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ts been said, the rst third of our life should be for learning, the second third for earning and the last third for returning. This month, lets not try to decide what stage of life were in as all three opportunities will abound at The NATSO Show. I encourage all operators to attend and gain knowledge from industry experts, their peers and our top industry suppliers. There are dozens of educational sessions, keynote addresses and networking opportunities, which guarantees you will take away something relevant to your business. Regarding earning, uncovering and implementing just one great idea can often ensure you get a return on investment from your trip. Regarding returning, please contact Brad Stotler at for information on the NATSO Foundation Fundraiser Social Event and NATSO PAC Party. Im still seeing dividends from the trip I took in September as part of NATSOs International Study Tour. I, along with eight other NATSO members and staff, traveled to Europe to learn from our peers abroad. As part of the tour, we joined in an international conference, The Future of Convenience, where over 100 companies and 40 countries were represented. From those companies came over 250 active participants who brought their unique experiences and wisdom. Not only did they bring new knowledge, they also showed us new ways to look at well-known data. During the trip, I learned how my international peers are improving their fresh produce, deli and specialized food offerings, and saw how savvy entrepreneurs are off setting the low fuel margins with great store offerings. In the European market there is a passion for quality and customer service. They are also dedicated to creating a positive work environment and strong emphasis on the human resource part of the business. It is always interesting to see a new take on an old idea. Many of our European counterparts are nding success with vending machines. They offer wall vending with fresh sandwiches, pies, cakes and fruit. They also have a wide variety of coffee vending options and electronics vending. Like us, theyre seeing revenues decrease in certain areas of their businesses, such as newspaper sales, and are looking for innovative new ways to increase revenue. Learning what theyre doing there can give us new ideas of what we can do here. No matter where you choose to network, whether it is at The NATSO Show, the International Study Tour or even online via Twitter, the key is to be present and open to inspiration. Be active in the conversation. Ask questions and see your business in a new light. The one thing I realize time and again is that all of us are on the same pendulum, were just on different places on the pendulum. That means there are amazing opportunities to learn from each other. While the best networking often takes place face-to-face, operators who cant attend events in person can still join in the conversation. Visit NATSOs blog or Facebook page to see what others are saying. Join in and speak up. You never know where youll nd your next great idea or how inspired you will be from your fellow operators. Best regards,

Tom Heinz Coffee Cup Fuel Stops & Convenience Stores, Inc. NATSO 2014 Chairman

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Chairman Tom Heinz President & CEO Lisa J. Mullings

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Do you have comments, ideas or suggestions? Dont hesitate to contact us. The NATSO Foundation 1737 King Street, Suite 200 Alexandria, VA 22314 Email: / Phone: (703) 549-2100 /

Darren Schulte, NATSOs vice president of membership and a retail expert, writes a biweekly retail column on NATSOs blog. We feature the best here in Stop Watch magazine. Join Schulte on NATSOs website at to read his digestible retail tips every other Thursday.


lights allow everyone to see in the night and are always benecial for safety and sales. 5. Keep your store inside neat and organized. The easier it is for you to see customers, the easier it is for you to know what is happening within your operation before it begins. Additionally, customers prefer to shop in an environment that is neat and organized, allowing them to feel comfortable to spend freely. Always keep as little as cash as possible within your cash registers by dropping cash as frequently as possible. Also ensure that employees follow your cash drop policy and enforce the policy when they do not. Many organizations prefer when their customers see them making consistent drops. Drop safes are an important part of prevention, so ensure you have them. Get out and about during the shift. When customers see you out on the oor when you are not busy, it adds to the security of the operation, as well as signals to the customers you know what is going on. It sends a powerful message when your customers enter your operation and they are greeted by employees working the retail oor. Do not ash cash openly when moving it from the front of the operational transaction counter to the back ofce, or vice versa. This policy should also include taking any money to the bank.

6. While, in general, robberies within our industry are few and far between, they do happen. No one can guarantee that a robber will never enter your store, and even in the best operations, robberies and thefts will and do take place. Keeping the potential of a robbery in mind constantly, especially during the busy season, will help improve the safety of your operation, your customers and your employees. Data collected over many years within the c-store industry points to some key items you can do to help reduce the possibility of a robbery. Many of these items will also drive your sales and protability. to enjoy your great hospitality and amazing offerings. A warm cup of coffee goes a long way on a cold winter night. 2. Greet every customer that comes into your location. Those looking to do something unfavorable do not want to be noticed. Even employees working outside should be greeting customers as they cross paths. The more greeting, the better the overall safety and sales environment of your operation. Ensure you have great visibility into your store. Make it easy for customers and law enforcement to see what is going on inside your location. This also makes marketing and merchandising sense for potential customers to see a warm and inviting operation within. Ensure your lights are always burning bright. Replace any dim or out-of-order lighting. Bright




1. Always have good relations with local law enforcement. Know your local sheriff, state trooper commander and/or police chief. Warmly invite patrol ofcers and other law enforcement members



January/February 2014


at or (703) 739-8562 and hell answer your question in the next Darrens Great Ideas! for Independent Operators.


7. Hold quarterly meetings at a minimum to discuss the operational performance of the location and any other major updates, such as changes to benets. Always keep in mind how frustrated you may become when you do not know what is happening in and around your operation. Staff feels this way as well. Remember to hand out thank you cards, birthday cards and Christmas cards. This sends a powerful message about caring, but also that you remember and you know what is going on in your operation. Create a program that allows your employees to share with you information of the sensitive nature that they would otherwise feel concerned speaking about in public, such as the ability to provide information about internal theft and or harassment. No matter how open your door is and how secure you hold personal requests for condentiality, some employees just prefer to speak to an anonymous person or drop an anonymous note into a secure suggestion box.


During our visits to members this fall in south Texas and Louisiana, we were frequently asked by members how best to communicate with cashiers. Creating a robust communication program takes time, energy and commitment. 4.

Similarly, you should also expect the supervisor working prior to you to do the same with you when you arrive. Think of it like a relay, you always hand off the baton properly in order to win! Regular manager meetings are very important. These can be difcult to implement but are powerful when properly executed. Always share the good and the bad with staff after important events, such as inventory counts, supervisor visits/owner visits, regulatory visits, food safety visits, etc. Utilize the time clock area, backofce lockers or some other designated area to communicate events, happening, performance, etc. These are also great areas to place a bulletin board to highlight graduations, NATSO opportunities like the Truckstop Superhero award, employee birthdays, cook outs, etc.



1. Always have a quick, informal meeting with staff prior to beginning their shift. This can be oneon-one if staff arrives at different times or all together if they arrive at the same time. If at all possible, hold informal meetings when staff members are departing as well. If you cannot arrange an end-of-shift meeting, keep a journal available for members of management to review after the departure of staff. Managers should always communicate with the supervisor coming aboard on the issues of the day. 5.




10. Above all, never start any type of communication process if you are not committed. The worst type of communication is to start a program and then not stay committed to executing it properly. Promises become just that, promises that never turn into action.

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NATSO Year in Review

The NATSO Foundation releases the Truckstop and Travel Plaza Training Manual, a manual designed to help operators create their own storeand company-specic operations training manual.
A Publication of Written by In Consultation with


For the rst time in 20 years, the NATSO Foundation doubles the nancial awards granted under the Bill Moon Scholarship, which helps truckstop and travel plaza owners and operators, their employees and their families further their education. As a result, more than 90 applications were submitted, more than triple the number received in recent years.

APRIL 2425

Chairmans Circle member and Future Leaders sponsor Valvoline hosts NATSO members and staff for training and networking in Lexington, Ky.








Travel plaza and truckstop operators and industry vendors meet in Savannah, Ga., for The NATSO Show.


Marking a major victory in the ght against the tolling of existing interstates, NATSO and its coalition partners successfully prevented North Carolina and Virginia from placing tolls on I-95. Both states passed laws effectively prohibiting the state DOTs from carrying out plans to toll existing interstate lanes.


The NATSO Chairmans Circle Advisory Board meets for the second time to plan content for the year. The Chairmans Circle Advisory Board provides business intelligence through blogs, white papers and data as well as nancial support.


With Editor Roger Cole at the wheel, the NATSO Foundation launches Biz Brief, a daily email specically designed to deliver daily business intelligence for the truckstop and travel plaza community of owners and operators.

January/February 2014



Darren Schulte, NATSOs vice president, membership, and Amy Toner, NATSOs senior director of marketing and design, visit NATSO members in Louisiana to hear directly from members on their pressing needs, gather great ideas and share ideas to increase revenue and cut costs.

The NATSO Foundation joins in nationwide efforts to combat human trafcking and supports the educational efforts of advocacy group Truckers Against Trafcking (TAT), which trains members of the trucking industry to identify victims of human trafcking and report the information to the appropriate authorities.


NATSO launches a responsive website. With the redesign, visitors can now read the website on any device in a format specially designed for the individual device where it is a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer.







NATSO holds the rst regional The NATSO Show Bonus Workshop at Jubitz Truck Stop & Travel Center in Portland, Ore. During the two-hour workshop on shrink management, attendees learned both basic and complex signs of shrink loss and participated in a round-table networking lunch.



NATSO welcomes retail design and consulting rm Paragon Solutions as a Chairmans Circle member. As a Chairmans Circle member, Paragon Solutions begins sharing its expertise with truckstop and travel plaza operators via multiple platforms, including NATSOs blog, Stop Watch magazine and The NATSO Show.

The NATSO ofce moves to its new ofces at 1330 Braddock Place, Suite 501, Alexandria, Va. 22314



NATSO, ATA, and other organizations launched the Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates, a new coalition of individuals, businesses and organizations advocating for solutions to the countrys growing transportation needs without tolling existing interstates. AFTIs mission is to educate the public and lawmakers about the negative impact that tolling existing interstates has on American communities and businesses.

The NATSO family grows by three when Christine Schoessler, NATSOs COO, Amy Toner, NATSOs senior director of marketing and design, and Tiffany Wlazlowski, NATSOs senior director of public affairs, welcome baby boys.





January/February 2014

That means they must continue to innovate to maintain and grow sales. At the same time, they are also keeping tabs on government regulation that may change the way they do business and advocating for the future of the industry.

eing successful in business often means staying ahead of key industry trends and trials. In order to stay ahead of them, operators rst have to identify them. NATSO recently asked members which challenges and opportunities will be with us for the next two to ve years. Operators said they remain concerned that government regulations may make doing business more difcult, but they also foresee new revenue streams and customer service opportunities. The people that are going to be successful in the future are the ones that know change is a part of doing business and look for the opportunity within that change, said Don Quinn, president of Sapp Bros Travel Centers, Inc. Being cautious about where you employ your capital so you can take advantage of those changes as they present themselves becomes a strategy for looking into the future.


Improved fuel mileage, reductions in idling and the growth of alternative fuels likely means operators will see a decrease in future diesel demands. That means drivers wont be stop-

ping for fuel as often, which changes the offerings locations have to have, said Dan Alsaker, chief executive ofcer of Broadway Flying J Truck Stops and president of Alsaker Corp. Alsaker isnt alone. NATSOs operator survey showed that 40 percent of operators who responded have concerns about the implications of lower diesel and/or gasoline demand. Tom Heinz, president of Coffee Cup Fuel Stops and Convenience Stores, Inc., said, Diesel and gasoline consumption will continue to decrease precipitously so non-fuel sales will continue to grow in importance. Alsaker said, We have to ask ourselves what else we can sell them so stopping becomes a habit. The categories of fresh food, food prepared on site, tobacco and coffee take on new importance. We have to be inviting and be tuned into the psychology of selling. Alsaker said he is seeing a shift in both freight and drivers, which also means a shift in buying habits. The long-haul trucking is looking more like the regional trucking as carriers look to appeal to people that dont want to be gone for two weeks. It is attracting a younger driver because he has more loyalty

Diesel and gasoline consumption will continue to decrease precipitously so non-fuel sales will continue to grow in importance.









to his family than his career, Alasaker said. With a greater number of younger drivers on the road, there are greater opportunities for full-service casual dining and quick-service restaurants, said Jim Goetz, vice president of Goetz Companies, Inc., which operates the Petro Travel Plaza in Portage, Wis. Were seeing more people doing mini delis, hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches and fresh fruits for people on the go, Goetz said. It is clear that the trend is people want to eat healthier and smarter. How we help them with that decision making will be a tremendous opportunity. Premade meals may be another area of growth for operators. The millenials are people that would come to a c-store or grocery store and buy a food product they can take home tonight. Millenials are becoming a bigger factor in how people set their stores, Alsaker said. Bob Ryan, president of Atlanta South 75, Inc., said the shrinking
12 January/February 2014

pool of owner-operators and increasing number of company drivers will change the products truckers buy. For Goetz, sales of electronics are on the rise. Sales of smart phones, iPads and laptops along with the cords, chargers and ear buds are increasing. They continue to have strong margins and appeal to four wheelers and truck drivers. Quinn said Sapp Bros. is adding new products in an effort to boost inside sales, including purses, ip ops and belts, which are selling well. Locations may also see opportunities in shop repair, Goetz said, particularly as the economy slows and carriers hold onto equipment longer, which means it needs more service. Weve seen an increase in road service and in the shop this year, Goetz said.


Operators told Stop Watch their greatest concerns for the future center around government regulation.

