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@p- Nearest player to the command block @r-Random player in the world @a- All players

Arguments (The following arguments section was copied from http://www.minecraft...i/Command_Block


After using a target (@a) you can optionally use arguments. This is how you use the arguments: @<selector>[<argument>=<value>,<argument>=<value>]

Argument Function x - X coordinate for the search center. y - Y coordinate for the search center. z - Z coordinate for the search center. r - Maximum search radius. rm - Minimum search radius. m - A player's gamemode. c - Maximum players. l - Maximum level of players. lm - Minimum level of players.
Example: @p[x=1,y=30,z=26,r=10,rm=2,m=1,c=3,l=25,lm=3

Spoiler: Difficulty: This will allow you to change the difficulty whenever. Bare in mind this will not change the state of the GUI menu. Used like this: /difficulty 0 = peaceful /difficulty 1 = easy /difficulty 2 = normal /difficulty 3 = hard Spoiler: Spawnpoint This will change the spawnpoint of a specific player,This will not affect the server/world spawn.
It basically creates an invisible bed for a specified player: /spawnpoint <player> <x> <y> <z>

Spoiler: Gamerule Gamerule's are one of the most complicated command block commands. It allows basic game changes as used via but instead changes them ingame.


They are used like this: /gamerule <gamerule> <true/false> List of Gamerules: (I'm not sure if these are all of them)

/gamerule commandBlockOuput - This changes whether you want command to broadcast when it has been used /gamerule doFireTick - This changes whether or not fire should spread too flammable blocks. /gamerule doMobLoot -This changes whether or not mob's drop loot/items when killed. /gamerule doMobSpawning -This changes whether or not mobs should spawn naturally.Spawning mob out of dispensers should still work. /gamerule doTileDrops - This changes whether or not blocks drop as an entity when destroyed (does not work for paintings).This also works with explosions. /gamerule keepInventory - This changes whether or not you keep the items in your inventory after death.This will mean your inventory will not drop on the floor. /gamerule mobGriefing - This changes whether or not ENDERMAN and CREEPERS can modify blocks on explosions and when the enderman attempts to pickup a block Spoiler: Weather This allows you to change and toggle weather for certain amounts of time.This is used as shown below: /weather [clear | rain | thunder] <time> -This allows you to change the weather. -Clear - Clear sky no weather. -Rain - Rain no thunder. -Thunder - Rain and Thunder combined. NOTE: Risk of fire is high. -Toggledownfall - Switches rain from current state to opposite. For example the weather will change from clear to rain and from rain to clear.NOTE if there is thunder it will only toggle the rain and thunder WILL continue. Spoiler: Enchant(Tested But Doesnt seem to be working) This is where the tool or armour in you inventory is enchanted.NOTE:When I Tested it it didn't work. Command: /enchant [Player (for example @p)] [enchant code] [level] Find the enchantment code at: IT IS LOCATED ALONG THE SIDE OF THE ENCHANTMENTS Spoiler: Gamemode

This allows you to change a certain person to a specific gamemode.NOTE /gamemode 1 @a in a survival server can be dangerous.This is used as follows: /gamemode [Gamemode] [Variable selecting player]

Gamemodes: 0 = Survival 1 = Creative 2 = Adventure ALSO:

/defaultgamemode [Gamemode] - This will set a servers default gamemode. New players will start with selected gamemode

Spoiler: Give
The give command will give a certain player a certain item.It is used as follows: /give [player] [ID] - This will give specified playera certain item.

Find Data Values here: http://www.minecraft...i/Block_Numbers Spoiler: Kill Kills a specified person.Is used as shown below:
/kill [specified player/players] - It will then broadcast: Ouch,That looked like it hurt.

Spoiler: Publish No Information on the following command.


Spoiler: Say
Broadcasts a specific message into the text bar.The command is used as follows /say <message ...> [players] can also be used in the /say command as shown below /say Hi there @p. Welcome. This will Broadcast as : [@] Hi there [Closest player,NAME]. Welcome

Spoiler: Time
This will allow you ta either add or set the time to a certain time.It will do the following. /time set 0 This will simply set the time to 0 which is sunrise - it is out of 24000

/time add 1000 This will simply add 1 in game hour to the current time.

Spoiler: xp
This will add or subtract a specific amount of Experince to a player using the following command /xp <amount> [player] <amount> = - Amount can be justified as 3l which means 3 levels and or -3l which will subtract 3 levels. -Or it can be counted as Experince as in ORBS for example 500 adding 500 ORBS.

Spoiler: Other
-This command will broadcast the seed in the chat bar: /seed -This is the same as /say command but will look different.

/me <action ...>