Elected Members David Winston, Chair Denise Stansell, Co-Chair Yvonne Ellett, Rec.

Secretary Wilson Washensky, Area 1 Rep. Mary Jones-Darks, Area 1 Rep. Carl Mor an, Area ! Rep. Wendell Conn, Area ! Rep. "ark #allo$ay-#illia%, Area & Rep. Jackie Ryan, Area & Rep. Appointed Members Madeleine Renee Walters, 'reas(rer Danielle "a)ayette, Corr. Secretary Misty Wilks, At-"ar e Rep. Johnnie Raines ***, At-"ar e Rep. +ick ,ill , At-"ar e Rep. Jason "o%-ard, At-"ar e Rep.



St"#e$olders To%n H"ll Meetin&s 1st Sat(rday o) the Month Crensha$ 4nited Methodist &567 Don 8elipe Drive 9.&7 : 11.&7 a% Bo"rd Meetin&s &rd Monday o) the Month DW/ Crensha$ Co%%(nity Roo% 67&7 Crensha$ 0lvd ;.&7 : <.&7 p% Cont"ct In'orm"tion ()*+ Stoc#er Street +*, os An&eles- C"li'orni" .***/ 'elephone=8a>. ?&!&@ !9A-A5;; E%ail. o))iceBec$andc.or We-site. $$$.ec$andc.or 8ace-ook.co%=e%po$er%ent con ress $est

A Certified City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Servin the co%%(nities o). Arlin ton /ark, 0ald$in ,ills, 0ald$in 1illa e, 0ald$in 1ista, Ca%eo Woods, Crensha$ Manor, "ei%ert /ark 2 1illa e #reen All Meetin s are 3pen to the /(-lic

STAKEHOLDER TOWN HALL MEETING AGENDA Saturday, February 1, 2014 – !"0 – 11!"0 a#
$re%&'a( )%*ted Met'+d*&t ",40 D+% Fe-*.e Dr
1. Welcome, Call to Order & Roll Call 2. LAPD Senior Lead Officers Report: Ofcr. Sasajima, eard and Saldona !1"mins# $. P%&lic Comment & Concerns: for items not on t'e a(enda !1"mins# ). Committee C'air Anno%ncements: ma*im%m of !2mins# eac' !1"mins# +. ,reas%rer Report and Appro-al of P.Card /*pendit%res !$mins# 0adeleine 1. Re-ie2 & Appro-al of 0eetin( 0in%tes 1231131$ and 131$31) !1mins# 4. Presentation: 5aiser !$"mins# 6. /lected Official & P%&lic A(enc7 Anno%ncements: Patrice 8efferson, CD69 5imani lac:, CD1" !1mins# ;. Recap of Leimert Par: 2"32" <ision C'arrette !+mins# !8o'nnie# 1". =%ndin( re>%est for ald2in <illa(e 0%lti.C%lt%ral Comm%nit7 =amil7 Affair !?+""".""# 11. %d(et Letter for 2"1) &%d(et !+mins# 12. oard /lection %pdate !@ic:# and @C litA !Danielle# !6mins# 1$. Adjo%rnment
O//*0*a- 1ub-*0 N+t*0e /+r E$WAND$ Sta%d*%2 $+##*ttee&!
$+##*ttee Plannin(, Land Bse & ea%tification =inance O%treac' Safet7 Ad.Coc Meet*%2 Date 3 L+0at*+% Last 0onda7 of t'e 0ont' at 1:$" pm CCC $4$1 Stoc:er S, Ste D2"1 $rd 0onda7 of t'e 0ont' at +:$" F 1:$" pm AS @//D/D DWP Crens'a2 Comm%nit7 Room: )"$" Crens'a2 l-d 2nd ,%esda7 of t'e 0ont' at 1:$" pm /CWA Office: $4"1 Stoc:er D1"1 1st Sat%rda7 of t'e 0ont' at 12:"" pm AS @//D/D 8oint @ei('&or'ood ,as: =orce3Space S'%ttle, Special meetin( 2.1.2"1) 11:$" am $41$ Stoc:er S%ite 2"1 Alliance3 %d(et Committee $'a*r Carl 0or(an Cericmor(anE(mail.com Lar: Gallo2a7.Gilliam ec2ancE'otmail.com H-onne /llett secretar7.ec2E(mail.com 8o'nnie Raines III %tjr$Eaol. 8o'nnie Raines, Lar: Gallo2a7. Gilliam, Romerol 0al-ea%*, Danielle Lafa7ette

0em&ers of t'e p%&lic are re>%ested to fill o%t a JSpea:er CardK to address t'e oard on an7 item on t'e a(enda prior to t'e action. Comments are limited to $ min%tes per spea:er, %nless modified &7 t'e presidin( officer of t'e oard.

oard ta:in(

As co-ered %nder ,itle II of t'e Americans 2it' Disa&ilities Act, t'e Cit7 of Los An(eles does not discriminate on t'e &asis of disa&ilit7 and, %pon re>%est, 2ill pro-ide reasona&le accommodations to ens%re e>%al access to its pro(rams, ser-ices and acti-ities. Si(n lan(%a(e interpretation, assisti-e listenin( ser-ices and ot'er a%*iliar7 aids and3or ser-ices ma7 &e pro-ided %pon re>%est. ,o ens%re a-aila&ilit7 of ser-ices, please ma:e 7o%r re>%est at least 42 'o%rs prior to t'e meetin( 7o% 2is' to attend &7 contactin( t'e Department of @ei('&or'ood /mpo2erment at $.1.1 Sta:e'older ,o2n Call & oard 0eetin( A(endas are Posted 42 Co%rs in Ad-ance at 222./CWA@DC.or(

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