I think the biggest issues for all of us are legislative issues in Washington D.C., Goetz said. While commercialization and tolling have been ongoing concerns for the industry, Goetz said the slow economy and shrinking highway trust fund mean the issues will continue to come up. He said the industry is going to have to continue to be vigilant in maintaining the federal ban on the commercialization of rest areas. Mark Augustine, president of Triplett, Inc., said, Government regulations probably prohibit and slow down more growth in this economy than anything I can think of. For many operators, healthcare requirements remain a top concern, especially complying with the Affordable Care Act. It has so many different things in it and it changes almost daily, Ryan said. Augustine said the Affordable Care Act might change the way locations staff their stores as business owners shift to more part-time em-







ployees because theyre subject to different health care requirements than full-time employees. Were trying to manage out of that area between 30 and 40 hours a week, Augustine said, adding that the regulation likely will change the overtime operators offer workers. Operators are already seeing changes in the way they operate due to regulatory changes to the hoursof-service requirements. Were seeing that continual degradation of a full meal to the drivers, Alsaker said, adding that he estimates drivers eat one and a quarter full-service meals a day on average. Otherwise theyre eating from a fast-food place. Goetz is seeing a shift in when professional drivers stop, with more coming in during the early evening hours. In the past 10:00 or 11:00 at night was more typical, he explained. The challenge for all of us is that it is compressing our business rather than spreading it out over more hours. Your sit-down restaurant is busier at 4:30-6:30 p.m. It

challenges your facilities and your team players. Goetz said learning how to navigate the changes hours of service has brought is a work in progress. Government regulation also carries over into food labeling, handling and sanitation requirements, which will affect operators, Goetz said. Theyre going to be more active and Im sure were going to see some changes, he added.

Were seeing more people doing mini delis, hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches and fresh fruits for people on the go...It is clear that the trend is people want to eat healthier and smarter.


Operators responding to NATSOs survey said alternative fuels, particularly natural gas, may present either a challenge or an opportunity. Quinn said Sapp Bros. is looking to invest in alternative fuels and said tax incentives can spur development of the fueling infrastructure. The capital requirements in order to make changes for those alternative fuels is something that is going to be a burden on operators, he said, adding that a fueling station can cost $1 million or more.

Alsaker anticipates some signicant inroads into alternative fuels, but expects they will still be a minor portion of the industry. Gasoline and diesel will still be the prominent fuels because that is what our formula and infrastructure is, he said. We can develop fantastic engines to burn CNG and LNG, but getting the product from the producing industry to retail is extremely difcult. 13




14 January/February 2014

Each day businesses throughout the United States fall victim to fraud. The perpetrators range from front-line employees to upper management, and unfortunately, the hard truth is that fraud is on the rise. That means business owners need to be even more diligent when creating a system of checks and balances that will take away the opportunity for employees to steal.

recent KPMG Fraud Survey found that organizations are reporting more instances of fraud than in prior years and that three out of four organizations have uncovered fraud. Moreover, small business owners often get hit the hardest. The Association of Certied Fraud Examiners (ACFE) reported that small businesses have a higher fraud rate than larger companies, and companies with less than 100 employees lose approximately $155,000 each year as a result of fraud. The biggest mistake is someone who thinks fraud only happens to big business, but small businesses are just as susceptible to fraud as large businesses, said Allan Bachman, a certied fraud examiner and education manager at ACFE. The person who commits the fraud is always the person you least suspect, whether it be a son, a relative or a trusted employee, he said. Darren Schulte, NATSOs vice president of membership, said he has heard from several truckstop and travel plaza operators who have uncovered fraud at their locations. One NATSO member discovered that their accountant had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars over the period of several years. They uncovered the fraud by chance when the accountant had an unexpected

absence, Schulte said. Ive also heard from members who had members of their own family take from them. That is why checks and balances should just become standard procedures that are implemented throughout the organization. Fraud occurs wherever a person sees an opportunity. Those at the management level may have more opportunity, but a regular line employee might see opportunities and have motive.
Allan Bachman, certied fraud examiner and education manager at ACFE

what familiar with accounting to see what theyve done, Schulte said. For example, one NATSO member explained to Schulte that their accountant recorded cash entries from laundry and payphone revenue in the Prot and Loss Statement (P&L). Then, when a customer payment came in, the accountant would make an entry for it but later discount it to account for the amount he had stolen. Because the entry had been made, no one was checking to make sure the money had actually made it to the bank. Schulte said it is worth it to have multiple employees collect and count cash from payphones and laundry. It can then go in an armored car to the bank rather than letting an employee deliver the funds. Operators should also run reports on ATMs daily and open the machine and spot count the money. Plus theyll want to have multiple people verifying the ATM reports and related bank statements, Schulte said. Anytime something gets to be a one-man show, it is more likely the person is covering up something, Schulte said.


Fraud can occur anywhere within an organization, but areas that deal in cash are particularly vulnerable. ATMs, video poker, arcades, showers, payphones and laundry are all areas operators should pay attention to, Schulte said. The challenge with uncovering well-organized fraud is it can be hard to spot. Employees who are stealing often know what theyre doing and exactly how to do it. In some cases youve got to be some-


While losses at the management level can often be greater than those caused by front-line employees, operators should institute checks and balances at all levels, Bachman said. Fraud occurs wherever a person sees an opportunity. Those at the management level may have more opportunity, but a regular line employee might see opportunities and have motive, Bachman explained. With cashiers, the risk is almost always related to cash in the drawer. 15

Checks and Balances to Reduce the Risk of Fraud

Darren Schulte, NATSOs vice president of membership, said operators will never eliminate fraud completely, but their goal is to get it as close to zero as possible. In any business you have a small group who will never steal, one group who will always steal and another groupthe largestthat will if the opportunity is there, he said, which is why removing the opportunity is key. A system of checks and balances can ensure no one person has control over all parts of a nancial transaction and that accounts are reconciled every month. Here are 10 ways to minimize your risk of fraud. 1. Ensure the person who keeps the books is not the person who reconciles the statements. 5. When opening mail, endorse or stamp checks For Deposit Only and list checks on a log before turning them over to the person responsible for depositing receipts. Routinely reconcile the incoming check log against deposits. Require employees within the accounting department to take vacations. 8. Reconcile bank accounts every month and require the reconciliation to be completed by someone who doesnt have bookkeeping responsibilities or check-signing responsibilities. Initial and date the bank statements or reconciliation reports to document that a review and reconciliation was performed and le the bank statements and reconciliations.


6. 2. Require purchases, payroll and disbursements to be authorized by a designated person and signed off on by a member of management. Separate cash-handling functions from record-keeping functions. Also separate purchasing functions from payables functions. Run random audits or have a third party audit your books once a year, in particular for bookkeepers or employees who have access to nancial records and documents. 7.



Review accounts payable by checking cash disbursements and payments to ensure employees havent set up ctitious, phantom vendors; expenditures are related to agency business; signatures are by authorized signers; and endorsements are appropriate.

10. Conduct unannounced cash counts for safes, registers, ATMs, etc.

One of the things you want to look out for are voids, where a transaction appears to have taken place and then no longer takes place, Bachman said. If a customer doesnt take the receipt, the cashier can grab it, write void on it and take the cash.
16 January/February 2014

It is a few bucks here and a few bucks there, but it adds up to a lot of money, Bachman said, adding that as a best practice, controls should be in place where voided transactions are accounted for and signed off on by another person.

Operators should also make sure registers balance and should check them periodically. Most often, people who are stealing from a cash register dont put it in their pocket. They leave it in the cash register and then gather it up at the end of the day,

Bachman said. A quick check of the cash register is a good idea. Walk up to the cashier, hand her a new register box with just $100 and pull the register tape. Now that person is dead in their tracks. Schulte said, The average cashier who is stealing from you is taking $250 in retail sales daily. Like the cash at ATMs, phone and laundry facilities, cash used to purchase copies, faxes and showers also poses a risk. You have a lot of areas where the cash is not secured and you need somebody monitoring that. Youve got to have someone doublechecking the numbers, Schulte said, adding that operators can watch for trends that may help them spot fraud. For example, Schulte said, if operators pay employees every two weeks, they may start seeing that laundry revenue is really strong the rst week of the month and then drops down the following week. This could mean employees are stealing to make ends meet between paychecks, he said. Operators often see sales decline during the holidays, but Schulte recommends operators monitor fuel gallons to see if sales are decreasing along with a shift in gallons or if dishonest employees are stealing from the till and then blaming it on slower trafc. Lottery sales can also pose a risk. Schulte said he has seen cases where employees would scratch off tickets themselves, hoping to nd a winner, and then would pay for the tickets by stealing from the register. In a similar vein, Bachman said, With lottery, you have a cash transaction. You have to be vigilant that the cash and transactions match up. Within the restaurant, fraud can occur in several ways and methods of

fraud in the foodservice industry can vary by employee. If it is the kitchen staff, it may be someone taking food home. If it is on the front side, the wait staff may be falsifying receipts, charging someone for a food item that is $20, but it was really $15, then pocketing the $5, or it may be that the wait staff says there was a walk out, but there wasnt.

People will buy something new, like a new CB, put it in their truck, put the old one back in the box and bring it back... your vendor knows what he is doing and will reject it.
Corey Berkstresser, general manager for Lee Hi Travel Center

Bachman suggested managers periodically spot-check tickets with what is in the register. When it comes to spot-checking, Schulte recommended that operators be consistent. Employees have to know youre checking it and you have to address the issues youre coming acrossboth the good or the bad, he said. If it isnt spot audited, there is always an opportunity for theft to occur.


While employees may be your biggest point of vulnerability when it comes to fraud, they can also be your rst line of defense. Corey Berkstresser, general manager for Lee Hi Travel Center, said he trains employees to be vigilant on

returns. People will buy something new, like a new CB, put it in their truck, put the old one back in the box and bring it back, he explained. To ensure customers are returning the actual product they purchased, Berkstresser said he trains cashiers to check the serial number on the unit to ensure it matches the number on the box. If you dont and you try to send it back, your vendor knows what he is doing and will reject it, he said. Simply raising awareness is another great step toward minimizing fraud. It is always good to be vigilant. A manager has a lot of responsibilities and distractions, but they need to be alert to the possibility that it could happen to them, Bachman said. A manager can make sure that everyone understands that fraud and theft wont be tolerated under any circumstances and that it will be prosecuted criminally and they will civilly go after the person. Because some level of fraud is inevitable, some operators invest in insurance policies that can help minimize damages from fraud. Ultimately, Schulte said, the best defense against fraud often is for operators simply to understand it can happen to them. You dont want to believe your cashiers or your people steal from you, but the truth of the matter is that they do, Schulte said. A waiter is paid $2 an hour plus tips. Most of them honestly are living below the poverty line. All of us would say I wouldnt steal, but the truth is that if our family were starving, we may think differently. 17


The Bill Moon Scholarship: Changing Lives One at a Time

It is good to have the industry that I have loved give some of that love back.
Jerry Bodkins

BY MINDY LONG he legacy of the Bill Moon Scholarship continued again in 2013 when ve students received $5,000 each to put towards their studies. For nearly 20 years, the Bill Moon Scholarship Program has been changing lives, awarding over $250,000 in scholarships. Every year since 1993 The NATSO Foundation has awarded scholarships of $2,500 each to selected industry employees and their children to help offset the cost of a college education. Change came in 2013 when the NATSO Foundation Board of Directors elected to raise the amount of the scholarships to $5,000 each. Recipients said that not only do they value the nancial aspect of the award, they also value the source. The origins of the Bill Moon Scholarship Program can be traced back to 1989 when the Mason-Dixon Truck Stop Operators Association set aside $5,000 for an industry scholarship program. In 1993, the Northeast Truckstop Operators Association made a $5,000 contribution and Carolyn Moon added an additional $10,000. The NATSO Foundation began awarding scholarships to industry employees and their families the same year. This years winners include traditional and

non-traditional students who are working hard to earn their degrees.


Jerry Bodkins, a technical support specialist at TravelCenters of America, is pursuing a Bachelors Degree in business administration at Indiana Wesleyan University. Bodkins is in his junior year, but the bulk of his credits have transferred in from his time in the United States Army, where he worked as a Russian Linguist. I am a non-typical college student and have spent many years working hard with what often seems like little recognition of that effort. For people that have that type of life experience, it means a lot to be recognized for the things you have done or are doing because we realize how rarely this happens, Bodkins said. Bodkins started working for TA in 2000 as an entry-level diesel technician. I worked hard and became a Master technician and was in charge of training in our shop in Youngstown, Ohio, for several years. Then I spent a couple years working as a technical trainer in our training department, where I taught electricity air brakes and HVAC classes. Now I operate a 24/7 technical assistance center that helps all 2,000-plus technicians in all of our locations when they need more information or guidance while performing a repair on a truck.


January/February 2014


Bodkins said it was his involvement at TA that led him to pursue his degree. As my jobs have changed over the last couple of years and I have had more and more contact with the corporate-level employees, I noticed that there was a bit of a communication issue that needed to be addressed. When the bosses asked me why I had decided to go back to school at this point, I explained that I needed to learn to speak their language. Everyone thought it was quite the clever joke, but it was the truth. There is a vast difference between the corporate world and the shop, and I think that taking what I am learning now and immediately using it to better understand the new environment I nd myself in is the most exciting part of it. For Bodkins, receiving the scholarship from the truckstop industry makes it more meaningful. I have spent a large part of my life trying to help keep the truckers out there safe as well as the other motorists, he said. It is good to have the industry that I have loved give some of that love back.

works in the travel plaza industry so it is a big part of his life. Not only does this mean a lot to me, but also to him, Carlson said. Carlson said that the scholarship will make paying for college much easier and that it was an honor to receive the award. It means a great deal to know that my hard work has paid off in this way, she said. While at Stanford, Carlson said she is excited to meet new people with diverse cultures and backgrounds and to explore academic interests in a way she couldnt in high school. It is exciting knowing how much I will be able to learn and grow over these next four years, she said.


Truckstop and travel plaza employees and their families can apply now for the 2014 Bill Moon Scholarship. Applications are available at natsofoundation/billmoonscholarship. The deadline is May 1, 2014.

Parth Detroia is entering his freshman year at Cornell University. He plans to study economics and business and pursue a career in strategy consulting. Detroia's mother has worked at the Wendys at the Pilot Travel Center in Knoxville, Tenn., for the past nine years. Detroia said he appreciates that the truckstop and travel plaza industry is investing in students. There are not many industries willing to put their money where their mouth is in helping employees and employees families obtain a solid education. I will never forget my roots and will denitely consider the travel plaza sector for my intended strategy consulting career, he said.

