LESSON PLAN TEACHER: Simon Katalin DATE: CLASS: 5th SCHOOL: “Elekes Vencel” Primary School TEXTBOOK: Fountain

RECENT WORK: Vocabulary: Rooms and parts of the house Grammar: Present continuous TOPIC: “What are you going to wear” Communication: omment on clothes! "ake plans Grammar: Ver# going to for future plans and intentions Vocabulary: lothes! colours LESSON AIMS: • • • • • • to practice $oca#ulary related to clothes and colours to remind the form of Present ontinuous to use going to for future plans and intentions to practice the forms of going to to re$ise the colours to descri#e what the students are wearing%going to wear&

SKILLS: speaking! listening! writing! reading MATERIALS: posters! te't#ook! wordpu((le! sheet of paper TIMING:5) min METHODS: con$ersation! o#ser$ation! e'ercise! reading BIBLIOGRAPHY: • • • *unt Roger! +awley ,im, Fountain, Manual de limba engleză pentru clasa a V-a! Editura +ongman! -)). *unt Roger! +awley ,im, Fountain, Wor boo ! "eginners! Editura +ongman! .//0 +awley ,im! 123eil *elen! Fountain #eac$er%s "oo "eginners! Editura +ongman! -)).


etc. 5 corrects their homework =e'ercise 5 page >?@ orally.) minutes SCS Whole class . Ss are asked se$eral <uestions a#out weather and their mood. What are you wearing today& 5hen the S5s answer like this: B am wearing a #lue trousers! a white shirtD. INTERACTION 5CS frontal pair work TIMING .) min 5CS Bndi$idual Whole class .• ristina 4rescan! Rus 56nde! &nglis$ Wor boo 'or t$e (t$ grade! Editura 7reati$! 58rgu "ureș! -))/ ACTIVITY 1 – Warm up 9ims: • • • to get Ss in$ol$ed into the topic to use properly the $oca#ulary related to clothes and colours to remind the form of Present ontinuous PROCEDURE 5he student on duty tells the a#sents: the teacher writes the a#sentees in the catalogue: then 5 checks homework and students correct mistakes! if necessary.5hen!5 puts the following headings on the AA : "oys Girls 5 asks Ss to write some clothes which the #oys and girls are wearing Bn pairs they gi$e e'amples. 5 writes some <uestions on the AA.) min - . 5eacher asks the students: what kind of clothes are they wearing! Students answer the <uestion. 5he teacher tells students that they will get a word pu((le and they ha$e to work in pairs and find the eight clothes. 5he teacher gi$es the students the sheet of paper! the students find and then read the names of the clothes they found.

0 am not2 5 reminds the students that Present ontinuous is used for e'pressing the current acti$ities.ACTIVITY 2 . 5CS Erontal Reading Speaking 5CS Erontal Pair work TIMING . think that it is a#out the $er# F1. *re you +earing . 3ow the 5. e'plains the use of F1B3F 51. Cyou use going to . It is usually a personal decision. Ss. to talk about what you plan or intend to do in the future.)ractice 9ims: • • • to use going to for future plans and intentions to practice the form of going to to ask and answer a#out clothes PROCEDURE INTERACTION 5 elicits and #riefly drills se$eral e'amples of <uestions and answers 5CS form! using the clothes related $oca#ulary. /es. -o. 0 am *re you +earing a blouse Szil1i. : 5 asks the students to open their #ooks and look at the pictures! answer the <uestion: What are these people doing& Students answer the <uestions.eans -orbi.5 min G . 5 writes on the AA: F1B3F 51 .

ACTIVITY 3 H )reparation 'or $ome+or assignment 9ims: • de$eloping writing skills PROCEDURE 5 gi$es instruction for the homework assignment. Bnstruction: E'ercise -! page >? INTERACTION Writing TIMING 5 min Wor !"##$ I .

Eind the clothes in the word pu((leJ .@ -@ G@ I@ 5@ 0@ ?@ >@ /@ .)@ 5 .

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