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Shepherd of the Pines Lutheran Church

1950 125th Street NW Rice, MN 56367 Phone: 393-4295 Pastors Home/Study Phone: 320-363-1323 Email: Church Website:

February 2014

Greetings, We have a month behind us now already in this new year and we survived some of the coldest weather in almost 20 years. If you are like most folks, life seems to be filled with so much. This month of February includes alentines !ay, "residents !ay, and so much more. #alcolm #uggeridge said$ %&very ha''ening, great and small, is a 'arable whereby God s'eaks to us, and the act of life is to get the message.( That is a good )uote to kee' in mind each day. *ur God through the 'resence of the +oly ,'irit is 'ersonally involved with us each day. This is made 'ossible through the suffering, death, and resurrection of -esus .hrist. %It/s so easy for us to muddle through the day taking actual notice of very little. We/re in conversations where we don/t really listen very well0 we read news'a'er articles, watch movies and read novels that we can/t remember well enough to share with friends0 we even sometimes fail to hear another 'erson/s cries for hel' because we/re so self1absorbed. In all these things, our greatest failing is that we miss out on God/s attem'ts to get our attention. 2ife is one long adventure in learning 3 learning about ourselves, and learning that true 4oy and security come from knowing God. 5o e6'erience is without 'ur'ose in our s'iritual 4ourney. *ur struggles, our laughter, and our 'ain can all be fruitful so long as we are willing to listen to God/s message within each moment.( 7s we take time to listen, the 2ord will get through to us and we will find 'eace in +is messages. We will also more fully e6'erience +is love for us. God bless you,

oint !oard o" #ay $inistry/E%ecuti&e $inistry 'eam $eetin(

Pending Approval Minutes January 16, 2014

BOLM members present: Brad Jasmer, Brent Betker, Juli Popp, Keith Hackett, Ja #rdmann, $a ne Johnson and Pastor Bob. Properties: %on Bulthius absent. #M& members: Maria &raut and Brenda Hackett. 'bsent Michelle Motchke. Keith Hackett called the meetin( to order at ):**pm. Pastor Bob opened +ith pra er. Brad Jasmer read the mission statement. Pastor Bob presented an o,er,ie+ o- the !imple .hurch.

!aldana, Keith Peterson, "eb

'reasurers re)ort +as re,ie+ed. Brad Jasmer made a motion to accept the report -ollo+ed b a second -rom Keith Peterson. Motion carried Pro)erties: /o report. E$' *e)orts: Worshi) 'eam: Michelle Motchke +as absent but Brenda Hackett reported that the musicians had some concerns about one or t+o ser,ices -or the summer. "iscussion +as had on the subject. &he board looked back at past attendance records. &his +ill be looked into -urther and +ill possibl ha,e a meetin( to decide +hat is best -or the church. Small +rou): Brenda Hackett &his ear the !unda school mission project is donatin( mone to M lee !capanski. Our pra ers (o out to her and her -amil +hile the +ait -or a ne+ heart -or M lee. 0rom !eptember 1 /o,ember the !unda kids raised 234*.** +hich +as (i,en to the !capanski -amil at M lee5s bene-it. !unda school attendance is do+n -rom +here it +as be-ore the holida s. "a,e %amse 6s -inancial class has started and is (oin( ,er +ell. Lookin( to start up ne+ small (roup studies. 7- ou ha,e an topics or ideas in mind please contact Brenda. "iscussion +as held on reachin( the oun(er (eneration. Possibl needin( to ha,e child care a,ailable. Mark our calendars89B! +ill be June :1;3th Ser&ice 'eam: Maria &raut &he -irst ser,ant e,ent -or Place o- Hope +as held in /o,ember and the ne<t one +ill be !aturda March ; st. 7ou are interested in ,olunteerin( contact Bonnie Loidolt or Lu'nn Le(att. !omeone contacted Maria about a ministerin( e,ent at nursin( homes. More in-ormation ma -ollo+. &he !er,ice team is in the process o- creatin( a $elcome sheet =uestionnaire that +ill be handed out durin( /e+ Member .lass. &his +ould be in addition to the .are > !hare talent sheet that the currentl recei,e. &he !er,ice team is still in the plannin( sta(es o- hostin( a job -air. &his e,ent +ould (i,e people in-ormation on thin(s such as8$hat does it mean to be an usher, projectionist, (reeter etc. Januar 6s nois o--erin( +ill be (oin( to Hands o- Hope.