Daryll Carlson is entering her freshman year at Stanford University and plans to study environmental science. Carlsons father is a maintenance manager at the Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza, where he has worked for the past 10 years. This is very meaningful to me, as my dad


Detroia added that the Bill Moon Scholarship is an opportunity to help nance his dreams. My career goals require a college education, but the cost of a good education is tremendous. It means so much to me to know there are caring organizations out there that help promote and nance higher education, he said. with great things not only through my education but also through my career and my life, she said.

Victoria Stavish is a repeat winner of a Bill Moon Scholarship award. She said receiving it this year was especially helpful. It seems like going into college as a freshman, the opportunities to learn about and apply for scholarships are endless. But once you are in college, it becomes harder to nd scholarships to apply for, she said. Stavish is entering her sophomore year at the University of Montana and is studying pharmacology. To help pay for school, Stavish was working 50 to 60 hours a week over the summer, but she still needed extra help. The day before I received the call about winning the scholarship, I was in a bit of a crisis. I needed to accept some nancial aid soon, but I really was trying to do everything I could to avoid taking out another loan this year. I decided that I was going to have to and there was no way around it, but then the next day I was told about the scholarship and I felt weight lift right off my shoulders, she said. Stavish said the scholarship allows her to work only one day a week during the school year so she has more time to focus on her degree in pharmacology. I am so grateful to be able to be a part of this organization in my own little way and to make you guys proud, she said. I am passionate about what I am learning and know that I am on the right track. Stavishs mother, Lori, works at Muralts Travel Plaza in Missoula, Mont.

Linda Eamick was at work in the gift shop at the Tucson Truck Terminal in Tucson, Az., when she received the phone call telling her she received a scholarship. After hanging up, she and her co-workers shared a lot of hugs and even a few tears of joy. The reaction was tting, Eamick said, because she sees her co-workers at the truckstop as much more than just fellow employees. She has worked at the truckstop since 2002 and has become close with everyone there, she said. I have gained an extended family. Everyone I work with is amazing. My regular customers are also like my family. I couldnt ask for a better group of people to work with, she said. My coworkers and supervisors have always been very supportive of my educational goals. When I told them I was applying for the Bill Moon Scholarship Award, they were very excited. It only seems tting that I would receive this award with the help and support of my extended family at the truckstop. Eamick is nishing her degree in business management at the University of Phoenix. I have been in school for four years. This is the rst scholarship I had ever applied for. Receiving the award helped me to prove to myself that if I work hard and persevere, I will be rewarded

My coworkers and supervisors have always been very supportive of my educational goals. When I told them I was applying for the Bill Moon Scholarship Award, they were very excited. It only seems tting that I would receive this award with the help and support of my extended family at the truckstop.
Linda K. Eamick


January/February 2014

NATSO 2014 Committees

The Chairman's Circle Advisory Board's mission is to advance NATSO's strategic goals in the following areas: knowledge creation, allied member recruitment, advocacy, and retention and engagement. Ed Brown, Chairman Orion Food Systems, Sioux Falls, S.D. Roger Phillips Bridgestone Commercial Solutions, Nashville, Tenn. Patty Looney Chevron Lubricants, Delray, Fla. J. T. McMahan Coca-Cola Refreshments, Atlanta, Ga. The NATSO Government Affairs Committee prioritizes and implements the political advocacy efforts of the association. Through direct interaction with lawmakers, NATSO is the voice of the truckstop and travel plaza industry at the federal and state level. Government affairs and advocacy coverage in Stop Watch is brought to you by NATSO, Inc. Mike Lombardi, Chairman TravelCenters of America, Westlake, Ohio Bob Wollenman, Vice Chair Deluxe Truck Stop, St. Joseph, Mo. Dan Alsaker Broadway Truck Stops, Spokane, Wash. Jim Anderson Jr. Truck N Travel (TA), Coburg, Ore. Ernie Brame Kenly 95 Petro Truckstop, Kenly, N.C. Jim Goetz Jr. Goetz Companies, Inc., Portage, Wis. David Layton CAT Scale Co., Walcott, Iowa Carl Martincich Loves Travel Stops and Country Stores, Oklahoma City, Okla. 21

Jim Manning Double Coin Tire, Monrovia, Calif. Dan Hudson First Data, Atlanta, Ga. Jeff Irwin Mobil Delvac, Fairfax, Va. Gary Haer Renewable Energy Group, Ames, Iowa Robert De Vos The Truckers FriendNational Truck Stop Directory, Clearwater, Fla. Douglas Tucker Shell Lubricants, Dallas, Texas Gigi Rollins Valvoline, Lexington, Ky. See The NATSO Show Advisory Council on page 51 and the Future Leaders Working Group on page 42.

Mitch Steenrod Pilot Flying J Travel Centers, Knoxville, Tenn. Delia Moon Meier Iowa 80 Group, Walcott, Iowa Walt Muralt Muralts, Inc., Missoula, Mont. Scott Paulson Watkins Co. dba Tomahawk Auto Truck Plaza, Denver, Colo. Chet Reilly Broadway Truck Stops, Spokane, Wash. Bill Vollenweider Detroiter Travel Center, Woodhaven, Mich.


Space Age Travel Center located off of Interstate 84 in Hermiston, Ore., sets itself apart by offering interesting merchandise, aggressive pricing, a variety of amenities and friendly employees. The mix works, and the location does over 50,000 diesel transactions and serves over 750,000 gas and c-store customers each year. BY MINDY LONG AND AMY TONER

he location sits on a major east/west route between Boise, Idaho, and Portland, Ore., and Don Nelson, general manager, Space Age Travel Center, said one of its keys to success is having long-term employees. Regular customers prefer to see a familiar facesomeone that knows what they want and how they want it, he said, adding that customers are impressed by well-trained and efcient staff. Thats why Nelson focuses on maximizing his 24 employees time and giving them the tools they
22 January/February 2014

need to do their jobs. We try and make every employees work duties and tasks simple and efcient by providing the necessary tools and organization for them to their job without unnecessary hassle, he said, adding that if a broom and dustpan are needed by several employees, the company provides them at every station so employees dont spend time looking for them. The location also updated to the Trendar Smartdesq system from the old Trendar Nextdesq system. Nelson said the new system is much easier to use and reduces training time.

0$8/'' 0$%/8'

Harold and Jim Pliska started the location

It has a ?@AAA square foot c-store/ restaurant building Amenities include a c-store, truckers store, deli, laundry, showers and

Providing ease boosts employee retention, as does establishing clear guidelines for staff. Employees want consistency in rules and procedures to feel secure in the job they are doing and their performance, he said. When Nelson does have a position to ll, he reaches out to those he sees excelling in customer service at other businesses. When I notice an employee from another business doing an excellent job, I tell them that I am impressed and invite them to come and talk about working for Space Age. Most times employees appreciate the offer and will come and see what your business may have to offer them, he said. Nelson doesnt just focus on his employees' ease and convenience. He does the same for customers, and the location offers no-hassle amenities, he said. If a customer fuels with us, well give them a cup of coffee and a

shower without the hassle of adding and subtracting them off a card. Keeping the facility clean, easyto-shop and uncluttered also boosts sales, he said. So does having a wide selection of unique merchandise, such as printed blankets, novelty signs and trendy jewelry. We know we have done a good job when customers reactions are, Cool! Check this out, he said. Space Age Travel Center is also focusing on the future. We have partnered with Transfuel and are currently in construction to provide natural gas dispensers on two of our fuel islands, Nelson said. Nelson's best advice for his fellow operators is to keep your facility fresh and listen and consider what your employees and customers tell you, he said. Continue to learn how new technology and innovations can benet your operation.

There is a -1D01;!'744''

D1!3< on site

There are approximately =AA paved truck parking spots It has E diesel lanes and offers bulk DEF


101 South 45th St. Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 PHONE: (618) 382-2334 CONTACT: Mark Bayley



WE KNOW NATSO MEMBERS dont have tons of time to research all the

knowledge resources and business solutions NATSO offers. It is a good thing we are experts in all things NATSO. Read on to learn about just one of the many resources NATSO provides.


2299 E Hwy. 62 Kuttawa, KY 42055 PHONE: (618) 382-2334 CONTACT: Mark Bayley

Did you know NATSOs website is full of how-to blog posts, informative videos, business intelligence from Chairmans Circle members and more? Providing knowledge resources for travel plaza and truckstops is at the core of what NATSO does and the website is no exception. Our website,, is the daily must-visit source of news, education, data and analysis for truckstop and travel plaza owners. I would encourage you to visit NATSO's website. I think you will be surprised at how much content the website has to offer. For example:


P.O. Box 2506 Peachtree City, GA 30269 PHONE: (770) 487-9996 CONTACT: William Hyde


1560 Big Shanty Drive Kennesaw, GA 30144 PHONE: (770) 514-9000 FAX: (770) 514-7400 CONTACT: Lew Paupeck EMAIL: WEBSITE:


5083 Pottsville Pike Reading, PA 19605 PHONE: (877) 363-5843 FAX: (610) 916-9580 CONTACT: Bill Buzbee EMAIL: WEBSITE:

blog, is designed to assist NATSO member truckstops and travel plazas with their business on a daily basis.

1410 11th St. W Milan, IL 61264 PHONE: (309) 787-2300 FAX: (309) 787-3200 CONTACT: Ed Lampo EMAIL: WEBSITE:


P.O. Box 237 Bland, VA 24315 PHONE: (800) 762-9962 FAX: (276) 688-4780 CONTACT: Randy Cesco EMAIL: WEBSITE:

DAILY NEWS The NATSO team writes daily on breaking industry news. Visit the Just In section of the website to learn the latest transportation funding being proposed on Capitol Hill, what states are doing on tolling and fuel taxes and details on how new regulations could affect travel plaza and truckstops. THE TRUCK STOPS HERE NATSOs blog, The Truck Stops Here, is full of resources for truckstop operators. From How to Prevent a Robbery to Tips For Understanding the RINless Biodiesel Market, the content on NATSOs blog, found at

JOIN THE CONVERSATION While NATSOs website is certainly the place for truckstop knowledge, it is also the space for NATSO members to interact with each other, vendors and NATSO. Share helpful blog posts with your staff, join the conversation in the comments and see what other operators are saying. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE FOR TRUCKSTOP OPERATORS Chairmans Circle members, vendors that support the industry at the highest level, write blog posts for The Truck Stops Here, provide white papers in the Business Intelligence section and join the conversation in the comments.
Visit today and then write and tell me what you think at


January/February 2014


What is your number one shrink prevention tool?

Our back-ofce inventory tool is our number one shrink prevention tool. It tells us things like how many items are sold and what the margins are. I also think shrink management is a dialogue. Im constantly talking about shrink loss with my staff so that they know the impact it has on our success. I dont have these conversations in a formal setting, but rather come in on a Saturday morning in my jeans. I think it is better to talk about it in a relaxed setting as it creates a better conversation.


The best tool is that our bonuses are tied to the amount of shrink for the managers, assistant managers and head cashier. We make sure the bonus is high enough to make preventing shrink worth while.


Our greatest tool in controlling shrink is education and training of our staff. In our stores there are many credit card options, for example Comdata and checks used as payment. If the transaction is not processed correctly and it is not one of our regular customers, it could cause a large shortage. Also, getting to know our repeat drivers is a high priority to us as this almost always eliminates issues with checks. If a check is returned for insufcient funds, they are calling us and bringing the money in as soon as possible. I have recently invited some of our regulars to join a focus group to help us serve them better. I believe relationships like this will denitely help with shrink.

WANT TO BE FEATURED IN THE NEXT OPERATOR 2 OPERATOR? Our next question to discuss is What is one metric you review daily? Submit
your answers to Darren Schulte at by February 15, 2014.





hat if the interstate where your travel center is located suddenly became a tollroad, the rest area ve miles from your location starting selling fuel, or an unintended consequence of a government policy caused a price spike of diesel fuel? Running a business is complex enough, factor in a major shift in government policy and it suddenly becomes impossible to operate successfully. Thats the value of NATSO. While you are running your business, NATSO is watching Washington, D.C. And while NATSO is monitoring as many as 20 different issues at any given time, there are ve issues that have signicant potential to garner attention on Capitol Hill during 2014.

and other items to motorists from the advantaged location of the rightof-way. In 2012, NATSO successfully defeated an attempt by Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) to overturn the law during the transportation reauthorization. While the lopsided 86-12 Senate vote rejecting rest area commercialization is likely to discourage future support for the concept, its possible the issue could resurface as Congress begins considering a new transportation reauthorization. NATSO will continue to educate members of Congress on the contributions of interstate businesses to the economy and how unfair competition from state-run rest area concessionaires would jeopardize the highway service industry.

OF EXISTING INTERSTATES 2 TOLLING Tight budgets and declining

fuel tax revenues are forcing states to look at tolling as an option for funding infrastructure. While tolling of existing interstates is currently prohibited except under a federal pilot program, many transportation stakeholders would like to see the pilot program currently limited to three slotsexpanded. Some would like to see the tolling prohibition lifted completely. NATSO and the Alliance for Toll Free Interstates ( will be working to ensure that existing interstates remain free of tolls, and will advocate for repeal of the tolling pilot program. In the 15 years of the pilot program, though many states DOTs have attempted to implement

AREA COMMERCIALIZATION 1 REST State DOTs continue to ask Congress to overturn

the long-standing federal ban on rest area commercialization. With budgets stretched, states would like to set up concessions agreements at interstate rest areas and compete directly with private business selling food, fuel


January/February 2014

tolling under it, all have failed. In each case, tolling proposals were met with overwhelming public opposition. The public hates tolls, and they recognize the safety issues associated with tolling when drivers divert from the interstate to secondary roads that are unable to cope with the additional congestion.

