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Crime Armed Robbery Arms "raffic#in$ Assault/Mu$$in$ Attempted Murder Murder Mass Murder ) *+er % #illin$s, !

ail 'rea# 0ailure to 1omply ) 2ot follo3in$ police orders,

Jail/Bail/Fine Other General Offences 2 min/ Increase by 1 minute per Robbery, Disarm if 25% bail armed. Max minute !ail "ime % min/ Impound car 5&% bail 2 Min/ Increase by 1 minute per Mu$$in$, Disarm if 25% 'ail armed. Max minute !ail "ime ( Min/ Increase by 1 minute per attempt, Disarm if (&% 'ail armed. Max minute !ail "ime % Min/ Increase by 1 minute per murder, Disarm if &% bail armed. - min/ Disarm if Armed 1&&% bail % Min / Add onto pre+ious .ail /entence 1&&% bail 1 min/ "5is is re6uested e+en t5ou$5 you 5a+e not 1&% bail/ bro#en an actual la3 or made any 45&&& *007217 t5e officer must $i+e you a +alid reason. "5ese 3ay be suspicious dri+in$/ In area of interest8 ban# been robbed8 $an$ area etc./1i+ reports. 0ines to be $i+en first before arrest. 2 Min / 2&% 'ail Runnin$ around/a3ay from police 35o are attemptin$ arrest

Resistin$ Arrest

Dru$s )"raffic#in$, 9nder 1 Mil Dru$s )"raffic#in$, 9nder 5 Mil Dru$s )"raffic#in$, 9nder ; mil Dru$s )"raffic#in$, *+er ; Mil Dru$s )<ossession, 9nder 1 Mil Dru$s )<ossession, *+er 1 Mil "5eft )1i+ :e5icle, "5eft )<olice :e5icle,

Drug Offences 2 min/ Impound :e5icle (&% 'ail ( min/ Impound :e5icle &% 'ail % min/ Impound :e5icle ;&% 'ail 5 min/ Impound :e5icle 1&&% 'ail 2 min/ Impound :e5icle (&% 'ail ( min/ Impound :e5icle &% 'ail Theft Offences 2 min/ 5&% bail ( min/ 1&&% bail =arnin$ s5ots can be fired if suspect fails to stop

Gun offences 9n5olstered =eapon ) In "o3ns, Ille$al <istol 1 min/41&&& 2 min / 25% 'ail Issue 0ine first, if t5ey don>t accept .ail for 1 min Disarm

Ille$al Riffle Ille$al Assault Riffle

2 Min / 5&% 'ail ( minutes/ & % bail

Disarm Disarm

Dan$erous Dri+in$ Dri+in$ on =ron$ side of t5e road /peedin$ 0ailure to stop "errorism

Driving Offences 45&&& 0ailure to <ay ? Impound of +e5icle 4 &&& 0ailure to <ay ? Impound of +e5icle 4-&&& 41&&& Add 41&&& for eac5 1&#s o+er speed limit, 0ailure to <ay ? Impound of +e5icle Add on to ot5er offence

Acts against Humanity 1& min / Refers to Indies mostly, Disarm 1&&% bail Public Disor er 2 min / Issue 0ine 0irst / 0ailure to pay ? Arrest 42&&&& 1 min / 41&&& 0ine first / 0ailure to pay ? Arrest 1 min / 41&&& /tandin$ around 35en 1i+s are bein$ searc5ed for example or mo+in$ c5ec#points/ Issue fine first. If continue after fine arrest.

@yin$/ /tandin$ in middle of t5e road /3earin$ excessi+ely at police Interferin$ 3it5 <olice 'usiness

0ailure to /top at a 15ec#point 2o <assport

2 min / 41&&&& ( min / 4(&&&&

Chec!"oints Issue 0ine 0irst, 0ailure to pay ? Arrest and impound. If 1omin$ from 'luefor /ide A Issue 3arnin$ to obtain a passport. If 0ound comin$ from opfor side8 Issue 0ine, 0ailure to pay ? Arrest