#on( *an(e Plannin( 'eam: &alkin( +ith oun(er people to see +hat their needs are. &r in( to spark an interest in all a(e (roups. .losed joint meetin( pra er -rom $a ne Johnson8#M& e<cused. #lections +ere held -or .hairman89ice .hairman and !ecretar . ' slate o- nominees +as created. Brad Jasmer -or .hairman, Brent Betker -or 9ice .hairman and "eb #rdmann -or !ecretar . Motion +as made b Ja and seconded b $a ne to cease nominations. Motion carried. $elcome to our ne+ BOLM o--icers -or 3*;?. Secretarys re)ort, !ecretar 6s report +as read b "eb. Motion +as made b Keith Hackett and seconded b Ja to accept the minutes as read. Motion carried. -ld !usiness: &he Missouri ! nod hi(h recommends that !hepherd o- the Pines adopt a polic statement about our church5s belie-s on marria(e. Ja !aldana made a motion to adopt the Missouri ! nod6s recommended polic on marria(e -ollo+ed b a second -rom Brent. Motion carried. .e/ !usiness: "eb created the ne+ $orship schedule -or 3*;?. 7t +as re,ie+ed throu(h 0ebruar 3@ rd. .emeter . Paul is +orkin( on the reAonin( o- the cemeter . &hat is the -irst step in purchasin( the propert . Pastor Bob recei,ed a re=uest -or -unds -rom Outpost Ministries. 0unds +ere (i,en to them in June so at this time the BOLM -elt the +ould +ait on this re=uest. &he church +ill be recei,in( a rebate credit in the amount o- 2@3B.:; -rom #ast .entral #lectric. &his is -rom sales ta< +e paid and the church is a non1pro-it or(aniAation. Li-e &ouch Pictures has contacted the church. &he +ould like to come and take -amil pictures o- e,er one in the con(re(ation. &he +ould then make a director book that +ould be -ree to an one that had their pictures taken. 'dditional photos ma be purchased also. &he board +ants to make sure there is an interest so this +ill be brou(ht up to the con(re(ation on !unda . .all committee. &he board is lookin( at -ormin( a call committee. Much discussion +as had and the board decided to pra on this -or a month. /e<t BOLM meetin( +ill be &hursda 0ebruar 3*th. Pastors Comments, &here +ere ;@ children that attended the ;st .ommunion class. communion class. /e+ member classes +ill be on March 3Bth and 'pril ;3th. #eaders Comments, ' thank ou card +as read -rom Pastor Bob thankin( the con(re(ation -or all his +onder-ul (i-ts that +ere (i,en to him this .hristmas. Ja made a motion to adjourn the meetin( and Juli seconded it. Motion carried. Meetin( adjourned at ;*:33pm. Brad closed +ith pra er. %espect-ull submitted b "eb #rdmann, !ecretar &he +ill recei,e their ; st .ommunion on 0ebruar B th. &here are 3@ kids attendin(

free will offering. "e appreciate all you do in helping us strengthen and support the faith walk of our Youth Group.
We have been praying f r !r ch!rch fa"i#y each $ee% a& $e g thr !gh !r ch!rch 'irect ry fr " ( t )* (& y ! g ab !t y !r 'ai#y ta&%& #ift a prayer f r the fa"i#y f the $ee% a& the + r' bring& the" t "in'* ,n -ebr!ary $e $i## be praying f r. February 2 0 !ue > Harr Monnier