TAX 3 FUEL Many of the bad ideas being

advocated on Capitol Hillsuch as rest area commercialization and tollingare a desperate grab for revenue. The federal fuel tax, last raised 20 years ago, has not kept up with ination. A recent report by the Financial Times revealed that U.S. investment in infrastructure has hit the lowest levels since 1947. With the highway trust fund scheduled to run out of money in 2014, there is talk among some on Capitol Hill that it is time to look at increasing the fuel tax. NATSO will be engaged in the discussion, and will advocate that the fuel tax is the most transparent, fair and efcient mechanism to fund roads.


The renewable fuel standard (RFS) was a hot topic on Capitol Hill during last year, with lots of talk about whether to repeal or reform the RFS, and debate about the blend wall approaching in 2014. NATSO has been monitoring developments with the RFS because of the potential that as changes are made, fuel retailers, marketers and blenders could face burdensome new requirements, such as being an obligated party under the RFS or being required to sell certain fuel blends that retailers may not have the infrastructure to handle. In addition, if no action were taken, it

is possible that, as the blend wall approaches, various fuel markets could be adversely affected in a number of ways, including product shortages or dramatic price spikes. But late last fall, EPA stepped forward and issued a proposal to use the agencys waiver authority to adjust the RFS for 2014. In its proposed rule released Nov. 15, EPA lowered the ethanol mandate and set reduced levels for other biofuels for a total of 15.21 billion gallons of renewables. The reductions were a recognition on the agencys part that fuel consumption has declined over the last several years and that todays retail fuel infrastructure is not able to handle ethanol blends greater than E-10. It also served as an acknowledgement that certain advanced biofuels such as cellulosic fuels have not developed the way Congress envisioned. For the rst time, rather than establishing a specic gallonage requirement for renewable fuels, the agency established a range of acceptable volumes of the fuels to be blended in the nations fuel supply. The exception is biodiesel. EPA mandated 1.28 billion gallons of biodiesel for both 2014 and 2015. EPA proposed volumes for 2014 are: 15.21 billion gallons of total renewable fuel, and a range of 15-15.52 billion gallons, reduced from 18.15 billion; 13.01 billion gallons of conventional biofuel (corn ethanol), reduced from 14.4 billion gallons; 2.20 billion gallons of advanced biofuel, with a range of 2-2.51 billion gallons, down from 2.75 billion gallons; 1.28 billion gallons of biomassbased diesel target for both 2014 and 2015, which is above the statutory requirement 1 billion gallons; and,

17 million gallons of cellulosic biofuel, with a range of 8-30 million gallons, signicantly below the 1.75 billion gallons required by statute. As the proposal was released, stakeholders began reviewing it and considering the ramications, all of which will be incorporated in comments to EPA, due in mid-January. The rule is expected to be nalized during this spring.

SIZE AND WEIGHT 5 TRUCK Are longer, heavier trucks on

the horizon? Some trucking advocacy groups are pushing for truck efciency, an effort to give states the option to allow trucks that exceed the 80,000-pound limit. The issue was in play during the last transportation reauthorization, and was punted to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), currently conducting a study on the topic due to be nalized in 2014. Members of Congress are lining up on both sides of the issue, sure to be a contentious topic in the next highway bill. Rep. Reid Ribble (R-Wis.) and Rep. Mike Michaud (D-Maine) reintroduced the Safe and Efcient Transportation Act (SETA) to allow states to raise truck weight limits on gross vehicle weight up to 97,000 pounds for six-axle, single-trailer trucks that operate on the interstate system within their borders. On the other side, 45 members of Congress wrote to DOT Secretary Anthony Fox, arguing that allowing heavier trucks on interstates would jeopardize non-interstate roads and bridges at increased costs to state and localities, and requesting that DOT conduct an evaluation of that as part of their truck weight study. NATSO is participating as a stakeholder in the FHWA study and will be monitoring legislative activity throughout the year as the issue develops. 27

Virtual NATSO

Recent comments, posts, tweets and feedback from NATSO members.


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How to Protect Your Truckstop Against Thousands of Dollars in Check Fraud This scam has been around for a long time. We got stung a few years ago with the culprit doing exactly as you described. The message to all of our front desk sales associates is to ALWAYS call before cashing any checks, no matter if they already have an authorization number or not. Jane Heinz, Coffee Cup Fuel Stops and Convenience Stores, Inc.

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NATSO Twitter feed is a daily mustread of news, education and trends for truckstop and travel plaza owners. First Data introduces a new POS technology that is designed for small & medium-sized retail business via @techcrunch A recent survey indicates that nearly two-thirds of eets plan to increase capacity #truckingtrends via @hdtrucking Gilbarco Veeder-Root launches pilot dispenser program in Minn. & Mo. of pumps with lottery tickets via @peinewsfeed

Eight Tips to Prevent Robbery at Your Truckstop Nice article Darren! Remember to include a 'Smart' Security surveillance system so you can monitor the store activity as well as the cash ow around the POS and safe. Catching 'bad' employees is nearly as important as preventing robberies! As a NATSO Member, Image Vault works with many members companies to ensure the right level of Video Surveillance... Scott Duffy, FireKing Security Group


January/February 2014


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Truck drivers and fleets know that The Right Tire Changes Everything . The only way to give them what they want is by carrying MICHELIN truck tires. With Michelins profitable truck stop programs, now is the perfect time to start. For more information, contact Josh Jarvis at

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Pump biodiesel prots into your business with REG .

Blend biodiesel benets into your operation. With the industry leader, Renewable Energy Group (REG), biodiesel has arrived. As the nations largest, most experienced biodiesel supplier, well clear the road ahead for you. The right product. We use the industrys most advanced controls to keep your customers and your business running smoothly. Our REG-9000 is produced to exceed industry standards to deliver clean-burning performance tank after tank. And you can count on the capacity of our nationwide production network to meet your demand. The right answers. REG biodiesel is an efcient option for any diesel engine using your current fueling system. Well show you how your fuel enterprise prot margins could benet by capitalizing on RINs, the $1 per gallon blenders tax credit, and any other state or local credits that might be available. Arrange your free REG biodiesel consultation today.

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Tootsies Orchid Lounge Email for an invite.

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Speakers: Bill Haslam, Governor of Tennesee; Tom Heinz, Coffee Cup Fuel Stops & Convenience Stores, Inc.; Lisa Mullings, NATSO; Thom Singer Center Stage, Ryman Exhibit Hall C2 After a warm welcome from Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, attendees will hear from Thom Singer on the power of business relationships. Most peoples biggest challenge can be solved strategies and then how to use them, because, as Singer asserts, a business network is worthless until you leverage it. Learn how in this insightful keynote presentation. Attendees will also be treated to remarks from NATSO's Chairman Tom Heinz and NATSO President & CEO Lisa Mullings.

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The ABCs Of Networking: Future Leaders Training Session

Thom Singer Ryman Ballroom AD Building your network of professional contacts is important, especially for future leaders, and The NATSO Show is arguably the best place to do it. Presenter Thom Singer will help attendees position themselves for networking success at the conference by explaining the ABCs of networking Attitude, Brand and Creativity. Whether you are a novice or an experienced networker, this session will offer insight into how you interact, not only with fellow industry members, but also with clients, prospects and other people in your business community. After the session, you will be well on your way to improving your networking skills and understanding how networking effectively can enrich


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Jim Carroll Center Stage, Ryman Exhibit Hall C2 Refreshments: Breakfast Provided Tuesday mornings keynote presenter, Jim Carroll, is one of the worlds leading futurists and trends and innovation experts. He will help attendees deal with the challenges of the economic correction through a focus on innovation. The rate of change todaywhether with business models, product life cycles or customer support conceptsis speeding up. We live in a world where being faster is better than being fast. Thats why innovation is the most important word that you need to be thinking about. Innovation is all about adapting to the futureand if the future is coming at you faster, then you need to innovate faster.

acceleration in autonomous vehicle technology will soon see driverless cars and trucks and sophisticated road trains! Then there are fast changing consumers, suddenly demanding new food and snack options based on health and freshness. To capitalize on these opportunities, you need to be a in frame of mind in which innovation is at the forefront. Attend and learn how to aggressively adopt for tomorrow, today.

9:00 a.m. 2:30 p.m.

Human Library One-on-One Sessions

Experts: Ed Brown, Orion Food Systems; David Hoglund, ATS Store Fixtures and Equipment; Michael Lawshe, Paragon Solutions; Lee and Terry Resnick, Resnick Associates; Brian Wierson, REG Marketing and Logistics, LLC Ryman Exhibit Hall C2 Book learning is great, but interactive learning is better. For the fourth year, NATSO is loaning experts

12:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m.

Leading Business and Building World Class Brands and Partnerships: Keynote and Luncheon on the Show Floor
Kat Cole, Cinnabon Center Stage, Ryman Exhibit Hall C2 Refreshments: Lunch Provided


Cinnabons 1,100 franchise locations in 56 countries are famous for building a global brand

in recent years. Cinnabon has expanded into interstate, travel and convenience channels with its franchises

is becoming one of the worlds greatest indulgent food brands. In this keynote, Cole will share her lessons in brand leadership and partnerships that not only come directly from the hospitality industry, but that she has learned along the way in her unique personal and professional experiences.




2:45 p.m. 3:45 p.m.

Marketing Fundamentals: Generating Sales and Solidifying Your Brand

Speaker: Andrew Evans, Elliott Aviation Hermitage B Track: Operations This fun and interactive presentation will help demystify branding and marketing and help you think about your business differently. Learn how basic practices can help you create and sales. Attend and learn how to identify what your customers want, how to appeal to them with practical and easy marketing and how every employee can contribute to the success of your organization.

Your Business, Your Future: What You Need to Know About Healthcare Reform
Speaker: Gene Marks, Marks Group PC Ryman Ballroom ABC Track: Leadership understand session detailing what you need to know about how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will affect your operations. Participants will come away with a strong understanding of the basic and yet most important facts they need to know in order to execute and implement the ACA. This is a must attend for leaders and owners impacted by this very complex and complicated federal government requirement.

Excellence in Shop Repair from Fellow Operators

How to Reduce Turnover: A Case Study

Speaker: Steve Price, Valvoline Hermitage A Track: Leadership, Shop Valvoline express lube centers have an outstanding employee retention rate of more than 78 percent. Chairmans Circle member and training techniques that not only reduced their turnover, but also led to improved location performance, employee morale and customer satisfaction. Attendees will learn how Valvolines training improved upselling techniques and

Panelists: Randy Haines, Bosselman, Inc.; Chris Parker, Sapp Bros. Travel Centers, Inc.; Sal Torres, Silvers Truck Repair; Nathan Tuggle, Professional Transportation Partners, LLC; Keith Wade, Dodge City Travel Center Hermitage C Track: Shop Hear directly from successful truck repair shops operators on how they exceed their sales goals, manage safety concerns and evaluate new equipment purchases.

Interstate Food Trends: The Rise of Gourmet Grab-n-Go

Speaker: Al Herbert, Gas Station Gourmet Hermitage D Track: Foodservice Al Herbert is the Gas Station Gourmet, a crusading writer and food fanatic. Throughout his travels, he has discovered convenience stores and travel plazas and truckstops with food rivaling that of many white linen establishments. From Cornish game hens to chicken balls, he Hubert to explore great retailers who create food products that keep customers making the trip from the pump to the store again and again.
38 January/February 2014 #NATSOshow

4:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.

Your Business's Future: Current and Emerging Payment Technology Trends

Speaker: Tracy Moresco, First Data Hermitage B Track: Trends Representatives from Chairman's Circle Member First Data, the worlds leader in payment processing, will host an interactive session to discuss the trends in the payment industry and, most importantly, relate how these changes will affect your business.

Future Trends in Beverages

Speaker: J.T. McMahan, Coca Cola Refreshments; Clint McKinney, Coca Cola Refreshments Hermitage D Track: Foodservice, Trends insights from beverage research and then teach attendees how to best reach their shoppers through effective displays and marketing programs.

Independent Operator Success Stories

The Changing Customer: Are You Prepared?

Speaker: Michael Sansolo Hermitage A Track: Trends, Leadership Truckstops and travel plazas customers are changing and it is becoming increasingly and why. Sansolo will explore why shoppers behave so differently when purchasing products and will offer a detailed model to help your organization create a winning solution that will satisfy the increasingly changing customer.

Vanessa Benadidez, Stamart Travel Centers; Corey Berkstresser, Lee Hi Travel Plaza; Damon Borden, Broadway Truck Stops; Herb Hargraves, III, Cash Magic; Tom Panos, L & G Truckers City; Chris Sanders, London Auto Truck Ryman Ballroom ABC Track: Leadership, Operations Professional speakers have a lot of good knowledge to share, but oftentimes the best ideas come from fellow travel plaza and truckstop operators. Hear from successful operators on the new programs theyve instituted, the ways they've cut costs and services theyve added that has helped their locations succeed. Attendees will be encouraged to share their success stories too, so come prepared to share your own gems.

Shop Repair Best Practices

Speakers coming soon. Hermitage C Shop repair vendors have a wealth of knowledge to share. They know industry best practices inside and out. Attend this session to learn best practices in shop repair, including tire equipment safety, warranties, repair services promotion and customer service.




7:00 a.m. 7:50 a.m.

Interactive Merchandising: Identifying the Elements of Successful Merchandising: Future Leaders Training Session
Speaker: Kevin Puebla, DAS Companies, Inc. Ryman Ballroom AD

Circle member DAS Companies, Inc., will provide the basics of merchandising strategy and cover the key components of successful merchandising, including product location, selection, presentation diverse customer base of travel plazas and truckstops.

8:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m.

Knowledge is Power: Lessons From a Human Trafcking Victim: Keynote and Breakfast on the Show Floor
Shamere McKenzie Center Stage, Ryman Exhibit Hall C2 Refreshments: Lunch Provided NATSO and the trucking industry are among several groups within transportation, including Amtrak

a customer base along the nations highways. The truckstop and travel plaza industry has an important

9:00 a.m. 2:15 p.m.

