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- Marker Update, No Marker Update (BW-BCT-MM-IM)
urpo!e To explain the Marker Update & No Marker Update concepts within the Inventory Management. "verv#e$ The use of Marker Update & No Marker Update is a cause of frequent confusion which I hope to clear up with this page. Marker Update
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Updating the marker !i.e. Marker Update" is a special feature availa#le only for noncumulative Info$u#es. This is done to improve the performance of the query read especially when reading the current stock.. It is used to reduce the time of fetching the non%cumulative key figures while reporting. It helps to easily get the values of previous stock quantities while reporting. The marker is a point in time which marks an opening stock #alance. &ata up to the marker is compressed.

No Marker Update
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The No Marker Update concept arises if the target Info$u#e contains a non% cumulative key figure. 'or example take the Material Movements Info$u#e (I$)$(* where stock quantity is a non%cumulative key figure. The process of loading the data into the cu#e involves in two steps+

,. In the first step one should load the records pertaining to the opening stock #alance or the stock present at the time of implementation. -t this time we will set marker to update !uncheck .no marker update." so that the value of current stock quantity is stored in the marker. -fter that when loading the historical movements !stock movements made previous to the time of implementing the cu#e" we must check marker update so that the marker should not #e updated !#ecause of these historical movements only the stock #alance / opening stock quantity has #een updated0 i.e. we have already loaded the present stock and the aggreagation of previous/historical data accumulates to the present data". 1. -fter every successful delta load we should not check marker update !we should allow to update marker" so that the changes in the stock quantity should #e updated in the marker value. The marker will #e updated to those records which

The marker will not #e updated to those uncompressed requests.are compressed. during an delta init without data transfer". The request in which historical material documents are contained must always #e compressed 7IT28UT a marker update. The marker update is 5ust like a check point !it will give the snapshot of the stock on a particular date when it is updated". This is necessary #ecause the historical material movements are already contained in the opening stock. . The request in which the opening stock !Initiali6ation" is loaded must always #e compressed 7IT2 a marker update. 9uccessive delta uploads must always #e compressed 7IT2 marker updates. 'elevant (A)! • • • • • The marker isn. 2ence for every delta load request the request should #e compressed. C%e&k or un&%e&k t%e Marker "pt#on • • $ompress the request with stock marker 34 uncheck the marker update option. $ompress the loads without the stock marker 34 check the marker update option.g.t relevant when no data is transferred !e.

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