February 1 0 "a,e Monta(ue February 12 0 Br on > Michelle Motschke .hildren: Breanna > "e,in February 23 0 Heidi MoulAol.hildren: "aniel, Brad > Brian

PLACE OF HOPE SERVICE EVENT! Saturday, March 1st, we wi !"ce a#ai" $e c!!%i"# a"d ser&i"# su''er at P ace !( H!'e i" St) C !ud) P ease *!i" us (!r a H! y S'irit (i ed a(ter"!!"+e&e"i"# , a" !''!rtu"ity t! !&e a"d ser&e, t! $e -esus. ha"ds a"d (eet t! th!se wh! are i" "eed !( a war/ /ea a"d (e !wshi') 0e wa"t t! %"!w wh! w!u d $e i"terested i" he 'i"#,,this ti/e !r i" the (uture) I" the e&e"t that we ha&e /!re i"terest tha" '!siti!"s (!r this e&e"t, we are 'rayi"# t! esta$ ish tea/s (!r (uture /ea s, !" a" !"#!i"# $asis) P ease si#" u' !" the sheet !" the c!u"ter i" the "arthe1 t! i"dicate y!ur desire t! ser&e) A"y 2uesti!"s3 C!"tact LuA"" Le#att 456,578,7794 !r Sa"die Resch 456,496,:794

The youth group is off to a glorious start!! We have such good attendance each week and are enjoying the fellowship and friendship within our group. We have picked ditches for the Rice area Lions Club and ports!ans Clubs. We appreciate the! allowing us this opportunity! o!e of the teens took in a "ewsboys concert in #ctober as well. This year we have i!ple!ented a Wednesday evening $Chat "ight% once each !onth. The activities that we do vary but it is an e&tra chance to bond and share in the love of the Lord. 'n "ove!ber( we had a pi))a night and just spent ti!e catching up with each other and sharing things going on in our lives. 'n *ece!ber( we went to +lace of ,ope and helped the children with the Christ!as hopping event. 'n -anuary( we got together at church for a ga!e night. We are also preparing for .c/uire the 0ire which !akes dra!atic changes in the lives of our teens each ti!e we attend. We have 12 teens 3 4th grade through seniors going this year and about 56 chaperones. This event will be on 7arch 85988! We have been selling calendars and clothing to help pave our way financially for the event. We will also be doing the weethearts :reakfast on 0ebruary 5;th as we have in the past. We greatly appreciate the love and support that this church fa!ily continues to give us. top by the youth group roo! anyti!e<<.so!e .7.='"> people hang out there and you are !ore than welco!e to co!e to visit. We cherish each of you! >od bless you this wintery winter!! *eb +opp and heri *ouvier

The Youth Group invites you to a Sweethearts' Breakfast to celebrate the ones you loveand let us do the cooking. The breakfast will be on February !th between services. "e will be serving pancakes with strawberries# sausages and fresh fruit. $t will be a

FEBRUARY NOISY OFFERING! On Sunday, February 16th, we will be taking up our Noisy Offering for The SOTP Ministry providing eals for Pla!e of "ope# Thank you for your generous !ontributions$

Wednesday Sou) Su))er5s /ill other/ise not continue durin( the #enten season this year7 a"ter :sh Wednesday7 /ithout &olunteers= See the si(n u) sheet in the church lobby "or more details= 'han6 >ou==

RICE AREA FOOD SHELF February distribution is T ursday! February "t ! #$%%&'$#%() at t e O*d +i**a,e Ha**
Pastor Bob & Carol will be away on vacation February 27th through March 6th. If you need pastoral care during this time, please call Pastor Tim Rehwaldt at 320-968-6400 or call the SOTP church office at 393-4295.