Human Library One-on-One Sessions

Experts: Ed Brown, Orion Food Systems; David Hoglund, ATS Store Fixtures and Equipment; Michael Lawshe, Paragon Solutions; Lee and Terry Resnick, Resnick Associates; Brian Wierson, REG Marketing and Logistics, LLC Ryman Exhibit Hall C2 Book learning is great, but interactive learning is better. For the fourth year, NATSO is loaning experts

12:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m.

Americas Energy Choices: Keynote Speaker and Lunch on the Show Floor
Bob Greco, American Petroleum Institute Center Stage, Ryman Exhibit Hall C2 Bob Greco, group director of Downstream and Industry Operations for the American Petroleum Institute, will discuss the dramatically different and brighter energy future that America is facing than just a few years ago, a future of energy abundance rather than scarcity.

2:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m.

Great Ideas! for Independent Operators Workshop

Facilitator: Mary Beyers, Idea Architects Ryman Ballroom Do you have a great idea that has helped your business? Wouldnt you like to hear the great ideas your peers have implemented? The Great Ideas! for Independent Operators Workshop provides a forum for independent operators to learn what is working for their peers. New! This year retail leader Wawa will share their amazing story of success.


January/February 2014



As weve done for the past two years, weve created education new to your location, the industry or leadership, The NATSO Show offers two INTERACTIVE sessions and an informal happy hour especially for future leaders only. The educational sessions and networking chosen by fellow

A dynamic group of NATSO members has created a program for people who are future leaders in the travel plaza and truckstop industry. The program aims to connect these people with the resources and opportunities to become successful leaders within their operation and with the industrys association, NATSO.

The ABCs of Networking* Tues., January 28, 7:00 a.m. 7:50 a.m. Ryman Ballroom AD
Building your network of professional contacts is important, especially for future leaders, and The NATSO Show is arguably the best place to do it. Presenter Thom Singer will help attendees position themselves for networking success at the conference by explaining the ABCs of networking.


Age or number of years in the industry doesnt dene a future leader, what does is a desire to develop as a successful leader within your operation and within NATSO. Examples of future leaders include those who are in the process of taking over the familys business, general managers serving as the right-hand for an industry veteran or those who are new to the industry altogether. Still not sure if you t? Contact Darren Schulte at (703) 739-8562 or

Interactive Merchandising: Identifying the Elements of Successful Merchandising* Ryman Ballroom AD

Get ready to merchandise with the best. This interactive, provide the basics of merchandising strategy and will cover the key components of successful merchandizing, including product location, selection, presentation and messaging.

Future Leaders Working Group

Deanne Schatz-Eisenschenk, Chair Petro Fargo and Schatz Crossroads Truckstop, Fargo, N.D. Corey Berkstresser Lee Hi Travel Plaza, Lexington, Va. Gerald Daniel Liberty Petroleum Distributors, Harford, Penn. Sean Flynn Flynns Truck Plaza, Shrewsbury, Mass. Chris Heinz Coffee Cup Fuel Stops & Convenience Stores, Inc., Aberdeen, S.D.
42 January/February 2014

Bill Howell, Irving Oil, Portsmouth, N.H. Matt Mildenberger Mitten, Inc., Oakley, Kan. Chris Sanders London Auto Truck, London, Ky. Ericka Schapekahm Heinz, Inc., Aberdeen, S.D. Mike Sibley LaPlace Travel Center, LLC, LaPlace, La. Nick Wollenman Deluxe Truck Stop, LLC, St. Joseph, Mo.

Future Leaders Informal Happy Hour Tues., January 28, 5:15 p.m. 6:15 p.m. Findleys Irish Pub
Future Leaders welcome. Cash bar. Sometimes the best conversations happen outside of the classroom. Continue conversations started during Tuesday mornings session in this informal happy hour for future leaders. Weve facilitated a venueyou supply the interactions.

The Future Leaders program is sponsored by *Future Leaders are encouraged to join, but sessions are open to everyone.


Thank you to the following members for helping craft this years show experience.
Sharon Bedlington
Newell Truck Plaza Newton, Kan.

Scott Gloede
Center Point Travel Plaza Center Point, Iowa

Chris Smith
Eco Travel Plaza Crossville, Tenn.

Keith Wade
Dodge City Travel Centers Hanceville, Ala.

Glenn Blake
Lubbock, Texas

Pete Lipson
Loco Travel Stop Grand Junction, Colo.

Manish Sthanki
Deuces Travel Plaza Baton Rouge, La.

Chris Wetzel
Jubitz Travel Center Portland, Ore.

Yessenia Edwards
Little America Flagstaff Flagstaff, Az.

Tom Panos
TA Wapakoneta Wapakoneta, Ohio


1. Publication Title: Stop Watch 2. Publication Number: 2472-3 3. Filing Date: August 27, 2013 4. Issue Frequency: Bi-monthly 5. Number of Issues Published Annually: 6 6. Annual Subscription Price: N/A Free 7. Complete Mailing Address of Known Ofce of Publication: 1330 Braddock Pl, Suite 510, Alexandria, VA 22314 8. Complete Mailing Address of Headquarters or General Business Ofce of Publisher: NATSO Foundation, 1737 King Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314 9. Full Names and Complete Mailing Addresses of Publisher, Editor, and Managing Editor: Publisher: NATSO Foundation, 1737 King Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314 Editor: Amy Toner, 1737 King Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314 Managing Editor: Amy Toner, 1737 King Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314 10. Owner: NATSO Foundation 11. Known Bondholders, Mortgagees, and Other Security Holders Owning or Holding 1 Percent or More of Total Amount of Bonds, Mortgages, or Other Securities: None 12. Tax Status: Has Not Changed During Preceding 12 Months Average No. Copies Each Issue During Preceding 12 Months, rst column Actual No. Copies of Single Issue Published Nearest to Filing Date, second column 13. Publication Name: Stop Watch 14. Issue Date for Circulation Data Below: September/October 2013 15. Extent and Nature of Circulation a. Total No. of Copies (net press run) b. Paid and/or Requested Circulation (1) Paid/Requested Outside-County Mail Subscriptions Stated on Form 3541 (2) Paid In-County Subscriptions Stated on Form 3541 (3) Paid Distribution Outside the Mails Including Sales Through Dealers and Carriers, Street Vendors, Counter Sales, and Other Non-USPS Paid Distribution (4) Paid Distribution by Other Classes Mailed Through the USPS c. Total Paid Distribution d. Free or Nominal Rate Distribution by Mail (1) Outside-County Copies Included on PS Form 3541 (2) In-County Copies Included on PS Form 3541 (3) Copies Mailed at Other Classes Through the USPS (4) Distribution Outside the Mail (Carriers or Other Means) e. Total Free or Nominal Rate Distribution f. Total Distribution g. Copies Not Distributed h. Total i. Percent Paid I certify that all information stated above is true and complete. Amy Toner, Senior Director of Marketing and Design, NATSO Foundation 2,106 1,840 0 2,500 2,153 0

0 0 1,840 0 0 0 0 0 1,840 266 2,106 100

0 0 2,153 0 0 0 0 0 2,153 347 2,500 100




To check out these experts, reserve your individual consultation in the Human Library. To secure a spot, contact Kimberly Roberts at or (703) 739-8573.
The Human Library is sponsored by

that all too often he sees operators afterthought rather than an investment to increase sales. Hoglund can discuss update their stores with a new look or who are in the process of new construction. To prepare for a meeting, Hoglund suggests operators bring in a layout of their store along with some ideas of things they like.

Michael Lawshe, Paragon Solutions

Whether operators are looking to build a brand or go green, Lawshe can share a wealth of information. Paragon Solutions can design and develop a travel plaza from a bare piece of ground all the way to completion, or they can help their stores, renovate to boost energy Lawshe said operators planning to meet with him should bring photos of the areas they plan to discuss, a copy of their overall layout design and their into and analyze.


NATSOs Human Library at The NATSO Show is back again this year, and NATSO is tapping into leading industry experts with decades of experience for an interactive, one-on-one learning library. Those experts will be on loan for customized learning experiences that operators can tailor to their own objectives. The experts will cover a wide array of topics. As of press time, experts include:

Ed Brown, Orion Food Systems

Shoppers have distinct buying habits and needs depending on the time of day, and operators can increase food sales by taking a look key customers are for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the Human Library, Brown will sit down with operators looking to improve their food service offerings. Not only can Brown provide information about menu offerings and he can also offer insight into market suggests operators bring information revenue for their various food offerings, photographs of their facilities and information on current vendors.

Lee and Terry Resnick, Resnick Associates

When it comes to succession planning, one of the most common mistakes business owners make is not reviewing the plan often enough. Businesses grow and change, as do the families running them, so it makes

David Hoglund, ATS Store Fixtures and Equipment

For the past 20 years, Hoglund has been using his knowledge to help operators maximize their sales with effective merchandising. Hoglund said


January/February 2014


The Human Library is an innovative, interactive experience

sense that the succession plan should change too. Lee and Terry Resnick, partners in Resnick Associates, a nationally recognized estate planning talk with operators about their current estate and succession plan for both to ensure they are on the correct road for a successful preservation and transition of their professional and private assets. The Resnicks suggest operators and their spouses attend the session together even if the day operations. To make the most of the session, operators can bring their current succession plan and any buy/ sell agreements for the business for the Resnicks to review.


Before you can check out one of the many experts in the Human Library, youll want to follow these steps.

1. Reserve Materials To guarantee that your desired expert is available, reserve an appointment in advance by emailing Kimberly Roberts at 2. Understand the Checkout Period Each expert may be checked out for 30-minute meetings. NATSO asks all patrons of the Human Library to please respect the deadline. There is the possibility that loans could be extended or renewed by the librarians, unless the expert is reserved for another patron. The library will try to accommodate last-minute reservation requests, but to ensure your expert is available, please reserve in advance. 3. Maximize Your Reservation Since there is a limited checkout period, youll want to make the
the best match for your needs, and bring materials that will help the expert better understand your unique situation. Those materials may

Brian Wierson, REG Marketing and Logistics, LLC

The production of biofuels the rise, and a growing number of truckstop and travel plaza operators are using biofuels as a way to increase cost savings and improve margins. Wierson said he can help operators determine


Name: _______________________________________

he suggests operators bring detailed information on their monthly or annual #2 diesel consumption to the meeting. Operators will also want to have a list of locations with fuel sites, distribution centers or available storage sites with knowledge of what each site has in regards to storage and blending capabilities, Wierson said.

Experts to Loan: _______________________________ Meeting Times: ________________________________



The NATSO Show offers the best networking opportunities NEW BUSINESS CONTACTS at the Great Ideas! for Independent Operators Workshop. Pose questions to operators you meet at luncheons and breakfasts. Enjoy the NATSO Foundation Fundraiser with FRIENDS old and new.

NATSO Foundation Fundraiser Social Event Mon., January 27, 6:30 p.m.
Open to sponsors and their guests. Hosted at Ryman Auditorium, a Nashville landmark, The NATSO Foundation Fundraiser Social Event is the pinnacle social event of The NATSO Show. Be a part of a worthy cause while having a great time and making new business contacts. Sponsored by: Gold ($7,000 $10,000)

Live Positively Lounge Tues., January 28, 9:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m. Wed., January 29, 9:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. 2:15 p.m.
Everyone welcome. more refreshing than ever in the Live Positively Lounge.

economically, environmentally and socially. Sponsored by:

Copper ($5,000 $7,000)

Future Leaders Informal Happy Hour Tues., January 28, 5:15 p.m. 6:15 p.m. Findleys Irish Pub
Future Leaders welcome. Cash bar.

Sponsor (under $5,000) Sometimes the best conversations happen outside the classroom. Continue conversations started during Tuesday mornings session in this informal happy hour for future leaders. Weve facilitated a venueyou supply the interactions.


January/February 2014


Travel Plaza Attendees Reception and Dinner Tues., January 28, 6:30 p.m. 9:30 p.m. Ryman Ballroom
All truckstop and travel plaza attendees and Chairmans Circle members welcome. Must RSVP to Kimberly Roberts at Be sure to make time to connect with industry executives at this dinner open to all truckstop and travel plaza attendees. Hosted by NATSOs Chairmans Circle members, this VIP dinner is your chance to network with key suppliers and your fellow industry leaders at one of Nashville's best restaurants.

Silent Auction Beneting The NATSO Foundation

Each day we'll have a Silent Auction the NATSO Foundation. Bring your checkbook and plan to support this important industry cause. With fantastic items like these and much more:

Great Ideas! for Independent Operators Workshop Wed., January 29, 2:30 p.m. 5:00 p.m. Ryman Ballroom
Independent truckstop and travel plaza attendees welcome. independent operators to come together to share thoughts and ideas on how to succeed. Attend and use the different points of view shared by truckstop operators from across the country to challenge yourself to think differently about how to improve your business. As an added bonus this share their strategies for success in food service. WaWa was

Sponsored by
#NATSOshow 47


Meet informally in the exhibit hall for 15-minute power sessions full of BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. Snap learning will take place in the seating section in front of the Center Stage in the exhibit hall.

Snap Learning Schedule TUES., JANUARY 28 10:00 a.m.

Alternative FuelsHow Can I Make Them Work for My Business? The fueling industry has an exciting opportunity for growth with the advent of alternative fuels, but retailers are cautious about the risk. A Gilbarco Veeder-Root expert will cover the points a retailer should consider before marketing environmentally friendly fuels such as clean diesel (or DEF) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

11:00 a.m.
Take Advantage of Hot Beverage Trends Experts from S&D Coffee will explore the latest hot beverage trends and share market insights operators can use to shape their coffee programs. S&D Coffee is the nations largest custom coffee roaster.


GUIDED tours of the exhibit hall. A big exhibit hall can be intimidating, but a guided tour will help attendees see the vendors of particular interest while learning from the questions asked by their peers. Sign up in advance to take a guided tour of the vendors providing products and services on a certain topic.

1:30 p.m.
Motorcoach and Group Travel Trends Hear about the latest trends facing motorcoach and tour operators from American Bus Association President & CEO Pete Pantuso. Learn how travel plaza owners can be more successful in reaching out to and securing a portion of the 700+million people traveling on motorcoaches annually.

