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Excellent DC characteristics of HEMTs on semi-insulating silicon carbide substrate

S.Arulkumaran, T. Egawa, G. Zhao, H. Ishikawa and M.Umeno Research Center for Micro-structure Devices, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Gokiso-cho, showa-ku, Nagoya 466-8555, Japan. Fax: +81-52-735-5546, e-mail: arul001
Abstract: The epitaxial layers of Al,,,,Ga,,,,N/GaN were grown by MOCVD with a good

uniformity and carrier mobility of 1281 cmzNs at room temperature. High electron mobility transistor (HEMT) have been fabricated using AlGaNIGaN heterostructure on semi-insulating silicon carbide substrate. The fabricated 2 . 2 gate ~ length Al,,26Ga,, ,4N/GaN HEMTs exhibited high transconductance 287 mS/mm with high drain current density 857 mA/mm. HEMTs. The Al, ,,Ga, ,,/GaN layers were grown by atmospheric pressure MOCVD on This is the first report with highest transconductance so far achieved for 2.2pm gate length AlGaN/GaN

(0001)-oriented semi-insulating 4H-Sic substrates using the following growth conditions. The
device structure consists of 3 nm un-doped AlGaN barrier layer, 15 nm silicon doped AlGaN supply layer, 7 nm un-doped AlGaN spacer layer. 3000 nm insulating GaN (i-GaN) layer and a 200 nm AlN buffer on top of the S i c substrate. Aluminium content of the all AlGaN layers was 26%. The device isolation was accomplished by mesa dry etching down to the i-GaN by BC1, plasma reactive ion etching. The ohmic contact was performed by the deposition of a Ti/Al/Ti/Au (25/100/45/55 nm), which was subsequently alloyed at 770 O C for 60 s in N, atmosphere. The gate metals of Pd/Ti/Au (40/40/80 nm) were performed optically defined 2.2 pm, 3.0 pm and 5

vm long gates using optical lithography through conventional lift-off method. The DC
characteristics were measured in dark using HP4 145B semiconductor analyser. Good I,,-V,, characteristics (Figure 1) of a 2.2 p gate length and 15 pm gate width

HEMT, yielding a maximum current density of 867 mA/mm and a record extrinsic
transconductance of 287 mS/mm for the gate voltage of 0.2 V. From the transfer characteristics (figure 2), the observed maximum drain-source current density is 1100 mA/mm for the gate and drain voltage of 3.8 and 10 V. The I-V characteristic is noteworthy for its minimal current decrease at large dissipation levels due to self-heating. Owing to the excellent thermal conductivity of the S i c substrate, the current density decreases during the sweep (857 mA/mm to
833 mA/mm) by only 2.8 % when the drain bias is increases to 20 V.

The self-heating effect is

high for sapphire based device structures. In summary, we have demonstrated for the first time, high transconductance

Al,,,,Ga,,,,N/GaN based 2.2pm gate HEMTs with good I-V characteristics grown on semi-insulating S i c substrates. These HEMTs exhibited a high transconductance and drain current density of 287 mS/mm and 857 mA/mm, respectively. The fabricated high transconductance AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on semi-insulating S i c substrates will be very much suitable for high power and high frequency applications.



I l l AIGaNIGaN on SCSiC
I l l

LgxWg=2.2~15 p n

/ 7


-1.ov -1SV -2.ov 10


15 (v)

2 0





V G S (v)

Figure 1. IDs-Vmcharacteristics of HEMT for Lg/Wg=2.2/15 pm. V,, is + I .5 to

-3.0 V in steps of 0.5 V.

Figure 2. Transfer characteristics of HEMT for

Lg/Wg=2.2/15 pm.V,, is 2 to IO V
in steps of 2 V.