? Find it at Completing the Skilled Migration Internship Program Accounting (SMIPA) can help you improve your communication skills. To learn more... migration

2. The right visa

Youll need to obtain a visa that entitles you to study and work in Australia. Not sure whats involved? Visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website:

4. Enrol in your first module

The GradDipCA currently comprises ve modules that will take about two years to complete. So its time you got started.

5. Membership here you come

On passing the required modules and meeting the Mentored Practical Experience requirements, youll have arrived at the end of the Program. This is when all your hard work pays off, as youll be eligible to apply for membership.

*Some employers have varying requirements regarding score requirements, so it is best to check with them directly.


Going global
We also offer the Chartered Accountants Program in Malaysia and Singapore. In Singapore, the Program is a gateway to Australian membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. All modules in Singapore are based on Australian accounting and audit standards, plus relevant legislation. In Malaysia, upon completion of the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants Program (MICPA), candidates can apply for membership to both the Australian and Malaysian Institutes of Chartered Accountants.
Find out more at:


Sign up for OneNetwork a career that counts

As an aspiring Chartered Accountant, its a smart move to join our free student club, OneNetwork. Youll be rst in line to boost your CV with free career-enhancing opportunities, including:

Achiever Program events

Get your future looking bright with the Achiever Program offering:

Sign up for OneNetwork today

By signing up youll be rst in line for exclusive updates on events and information. Plus, youll also have the chance to win heaps of prizes as part of OneNetwork. Visit www.charteredaccountants.

Accessing loads of career tips

and job advice

Watching our technical videos

for study support Entering our competitions Reading real-life stories from Chartered Accountants Networking at our events. As part of OneNetwork youll be privy to a rich line up of events varying from state to state, including:

Hands-on industry knowledge Financial rewards Valuable career networks Practical work experience.

Regional networking events

Own your future by discovering how to secure your spot in the Chartered Accountants Prorgam. At the same time youll make contact with prospective employers, offering career guidance and employment opportunities.

Employment events
Network to discover how you can stand out, identify job opportunities and increase your career potential. Attend Australias premier nation-wide employment events where industry leaders gather to impart real world skills and guidance.

Build your online networks

Share information with your friends and stay up to speed on Institute activities by liking our Facebook page. Connect with us on our exclusive OneNetwork LinkedIn Group, where you can prole your professional experience, connect with potential employers, join in on conversations and much more.

Annual Employment Guide Choose your dream job from Australias top employers
Grab your free copy of the Institutes annual Employment Guide. It features literally hundreds of employer proles, including accounting positions from vacation to graduate roles. Free copies of the guide are distributed at Institute events, including our nation-wide employment evenings. Or, download the free Employment Guide app at: charteredaccountants.

Vacation events
Learn more about how to seize the ultimate career break. These events offer a host of genuine vacation employment opportunities, along with careerprogressing insights from many of Australias leading business professionals.


A career boost like no other

As winner of the Institutes 2013 Mission Exceptional university competition, Shreya Viswanathan enjoyed the work experience of a lifetime, job-shadowing a Chartered Accountant at American Express in New York City. She shares her advice for other students ready to walk in her shoes. Id recommend anyone at university to get involved with the Institute by joining OneNetwork, attending their events and entering their competitions. It doesnt matter whether youre studying business or accounting. You could be enrolled in engineering, law or even science. By entering Mission Exceptional, I got to network with senior business leaders, develop my presentation skills and travel to New York where it opened my eyes to new possibilities. I also got to meet some of the most talented students from across Australia who, like me, cant wait to work in business. Having completed my commerce degree, Im in a graduate position with Big 4 accounting firm, KPMG. Im also about to begin the Chartered Accountants Program, which I have no doubt will improve my future career prospects.
Shreya Viswanathan Senior Accountant (Commercial Audit) KPMG


Exceptional thinking brings exceptional rewards

Becoming a Chartered Accountant can open doors to the world of business.
Turning big ideas into reality
Did you know that Chartered Accountants can turn big ideas into runaway success stories? Tom Griffith from the popular fruit smoothie business, Emma and Toms, has done just that. His training as a Chartered Accountant has helped turn this small niche business into a leading brand in the cut-throat beverage market. Being a Chartered Accountant gives you a broad awareness and understanding of how different industries and models work. The training also gave me the pure financial understanding so I could analyse the figures, identify risk and recognise the need for continual innovation.
Tom Grifth CA Co-founder Emma and Toms


Were everywhere
Chartered Accountants are an elite community of bright minds. Take your place among them.

Stay connected
Join the conversation on the Chartered Accountants Careers Facebook page. Youll get a jump on OneNetworks latest events and updates. Plus, you could win exclusive prizes through OneNetwork. Visit Get a window into real life as a Chartered Accountant through our many videos, and access free study resources at

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