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We are building an interactive world by putting in resonance sound, matter and light.

Living Memory

*LLND. Kimapse, Wind Roses, Brain Waves!

The neologism * KIMAPSE * invented by *LLND is a contraction of Kima (waves in Greek), Map (Figure of representation) and synapses (connections between the neurons in the brain).

*LLND. Instrumental Devices Creators!

Brain Waves 2011

Speaker Mouths 2010

Treeble Septuor 2006

Perfect Electronic Housewife 2007

These instrumental sculptures are made for public use to stimulate the artistic consciousness .

Animated Fragments 2005

Environmental Sound Controller-8. 2008

*LLND. Time Compression!

A reflection about space , the time, memory and the realm of reality that can be recorded on a still image. Data storage, transfer of information , the impermanence of memory.

*LLND. Performers!

A universe of immersive sounds and visuals. A world of artifacts to remix universally our personal myths.

*LLND. Live Kinoloops

Live cinema performance giving life to the inanimate By using real objects , custom filming sets , sensors and sound generators

Who is *LLND *LLND is an international media artist duo merging sound, image and matter in an approach combining physical reality, science, myth , technology, and real time. Since they met in 2003, they developed multiple participatory, Innovative concepts in creating audio and visual instruments and Art Installations. Their works have been featured in many international Art events.
*LLND, initials of Laurent Lettre and Nathalie Delpech , based in Shanghai , China since 2009. Nathalie is a graduate of ENSAD Arts Decoratifs in Paris cinema section, video, animation with a degree in special effects and postproduction. Her video and graphic art are often perceived as a poetic meeting of the psychedelic and surrealism. With strong colors and forms borrowed from a revisited reality, she gives life to the inanimate objects. Laurent is composer and self-taught electronic machinery builder, he explores the sound and its multiple frequencies and rhythmic variations . Since 1994 , *LL makes Electronic music and started programing with Max MSP in 2003. He lived and performed during 7 years in the United States.

Selected Exhibitions The Contemporary Art Biennales of Shanghai 2012/2004, Beijing 2008 and Venice 2005, The DIVA FAIR of Paris, Next Art Fair of Chicago 2007, The 35th Poznan Triennial of Sculpture 2006, The 5th European Exhibitions for young Creators 2005, Studio Rouge gallery 2012-2013, Xu Cun Residency, 2013 Hong Merchant Gallery Shanghai 2011, Walsh Gallery of Chicago 2008, Organhaus Residency Chongqing 2009, Anne Lettre Gallery Paris 2006 Selected Commissioned works
Arsnat , AUDI, Perrier-Jouet, The forum of FNAC Digitale, The month of Art and Technology at the City of Sciences and Industry of Paris, Art Saint Germain, 100 galleries make the event , Pierre Cardin, Maison Blanche, Xintiandi , French Ambassy , City of Paris