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Treatise of Bunny

Fear that which Hops!

Chapter I

An overview of the crap model of Guns and Butter

The guns and butter model is a simple example of the production possibilities and the
opportunity costs associated with them. This economic model illustrates the relationship between
a nation's investment in defense and civilian goods. In this model, a nation has to choose between
two options when spending its finite resources. It can buy either guns (invest in defense/military)
or butter (invest in production of goods), or a combination of both. Literally the opportunity cost
of choosing between defense and civilian spending.
The "guns and butter" model is generally used as a simplification of national spending as a part of
GDP. Gross domestic product (GDP), i.e. a basic measure of an economy’s performance as
measured in the market value of all final goods and services produced within the borders of a
nation in a year. (An extremely boring way of saying if the country was a person this is how
much they make a year before paying bills.)
The nation will have to decide which level of investment in guns or butter best fulfill its needs,
with its choice being partly influenced by the military spending and military stance of potential
In a command economy i.e. state/single person run economies (where GDP is determined by a do
what we say, not say what we do government), as well as nations with consistently stagnant or
declining GDP or ones with irretrievably stupid leadership, the "guns and butter" model becomes
more guns than butter real

A command economy, however, is not typically desirable or compatible with a free market
economy. Unless of course it is ran by a bunch of back stabbing pieces of crap bankers,
augmented by a complacent lap dog press and a cow towing bowing government made up of
corporations and their selected (i.e. not elected) crony whores.
Then the free market economy is just a lie and both the economy and the people are being
commanded and you are just along for the ride.
Now let us get back to the more sound illustrious concept of bunnies, bullets and bottled water.

Chapter II

Bunnies, Bullets & Bottled Water

The Bunnies, Bullets and Bottled Water model is a complex example of selecting production
possibilities by the opportunities created by them. The Bunnies, Bullets and Bottled Water model
illustrates how a nation's investment choices should be directed towards that which creates the
most innovation. In this model, a nation has to chooses wisely to apply its finite resources in
innovative ways. The nation invests in innovation and prosper by the exponential growth in
opportunities created by such. This as opposed to the static one dimensional model of guns and
butter, choosing to buy either guns (invest in defense/military) or butter (invest in production of
goods), or a combination of both and expect the society to live on less because of their
incompetent leaders lack of imagination.
The example of bunnies, bullets and bottled water model can be seen as an analogy for choices
between defense and civilian spending as illustrated through the principal of cyclical reflexive
economics. i.e. all things reflect into each other creating a cycle of opportunity. This as opposed
to simple planning and spending which is done in less complex one dimensional economies i.e.
guns and butter societies.
For example, let us take butter vs. bunnies, if one chooses to invest in butter all butter does is melt
or make you fat, but bunnies make bunnies. You add water to butter and it’s wet, however if you
give water to bunnies they make more bunnies. Now with bunnies you have food, friends and fur.
If we apply this ability to humanities need for food, water and shelter. We can make clothes and
tents out of bunnies and have bunnies to spare. What is your option with butter, grease yourself
up and live in a butter igloo, ridiculous!
Now with food, water & shelter taken care of we can concentrate on bullets i.e. military. Since
our society has more time to endeavor in innovation we can make better bullets, and more
products from bunnies and bottled water. A plethora of production and products develop. With
our superior product line we can trade with other societies to obtain cash & copulation.

Other partners in trade will benefit from our products and we from there’s expanding our society
and industry with our newfound membership and wealth. Inversely those exchanging cash and
copulating with us will see the benefit of our superior model and wish to continue if not join us!
In this manner we are ever expanding! ever innovating! ever growing! Such is the way of the
If other societies chose not to trade with us, oh well, we still have a shit load of bullets and we’ll
just have to correct anyone’s attitude who is a little heavy on guns, light on cash or butter and
can’t come correct with the copulation.
We know display this principal in it’s natural mathematical algorithm.
Bunnies, Bullets & Bottled Water
The disproof of the ridiculous concept of Guns and Butter

The illustrious an
inverse principal & algorithm
B3 = C2
Bunnies * Bullets * Bottled Water = Cash * Copulation
Cash * Copulation = Bunnies * Bullets * Bottled Water

Friend * Food * Fur

Chapter III

The Maousian Mark

The Maousian Mark

hen in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for the citizenry to dissolve
the currencies of the world that have disserved, divided or oppressed them, and to
assume the fiscal responsibilities that grant stewardship of the earth of which the
Laws of the Creator and Nature entitle them. Loyalty, Honor and Duty require out of
responsibility and respect for the human condition that they should declare the method causes and
the methods that which impel them to justify separation and there newly minted reciprocation.
To end the oppression of currency corruption an international currency alternative will be
developed. That solution will be the Maousian mark an electronic blended tender solution.

