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Focus on the Future Forum
Fires Up Congregation
Church Events
By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
• October 5 - Clergy Confer-
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. ence
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”
• October 10 - Blood Drive
With those words of Proverbs 3:5-6 Repaskey, participants in the “Focus on • October 10, 17 - Baptismal
ringing in their ears, about 60 members the Future Forum” heard a presentation
of our parish came together on Sunday, by Kristine Miller, a stewardship expert Instruction
September 20 to prayerfully discern retained by the church. Ms. Miller, for- • October 10 - Visioning Meet-
God’s vision for St. Paul’s. The key pur- mer director of stewardship and ing
pose of the session was to answer these planned giving for the diocese, gave a
important questions: detailed examination of St. Paul’s cir- • October 11- Speak Out
cumstances including trends in member- Against Hate Crimes, Blessing
• What is the mission of our church? ship (steady), attendance (steady) and of the Beasts
• What is our specific and unique call to pledged income (rising). The key take
ministry? home message was that while these re- • October 11 - Crop Walk
• How do we engage the resources of sults are not cause for “dancing in the • October 26 - Diocesan Con-
streets,” the numbers show a healthy
our congregation to accomplish our
congregation. In addition, many partici-
pants felt that while a driving force in
Following the 10 a.m. service and a our church is tradition and programs, the
wonderful lunch prepared by Debby
Pierce (thanks to Max, too) and Martie (Continued on page 12)


By Martie Repaskey, Sr. Warden
“All things come of thee and of thine own have we given thee.”
Each year, it seems inevitable that the Fall season brings to our minds a heightened awareness of all our blessings. We
see God’s abundant creation in the harvest of colorful crops, in the lush beauty of autumn leaves, and we pause to give
thanks on a special day of thanksgiving—a time when we reflect on all that God has given us. Commissioning all our var-
ied ministries at St. Paul’s recently brought in sharp focus the many people who share their gifts and talents with others,
within and without our walls. We are blessed with outstanding liturgical and pastoral leadership by our rector, our dea-
con and our minister of music. The resurgence of folks in our pews and choristers leading us once again with songs in wor-
ship and praise is yet another sign of the many ways we are blessed at St. Paul’s.
(Continued on page 12)
Blessing of the Beasts
Business and By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller

Professional On St. Francis Day, October 4,

beginning at 4 p.m., we will once
conclude with pizza and pop for
Women again have "The Blessing of the
Beasts." We will gather together Children of all ages, please bring
and introduce our beloved pets to your parents if possible, but your
By Barbara Richardson all who are assembled. We will pets for sure to the blessing and
then have a small service of celebration. Pets teach us about
Do you know the name of the architect thanksgiving commemorating the the unconditional love that is God
who designed the capitol of Michigan love and joy our pets bring in to and usually are a real part of the
and the capitol of Texas? Do you know our lives. We will bless them and family. To see a You Tube video
the name of the architect who designed then retire to the Merrifield Room on pets and unconditional love go
the Pontiac State Hospital and the Jack- for a presentation by the people to
son Prison? If you would like the answers, from Potter Park Zoo. They will watch?v=H17edn_RZoY. Obvi-
please join us October 13 for our dinner be bringing some more exotic ously, where food is involved,
and program, with speaker Valerie animals for us to pet, examine reservations are necessary. Call
Marrin from the Myers Archive Project and ask questions about. We will the parish office at 482-9454, or
and Michigan Capitol Tour Information sign up at the Church on Sunday.
Service. Dinner is served at 6 p.m. in the
Hill Room with the program immediately
after. Contact Debby Pierce for a dinner
reservation by October 11. Dinner is $8.
Parish Life Committee
All are welcome for this interesting and By Millie Ericson, Vestry Member
informative program.
Get ready for the Upcoming Sea- ter, starring our own Larry Clark
son of Events from the Parish Life as George Bailey, Lydia Rose as
Committee: Zuzu Bailey, and Rebecca Rose
as another of the Bailey children.
October 2 — Annual Pizza Party Date and details to be an-
and Game Night 6:30-8:30 p.m. nounced soon.
November — Visit from Rabbi January — Third annual “One
A Chance to Sandy Sasso (see information
elsewhere in this newsletter)
Book, Many Journey’s” Parish
wide Adult and Family Book
Speak Out December — Holiday Dinner Read. Watch for information
coming in October about this
Theater Outing to see the musical
against Hate version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” year’s titles.
at Lansing’s Starlight Dinner Thea-
By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon Weller Clergy Conference
On Sunday, October 11, beginning at 7 By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
p.m., St. Paul's will host a memorial ser-
vice in honor of Matthew Shepard. This Clergy of the parish will be at the will be at the Grand Hotel on
young man was murdered 11 years ago AMEN (All Michigan Episcopal Mackinac Island. This exquisite
for being gay. He has become a symbol Network) Conference on October hotel is owned by Dan and Ame-
for many of the extreme behavior that 5-8. This conference is for all lia Musser, who are Episcopalians
hate can cause people to exhibit. If you clergy in the four Dioceses in the and very supportive of the Church
would like to let your presence speak state of Michigan. Held every two and its work. They have given us
out against the excessive, sometimes vio- years, it gives an occasion for a wonderful rate that enables us
lent, action that hate can cause, please deacons, priests and bishops to to stay at the hotel. Should you
be present at the October 4 service. discuss common interests and need pastoral assistance during
problems across Diocesan this time, call the church office or
boundaries in ways that usually the Sr. or Jr. Wardens. Clergy
are not possible. This conference will be available if needed.
Red Cross Blood Drive
By Fred Junger
Our Red Cross Blood Drive will could not give blood because your hematocrit is low? Simply
be Saturday, October 10, put, your iron level (and thus, your red cell count) is below
from 8 a.m.-1:45 p.m. Our what the American Red Cross requires to safely give blood.
goal is to donate 50 pints of The good news is you may be able to replenish your supply of
blood, so we will need up 70 iron by eating more high-iron foods or by taking supplements.
donors. Please sign after our
Sunday services, or call the church during regular office Foods rich in iron include red meat, fish, poultry and liver.
hours at 482-9454 for your appointment. Other good sources of iron include iron-fortified cereals,
beans, raisins, prunes and multi-vitamins. Eating foods rich in Vi-
Additionally, we need volunteers to work at the church on tamin C will help your body absorb the iron you eat. Good
the day of the blood drive and to provide sandwiches for sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits, broccoli and tomatoes. It
the donors. You can also sign up after Sunday services to is also important to drink lots of extra water for several
help, or call the church office for an assignment. days before you donate blood to ensure you are well hy-
What does it mean if you have been told in the past that you

Visioning, Diocesan Style 10 Years Together

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller By Lyn Zynda, ECW President

In the same way St. Paul's is now involved in a visioning On September 15, 1999 Gordon Weller signed his
process to decide what we want to look like in the fu- employment contract with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.
ture, so is the Diocese. Visioning is always difficult be- In the ten years since he has married us, buried us,
cause you must gather the people. It is difficult to baptized, counseled and prayed for us and with us.
gather the people at the parish level for it means an- He has laughed and cried with us, blessed our gather-
other night of meeting at the church, so you can imagine ings, and even dressed in goofy costumes to entertain,
the difficulties compounded at the Diocesan level where amuse and teach our children.
mileage and numbers of people are so much greater. On Sunday, October 11 immediately following the 10
As an outgrowth of motions made and passed at last a.m. service we will have an opportunity to thank him
year's Diocesan Convention, it is beginning to happen. for his ministry, reminisce and wonder, “where have the
Two preliminary meetings have been scheduled. The years gone.”
first was September 19 at the Cathedral in Detroit. The
second is at St. Michael's in South Lansing on October Please join this Parish wide celebration of our Rector,
10. We will keep you apprised of the progress. Your friend and colleague. We ask you to bring an appe-
task is to remember that you are the Diocese and to tizer to share and pictures to display. If you have
keep the people and progress we make in your prayers questions, call Debby Pierce (485-5446) or me (485-
and consciousness. 3450).

