BVSD Teacher Contract  BVSD Teacher Contract Proposal for 2009 2010 Proposal for 2009‐2010

The Dollars and Sense  Behind It Behind It

How did an expected 4.9% Amendment 23  H did t d 4 9% A d t 23 increase become 1.4% as of July 1, 2009?
2009‐2010 $ Change Revenue Source Revenue Source School Finance Act Mill Levy Override Mill L O id Other Total Amount $194.8M 32.4M 32 4M 11.0M $238.2M From 2008 09 % Change From 2008‐09 % Change $7.7M 0.0M 0 0M ‐0.7M $7.0M ‐3.8M $3.2M 1.40% 4.1% 0.0% 0 0% ‐6.0% 3.0%

Fiscal Emergency Reserve Net New Revenue Available

Where did the $3.2 million in actual  new 2009‐2010 funding go? f d ?
• • • • • $ $1.2 million state‐mandated increase in PERA contribution $1.1 million to cover increase in health/dental costs $478,000 required fund transfer to charters $1.058 million to fund steps and horizontal movement $925,000 total to CELA training, post secondary options,  community schools, transportation, preschool, athletics and  community schools transportation preschool athletics and technology funds • $1.513 million added to new funds from cuts to capital  p reserve, Education Center operations, staffing reductions, and  reduced professional development funds

What has changed since July 1? What has changed since July 1?
• 2009‐2010 student enrollment is expected to 2009 2010 student enrollment is expected to  be higher than originally projected. • Additional enrollment generates additional Additional enrollment generates additional  per pupil revenue. • Thi ll This allowed the district to change its offer of  d h di i h i ff f a 1% stipend to a 1% cost of living adjustment  (COLA).  (COLA)

How does BVSD teacher compensation  compare to other districts? h di i ?
With a 1% COLA, BVSD would rank in the top 8 With a 1% COLA BVSD would rank in the top 8 of comparable Front Range school districts in:
Salary over 26 years (8th) S l 26 (8 Base Salary BA Step 1 (6th) Base Salary MA Step 1 (6th) (

With a 1% COLA, BVSD ranks in the top five of comparable Front Range school districts in:
Schedule Max Step 2009‐2010 (4th) p (

Has BVSD kept pace with teacher  compensation in other districts? i i h di i ?
Yes, according to CEA: Yes according to CEA: In judging 10 Front Range school districts  against the Denver‐Boulder‐Greeley consumer  against the Denver Boulder Greeley consumer price index, CEA found that only two of the 10  school districts examined – Westminster and  school districts examined Westminster and BVSD – “saw purchasing power increases”  since 1995. since 1995
‐ Rob Kellogg, CEA August‐September 2009 CEA Journal

What’s BVSD’s current offer  compared to 2008‐09 compensation? d ?
• Total package is an increase of 6.26% over 2008‐2009 p g

• 1% cost of living adjustment (COLA)
• Note: This is a change from the original 1% stipend made  possible by higher than projected enrollment.

• Two additional optional contract days at per diem pay • BVSD BVSD continues 100% coverage of individual  ti 100% f i di id l employee’s health insurance • Increase in BVSD employer contribution rate to PERA Increase in BVSD employer contribution rate to PERA • Full funding of steps and horizontals

Didn’t BVSD agree to fund a new  professional pay schedule this year? f l h d l h ?
• No BVSD agreed to “discuss a professional salary No. BVSD agreed to  discuss a professional salary  schedule.” • BVSD and BVEA were in constructive negotiations BVSD and BVEA were in constructive negotiations  on this issue last spring when, in the final weeks  of the legislative session in April 2009, the  of the legislative session in April 2009, the legislature placed a restriction on statewide K‐12  funding ($3.8 million for BVSD) which, put  g( ) p funding a new pay schedule on hold until a new  revenue source can be found.   

How much is required in new funding to  launch the new BVSD pay schedule? l h h h d l ?
• $4.9 million to $5.8 million as estimated by the BVSD  Budget Office. This comes from two factors:
– $3.7M‐$4.6M – BVSD Budget Office estimated cost of  p placement – the difference is due to varying possibilities  y gp for the placement of those teachers with a Masters plus  60. – The 1% COLA which is already offered costs $1.2 million  making the total implementation cost between $4.9 and  $ $5.8 million.
• NOTE: When the legislature froze $3.8 million in 2009‐2010 BVSD  funding into a fiscal emergency reserve in April, BVSD did not see a  reasonable way to implement a new schedule without laying off  employees or creating a new local revenue stream to fund it. employees or creating a new local revenue stream to fund it

Does the proposed new pay schedule  save BVSD dollars? d ll ?
• BVSD and BVEA have a factual dispute as to the BVSD and BVEA have a factual dispute as to the  projected costs and savings for the proposed  professional schedule. • A fiscal model, commissioned by BVSD with the Segal  Company of New York, estimated the annual step  cost drops by $750,000 BUT total annual salary cost  increases more than $12 million per year. • BVSD Budget Office analysis indicates costs will  d ff l d ll increase.

Programs  People Programs = People
• Cutting “programs” to fund the proposed new  Cutting  programs to fund the proposed new pay schedule really means laying off fellow  employees at every level when an offer of a  employees at every level when an offer of a raise is already on the table. • While cuts are certain for 2010 2011 the While cuts are certain for 2010‐2011, the  superintendent and the school board are not  willing to lay off any current employee in  willing to lay off any current employee in 2009‐2010 simply to increase the proposed  2009‐2010 raise. 2009 2010 raise

How bad is state funding for Colorado K‐12 now and in the near future? di h f ?
• It is very bad.  y • In 2008‐2009, state government took back  $987,000 from BVSD to balance the budget. • In 2009‐2010, the state froze $3.8 million in  $ funding to BVSD that it is likely to take back. • For 2010 2011 the governor is recommending For 2010‐2011, the governor is recommending  another $140 million statewide K‐12 funding cut ‐ $5 million to BVSD. • In 2011‐2012, The “plus 1%” of Amendment 23  goes away, the 2005 “TABOR Timeout” expires  and federal stimulus dollars end.   and federal stimulus dollars end

How can BVSD cope with this steady  erosion of K‐12 funding? f f d ?
• Recognize that waiting for state government Recognize that waiting for state government  to reform its tax and school funding policies  and practices is futile for the present; and and practices is futile for the present; and • Understand that our immediate need to  address these mounting cuts must be met  address these mounting cuts must be met locally or not at all.

How can BVSD deal with this ongoing  loss of K‐12 funding? l f f d ?
• See the need to unite BVSD employees, the See the need to unite BVSD employees, the  school board, employee associations, the  business community and other community  organizations around a proposal to create a  new local funding stream; and • Then reach out to our general community to  effectively present a coherent, specific and  transparent funding plan for voter approval – f di l f l hopefully as early as November 2010.

Superintendent Chris King’s  requested next step to break impasse d b k
“I renew our call for third party advisory fact I renew our call for third party advisory fact  finding for the fourth time. I remind everyone  here tonight and those watching on television  here tonight and those watching on television that it was fact finding that guided the district  and the union to a new agreement in 2004  and the union to a new agreement in 2004 – the last year that we were at impasse. I  believe third party fact finding holds our best  believe third party fact finding holds our best hope for success for all sides in this important  matter. September 22, 2009 Board Meeting matter” – September 22 2009 Board Meeting

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