1.- Fred can´ i check out / look for information on the internet. He doesn´t have a computer. 2.

- What time´s lunch? I´m hungry / thirsty 3.- it´s midnight / quarter let´s go to bed. 4.- My best friend is single / married. His wife is a wonderful person 5.- Sorry. I can´t go shopping with you. I´m rude / tired

Unemployed outgoing recreation guide same

6.- Tom and I are on the …… basketball team. 7.- Let´s go to the …. Center. 8.- I´m very ……. I have a lot of friends. 9.- My sister´s a tour ….. she can speak three languajes. 10.- Karen is actress but she´s…. right now.

14.- What do you do? a) Pleasure to meet you b) I´m a musician c) I´m hardworking 15.- what about pizza for lunch? a) Sounds good b) Me too c) Meet you there

mop a) on the phone 18.....I don´t … cooking every day.talk f) out with friends 23.My … always has lunch in the cafeteria Boss adult champion 28. She only likes comedies. I enjoy it Need want mand 29.listen d) the floor 21..singer c..do b) to music 19.bellperson 26.Is ten o´clock OK with you? a) I see b) tomorrow c) Of course 17..How often do you come here? Do you listen to that kind of music? So....16.Martin is the …… of a music magazine a.hang c) the Net 20....surf g) the dishes 24. what do you think of this place? Would you like to come? I have tickets for a concert tonight . Rarely often always 27....editor b.download e) information 22.tracey … watches action films.

cocinar todos los días. siempre tiene comida en la cafetería Jefe campeona adulta 28 -.. editor de b -. What kind of concert is it? It´s a jazz concert.. ¿Qué tipo de concierto es? Se trata de un concierto de jazz. cantante c -... mira las películas de acción. ¿Con qué frecuencia has venido aquí? ¿Escuchas ese tipo de música? Así que. Raramente A menudo Siempre 27 -. Bueno. de una revista de música a -. I fall a sleep when I listen to jazz Its great a coffe shop whit a DJ and R&B I love it Me too Once a week only you see I finish work late during the week 24 -... Me quedo dormido cuando escucho jazz . bellperson 26 -.I don’t´t know.. Ella sólo le gustan las comedias. Lo disfruto Necesitas querer mand 29 -. Yo no . Well not really. Mi .. no realmente. ¿qué te parece este lugar? ¿Quieres venir? Tengo entradas para un concierto esta noche Me don't't sé.. Martín es el ... Tracey .

.there are a lot of new…...foggy c.. Today..on b.behind ..above c. My sister´s son a.Su gran tienda de café pizca un DJ y R & B me encanta Yo también Una vez a la semana sólo ves acabo de trabajar 51.. Let´s have lunch outside..niece b..off 56.....It´s really….of c.. a.There´s my ….out b.cellings b..why aren´t there any paintings… the wait? a.the counch is …..I´m not working today it´s my day… a..foggy c.....buildings 55.52...warm b.between 53..uncle c.. downtown the library is my favorite a.next b. the two armchairs… a.chily 54.in front c.