Diocesan Convention
By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
This year's Diocesan Convention will be held in Lansing on October 23-24. It will be at the Causeway Bay Hotel (formerly
known as the Holiday Inn South). Portions of the Convention will be held Friday afternoon and evening while the Eucharist
and main business session will be held on Saturday. Attending a Diocesan Convention is always a good way to see the
Episcopal Church in action and how the will of God has the possibility of being done through the voices of His people.
If you are interested in learning what some of the issues might be, consider attending a caucus (for all area Church's dele-
gates and other interested parties) on Monday, October 12, at St. Paul's. If you would like to visit the convention, there
are always seats available for visitors/spectators. For more information, contact one of the clergy or one of your repre-
sentatives: Martie Repaskey, Stephanie VanKoevering, or Sally Lawrence.
St. Paul's News: The New Look, The New Benefit
By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
Many of you will be reading the St. Paul's News this month GC2009_SummaryofActions.pdf. It includes a list of reso-
online at If you are not already lutions arranged by their final status, including those to the
doing so, I invite you to the online version because it offers church's constitution, canons and the convention's rules of
so many more options. Pictures are in color and clearer order, and those referred to dioceses, committees, commis-
than in the printed copy. You can also adjust the text size. sion, agencies and boards or church center staff, as well as
Plus there are savings to be had, both financial and eco- a list of the appointments and elections made during the
logical: less paper used fewer dollars for postage. More- convention.
over, it is available immediately. Under the old system the
Post Office could hold the bulk mail for up to 72 hours (or The document notes that the convention office is reviewing
sometimes, as it seemed, longer) before mailing it. When the final language and final status of each resolution.
material is time sensitive, that makes things difficult. And, Once that process is complete, the Journal and updated
most of all, the online version will offer links to other web Constitution and Canons will be published as the final and
sites that can disseminate even more information to those official records of the 76th General Convention.
interested. Consider the topic I want to discuss this month: My synopsis of the Convention is that three things stand
The General Convention of July 8-17. out. The first is the Robinson issue residue. In that we have
On September 15, the October issue deadline, it is almost given the process suggested by the Windsor Report of
two months past and is old news. And yet, things that hap- 2003-2004 time to set in, we have indicated our desire to
pened there will have long lasting effects on our Church continue to be a part of the Anglican Communion. How-
and need to be understood. What follows is the opening ever we must be faithful to who we have said we are and
synopsis that is contained on Episcopal Life online. It can be where God is leading us. This has upset some, but they
found at were in the process of moving on and away already. They
need to be faithful to who they are.
The 76th General Convention, meeting in Anaheim, Cali-
fornia, July 8-17, acted on or referred every one of the Second, there is so much more that the Episcopal Church
419 resolutions it considered. Below is an unofficial, un- needs to consider to be more fully aware of the other
audited, abbreviated summary of some of the resolutions Godly issues and options out there.
passed by both the House of Bishops and the House of Third, we in this Diocese are blessed to have Bonnie
Deputies. ENS staff culled it from the General Convention Anderson, reelected president of the house of Deputies, as
Office's searchable legislative tracking at http:// a member of this diocese. We she speaks, she speaks as one of us and does so articulately.
Meanwhile, the church's General Convention office has Questions or comments, call me. Better yet, use this new
produced a 25-page summary of convention actions avail- tool and email me.
able at

Bishop’s Visit
The Rt. Rev. Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr.
If you are considering being bap-
tized or having your child bap-
will make his pastoral visitation to tized, be aware that instruction is a Fall and winter baptisms are now
St. Paul's on Sunday, November 15 prerequisite. The classes in this being scheduled. The first occasion
at both the 8 and 10 a.m. services. Baptismal Covenant Series are is All Saints Sunday, November 1,
Please mark this on your calendars being offered on the following 2009. The second is Sunday,
and make it a point to be present. Saturday mornings: October 10 Janurary10, 2010. If you have a
Because of the size of the Diocese and 17. They begin at 9:30 a.m. child whom you would like to have
(87+ parishes), the bishop only and last about two hours each. baptized or would like to be bap-
gets here every few years. This Nursery care can be provided if tized yourself, contact one of the
will be a welcome and celebrative needed. Please contact one of the clergy or the parish office.
occasion for us. clergy or the parish office if inter-
Financial Information as of August 31, 2009
By Julie Young

August completes 67 percent of the year. Pledge income in August was $16,195, bringing the year to date total to
$191,965, which is 61 percent of the budget. It appears that we are slightly behind year to date projections with pledge
revenue collection.
Operations for August had a net loss of $24,757, bringing the year to date loss to $122,464. Much of this can be attrib-
uted to building maintenance projects such as roof repair, sidewalk repair and updating the speaker system. Funds desig-
nated for this purpose have been used to pay for these repairs and improvements.
There were no transfers from the investment account into the operating account during the month of August.

