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The Abundance New Moon Check

oo To be done within 24 hours after a New Moon oo

Items required: 1 blank check ~ you can print out the one I ha e here or use one out of your personal check book 1 !reen candle coins or notes

"lace your !reen candle on any flat surface# If you ha e an altar place your candle there# Make $lear your mind of anythin! that may be distractin! you# Take a few deep breaths and rela% as
you be!in to focus on your desires# &isualise money and abundance comin! to you and flowin! around you#

sure the area is clear of any clutter and on a heat proof surface# "lace either the coins or money in front of the candle#

'nce you ha e a clear picture( isual in your mind li!ht the candle and say the followin!: )I
allow the abundance of money to flow to me easily and enter my life#) Now it is time to fill in your check###

o 'n the line where it says )"ay) write your name o In the bo% ne%t to the line *where you would normally put the amount+ write )"aid In ,ull) o 'n the ne%t line )To The 'rder 'f) write )"aid in ,ull) a!ain o -nderneath where it is si!ned I like to write )Thank .ou) as an e%pression of my !ratitude o .ou can lea e the date blank or you can date it### this option is totally up to you and how you feel

o /i!n your name on the back of the check0 like you would if you were depositin! it# o 1old it in your hands and a!ain isualise the abundance and money flowin! !ently to you# ,eel
the abundance in your life#

o "ut the check somewhere safe and for!et about it as you lea e it to the -ni erse to take care of
it# .ou don2t need to know of the how###

o 3ea e the candle until it burns out

4fter 2 weeks *or lon!er if you wish+ you can burn the check on an upcomin! ,ull Moon# 5%press !ratitude for recei in! abundance in your life while it is burnin!#

oo 4s is often the case we belie e that we are not worthy or don2t deser

e some thin!s# This tends to make people skeptical to try this### if you feel this way why not try this for a few moons and see what happens#' er time you may see your income increase0 somethin! comes to you 2une%pectedly)0 or you may e en !et a terrific deal on somethin! that you ha e wanted#

Remember Abundance comes in many forms you just need to be open and ALLOW it to come to you and enter your life. 1ere is somethin! else you can do with the 4bundance $heck ~ you can write a dollar amount of what you would be comfortable to recei e in the ne%t couple of weeks# It doesn2t need to be a lar!e amount for e%ample you could write 6788 if this is what you are comfortable in recei in! as your incomin! abundance### www#balancedheartnsoul#weebly#com