Guidelines for Tours 1. Tour Options

The tours offered include Chairmans Circle members, diesel shop repair.

WED., JANUARY 29 10:00 a.m.

EMV, Media and Mobile, Oh My! The industry is a buzz over upcoming EMV payment regulations, media, merchandising and mobile payment. Join a Gilbarco expert to learn the latest in all things pumppayment related, and how to position yourself to win in this rapidly evolving landscape.

2. What a Tour Involves

A member of The NATSO Show Advisory Council will take minutes at each of the vendors that offer the product or service of the tours category. If youve signed up for a tour, please report to the NATSO booth at the designated time.

11:00 a.m.
Healthcare & the Affordable Care ActSeparate Fact from Fiction Healthcare legislation is on everyones mind, which is why well be sharing answers to several of the questions our clients are asking about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Whether youre an ACA expert or a health session enlightening.

3. How to Sign Up
To guarantee your spot on a tour, reserve a spot in advance

1:30 p.m.
Uncover Payment Technology Trends Experts from First Data, the worlds leader in payment processing, will dig into payment technology trends and help operators understand their options.


January/February 2014



Airgas Specialty Products, Inc.
Jackie Hooper

Electronic Funds Source LLC (EFS) Chevron Lubricants

Patty Looney

Brenntag North America

Bill Buzbee Reading, PA 19605

Federated Insurance Coca-Cola Refreshments

J. T. McMahan 2500 Windy Ridge Pkwy. Nathan Oland 121 E. Park Square Owatonna, MN 55060

First Data Bridgestone Commercial Solutions

Roger Phillips Dan Hudson 5565 Glenridge Connector NE

DAS Companies Inc.

Gordon Price Palmyra, PA 17078


Gilbarco Veeder-Root

CAT Scale Co.

Delia Moon Meier 515 Sterling Drive

Dena Lee P.O. Box 22087

Double Coin Tire

Walter Weller Monrovia, CA 91016




Howes Lubricator
Stephen Sikorsky 60 Ocean State Drive

Mobil Delvac
Jeff Irwin

Randall-Reilly Publishing
Robert Lake

KSG Distributing Inc.

Don Paddock 1121 W. Flint Meadow Drive

Orion Food Systems

Ed Brown

Renewable Energy Group

Jon Scharingson Ames, IA 50010

Paragon Solutions Inc. McLane Co. Inc.

Steve Brady Michael Lawshe 201 Main St., Suite 1150 Fort Worth, TX 76102

S&D Coffee Inc.

Jim Edmonson Concord, NC 28027

QuikQ LLC Michelin North America

Josh Jarvis One Parkway South Greenville, SC 29615 Ernie Betancourt 1000 Corporate Centre Drive,


January/February 2014


Shell Lubricants
Dan Beaudin Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 2H5

The Truckers Friend National Truck Stop Directory

Robert de Vos

Gigi Rollins c/o Bobbi Brophy



Thank you to the following members for crafting this years show experience as members of The NATSO Show 2014 Advisory Council.
Tom Heinz, Chairman
Coffee Cup Fuel Stops & Convenience Stores, Inc. North Sioux City, S.D.

Corey W. Berkstresser
Lee Hi Travel Plaza Lexington, Va.

Wade Hollis
Loves Travel Stops, Inc. Oklahoma City, Okla.

Bill Mulligan
Pilot Flying J Knoxville, Tenn.

Ed Brown
Orion Food Systems Sioux Falls, S.D.

Delia Moon Meier

Iowa 80 Group Walcott, Iowa

Don Quinn
Sapp Bros. Omaha, Neb.

Mark Augustine
Triplett, Inc. Salina, Kan.

Jim Goetz
Goetz Companies Portage, Wis.





Center Stage


135 133 129 127 224 726 724


Keynote Session Seating


825 823 821

220 221 320 321 323 117 115 214 215 314 315 317 212 213 312 313 316 113 111 106 105 103 202 203 302 303 101 200 201 300 301 109 208 209 308 218 219 318 319 322

Human Library

620 621 618 619 614 615 617 718 714

819 815 813


612 613 616 712 713 408 409 508 509 406 402 403 400 401 500 506 608 609 709 808

107 206 207 306 307

606 607 706 707 806 602 603 702 703 600 701





January/February 2014


LIST OF EXHIBITORS ..................... 602 AdvancePierre Foods .................... Airgas Specialty Products Inc. ....... 506 Albahealth LLC ............................. 712 AMBESTAmericas Best Truck Stops and Service Centers ............ 821 ANS Distributing ........................... 615 B/A Products ................................ Baldwin Filters .............................. 617 Beaumont Products ...................... Bell Plantation ............................... 220 Brenntag North America Inc. ......... 828 CAT Scale Co. .............................. 600 Comdata ...................................... 815 Commercial Foodservice Repair .... ........ DAS Companies Inc. ..................... 500 Davidoff of Geneva ........................ Diesel Pump Toppers .................... 819 DineEquity Inc. dba IHOP and Applebees ............................. 608 Double Coin Tire ........................... DoubleTrac by OmegaFlex ............ 825 Eisenberg Sausage Co. ................. Electronic Funds Source LLC (EFS) ......................... 702 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administation ................................ 701 Federated Insurance ..................... 612 ................ Fiscal Systems .............................. 810 First Data ...................... NATSO Booth Fort Product Solutions ................ of America ........................................ 609 Hormel Foods and Don Miguel Mexican Foods ............................. Huddle House Inc. ........................ 707 Hunters Reserve Inc. ..................... I.C.E. Signs ................................... 115 Ingram Entertainment .................... J & A Marketing Inc. ...................... Joe Coffee Presented by Paramount Roasters ..................... ....... 207 ..................... Leer Inc. ....................................... Lynco Products ............................. Michelin North America ................. 607 Mizco International Inc. ................. Mobil Delvac ....................... Ms. Carita SafeTruck ..................... NATSN (North American Truck Stop Network) ..................... One Source Industries LLC ........... 808 opticwash ..................................... 620 Paragon Solutions Inc. .................. 621 ....... 718 Power Service Products ................ 129 FPPF Chemical Co. ....................... Fun Factory Candy & Novelty ........ .................... 127 Gourmet Gardens ......................... Grand General Accessories Mfg. ... 212 Hands On International LLC .......... Professional Transportation Partners ........................................ 508 PRS Inc. ...................................... 616 QuikQ LLC .................................... ............... 606 Remedies LLC .............................. Renewable Energy Group Inc. ....... 726 S&D Coffee & Tea ......................... Savory Fine Foods ........................ Separation by Design .................... Shell Lubricants ............................ ................................... 106 Smokey Mountain Snuff ................ 619 Socks Galore Wholesale ............... Store Chek Systems ..................... 509 Sun Sales Distribution ................... 709 Sunshine Electronic Display Corp. .. Tell Industries ................................ 806 The Truckers Friend National Truck Stop Directory ........ 618 TNT Sales Golden Inc. .................. 105 Tropiceel Products Inc. .................. Truck Paper/ ...... Truck Star Systems ....................... 101 ....................... Valvoline ....................................... Venco Business Solutions ............. Warren Rogers Associates ........... 117 WEX Fleet One.............................. .................... 706




CHAIRMAN'S CIRCLE .................... 602

Billy Daubenmire 11512 Lake Mead Ave.

Airgas Specialty Products Inc.

Jackie Hooper




operators can reduce transaction abandonment, increase food and beverage sales and improve employee productivity. Stop by the booth for a free gift and to learn more.

and services for nitrogen oxide abatement (DeNOX) and now includes Airgas AiRx Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

AdvancePierre Foods .................... 307


Russ Quick

standards. With its nationwide footprint storage and facilities, Airgas has all the dedicated storage and equipment to customize the right solution for all of a travel plazas DEF needs.


AdvancePierre Foods is a leading handheld convenience products to the foodservice, school, retail, club, vending and convenience store channels. They make and distribute a full line of packaged sandwiches, fully cooked steak, stuffed chicken breasts and bakery products. Headquartered in and operate processing facilities in Ohio, Oklahoma, Maine, North Carolina and South Carolina, with bakeries in North Carolina and Oklahoma. Albahealth is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality footwear and compression products designed to enhance comfort and performance during all day wear. Located in the heart of the Smokey Mountains, they manufacture the majority of our products is provided time and time again.

Albahealth LLC .............................. 712



January/February 2014


AMBESTAmericas Best Truck Stops and Service Centers 821

Tom Boutwell

B/A Products Co. ........................... 320

Frank Lyons 8925 McGaw Ct.

Beaumont Products ....................... 409

Lew Paupeck 1560 Big Shanty Drive

AMBEST Inc., Americas Best Truck independently owned truckstops, travel centers and service centers located coast to coast. AMBEST markets, negotiates and promotes national buying programs, and is home to loyalty program in the industry.

B/A Products Co. manufactures quality parts for todays Auto Transport and Flat Deck Carriers. Through many the Transportation Industry, its team provides the "Best Available" solutions

citrusmagic Beaumont Products is a manufacturer

cleaners and polishes, soaps, germ products. Brands include Citrus Magic, Citrus II, Clearly Natural, Dermatone, Brilliant and Trewax. All of the products

Baldwin Filters .............................. 617

Julie Sheckler

ANS Distributing ............................ 615

Joe Lima 8180 Boyle Parkway

Bell Plantation ............................... 220

Anglia Luke 7902 Magnolia Industrial Blvd.

lube, air, fuel, coolant, hydraulic and for petroleum equipment. For over three decades, ANS Distributing has been supplying equipment to service stations and national chains to wholesalers and technicians. The company goes out of its way to deliver what operators need, when they need it, always at the best price.

as well as industrial, agricultural, automotive and marine applications. Baldwin Filters meets or exceeds customers expectations by providing supported by outstanding customer brand stands for quality, performance and dependability.

bellplantation Bell Plantation provides healthy, all products. PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter and PB2 with Chocolate are a healthier peanut butter with 85 percent fewer calories than traditional brands. The newest productPBThins Peanut Butter Crackersare 100 calories per serving and are quickly becoming a snacking favorite.




Brenntag North America Inc. ........ 828
Bill Buzbee Reading, PA 19612

CAT Scale Co.................................. 600

Heather DeBaillie

J.T. McMahan 807 North 21st St brenntagdef Brenntag is the largest distributor of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in the world. With an expansive and catscaleco Locations that sell diesel need a CAT Scale. Operators can join the worlds leading public truck scale network, largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with nearly 500 sparkling Cola, recognized as the worlds most valuable brand, the companys portfolio

Brenntag will deliver DEF when and where operators need it.

Bridgestone Commercial Solutions

Roger Phillips

There are no startup costs and equipment, maintenance and training are provided. Professional drivers seek out CAT Scales. CAT Scale can bring more money to the bottom line.

Cola, please visit its website at www.

Comdata ........................................ 815

Chevron Lubricants
Patricia Looney Bridgestone is one of the best known and most trusted names in truck tires today, with products for every vehicle road, on/off highway or specialty applications. Bridgestone tires are available from the largest network of truckstops in America. centers into a single platform. With a settings to meet a locations unique needs, Comdata Smart Solutions deliver a proven technology and innovative Comdata Smart Solutions are a suite of

Chevron Lubricants is a leading supplier of lubrication solutions to America. With wide distribution, a strong support network and the award products, Chevron can help operators meet all of a locations lubrication requirements.

Commercial Foodservice Repair Inc. ..................................... 214

Mark Bailey Greenville, SC 29601 Commercial Foodservice Repair, Inc. is


January/February 2014


of foodservice equipment installation, repair and preventative maintenance. Its service over 9,000 locations its highly trained service technicians.

Diesel Pump Toppers..................... 819 DAS Companies Inc. ...................... 500

Gordon Price Palmyra, PA 17078 Tom Sanford 1800 Vernon St., Suite 5 Roseville, CA 95678

cooking equipment and refrigeration.

Country Kitchen International ....... 603

Bruce Bloom 1289 Deming Way, Suite 212

that enhance the convenience, safety, comfort and leisure of consumers lives, while productively improving the partners. DASs leading travel center industry services include their Own Brands, Global Product Portfolio, Flexible Supply Chain Solutions and the Right products at the Right place Right now, . . . its DAS.

and monthly revenue, whats not to like? Diesel Pump Toppers look good and greet customers with a positive image. Join this North American Network today.

DineEquity Inc. dba IHOP and Applebees ..................................... 608

John Morris

Davidoff of Geneva ........................ 400

Bill Holliway or JT Guagliardo 75 years of brand heritage and operating experience. Focused on serving multiple dayparts and based on an operating commitment of a oriented franchisor, with experience or Davidoff of Geneva Distribution is a leading manufacturer of premium cigar and cigarillos. Top selling brands within its extensive portfolio include Davidoff mini cigarillos, Zino cigarillos, Camacho cigarillos and the new Baccarat, Cusano M1 and Cusano CC fresh packs. for each unique retail trade channel. franchise growth in venues such as travel plazas, colleges, airports and casions. In addition to its traditional operational footprint for both concepts, IHOP Express, IHOP Express Fast Casual and Applebees Express are available for franchising, depending upon the unique needs of each location. DineEquity, parent company and franchisor of IHOP and Applebees, is currently ranked by Nations Restaurant News as the No. 1 category leader in both of their respective restaurant segments, and it continues to

they serve through its key franchisee partners which are essential to the overall growth strategy.

Crestmark Bank
Jack Roper 800 Crescent Center Dr.

Crestmark Bank provides capital solutions that allow businesses to increase cash. Crestmark's customized than traditional banks.
#NATSOshow 57


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration............................... 701 Double Coin Tire ............................ 316
Jim Manning Monrovia, CA 91016

Eisenberg Sausage Co................... 306

Mark Hopper Chicago, IL 60618

Jennifer Musick 1200 New Jersey Ave. S.E. Washington, D.C. 20590 Double Coin tires are manufactured by Double Coin Holdings Ltd. in China and sold through CMA LLC in North truck tires made in the worlds most progressive manufacturing facilities with Coin Tires represent a tremendous value to the end user, as well as operators. Join the growing list of truckstop operators handling Double Eisenberg gourmet beef franks and gourmet sausages, such as beef polish, smoked cheddar, cheddar jalapeno and bratwurst, make a roller grill program a destination stop. The buns and Chicago style condiments, including green relish and sport peppers. Ask about its equipment and Medical Examiners is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulation created to improve highway interstate commercial motor vehicle drivers must receive their medical card on the National Registry. Learn more at

Federated Insurance ..................... 612 DoubleTrac by OmegaFlex ............. 825

Donald Effgen Nathan Oland 121 E. Park Square Owatonna, MN 55060

Electronic Funds Source LLC (EFS).... 702

OmegaFlex has developed a number of unique corrugated tubing products

and DoubleTrac .

Electronic Funds Source LLC is a leading provider of innovative and customized corporate payment meet the dynamic and competitive transportation industry needs. Led by industry experts, EFS brings innovation and the latest technologies to deliver smarter payment solutions that make the industry better.

Operators should ask themselves what their insurance company really knows about the travel plaza business. Then they should be sure they have the and risk management support they need. Federated Insurance is a NATSO Chairmans Circle partner for good reason, their marketing representatives will ensure peace of mind with major client service standards. At Federated, its their business to protect yours!


January/February 2014


FireKing Security Group ................ 312

Scott Duffy 101 Security Pkwy.

FPPF Chemical Co. ........................ 703 First Data ........................ NATSO Booth
Dan Hudson 5565 Glenridge Connector, N.E. Michael Gigliotti 117 W. Tupper St.

Recorders can be networked with cash registers, safes and door alarms to combat external theft and shrinkage. Its safes and cash management solutions enable operators to maximize minimizing risk of robbery, burglary and internal theft. Services include support.

First Data offers direct merchant services for NATSO members. Theres First Data merchant account, so those interested should contact dedicated service representative Dan Hudson. First Data account, operators have to have gone through NATSO. Otherwise, their merchant account isnt covered. the lowest rates in the industry and unparalleled service.

fuel, gasoline and oil additives. Products are available in retail packaging and bulk applications. Tank treatment programs are available. FPPF prides itself as the technology leader in the fuel additive business. For more than 25 years, FPPF has set the standard for quality, performance and value.

Fiscal Systems .............................. 810

Tony Burke 102 Commerce Circle

Fun Factory Candy & Novelty ........ 319

Darin Zimmermann

Fort Product Solutions ................ 403

and retail automation systems for

unattended fuel systems, credit card

GHS loyalty system, EZ authorization, credit card library, outdoor payment SurePOS hardware, when applicable.

Fort offers a complete line of waste/ windshield centers, trash cans and display merchandisers to the truckstop and travel plaza industry. The products enhance forecourt areas, keep facilities neat and clean by helping operators display their products attractively, which will draw more customers to their stores and generate bigger sales.

With a cell phone accessory line designed for convenience stores, Fun Factory Candy & Noveltys small counter towers can be the most towers display the hottest selling tech items in only six inches of counter space. They also have line of novelty




Grand General Accessories Mfg.... 212 Gilbarco Veeder-Root .................... 127
Frank Busse P.O. Box 22087 Maggie Huang 1965 E. Vista Bella Way Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220

Hi-Way Distributing Corp. of America ..................................... 609

Spencer Falvo

grandgeneralacc Grand General is a leading technology leader for retail and commercial fueling operations, offers the broadest range of integrated solutions from the forecourt to the convenience store and head quality chrome accessories and lighting products. Grand General offers a complete line of LED and incadescent lighting products and chrome and stainless steel accessories, and it has edge to the market and to it's offering over 12,000 items, which includes truck supply, entertainment, Way Distributing, located in Akron, Ohio, partnership, uncompromising support and proven reliability. dedicated to being a locations trusted chrome and lighting supplier. America and through parts of Canada.

Gourmet Gardens .......................... 303

Brian Vermillion 1975 CR 1605 Rusk, TX 75785

Hands On International LLC .......... 823

Hormel Foods and Don Miguel Mexican Foods .............................. 302

Travis Johnson 1 Hormel Place Austin, MN 55912

Gourmet Gardens offers premium, products in more than 15 categories to suit anyones palate. Gourmet Gardens has captured the essence of homestyle and healthful products, all in an pickles, relishes, salsas, preserves and more, they can make locations money for customers on the go and can even private label the jars with a stores name.

operated with distribution facilities and headquarters in Cincinnati. Its brand, Hands On offers a complete line of hand protection products

hfrecipes foods Hormel Foodservice is a leading player in the foodservice industry, serving the needs of restaurants and foodservice operations of all shapes

class workmanship, exceptional quality and comfort, competitive pricing and 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee make certain customers always have a true Hands On experience to really Feel the Difference.

for more than a century focused on items are crafted with freshly prepared ingredients.


January/February 2014


Huddle House Inc. ......................... 707

Jonathan Benjamin

percent customer satisfaction. Get noticed and increase sales with a

Joe Coffee Presented by Paramount Roasters...................... 301

Ingram Entertainment ................... 724 Huddle House family restaurants have been serving communities Any Meal, Two Ingram Blvd. Joe Coffee is just great coffee for a modest average Joe price. Joe Coffee has four perfect blends created for all the Dark and Handsome (dark roast); Wake House prides itself on offering great quality food, at a value price, in a fun and inviting environment for our customers. Ingram Entertainment Inc. is the leading national distributor of home entertainment products, including and accessories. It operates from 11 sales and distribution facilities located is an authorized distributor of home entertainment products from all major studios, publishers and labels.

Hunters Reserve Inc. ..................... 614

Debbie Schold 12861 Industrial Park Blvd.

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corp. ....... 207

Tommy Beane

Hunters Reservemaker of the famous Roadkill Summer Sausage and Roadkill Snack Sticksproduces wild major retailers, convenience stores and truckstops. Twelve exotic varieties of wild game snack sticks, jerky, summer sausage and cheese. Retail display racks are available.

J & A Marketing Inc....................... 401

Dick Rizzo 200 Compass Circle the convenience channel with superior brand out performs all other category brands on overall favorability ratings as well as purchase intent. This brand power provides consumer incentive for J & A Marketing is one of the largest suppliers of licensed apparel and accessories to military exchanges through AAFES and NEXCOM. Product includes licensed Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard tees, hoodies, caps, knit caps, decals and more that they are now offering to truckstops all

I.C.E. Signs .................................... 115

Michael Garceau 68A Route 125

I.C.E. is one of the nations leading suppliers of electronic message centers (scrolling signs). It mass produces 18 sizes to deliver the highest quality at the lowest possible I.C.E. prides themselves on 100




Lynco Products .............................. 714
Liz Wilson

KSG Distributing Inc. ..................... 224

Mike Filiatreau 1121 W. Flint Meadow Drive

Mizco International Inc. ................ 313

Tom Buske 80 Essex Ave. E. Avenel, NJ 07001

entertainment media products including audiobooks, CDs, movies on DVD and

service distributor, innovator and importer of impulse, convenience, automotive and general goods products. toughtested ToughTested offers a complete line of mobile accessories designed for the professional driver. Each product is built to meet the expanding power, security and protection needs of todays mobile devices. Products are engineered to provide added power, safety, environment. ToughTested are mobile accessories for the road ahead. McLane is a supply chain services leader, providing grocery and foodservice supply chain solutions for convenience stores, mass merchants, drugstores and military

McLane Co. Inc.

of gifts, apparel and other general merchandise designed to generate high sales and margins for our customers. Steve Brady

Leer Inc.......................................... 321

Ben Albregts Gilbert, AZ 85295

Mobil Delvac ........................ 340 & 738

Jeff Irwin

Leer Inc. is the worlds leading manufacturer of retail ice merchandising distributed under the Leer and Carroll Cooler brand names. They are more than 60 years of dedication to engineering research, quality service and manufacturing excellence. They convert cold to sold.

products from thousands of suppliers to

Michelin North America ................ 607

Josh Jarvis One Parkway South Greenville, SC 29615

diesel lubricants has been helping extend the life of their equipment. The Mobil Delvac brand features conventional and synthetic diesel

Michelin North American is pleased to supply the travel plaza community with Michelin and BFGoodrich brand commercial truck tires and Michelin retreads. The quality of these products is well recognized as they provide exceptional performance and reliability to the transportation industry.


January/February 2014


Ms. Carita SafeTruck ..................... 813

Gordon Mosby 2159 Research Drive

One Source Industries LLC ............ 808

Jeff Mancini 185 Technology Drive, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618

Orion Food Systems

Ed Brown Sioux Falls, SD 57107

Ms. Carita SafeTruck is the leader in One Source Specialties LLC (OSS), a division of One Source Industries LLC (OSI), is a leading provider of global supply chain managed solutions for packaging and promotional programs. Ads, Shelf Stalkers, Sportlites Orion Food Systems offers customized,

widest variety of OSL products with the best quality of any nationally distributed line in the market today, as well as over 600 other safety products aimed at the professional trucker.

restaurants. With both branded and offerings include Mexican, Asian, Pizza and Grill. Orion provides product components to fully branded concepts with menus, procedures, food costs, training, operational, marketing and product innovation.

NATSN (North American Truck Stop Network) ..................... 834

Marsha Bird

See for more information.

opticwash ...................................... 620

Bryan Myers

Paragon Solutions Inc. .................. 621

Michelle Hughes 201 Main St., Suite 1150 Fort Worth, TX 76102

Independent truckstop operators formed NATSN in 1988. NATSN VIP was brought to the network in 1995 to reward drivers for their loyalty and monthly in cash. NATSN also offers buying programs, a phone app and a fuel card for their members.

opticwash Cleaning eyewear is an every day occurrence. Most individuals simply use their shirttails or other scrap of cotton to clean their glasses which could scratch the lens. The opticwashTM is the and easily cleans sunglasses and eyeglasses gently without scratching

Paragon Solutions Inc. provides retail design, consulting and branding services to convenience stores, restaurants, truckstops and travel plazas across the country. Our services include ground ups, remodels, site design, interior design, store layouts, branding and graphics solutions, food service design and merchandising.




PEAK Commercial & Industrial...... 718
Sean Wheatley Northbrook, IL 60062

Professional Transportation Partners............................................508

Burt Newman

QuikQ LLC ...................................... 308

Ernie Betancourt

peakauto Old World Industries, one of North Americas largest suppliers of Professional Transportation Partners (PTP) is an independent truckstop marketing association that has been in trucking company marketing, incentive programs, vendor buying programs and an experienced sales staff as part of its overall strategy to bring more business to its members and increase their bottom line.

its patent pending software, QuikQ IFP software that allows a carrier to interface its enterprise software system directly sale system. By combining QuikQ IFP cardless fueling system installed at fuel centers nationwide, operators will see the future of fuel management.

to make BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Charge antifreeze/coolants available to operators. Old World is also the largest and only national windshield wash

Power Service Products ................ 129

Weatherford, TX 76086

PRS Inc. ......................................... 616

Ray Rowan

Randall-Reilly Publishing .............. 606

Robert Lake Power Service Products is Americas largest manufacturer of technologically advanced diesel fuel additives. Its

management and marketing reports directly to truckstops and travel plazas facts for each carrier purchasing diesel at the location makes it possible for operators to focus on the management and marketing strategies necessary to out more at booth 616.

engine performance improvement. operators buy Power Service, they are saying yes to American workers who take pride in their work.

information provider for the trucking industry. It owns over 65 web properties, magazines, trade shows, truckstop signage, data products and smart phone applications used

own the media products travel plaza customers use daily, Trucker Tools, Overdrive magazine, CCJ magazine and the Great American Trucking Show. They are especially proud of Truck Stops Express (TSE), the nations leading independent truckstop service organization. TSE can conduct work in truckstops for any NATSO vendor or truckstop chain.


January/February 2014


Separation by Design .................... 300

Cindy Zeller

Remedies LLC ................................ 613

Nancy Weinstein

S&D Coffee & Tea .......................... 408

Jim Edmonson Concord, NC 28027

Remedies LLC is a manufacturer of Help brand OTC medicine for every day common ailments made simple and less confusing. Help provides consumers with fun, affordable, great to keep in a purse, car, truck or

Separation By Design Inc. S&D Coffee is much more than just coffee. Its uncompromised quality, innovation, commitment and service. S&D is a manufacturer of coffees and teas. S&D has become a leader by partnering with customers to offer high quality coffees, innovative products and marketing expertise.

and dispensing equipment solutions.

remote aboveground tank capacities dispensers that interface with many

dyes or coatings. It makes great gifts.

Savory Fine Foods ......................... 713

P.O. Box 999 Navasota, TX 77868

Renewable Energy Group Inc. ....... 726

Julie Haverly Ames, IA 50010

Shell Lubricants ............................ 315

Stacey Schwoeppe 910 Louisiana Houston, TX 77002 Savory Saltine SeasoningMake It On The Go. This is the new taste sensation that is sweeping the nation.

renewableenergygroup Renewable Energy Group is a leading North American biodiesel producer with a nationwide distribution and value chain model, Renewable Energy Group is focused on converting natural fats, oils and greases into advanced biofuels. With more than 225 million gallons of owned/operated annual across the country, REG is a proven biodiesel partner in the distillate marketplace.

garden dill and Texas chipolte. Its Saltine Seasoning turns an ordinary saltine cracker into an amazing and

Shell Rotella products are designed to meet the challenges associated with the harsh environment faced by truckers everywhere. Travel plaza operators can offer their customers protection with the full line of Shell Lubricants and Coolants. Learn more about the Shell Portfolio and marketing programs available for truckstop operators at




SKWOOSH ...................................... 106
Bob Dolan 200 Sutton St., Suite 226 to be one of the biggest closeout and importers of sock, winter apparel and working gloves in the Midwest. Bringing in great quality items at inexpensive wholesale cost for the retailers. There is no minimum order.