4" /e5d li6e to 6ee) the tradition o" S-'P #enten Sou) Su))er ni(ht7 ali&e and "lourishin(7 /e /ill need 8-#9.'EE*S to "ill the remainin( dates throu(h #ent: $arch 12th7 11th7 22th7 :)ril 2nd ; 1th, 8olunteers should si(n u) on the sheet in the church lobby, We need a Ser&in( #eader each /ee6 to coordinate all the &olunteers and initiate the set0u) ; clean0u), 'his /ould be a (reat o))ortunity "or small bible study (rou)s7 "riends or ministries to ser&e their brothers ; sisters to(ether7 and the donations collected "rom your ni(ht o" ser&in( can (o to the ministry o" your nomination, Each /ee6 /e /ill need 3 &olunteers to ma6e a croc60)ot o" sou) each7 3 &olunteers to brin( the in(redients needed "or sand/iches to "eed a cro/d o" 300<0 )eo)le and one o" those &olunteers to be Ser&in( #eader, 'he

8lessings 7ll9 7s we 're'are to enter the month of love, I look into my own heart and see what needs hel'. +ave I loved others the way God wants me to: !id I hel' out when I felt a urge from God: !id I get into +is word and try to a''ly it to my life: 7nd then there is the )uestion of being a ' I the 'arent God wants me to be, or the s'ouse: *h what hard )uestions to ask myself. *n days I fail, on other days I think I do okay. I do know that being in +is word is a big force to have on my side when the chi's are down. God gave +is only son because +e loved us so much....Wow99 ,'iritual inventory should be a daily thing, how are you doing on your 4ourney: #y team and I have begun looking at 8, themes99 We are so e6cited and look forward to working with the community churches again this year. We have set -une ;th1<2th for the week of 8,. It runs from ,unday night to Thursday night. 7gain this year we will be looking for lots of hel'ing hands, leaders, food, and 'rayer99 Watch the announcements if you would like to bring smiles to children9 ,mall Grou' study has ke't moving forward. !eb "o'' com'leted her study =.rave= and "astor 8ob > .arol com'leted their study with cou'les. ?ight now we have a financial study going on led by ?on > 8arb #c@eeverAs daughter !awn. Tuesday night ladies is doing the study =Twisted= from ?ight 5ow #edia, 2ois "erleberg is hard at her Wednesday morning study, and the #onday night study is still going. If anyone would like to 4oin one of these or begin one of your own, 'lease feel free to talk to me so I can be of any hel' you may need. 8ruce ?esch will also start a study this month9 Watch for the title and time in the bulletin. I want to thank all the 'arents who have contributed to the ,unday ,chool "rogram. If you are a teacher, a listener, an office hel'er, the .hristmas 'rogram leader, or the 'arent making sure your child is there, we say thank you9 We would not have a 'rogram if it werenAt for you. Thank Bou, Thank Bou, Thank Bou9999 In closing, may God bless your heart, may +is face always shine on you, and may +is 'eace always surround you9 Thanks again to all of those who have given their time to teach small grou', teach the children, or lift us u' in 'rayer9 Bou are my blessing999 8renda +ackett ,mall Grou' Team 2eader

LENT BEGINS March 5 th!!

Please join our Youth Group for a delicious Soup Supper before the Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday, March 5 th at 5:30 p.m.

Good Friday Service April 18th, 6:30pm

Easter Sunday Services April 20th, 6:00am, 8:00am, 10:30am

The season of Lent is a time for us to face together the brokenness of our lives and our world, and then turn that brokenness over to Christ so that we can be restored by Him through the cross. Ash Wednesday March 5th 5:30 - 6:15 pm Free will offering Soup Supper prepared by our Youth Group 6:30 - 7:15 pm Ash Wednesday Service Lenten Suppers 5:30 - 6:15 pm Free will offering Soup suppers immediately preceding Lenten services IF we have volunteers--Check Sunday bulletins Lenten Services - 6:30pm March 12th, 19th, 26th, April 2nd, 9th Maundy Thursday Service with Holy Communion April 17th, 6:30pm