Vestry Highlights
At its September 15 meeting, your Vestry: ⇒ New sound system in the Church complete and being
adjusted Sunday by Sunday.
• Shared the pleasure of one another's company over din- ⇒ Front Doors refinished and painting done.
ner. ⇒ Roof over Narthex complete.
• Discussed the implications for today of a book presented ⇒ New sound system in Merrifield Room incomplete.
by Fr. Weller, The Politics of Jesus - Rediscovering the true
• Received a report from Personnel Committee that a new
Revolutionary Nature of Jesus' Teachings and how they have
Nursery Attendant has not been selected.
been corrupted for devotions.
• Decided to move the Action plan meeting to September
• Approved the agenda with modification.
• Approved the August 18, 2009 minutes.
• Received a report on the Memorial Garden Plaque: not
• Received the End of August financial reports. A synopsis is ready, maybe by October.
contained elsewhere in this issue.
• Discussed our new Burmese congregation.
• Discussed the accounting procedures recommended by the
• Discussed the budgetary process for the 2010 budget.
• Re-activated the Vestry Calling model. The first call will be
• Approved a motion from the Finance Committee that man-
for the September 20 Visioning Forum.
dates counting be completed and deposited by Tuesday.
• Discussed the Diocesan Convention.
• Discussed "Desktop Banking."
• Appointed Martie Repaskey as our LAEP representative
• Received a report from the Stewardship Committee that
the process is on track. • Reviewed our Association with 4C's (Capitol Churches Coa-
lition Corporation).
• Received a report from Building and Grounds:
⇒ Concrete work complete. • Discussed Vestry Attendance Policy.
⇒ Parking lot treated and repainted. • Received Clergy Reports.
The 4Fs Group Programs
The Cloister Mosaic By Nancy Sheldon
By Jean Shawver Usually meets the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month. Exceptions
noted *due to Town Hall conflict)
A prominent treasure of this area is the compas-
sionately designed ceramic tile mosaic brought • 12:00 Eucharist, 12:30 Lunch ($4.00)
from the Vatican Workshop in Italy by Andrew • 1:00 Bible Study (Steve Lange) 1:15-2:00 Program
Majlia, a stained glass designer from Detroit.
The mosaic was given to Patrice [Van Vorhees] Anyone is invited who has time in the middle of the day!
by her father Jack MacGriff. She presented it to
This year, we will continue the study of the psalms for our Bible
the church as a loving tribute to her aunt Rita
Assiff, who died in 1981. The mosaic portrays
St. Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary, teach- • Oct. 12 - May Anaye, who works for St Vincent’s Catholic Charities,
ing and guiding her daughter as a young girl. will speak to us about her experiences as a Christian in Iraq.
The inscription is taken from John 20:29, "Happy • Oct. 26 - Sujatha Shankar will be coming to discuss her Hindu relig-
are those who have not seen yet believe." The ion and plans to share some Indian food with us.
figures of the two women are set in a dark- • Nov. 2 - A visit to the Hindu Temple Bharatiya in Haslett at 955
colored background with halos of aqua-green Haslett Road.
light behind their heads, the color symbolic of • Nov. 16 - Rabbi Sandy Sasso, a well known author (especially of
new life found in the words of God. The nurtur- children’s books) and a co-rabbi with her husband in Indianapolis,
ing tone of the mosaic radiates with a peaceful IN, will be a guest at St Paul’s for two days. During this time, she
and prayerful feeling of trust and guidance. It will speak to the 4F’s group about talking to our children and
masterfully illustrates the lesson of the inscription grandchildren about God.
urging followers of Christ to believe in the • Dec. 7 - We will continue our tradition of an annual Christmas cele-
power of faith. (From the St. Paul's Fine Arts bration with a special luncheon before a concert in the church. The
Guide.) Someko singers from Okemos High School will entertain us once
again, and our own Matt Nauss (a member of this talented group)
will be among them.

Rabbi Sandy Sasso is Coming!

By Martie Repaskey, Sr. Warden
Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, teachers, ministers, and all those of us
who love and value children will be stimulated and energized at the coming pres-
entation of Rabbi Sandy Sasso. Rabbi Sasso will be present at St. Paul’s on No-
vember 15-16, courtesy of the Shawver Fund for Special Programs. On Sunday,
November 15, she will meet with school-age children from St. Paul’s and a local
Jewish congregation on “Finding the Fruits of Peace.” Monday, November 16 will
find her gathering with the 4F’s at lunchtime. That evening, she will speak on the
topic, “Nurturing the Spiritual Imagination of Our Children.” Schuler Books will be
present on that Monday evening, offering Rabbi Sasso’s books for sale, with the
author available for signing.
As reported in last month’s St. Paul’s News, Rabbi Sasso has written and lectured
extensively on the discovery of the religious imagination in children. She was pro-
filed in the last several years in a PBS interview with Krista Tippett, noted spiritual
writer and commentator. Her passion for God and His children was evident in that
interview, and we at St. Paul’s await with excitement her presence among us!
Choir News
Welcome Back Choristers!
It’s great to have all of you back and singing on a regular basis. Below is the singing schedule for October and Novem-

Special Date to Remember:

Sunday, October 11 - England Parents’ meeting after church

Singing Schedule
Date Choirs

October 4 Cherubs; Boys’ and Grace; High School

October 11 High School; Chancel
October 18 High School; Chancel
October 25 High School; Chancel

November 1 Boys’ and Grace; High School; Chancel

November 8 High School; Chancel
November 15 High School; Chancel
November 22 High School; Chancel
November 29 High School; Chancel

Soprano Lucy Finkel to Perform

By Debbie McMartin Finkel
Former St. Paul’s chorister, Lucy Finkel, will give a recital at the Cook-DeWitt Center, Allendale Campus, Grand Valley
State University on Friday, October 16, 8 p.m.
Lucy received her Bachelor’s of Music degree from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids in 2005. She then con-
tinued her educational endeavors at New England Conservatory in Boston, receiving her Masters of Music degree in
2007. Recently Lucy was a finalist in Harlem Opera Theater's first Vocal Competition and is being honored as GVSU’s
Music Department 2009 Distinguished Alumna-in-Residence.
Lucy’s program will include works by Andre Previn, Libby Larsen, Georges Bizet, and Joaquin Turina. Her recital is open to
the public with free admission. For more information, please call (616) 331-3484 or visit
Mission and Outreach Activities
Where is Christ calling you to help others?
Sunday, October 4 November 8—22
• Youth Special Noisy Collection for Heifer • Thanksgiving Food Baskets
Saturday, October 10 Sunday, December 6
• Red Cross Blood Drive • Youth Special Noisy Collection for Outreach
Sunday, October 11 Thursday, December 24
• Youth Crop Walk • Layette “Gifts for the Christ Child”/Christian Services
Sunday, October 25 Ongoing:
• Heifer International Auction • Manna Sunday (first Sunday of the month, loose and dedi-
cated offerings for street ministry, bus tokens and work
October boots)
• Mitten Tree – Love Closet/Christian Services • Outreach Committee meeting (second Tuesday of the month)
• Heifer gift cards
Sunday, November 1 • Prayer quilts
• Youth Special Noisy Collection for Outreach • Cars, INC
• UTO Ingathering • Habitat
• Sudanese K-12 Education Scholarships
Tuesday, November 16
• Lansing Area Episcopal Projects (LAEP) meeting

Crop Hunger Walk 2009

Mitten Tree Has Sunday, October 11
Early Collection By The Rev. Deacon Bill Fineout
By The Rev. Deacon Bill Fineout The St. Paul’s youth group will once again participate in the Greater
Lansing Crop Hunger Walk, raising money to feed the hungry. “Crop
The St. Paul’s Mitten Tree, which usually Hunger Walks help children and families worldwide, and right here
graces the cloister during December, will in the U.S., to have food for today, while building for a better tomor-
be put up in October this year. Christian row. Each year some two million Crop Walkers, volunteers and spon-
Services needs the mittens, hats, gloves, sors put their hearts and soles in motion raising over $16 million per
etc., earlier in the year to properly pre- year to help end hunger and poverty around the world, and in their
pare children for cold weather. So own communities.” You, too, can be a part of that by donating to one
please adjust your giving and knitting of our youth walkers or by joining them in the walk. They will have a
schedule to accommodate our children in table set up in the Merrifield Room after a couple of the Sunday ser-
need of warm hands and heads. Please vices.
target your contributions for children
ages 0–5. This year’s Mitten Tree offer- When sponsor Barb Heany attended the formation rally, an anony-
ing will be given to Christian Services, mous donor committed $50 to St. Paul’s total. If our young people
which will distribute the collected efforts can raise more money than last year, they will receive another $50
to the Love Closet, the WIC Office for their total.
(Women, Infants and Children), and Registration: 1 p.m., Walk: 2 p.m.
Head Start Classrooms. Location: Dwight Rich Middle School
St. Paul’s Continues to
Try to Fill our Ark Quilts for Kids
By The Rev. Deacon Bill Fineout
As our 2009 Millennium Goal Project, we continue our By MaryLea Benson, Vestry Member
fundraising for an “Ark” for the Heifer International
Project. This entails raising enough money to purchase Quilts for Kids kicked off with a bang on Sunday,
animals and plants that could cost up to $5,000. September 13. The church school students gathered in
the Merrifield Room and heard from Deacon Bill
Our young people are working to provide you with an about Noah's ark and the animals. They then colored
opportunity to “purchase animals” or parts of animals animals for ark-themed quilts that will be auctioned
and to bid on their animal artwork on Sunday, October off on October 25 and also given to children in the
25, our “Heifer Day Auction.” We plan on auctioning all area who are in hospitals or similar situations. The
the stuffed animals you have seen in processions and children's original drawings will also be available to
used at Vacation Bible School, the children’s ARK art- purchase at the auction.
work and a quilt decorated by the children. Please plan
to join us that Sunday following the 10 a.m. service.
We also have Heifer gift cards which you may purchase
as a birthday or Christmas present, donating a “flock of
chickens” or other animals) as a gift to someone. See
Deacon Bill for the gift cards.
Our Vacation Bible School children collected a washtub
of money this summer to start us toward our Ark goal.
Please join us with a donation or “purchase.” Please
make all checks to St. Paul’s with “Heifer” on the memo

Youth Christian Education

By Barb Heany

Church School resumed on September 13 with all classes Pre-K through 12th grade assembling in the Merrifield Room to
kick off the year with a group wide Millennium Goal Outreach Project for Heifer International. Under the direction of
MaryLea Benson, the youth colored animal squares which will be applied to a beautiful quilt that MaryLea is putting to-
gether. The quilt, along with various stuffed animals, will be auctioned off on October 25 with proceeds supporting Heifer
St. Paul’s Jr. High Youth Group and its families will gather at the home of Barb Heany on October 4 for a fall cookout
and to discuss and plan for the coming year’s Outreach and Fellowship activities. If you are presently a 6th-8th grade stu-
dent, please join us for an afternoon of fun and fellowship.
St. Paul’s Youth Group will again walk the 33rd Annual Crop Walk on October 11. The youth are hoping to challenge
their last two years’ collection of $1,000. Consider being a walker or a rocker yourself. Look for the CROP Walk station
located in the Merrifield Room to support the youth group and to get more details about the walk.

If you have any questions regarding the Jr. High Youth Group, please contact Barb at (517) 420-5316 or email at We are looking forward to a great year!
St. Paul’s Picture Page

Quilts for Kids Project Artists

Hank Bordon, Fr. Weller & Church School Burying Time Capsule

Confirmation Class, May 2009 Homecoming 8 a.m. Congregation

Requests for Prayer
We pray for those who are sick and in need: Cindy Robinson, Richard and Aaron Hegmon, Shelley Robinson,
Mason Hill, Lois Caswell, Erik Lindquist, Chance Collins, Barb Hacker, Marjorie Belles, Aleda, Dave, Kathryn
Senko, Barb Powers, Patricia Reno, Skip and Marsha Macholz, Michael and Gwen Skinner, Melinda Naumer,
Tom Foltz, Vivian Hawkins, Linda, Kaema Amachree, Bill, Mary Lindquist, Yvette Constan and family, Cris
Plyler, Brian French, Lynne, M.J. Wilson, baby Van Jensen, Debbie Staal, Kent Riley, Jan Bigham, Max Sut-
ton, John Hawkins, and Karol Ryan.

We pray and remember those in the Military, serving in dangerous areas: Daniel Reno, Michael Benson, Steven
Johnson, and Tyson Carter.

We pray for all those whose jobs and livelihoods are in jeopardy.

We pray for those expecting: Jill and Clif Schneider, Allyson (Huber) and Jerry Parker, Carrie (Kressler) and
Charlie Smith, Kristi and Perry Thompson, Tonya and Joshua Couts, Mindy and Matt Pauly, and Katie
Thompson and John Shaw-Reed.

We pray for and celebrate: the birth of Madison Rose Cullum, daughter of Stuart and Rochelle Cullum, and
her big brothers, Jackson and Harrison.

Pastoral Care Requires Help From All of Us

By Nancy Sheldon
Our clergy, staff, lay Eucharistic visitors, and St. Aelred’s (our pastoral committee) members are continuously updating our
prayer and visitation notes in order to make sure that anyone in our congregation who has a special need is cared for
through notes, visitation, prayer list management, Eucharistic visits, celebration of births and marriages or phone calls to
shut-ins. St. Paul’s would like to know when one of our parishioners is in the hospital, is unable to come to church, has been
moved to a special care facility or just might appreciate a card or visit to let them know we are thinking about them and
praying for them.
The help we need from you is to let us know if you or a member of your family (or a friend) is in the hospital or ill. Due to
privacy laws, hospitals aren’t allowed to give us that information. Often, someone has been there and is back home be-
fore anyone from the church knows about it. Perhaps you or a loved one are ill and would appreciate a visit, note or
phone call or to be put on the prayer list. It might be about a deployment overseas or it could be joyful news about a
pregnancy, a birth, or an upcoming wedding. Whatever the reason, please let the church office know by calling 482-
9454 and leave a message with Kathleen Johnson or email
Pin this on your bulletin board or put it on your refrigerator as a reminder to keep the church informed. Thank you for
your help!
(Continued from, Focus, page 1)

increasing number of young families is a critically important factor that must be considered.
With some facts and figures out of the way, the group dove into a discussion of the strengths of St. Paul’s; what we’re doing that is
extraordinary and what we’re passionate about. While there were a variety of opinions about what makes us unique, the overriding
opinion is that our clergy is a definite strength and that our music program clearly was in a class by itself. As one person said: “If your
kids like to sing, come to St. Paul’s.” No less passionate were those who cited our vacation bible school, adult and youth education and
outreach programs, the incredible warm and welcoming nature of our congregation, our diversity, and the many small group events.
Next, the forum discussed St. Paul’s relationship to the community assessing where our church lies on a one to five scale between being
“self-centered” and “other-centered.” Churches in the former category are inhospitable and concerned about maintenance while
churches in the latter category are inviting and focused on mission. The assessment of the group was that St. Paul’s was about 3.7 on
the scale and then considered ideas on how to make us even more “other-centered.”
Following a quick review on how to communicate and interact with different generational groups Miller asked the participants to read
some scripture, to consider all they had heard so far, and to recommend two or three priorities on which St. Paul’s should concentrate
its efforts. These recommendations will be reviewed in detail in her report and there will be additional discussions at meetings to be
held in parishioners homes (see article on page xx). There was consensus on some overarching principles:

• That St. Paul’s remain an inviting, welcoming and diverse church

• That we continue our quality music program
• That we must engage more people who are already members but who are not regular attendees
Ms. Miller concluded the session with some inspiration: “If you knew the cure for cancer, wouldn’t you share it with all you knew? You
know the good news of Christ. Don’t be shy in telling people about it.”

(Continued from, “Gratitude” page 1)

As Christians, we believe that all of our lives come as a blessing from God. Furthermore, we know that our lives are re-
ceived as blessings. When we see our lives as gifts of God, we can only respond with gratitude. As we become more and
more mindful of our gratitude, we discover that our lives are, in reality, filled with abundance. This awareness is genuine
freedom—the “good news” of the Gospel which propels us toward returning those gifts to God abundantly. Gratitude is,
in and of itself, the cornerstone of stewardship.
The stewardship process at St. Paul’s this fall contains many exciting possibilities, and it is hoped that many voices will be
heard at the small-group home gatherings which will occur early in October. This is an opportunity for discernment and
visioning. What will our collective vision for ministry at St. Paul’s reveal? How can we best use our gifts to further Christ’s
kingdom? How can we nurture God’s gifts responsibly? How can we best share God’s gifts justly and charitably? Let us
discover together where our gratitude will lead us!

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