Sunshine Electronic Display Corp. ..... 133

Mark Allaman

Store Chek Systems ...................... 509

Jeff Rivera 901 S.E. Oak St., Suite 202 Since 1972, Sunshine has been providing safe and reliable electronic signage to the fuel industry. Their LED Price Paks use only the best and lamp lives. They are bold and reliable. Sunshine signs are manufactured in the Store Chek Systems provides margins and promo programs available. information solutions for fuel desk, convenience and truckers stores and restaurants. It includes hardware and and factory in St. Joseph, Mo.

Drive longer with relief from pain and pressure relieving gel insures maximum

Tell Industries ................................ 806

Tell Wood 6255 N. Hydraulic Ave.

Smokey Mountain Snuff ................ 619

Richard Hunsberger 668 Ziegler Lane Waco, TX 76708 with other leading POS systems, store vendors and accounting systems.

Tell Industries is the leading supplier

Smokey Mountain Snuff is Americas free moist snuff product, featuring All products are 100 percent sales

Sun Sales Distribution................... 709

Randy Jick 25 Flores Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

and Canada.

The Truckers Friend National Truck Stop Directory ....... 618

Robert de Vos

com,, www. and www. Sun Sales is a national distributor/ rep organization that specializes in the truck/travel industries. They sell In print and online, The Trucker's travel plaza operators. Locations can the industry leaders. All items they sell include freight, net terms. They are the truck/travel centers best choice for stores or advertising their services online. Operators can use data from The Truckers Friend to help plan their network expansion. The Truckers

Socks Galore Wholesale................ 322

Chris Toma and Mark Reder

Socks Galore was founded in 1989, a


January/February 2014


data provider and powers Rand McNallys GPS devices.

Truck Paper/ ...... 402

Rayna McLaughlin 120 W. Harvest Drive Lincoln, NE 68521

TVC Pro-Driver Inc......................... 317

TNT Sales Golden Inc. ................... 105

David Hoffman

truckpaperpub TNT Sales Co. of Wheat Ridge, Colo., has been in the business of supplying merchandise to travel centers, grocery stores, convenience stores and other retail venues nationwide since 1989. As national wholesale distributors, TNT is committed to providing operators and their customers with a full line of quality brand name merchandise and private or control label products in a timely manner. Truck Paper is known around the country as the No. 1 resource for buying and selling trucks and trailers. Each week Truck Paper to readers. The latest listings from thousands of dealers around the country are also available at www.

Offering the most comprehensive legal helps keep truckers on the road and is the only one to reward them with retirement income. Many services club memberships, small business services and retirement building opportunities. Visit www.tvcmatrix. com for details on the TVC family of products.

Truck Star Systems ....................... 101 Tropiceel Products Inc................... 113

Merrilyn Jovin Larry Jennings

Valvoline ........................................ 406

Gigi Roberts c/o Bobbi Brophy

TruckStarSystems Naturulz, remarkably different pain and Truck Star Systems is the elegant debate. Truck Star Systems has and driver services locations. Attendees can ask about these unique items and see the unexpected sales these products are already delivering within the truckstop environment.

and climate control features to parked trucks, integrating solar photovoltaics to offset the dependency on demand from the grid.

Valvolines dedication to innovative products and services, spearheaded by a tremendous investment in research and development, makes it the only brand that customers need. Valvoline products (greases, engine oils, chemicals, etc.) and programs help carriers extend drain intervals, reduce maintenance and improve productivity, while providing superior protection and lowering the cost of operation.




Venco Business Solutions ............. 323
Randy Cesco

Warren Rogers Associates Inc. ..... 117

William Jones

Yum! Brands Express .................... 706

Stefanie Rakes 7100 Corporate Drive vencobusinesssolutions Vencos founder, John Newberry, began the company providing jukeboxes and arcade games to facilities. His trademark has always been quality equipment, competitive pricing and needs changed, Newberry expanded premise music, offering the newest technologies to fast food restaurants, convenience stores and truckstops with ATMs and Air Machines. As pioneers in fuel system diagnostics, WRA has compiled an unmatched record of technical innovation and customer support. WRAs Continual Reconciliation detection compliance for complex tank systems with up to 100,000 gallons in capacity and over 2.7 million gallons in monthly throughput.

The companys restaurant brands global leaders of the chicken, pizza

owned restaurants and franchised or licensed restaurants and operations.

WEX Flint One ................................ 318

Ashley Wilks

Fleet One provides fuel cards and businesses and government agencies with vehicles. It offers fuel and maintenance purchasing controls, detailed reporting, online account management and many additional division of WEX Inc.


January/February 2014



Beaumont Products ....................... 409
Giveaway: your business card to enter. New Product Announcement: Well be featuring natural spray and solid air fresheners, assorted cleaners, pet products, hand sanitizer, hand soaps, sunscreens, lip balms and more. Show Special: Were offering a 20 percent discount on all of our open stock products, and a huge 50 percent discount on all of our displays. Dont miss out! Show Sample: Be sure to stop by to get your samples of our natural, odor eliminating air freshener, hand sanitizer

Hands On International LLC .......... 823

New Product Announcement: Many new additions! Whats hot? Our Hands On Fearless level 5 cut resistant and iTouch silicon grip gloves. Excellent sell through! Show Special: time to buy! Get up to 25 percent off

Hi-Way Distributing Corp. of America ...................................609

Giveaway: Sirius Satellite Radio subscription service. New Product Announcement:

Wild Wear Apparel and State Stuff souvenirs and gifts.

Show Special: Show Sample: enter to win a pair of our Hands On Fearless level 5 cut resistant gloves or iTouch silicon grip gloves! licensed gifts.

Nominate an Employee as a Truckstop Superhero

The travel plaza and truckstop industry serves as the concierge of the highway, providing safe, thoughtful and courteous hospitality to both truck drivers and four-wheel trafc. This hospitality frequently results in truckstop and travel plaza employees performing exceptional acts of kindness or courtesy. However, their heroic acts are seldom shared outside of their location. So! The NATSO Foundation created the Truckstop Superhero award to recognize those truckstop and travel plaza employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. But we need your help! Nominate a Truckstop Superhero today. When you know of, witness, or experience an exceptional act of kindness or courtesy by a travel plaza or truckstop employee, please take the time to nominate them at Your nomination will help publically recognize the industry employee for their act and help the individual employee take pride in their profession. Examples include a driver taken to the hospital or taking stranded customers home for the night. Superheros may also simply offer customer service that has a profound effect on the customers day.

For additional information, visit




NATSN ............................................ 613
New Product Announcement: Stop by to learn what the new NATSN VIP Plus Card can do to help bring new business while working to secure current business. Show Special: Sign up as a new NATSN member by Feb. 7 and you will receive the initial package for free.

Sun Sales Team ............................. 709

New Product Announcement: As seen on Shark Tank, FIBER FIX is 100 times stronger than duck tape. Learn more at Show Special: with order. Show Samples: Come by and ask for a sample. We have a lot to give away.

Show Special: New item allowances on display merchandising units. Show Sample: Products for trial are available at our booth.

Warren Rogers Associates Inc. ..... 117

Giveaway: A fresh New England lobster dinner (from Legal Sea Foods) delivered to your door. Dinner includes two lobsters and crab cakes, a quart of chowder and Boston cream pie.

Smokey Mountain Snuff ............... 619


Tropiceel Products Inc................... 113

Giveaway: which is the healthiest choice for chemical free. New Product Announcement: natural pain and wellness creams.

Socks Galore ................................. 322

Show Special: working gloves for 65 cents.


Have Teamed Up to Bring NATSO Members a Great Credit Card Processing Rate
NATSO has partnered with First Data Merchant Services to offer NATSO members a cost effective, competitive solution for processing credit card transactions. The program gives NATSO members group purchasing power through the association. That means signicantly reduced processing rates for those who participate. The NATSO/First Data program includes a cost+ rate structure with numerous reduced fees that include a $0 chargeback fee. To take advantage of this exceptional offer, contact Dan Hudson at (703) 398-5831 or

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: No chargeback fees Improved cash ow with quick access to funds from the bank of your choice Competitive cost+ rate structure Free online reporting and account information anywhere, anytime to easily manage your transaction data


January/February 2014



NEED MORE SUPPLIER RESOURCES? The product and services providers listed below are not joining us for the show but are active NATSO member suppliers.

Action Import Merchandise

Merchandise Mike Phillips 1201 W. N. North Carrier Pkwy., Suite 106 Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Donaldson Company Inc.

Howes Lubricator
Stephen Sikorsky 60 Ocean State Drive

Dunkin' Brands
Pam Gore

J. J. Keller & Associates

Stephanie Hallman

Blue Beacon Truck Washes

Trace Walker P.O. Box 856 Canton, MA 02021

FCTI Inc. Caribou Coffee Co.

Liva Wolf Sharen Saedi 1801 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1225 Century City, CA 90067

JC World Bell Wholesale Corp.

Chong Son Cha Hackensack, NJ 07601

Flint LOC
David Jacobs

JR Products
Brian Roba 9680 County Road

Clean Energy Fuels

Greg Roche

Fuelman Network
Sidi Brahim

LSI Industries Inc.

Vicki Rea 10000 Alliance Road




The McIntosh Group LLC
1850 South Boulder Ave., Suite 102

RSC Chemical Solutions

Dave Wholey 600 Radiator Road Indian Trail, NC 28079

Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association

Matt Hauser

Sbarro Pegasus TransTech

Dave Gleason

SUBWAY RINAlliance Inc.

Jeff Hove or Lisa Coffelt Allison Morrow


January/February 2014


*NATSO Show 2014 exhibitors or sponsors are listed in bold.


Diesel Pump Toppers I.C.E. Signs opticwash Randall-Reilly Publishing Co. LLC Sunshine Electronic Display Corp.


Comdata Crestmark Bank Fiscal Systems Ingram Entertainment Pegasus TransTech QuikQ LLC Store Chek Systems Warren Rogers Associates Inc.

Paragon Solutions

Comdata Donaldson Company Inc. Electronic Funds Source LLC (EFS) Fiscal Systems Flint LOC FPPF Chemical Co. Inc. Fuelman Network Gilbarco Veeder-Root Howes Lubricator Mobil Delvac QuikQ LLC Renewable Energy Group Inc. Warren Rogers Associates Inc. WEX Flint One


ANS Distributing B/A Products Co. Flint LOC Fort Product Solutions Gilbarco Veeder-Root JR Products KSG Distributing Inc. Leer Inc. LSI Industries Inc. Mobil Delvac SKWOOSH Venco Business Solutions

Gilbarco Veeder-Root


DAS Companies Inc. Ingram Entertainment KSG Distributing Inc. opticwash Tell Industries TNT Sales Golden Inc. Venco Business Solutions

Diesel Pump Toppers Electronic Funds Source LLC (EFS) JR Products The McIntosh Group LLC Paragon Solutions Inc. PRS Inc. TVC Pro-Driver Inc.

Comdata Crestmark Bank Electronic Funds Source LLC (EFS) FCTI Inc. Federated Insurance Fuelman Network Pegasus TransTech QuikQ LLC RINAlliance Inc. Venco Business Solutions WEX Flint One

AdvancePierre Foods Country Kitchen International DineEquity Inc. dba IHOP and Applebees Hormel Foods and Don Miguel Mexican Foods Huddle House Inc.


Albahealth LLC DAS Companies Inc. Hands On International LLC Hi-Way Distributing Corp. of America J & A Marketing KSG Distributing Inc. Lynco Products Inc. One Source Industries LLC Socks Galore Wholesale TNT Sales Golden Inc.

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS DAS Companies Inc. Hi-Way Distributing Corp. of America Ingram Entertainment KSG Distributing Inc. Mizco International Lynco Products Inc. Sun Sales Team Tell Industries LLC TNT Sales Golden Inc. Warren Rogers Associates Inc.


FireKing Security Group Fort Product Solutions Howes Lubricator Leer Inc. Lynco Products Mobil Delvac Power Service Products Separation By Design SKWOOSH Truck Star Systems

AdvancePierre Foods Bell Plantation Inc. Dunkin' Brands Eisenberg Sausage Co. Gourmet Gardens Hormel Foods and Don Miguel Mexican Foods Hunters Reserve Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corp. Savory Fine Foods Sbarro


Caribou Coffee Co. Dunkin' Brands Joe Coffee Presented By Paramount Roasters S&D Coffee & Tea


Airgas Specialty Products Inc. ANS Distributing Brenntag North America Inc. DAS Companies Inc. Gilbarco Veeder-Root PEAK Commercial & Industrial Separation By Design Valvoline

GENERAL TRAVEL PLAZA MERCHANDISE Action Import Merchandise Baldwin Filters Beaumont Products Inc. Blue Beacon Truck Washes DAS Companies Inc. 73

Warren Rogers Associates Inc.


Commercial Foodservice Repair Inc.


!"#$%"&'()"*+,-./*0"1/")+2/3"4(+"5,/526) )7')"6+,8.32("59(),:2+("-.)7"'" ;2+(,/'<.=23"'+).('/"()><2"6.2?


34/$415.0#2 @";<'52"A,9+",+32+ @"6.5C">,9+"3+./C ,-.#/01!#2 @"A,9+"&+2(7":'32" ""'+).('/"()><2" ""6.=='".("+2'3>"),"*,B

;.5C">,9+"('952(0"6.5C">,9+"),66./*("'/3" -')57">,9+"82+>",-/"6.=='"5+2').,/" 5,:2"),"<.&2B


*NATSO Show 2014 exhibitors or sponsors are listed in bold.


Gourmet Gardens Hands On International LLC Hi-Way Distributing Corp. of America Hunters Reserve J & A Marketing JC World Bell Wholesale Corp. KSG Distributing Inc. Lynco Products Inc. One Source Industries LLC SKWOOSH Socks Galore Wholesale Sun Sales Team TNT Sales Golden Inc.

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