'hri&ent Presents Free Estate Plannin( Seminars in February .arl le Olsen, &hri,ent 0inancial 'ssociate, +ill be presentin( Basic #state plannin( seminars. &he seminars +ill be e<plorin( $ills, &rusts, Po+er o- 'ttorne , Healthcare "irecti,es, burial insurance, rollo,ers, bene-iciar desi(nations, PO", &O", estate ta< basics, best +a s to trans-er real estate, lon(1term care plannin(, and ho+ to keep the -arm in the -amil . !eminars +ill be held at the Little 0alls !enior .enter, 4;* )th !t /#, on &uesda , 0ebruar ?, ;;, ;:, and 34, -rom 3:** pm to @:** pm, and -rom 4:** pm to C:** pm. 0or more in-ormation, call .arl le at C@31;C44.

Ho- do I be.o)e a )e)ber o/ SOT01 2e o//er )e)bers i( .*asses to t ose - o -ou*d *i3e to be.o)e )e)bers o/ S e( erd o/ t e 0ines and 4oin us on our 4ourney -it 5esus6 The !lass !onsists of two Saturday sessions% Mar!h &'th and (pril 1&th , ea!h !lass will be )%*+a to 1&%*+p with a brun!h in!luded# Please sign up on the sheet on the counter in the church lobby so we can plan for

food and materials. Our goal is to help ea!h person take steps into ,od-s good plan and to dis!over and live out ,od-s wonderful purposes for their lives# .f you have any /uestions !onta!t Pastor 0ob at *'*12&'3

February ! February 1& February 23

/on & Barb .c,ee0er 1im & 2inda *eutz Brent & Jenni-er Betker

FE;R<AR= CO<NTERS Linda Dirks, Deb Erdmann, Curt Kvamme

0!rshi' She'herds
February 2 February 9 Keith Hackett Brad Jasmer
3- it i your turn to er0e -ello' hi45 4lea e brin$ ome treat to hare and arri0e early to hel4 et u46 3your name i -ir t on the li t5 4lea e arri0e 30 minute 4rior to the 8:00am er0ice to make co--ee6 1he direction -or makin$ co--ee are 4o ted on the bulletin board in the kitchen6 (hen you er0e -ello' hi45 4lea e 4lan on er0in$ co--ee and treat and cleanin$ u4 the kitchen a-ter the -ir t er0ice6 1he other er0in$ 'ith you 'ould a44reciate it7

February 16 Deb Erdmann February 23 Brent Betker

February 2 February ! February 1& February 23

8:00am 10:30am 8:00am 10:30am

Brian & Heather Statz John & Gloria Hendrick on Jordie Stay & "eb #rdmann Geor$e & %ara Free e


2 * DJ Janski+ D, 'er#eber-+ ", '$..+ %, "$nnier+ %, /rick0

February 9 * 1, 1e-att+ 2, 1$id$#t+ 2, Freese+ D, 1eahy+ !, K#a.hake February 16 * B, Jasmer+ ', !$#.h+ K, "erten+ D, K$e.+ /, 2erads February 23 * ", 1attimer+ %, !ichter+ B, E##e s$n+ K, E##e s$n+ (, '$.. February 2 8 Gene i 22:1818

8:00am Bonnie Gott'alt & %haryl (alber$ 10:30am (ayne & %olleen )eter on 8:00am 10:30am %harlie & *ancy +nder on ,eith & ,athy %ra-t

February 2

8:00am 10:30am 8:00am 10:30am 8:00am 10:30am 8:00am 10:30am

Je !amey "e#issa Hinderschied J$rdie %tay &ara Freese 'au# (schida Karen E##e s$n !ichae# )einand !ebecca E##i$tt

February ! 8

Jame 9:10 .atthe' 11:28830

February 9

February 1& 8 /oman 12:182 #4he ian 2:10 February 23 8 Hebre' 12::811 .atthe' 2&:3189&

