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Group 3

Script for Video project

Group members: Sophia, Ken, Doedoh, Naara, Champ

Actors: Champ (The exceptional child)

Chokechai (The Guide)

Video editor: Ken

Narrator: Elizabeth

Script writer: Sophia + Naara

Scene: Admin building 2/F Women’s Toilet

Topic: How to Use a Toilet Roll

Narrator: If you are going to be a special educator, or even day care guidance, you might need
to teach the kids under your care on how to use a toilet roll after they poop (when they are not
using diapers anymore). These are the recommended steps that will help to assist you as you
are going to guide them how to learn it. Now we are going to demonstrate how to use the toilet
paper to a disable kid.

Guidelines on using a toilet roll

Using steps:

1. You need to let the child learn to identify a toilet roll.

2. Teach him to roll out the toilet paper.

3. Help him to count three pieces.

4. Then tear them off.

5. Next fold them together.

6. Hold the toilet paper on his right hand.

7. After he has finished pooping,

8. Bend his body forward approximately 45 degree,

9. Next, use his right hand which is holding the folded toilet paper,

10. Slowly move the arm towards and between the his thighs,

11. Wipe the poop off carefully,

12. Repeat the steps from 2 to 11 again until it is clean (when the tissue paper has nothing on
When it comes to teaching an exceptional child, it is not an easy task. A lot of patience and
effort is needed as the task is carry on. However, the result that is achieved can be a very
satisfying experience.