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The Feast of Purim or lots is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the deliverance of the JewishpeopleintheancientPersianEmpireatthehandofaJewishheroineQueenEsther.

Offering:Theofferingwillbesplitbetween2prolifegroupsinIsrael. WorshipbyBrendanCreedandWorshipband
Speakers: Yanky Fackler, Progressive Synagogue, Dublin, Author & Chair of the official Holocaust Memorial Day

Come and learn about the feast of Purimandhow ChristianscangrowineffectiveprayerforIsraelandour


DearFriends A total of 38 Indian citizens from the Bnei Menashe community made aliya last week, the first unit to arrive since the Knesset approved another wave of immigration for the group. It is wonderful that these Bnei Menashe have arrived from India. ICFI sent 2,005 to Jerusalems ICEJ to assist in funding this. Thank you all who contributed at the Christian Celebration of Hanukkah in December. Our next celebration will be on Sunday the 16th March a Christian Celebration for the Jewish feast of Purim. It will be held in Johnstown ParishCentre,Killiney,Co.Dublinfrom8pmto9.30pmPLEASEmarkdateindiary. There has been a good deal of news over the past 3 weeks including the death of former PM Sharon. Ihighlight6ofthekeypointsfromtheNewsUpdatesasfollows:

UNRWA: The British parliament has formed a committee of inquiry to probe the flow of funds used
bytheinternationalrefugeeagencyUNRWAtosupportthePalestinians.Itsbudgetisover$900mand Ireland and the EU contribute large sums to it. Muslim states give very little to it. We need to see in Ireland a similar parliamentary probe into UNRWA. Please consider writing to your TD on this. Pray thatthehypocrisybehindUNRWAwillbeexposed. Christian Community Growth in Israel: The Christian community in Israel continues to grow, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported on Tuesday ahead of Christmas, with its annual statistical update showing an increase of 3,000 persons in the population over the 2012 figure. Some 161,000 Christians,or2%ofthepopulation,liveinIsraelattheendof2013,comparedto158,000thistimelast year. shining example of human rights in the Middle East and declared how proud he is to live in Israel. Predictably, the views of Father Nadaf have not been popular with the Muslim Arab community Father Nadafs son was recently violently attacked in Nazareth Please keep this courageous priest in prayer. Root of the Conflict: PM Netanyahu connected Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state to what he said was continuing Palestinian incitement. The refusal of the Palestinians to recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people is the root of the conflict. Meanwhile senior PA official Abbas Zaqui told Syrian TV that any peace agreement with Israel is just another stage in the design of the PA to destroy it: Keep PM Netanyahu in your prayer for wisdom from the Lord in the currentnegotiations. Christian Persecution: Reported cases of Christians killed for their faith around the world doubled in2013fromtheyearbefore,accordingtoanannualsurvey.OpenDoors,aChristiangroupsupporting persecuted Christians worldwide. It had documented 2,123 "martyr" killings in 2013. Other Christian groups put the annual figure as high as 8,000. Please pray for persecuted Christians and speak up for them.

Greek Orthodox priest Father Gabriel Nadaf stated at a Tel Aviv conference that, Israel is a

It saddens us to state that the Government has decided to extend abortion funding to virtually all women. "The moral fibers of our nation are in shreds," said Sandy Shoshani, national director of Bead Chaim. "You can't bring a curse on your nation and not expect repercussions." Bead Chaim estimates that there are over 40,000abortionsinIsraeleveryyearandthatoneofeveryfourchildrenisabortedinIsrael.Seeattachment. The Director of pro life group Efrat, stated that Israel has lost more than one and a half million Jewish children to abortion since 1948. This issue unites Christians and Jews. In 2013 Israels two chief rabbis issued a letter to all synagogueand community rabbis urging them to condemn abortion and to support the work of Efrat As righteousness exalts a nation let us pray that the Christian and Jewish Community will speak out boldlytotheKnessetonthiskeyissue. Blessings PaddyMonaghan ICFI


WehadawonderfulChristianCelebrationoftheJewishFeastofHanukkahon Thur. 5th Dec. 120 people attended and there was a tangible sense of the presenceofGodatit.Brendan,Audreyandtheworshipbandwereexcellent aswasthebeautifuldancingofLindafromtheChristianDanceFellowship.All 4 speakers were anointed by the Holy Spirit Ambassador Boaz Modai, Bert Van Emden, Rosemary Parle and Brian Silvester. And so was the offering for the Bnei Manashe aliyah from India 2,005 was sent to the ICEJ in Jerusalem who partner with Shavei Israel(

TheUKsHouseofCommonshelda3hourdebateontheissueofpersecutedChristiansonthe3rdDec.One MP said Christianity is the most persecuted religion globally with reports that one Christian is killed every 11 minutes somewhere on earth for their faith. Another said it is a a global crisis that requires an internationalresponse.AnothersaidThereisnowpracticallynocountryfromMoroccotoPakistan in which Christians can freely practise their religion. A fourth denounced the persecution of Christians that is taking place in 130 of the worlds 190 countries. To get weekly updates on the persecution of ChristiansthereisafreeexcellentNewsletterjoinupat We need some urgent prayer and action on this. Please do consider writing to your local TD, Senator or MEP to ask them to raise the plight of persecuted Christians in the Dail, Senate or EU Parliament. If you would like to understand the plight of Christians in Syria please read an excellent Interview of Patrick Sookhdeo, the Director of the Barnabas Fund, who had been appointed chairman of the Syrian Church Leaders' Committee For Humanitarian Relief, which comprises senior archbishops and bishops of all denominations(