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Tapping World Summit 2014: Platinum Package Member's Area

Review by Hello everyone. I am Deny D. Ritz and in this video I want to share with you my Tapping World Summit review including the Gold Pass and Platinum Pac age. !his review is based on the "th annual #orld $ummit% and I will show you inside the member&s area so you can see what you get as a member. !he !apping #orld $ummit is an annual global summit attended by hundreds o' thousands o' people 'rom around the world. (ach year% around )* !apping e+perts gather and give their e+pert advice on using (,! or (motional ,reedom !echni-ue to help you live a healthier% stress 'ree li'e. !he topics tal ed about in the $ummit range 'rom an+iety about money% to hurt 'eelings in relationships and pain 'rom physical or mental trauma. !he purpose o' this $ummit is to help you heal all these bad emotions by using Tapping% and to spread the word to people who don&t now about it yet.

How the Tapping World Summit works

I 'irst 'ound out about !apping because o' the $ummit around ) years ago. $ince then I&ve used !apping to improve my 'inances and also my relationships% and I am living a better, more relaxed happier life than before. !his is because I apply what I learned inside the $ummit. !he member&s area you see here contain the recordings 'rom the )*./ $ummit. 0ou can listen to all the sessions 'or 'ree during the $ummit that lasts 'or about .* days% but i' you miss out on a session you only have )1 hours to listen to the recording. I' you want to listen to it again a'ter the $ummit is over% then you have to purchase a membership so you have access to these recordings.

In every $ummit% my most 'avorite topic is !apping and 2oney% and in the last $ummit% this topic was covered by 3ic 4rtner and 5arol 6oo . I have to admit that these sessions on clearing anxiety about money have really helped me to get a better income% even enough to -uit my day 7ob and instead ma e a living doing what I love. ,or each session% you get the recording in 2P/ 'ormat% the PD, transcript so you can read along as you listen to the recording% and also a wor boo that contains -uestions 'or you to answer so you can apply the !apping techni-ues in your speci'ic li'e. I 'ind that the transcripts are really great because I&m not that good a listener so reading along helps me to 'ocus on the material to get the most out o' it. 8nother topic that I li ed 'rom the last $ummit is $el' 6ove and $el' 5are on the third day. 9oth 5heryl Richardson and 2argaret 6ynch give great advice on how to love yoursel' better% and I especially love 5heryl&s session because she gives the tips based on her own life experience and story. I' you 'eel li e you are having trouble saying no to other people% 5heryl&s session will open your eyes.

Platinum Package bonuses
9esides the main recordings 'rom the .*:day summit% you also get plenty o' bonus materials depending on whether you purchased the Gold Pass or the Platinum Pac age. 2y 'avorite bonus is the Tapping for Stress Relief by ;essica 4rtner. I have been using this audio guide to help me sleep better% and it works like a charm so much that I don t even have to Tap anymore to sleep easy and peacefully. !he 5D consists o' < trac s that you can listen to each morning a'ter you wa e up and each night when you go to bed. !he trac s are short and only about " to .* minutes long% so it&s per'ect starting the day with 'resh energy and clearing all your stress at the end o' the night% which will help you sleep better. In short% I believe the !apping #orld $ummit is a good program and the recordings are worth it to buy. 4' course% i' you don&t have the money% you can always 7oin the live sessions and listen in 'or 'ree. I' you want to 7oin the <th annual !apping #orld $ummit% visit my site below to register: