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THIS LEASE made this ____ day of ___________ 2007, by and

between Gregory J. and Delores E. Sexton, party of the first part,
hereinafter called Landlord; and Stacey Wahlert, party of the second
part, hereinafter called Tenant.

WITNESSETH: that the Landlord hereby lets to the Tenant and

the Tenant hereby takes from the Landlord the following described real
estate, to wit:

ALL that lot or parcel of land improved by Apartment 205, a

residential dwelling situate, lying and being in Piney Narrows
Subdivision, Fourth Election District of Queen Anne’s County, and
known as: 205 Swan Cove Lane, Chester, Maryland 21619.

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said premises unto the Tenant for
the period of twelve (12) months commencing on our about November 1,
2007, and terminating on or about October 31, 2008 payable in twelve
(12) monthly installments of One Thousand Fifty Dollars ($1,050.00)
each; the first installment payable upon the execution of this agreement
and on the 1st day of each and every succeeding month during the term
hereof and any extensions at residence of the Landlord at:
203 Swan Cove Lane, Chester, Maryland 21619,
or such other reasonable place as the Landlord may designate. The
original deposit of $1,050.00 will remain in escrow to satisfy any
damages that may occur during this lease.

The terms and conditions of this agreement are as follows.

1. That the Tenant shall pay the rent at the time specified herein
without deduction or demand. A $25.00 charge will be imposed
for any returned checks; a $25.00 late charge will be imposed for
rent paid five (5) days late.
2. That the Tenant shall pay all telephone, electric, heat and other
3. That the Landlord shall maintain the property in a tenantable
condition. The Tenant shall not call upon the Landlord for
any disbursements or outlays during the term of this lease, excepting
only such major repairs as may be necessary to preserve the property in
a tenantable condition and which would be required as a result of causes
other than the neglect or misuse of the Tenant.

4. That the Tenant shall use the premises as a single family

residence and for no other purpose whatsoever and he shall not use or
allow said premises or any part hereof to be used for any unlawful
purpose or in a noisy, boisterous or offensive manner.

5. That the Tenant shall not transfer or assign this Lease or let
or sublet the whole or any part of said premises without first obtaining
the written consent of the Landlord, which consent may be withheld for
any reason by the Landlord in his sole discretion.

6. That the Tenant shall keep said premises neat and in good
order and condition and surrender the same at the expiration of the
term hereof in the same order in which they are received, usual wear
and tear excepted.

7. That the Tenant shall give the Landlord prompt notice of

any defects or breakage in the structure, equipment or fixtures on said
premises, and if said damage, other than ordinary wear and tear, is the
result of their neglect or misuse, they shall make repairs and
replacements equal in quality to the original construction or installation.

8. That the Tenant shall allow the Landlord access to said

premises at reasonable times for the purpose of inspection; and in the
event of property damage, for the purpose of making repairs the
Landlord considers necessary or desirable.

9. That the Tenant shall not make any alterations or additions

to the structure, equipment, fixtures or grounds of said premises
without first obtaining a written consent from the Landlord which
consent may be unreasonably withheld, and all improvements made by
the Tenant shall belong to he Landlord at the end of this tenancy.
Approval by the Landlord of any plans or alterations shall constitute
compliance with this paragraph.

10. That the Tenant shall not allow any gasoline or other
combustibles to be kept on said premises, or permit or do anything that
would increase the rate of fire insurance on the improvements.

11. In case of fire or other destruction of the premises or any

part thereof, the Tenant shall give immediate notice thereof to the
Landlord, and if the damage is without the fault or negligence of the
tenant and is so extensive as to amount practically to the total
destruction of the premises, this Lease shall cease and the rent shall be
apportioned to the time of the damage. In all other cases where the
premises are partially damaged by fire or other casualty without the
fault or negligence of the Tenant, the Landlord shall repair the damage
with reasonable dispatch, and if the damage has rendered the property
untenantable in part, there shall be an apportionment of the rent until
the damage has been repaired. In determining what constitutes
reasonable dispatch, consideration shall be given to delays caused by
strikes, adjustments of insurance with the insurers and mortgages, and
other causes beyond the control of the Landlord.

12. Upon the breach of any covenant or condition herein or the

failure to pay rent promptly when due, the Landlord, in addition to any
other legal or equitable remedies available to him is entitled to
immediate possession of said premises and the Tenant hereby waives
any notice or exemption which he may be otherwise entitled to by law.

13. The Tenant shall pay Court costs and reasonable attorneys’
fees in the event it becomes necessary for the Landlord, or his heirs and
assigns, to incur the same in connection with obtaining possession of the
premises or the enforcement of any covenant or agreement herein,
through legal proceedings or otherwise, and whether or not such
proceedings, if any, are prosecuted to final judgment.

14. The parties represent to each other that there are no

brokers’ or other fees or commissions payable to any person by reason
of this Lease.

Utilities & Miscellaneous

15. Electricity (Delmarva Power) will be the responsibility of

the Tenant. Water is currently being provided by our well. Should

County water be brought to Kent Island and made available here, a
monthly charge will be assessed to you and you will be advised of the

16. Outside storage will require approval of the Landlord.

17. Appliance repair will be the responsibility of the Tenant and

Landlord, based on the case per the appliance service company’s
opinion of needed repair.

18. Sound system (i.e., Hi-Fi, stereo, TV) need to be kept at a

reasonable level of volume.

19. Tenant is responsible for any water damage to their

personal property and the cost of insurance for same.

20. If during the term of this Lease Tenant purchases a home,

Tenant may give Landlord sixty (60) days notice of early termination.

IT IS UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED that the conditions and

covenants contained herein are binding on and may be legally enforced
by the parties hereto, their respective personal representatives, heirs,
successors and assigns, and that no waiver of any breach of any
condition or covenant contained herein shall be construed to be a

waiver of that condition or covenant or of any subsequent breach
thereof, or of any other conditions and covenants contained in this

WITNESS the hands and seals of the parties hereto in duplicate.

______________________ ___________________________(SEAL)
Witness Landlord

______________________ ___________________________(SEAL)
Witness Landlord

______________________ ___________________________(SEAL)
Witness Stacey Wahlert, Tenant