February 16

February 23

>- -a"s%i, >e$ Erd/a"", Li"da O/a"", -!a" Ra/ey

February 2

Scott & )e$ .anea

February 2 8:00am /#ec %trandber10:30am Denise 1eahy 8:00am Dennis /rnts$n 10:30am 5$ah E##e s$n 8:00am "ike 1attimer 10:30am (risten /schenbrenner 8:00am ($ny 3mann 10:30am Ky#e Hem.#e

February 9

February 16

February 23

.-.P*-F4' -*+, 9,S, P-S':+E P:4? *4CE7 $. PE*$4' .-, 32

%#&D%/ !#%97.#! %#ED#!&#"

Jesus Loves...

!ob 'rin6lein7 Pastor Church Phone: @B@1?3B4 Pastors Home Study: @3*1@C@1;@3@ Email: Church Website: & tp"ini&trie&*c " S-'P !-:*? -F #:> $4.4S'*>/E#?E*S Brent Betker, 9ice1President 4:?1:;)*, "eb #rdmann, !ec. @B@1?3)B, Keith Hackett @B@1?4@;, Brad Jasmer, President 4:?14):4, $a ne Johnson 34@1B*3*, Juli Popp, &reas. @B@1@@4@, Ja !aldana @B@13)B3, Keith Peterson 3B31?**) %on Bulthuis, .hurch Properties 34@1?C3@ E@EC9'48E $4.4S'*> 'E:$ Brenda Hackett 1 !mall Froup &eam Leader, Michelle Motschke 1 $orship &eam Leader, Maria &raut 1 !er,ice &eam Leader
,n ca&e f ch!rch cance##ati n '!e t ba' $eather #i&ten t , 9/ 012N3R4 9/*1, S5,R,3 92*9, 60+7 104*7, W81N 1240, r ca## the ch!rch ffice an' #i&ten t the "e&&age*

She)herd o" the Pines $ission Statement: Connectin( Peo)le to +odA'o -thersAand 'o Ser&ice &he purpose o- this con(re(ation is mandated -or us b our Lord and !a,ior, Jesus .hrist, as -ound in the +ords o- the Freat .ommission GMatthe+ 3:H, namel -irst o- all to Fo. &o lea,e our +alls o- re-u(e, (oin( into all the +orld, comprisin( o- our -amilies and nei(hbors. $e plan to achie,e our purpose b identi- in( persons +ith +hom +e are particularl +ell1e=uipped to ser,e and reach +ith the challen(e o- becomin( "isciples o- .hrist. !econd, to Make "isciples or in the +ords o- !t Paul, I&o e=uip the saintsJ G#phesians ?:;3H. &his is to be understood as helpin( people to li,e the .hristian li-e here on earth. Preparin( and encoura(in( oun( and old alike to -ind and to use their Fod (i,en (i-ts and abilities -or the e<tension o- His Kin(dom, and to (ro+ in -er,ent lo,e -or Fod and -or others. &hirdl , to BaptiAe as commanded b Jesus Himsel-. 's Fod reaches do+n to mankind +ith His means o- (race, He +ould ha,e us baptiAe His people, brin(in( them into His -amil and Kin(dom, (rantin( to them li-e, -or(i,eness o- sins, and eternal sal,ation. 'nd lastl , to continue stead-ast in His $ord, &eachin( them to obser,e all thin(s +hatsoe,er 7 ha,e commanded ou. ' continued Aeal -or the stud o- His $ord, the Bible, is necessar -or the (ro+th o- an .hristian con(re(ation. &hus, the $ord o- Fod +ill be tau(ht and studied in -ull measure and His $ord shall be the rule and norm o- this con(re(ation6s -aith and li-e. &o that end, our e,er e--ort and ener( +ill be used in moti,atin(, trainin(, and puttin( to use our time, and talents and treasures to Make "isciples.