The Maousian Mark will have three components
Hard Marks ( H.M.s) , a currency component based on gold, silver, copper or some form of
standard with intrinsic value deposited and held in Maousian Vaults and exchangeable for such.

Soft Marks (S.M.s). Credited Fiat Marks leveraged against a yearly production of an essential
commodity or goods, oil for example.

Flesh Marks (Hop’s) Fiat Marks i.e. Marks exchangeable for services with non standard
currencies whose default value is 1 hour of equal wage labor to be exchanged on demand
leveraged against world population.


Only members can go to the standards window and exchange the mark for marker. To be a
Members a deposit i.e. marker must be made/held in lien by a Maousian Vault. Marks will then
be issued against that marker.

Members can vote to expand or retract the standard of mark i.e. marker . . .

We will now discuss
The Maousian Vault, Membership, The Tri-Marker, The Hard Mark, The Soft Mark, The
Hopping Mark and its Flesh Standard, Member Banks Funding the Hold and how they relate in
the context of cyclical reflexive economics.

Bunnies are Money, but . . .

Now although bunnies are money in the sense that they have value as friends, food and fur. There
are things that bunnies do, there are things that bunnies do that make them somewhat prohibitive
to use as money for you.

There are things that bunnies do, they hop, they gnash, and they wiggle. These are some of the
things that bunnies do. These things that bunnies do make them some what difficult to use as an
exchange for goods and services, that and the fact they don’t fit in ones pocket very well.

That is why there must be established a mark against the bunny as a marker. This valuation is the
need that leads to; nay more, that demands the creation of the Maousian Mark and that all
business be done in the Mark.

This can be brought about by necessity, agreement or rebellion.

A combination of Currency, Credit and Tax Revolt can bring down any government of choice.
Means of advanced negotiation can be used to remove any other type of De facto government.

Steel is strong but flesh is power, the absence of flesh is the absence of power.

This is the way of the bunny . . .

Chapter III

The Maousian Mark:

Each individual company must apply and establish an account which must be funded or held in
lien against a marker and held in a Maousian or Maousian approved Count Room. Nation States
need not apply this credit union is open to citizens and corporations i.e. individuals only, Nation
States of course will form a corporation which will then at least be treated as an individual of
The tri-standard of silver, copper and gold. All nations are required to grant an ambassadorship.
The ambassador banks and their consulates will adhere to a daily count of reserve.
Eventually all commerce will be done in the mark.
All paper or credit marks will be initialized to a bar code that will stand as proof of each
individual unit.

The Hard Mark
.999 pure 1 oz Silver Marker = 999 Mark denomination fluctuates with purity i.e. .638 oz = 638
Based on the Tri-Standard of Gold, Silver & Copper with the following value schedule.
9999 marks = 1oz of Gold
999 marks = 1oz of Silver
99 marks = 1oz of Copper

A bonus of a reverse bond will be offered to encourage funding paid upon deposit with a
minimum year commitment that will prevent withdrawal before bank fees and loan profits can be
used to pay off the bonus marks issued against future earnings.
A progressive conversion fee starting at 9% and doubling with the depletion of each ninth after
the first of reserve will be charged as a handling and refunding fee. This will prevent runs on the
window of any of the precious metals held in reserve.
Only members with deposited reserves are allowed to convert paper currency at the window.
Each mark will be serialized with a bar code.
A daily account will be held to ensure valid reserves.

The Soft Mark
The soft mark is credited against continued production of a valued essential commodity and is
pinned to consistent production of such reserve t be revaluated every three years. For example a
soft mark could be used that is coupled to oil. There are roughly a finite amount of oil produced
yearly. Let us say for example the base yearly average of 30 billion barrels per year. A price of
999 marks could be assigned to each barrel of oil as an initial offering. As a Base the soft mark
could then float as base + premium or base – premium. So when oil supply declines oil could
price could be increased rated as 999 oil base mark + a premium of 32 marks so the price of oil
would be at that point 1,031 marks. Inversely a oversupply of oil could be discounted price wise
999 oil base mark with a negative premium – 66 marks at that point the price of oil per barrel
would be 933 marks.
The total number of marks would be serialized on a bar code with the total universe being based
on a three year average. So if for example oil production for the next three years was 30 billion in
year 1, 33 billon in year 2 and 20 billion in year 3 the three year average would be approx 27
billion barrels and therefore the money supply would have to be shrank by higher interest rates
fees and reserve requirements. The dead marks could be marked as frozen and hibernated until
the yearly reserve is increased or killed off. The remaining marks would thus increase in value
and could simply be further subdivided to be redeemed for goods or services.
The money supply could be expanded by adding a essential or valued commodity to the system
and using it as a marker and then assign it a mark value and let it float in the same way.
Only members will be able to exchange the mark at the window for another type of mark.

The Hopping Mark
The Hopping Mark works on the flesh standard of labor. With 1 mark being valued at 1 hour of
wage labor. This could be pinned as a percentage of potential working populace pinned against

the world total populace for example with 6 trillion people on the earth a total of half of which
can produce labor 9 hours a day 6 days of labor a week would produce 54 hours of labor = to 54
marks per week. A total of 2808 marks per wage able person per year.
The standard could be revaluated every three years as with the soft mark with the money supply
being expanded or contracted as necessary.
Each hopping mark will be serialized to a bar code.
Only members will be able to exchange the mark at the window for another type of mark.
Prostitution (i.e. the worlds oldest profession or Arranged Marriage (the worlds oldest chattle
arrangement) will serve as the territorial marker of wage value.
A window of some sort for redemption should be maintained.
The Float, Reverse Float and Fair market value:
The three currencies the Hard Mark, The Soft Mark and the Hopping Mark will then be allowed
to fairly float their value against each other to determine value.
Members will determine a reverse float that will be offered to non-members should their goods or
services be required with the default marker being the hopping mark i.e. flesh standard as that is
the standard of fact whose marker value is being determined.

Member Banks:
The Member Banks will work like a Casino Count Room. The Maousians Like the Mob will be in
on the count and insure proper operation and absence of theft or cheating for a fee. The Nation
States will be in on the count to insure their investments are there and the count room runs
accurately for a fee. The members will participate in the goods and services available in the
casino as patron, guest or professional service provider. The member Window works like the
Casino Cage and serves as the medium of exchange. The Hard, Soft & Hopping Mark serve as
the chips, cash and tokens as checks against the marker of value.
Funding the Hold
Currency rebellion and a citizen funded barter system.
The Citizens themselves will hold and fund the currency system of the Maousian Mark. The
citizens will acquire precious metals and collector coins and secrete as much as possible of
whatever can be acquired. The citizens will then guard and hold the wealth until the current
system of power implodes or the Territorial Syndicate wrests control from the current powers that
be and establish a Maousian Vault i.e Count Room.
The method to encourage investment will be issuance of The Maousian Mark collector coin. The
mark will be instantly marketable should a Maousian State materialize and a premium of a

reverse bond will be paid to all accounts funded in Maousian Marks as a reward to a citizen of
actions sacrifice and investment.
Real Maousian Marks can be acquired at the Marker Window only by members or before the take
over through an agent. The acquisition premium will be repaid as a percentage of new
membership fees, loans and non-demand accounts as payback for the initials members
contribution i.e. the citizen will get paid back as a partner as it should be.
Epitaph of the Fallen:
This is how the Maouians took control, by teaching them; the worshipers of products, propaganda
and metal the riddle of steel. Steel is strong but it is not power, flesh is power!
All that awaits you, the oligarchs of tyranny, are Pyrrhic and false victories. Lament and tremble
in knowing that in the end the only thing you will be victorious in, the only thing you will
produce, are the grave diggers for you, and all you covet and love.
Maousians of the world Unite!!!