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Abstract Payroll, at its most basic is the process by which an employer pays an employee for their work performed.

And as an employer you have the responsibility to pay your employee on time and the correct amount for his work. LR Fashions Company, INC. is located at #05 Llenado St., Malinta, Valenzuela City; and it has different branches. From the workers perspective, payroll seems like a simple task. But theres more to it than just signing a check and delivering it to your desks. An employer must make sure that the proper taxes are withheld from each paycheck or pay slips and those funds are paid to the right time. Complicated tax forms must be filled out and filed on annually, quarterly, sometimes even weekly basics. Missed deadlines and improper tax fillings can result in steep fines and even jail time if done improperly.

Existing payroll system of LR Fashions Company, INC. uses Microsoft Excel. It is usually enough for small businesses and organization. First, the secretary will compute the total number of hours that the employee worked for the certain period of time. Second, the secretary will compute the salary based on the total working hours, overtime, night differential, and double pay during holidays. Then, he will deduct SSS, PHIL-HEALTH, PAG-IBIG, and TAX to get the net pay. After that, it is the time for the branch manager to do his job. He will now check the work done by the secretary and if theres nothing wrong about payroll form he will sign it and then he will give it back to the secretary together with the money. And lastly, the secretary will distribute the salary of the employee with their pay slip. This manual process is repeatedly done twice a month that takes a long period of time to conduct. Summarizing details of payroll in

preparation for ITR of each employee is also a tasking job since you need to review all years salary to come-up with details in ITR. Monitoring cash disbursements by the manager and determining if correct amount matches with the actual salary is concern by manager since it will result to lost for the company. To solve the dilemma of the company the proponent would create a system that would have computerize IN/OUT for ease of computing total hours rendered to be use for salary computation. It would produce also different reports needed by employee, accounting manager and every person in-charge of the whole payroll. It would also address the doubt of employees regarding details of salary and the delay since it will compute it automatically per cut off period. The problem of payroll master regarding preparation of ITR, Payroll reports and pay slip will also be solved by the proposed system. In this application Administrator creates branches and he assign Branch manager in each branch. Branch manager will add employees to his branch and he will assign tasks to his employees. Administrator is the main user of this web application and Branch manager will manage employee records. The proponents will use HTML 5 to structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web. CSS used for describing the look and formatting of a document. Adobe Photoshop used to create design of the website. For saving and manipulation of data, the proponents will use PHP MyAdmin. The hardware that will be use is computer to create website and other program needed. The proposed system is to help the LR Fashions Company, INC. for their employer salary. Its not only for the sake of the owner but also for the employer itself. The

proponents provide web-based payroll system for the computation of their salary to prevent manual calculation, and not exact payment for the employee.

Noted By:

______________________ Mr. Roberto F. Guinto Thesis Adviser

______________________ Mr. Rommel P. Apostol, MIT Information Technology Department, Coordinator

Approved By:

________________________ Dean Yolanda G. Gadon College of Education and Engineering, Dean

MEMORANDUM FOR: Mr. Roberto Guinto

SUBJECT: Undergraduate Thesis Proposal

DATE: January , 2014

SUBMITTED BY: De Honor, Jomar C. Santiago, Ronn Danniel V.

PROPOSED TOPIC: Web-Based Payroll Management System for LR Fashions Company, INC.

CLIENT: Mr. Ramir Alindogan Manager LR Fashions Company, INC. #05 Llenado St., Malinta, Valenzuela City