Helping Your Son

We know you know this, but please regard this advice as a gentle reminder:

1. Organisation i) Your son receives each subject’s tuition in a different classroom or space, so he’ll mostly need to carry his books and equipment with him. A rucksack would be most useful to prevent books and equipment becoming lost. Your son has received several copies of his timetable and been advised to stick one copy in a textbook and to keep one at home. There’s also a copy on the website in this section. Encourage your son to check what lessons he has the following day to ensure he has the correct books and equipment. There’s a Homework timetable too – see the Student section of this website. Encourage your son to check he has completed any Homework set by his teacher. Try to ensure your son gets sufficient sleep each day so that he’s attentive at school. Whilst a canteen providing snacks is available before school and at break-time, a more substantial breakfast than we can provide would benefit your son. School starts at 7:10am and your son needs to be ready to participate in the Assembly starting at 7:15am. Students arriving after 7:15 will be marked late and consistent lateness will result in a sanction. Please see the Behaviour Management policy in this section.





2. Behaviour and Attitude i)

Corporal punishment is outlawed in the school. We have a range of rewards and sanctions for students to encourage

positive behaviour and to discourage negative behaviour (please the Behaviour Management policy in the Whole School section of this website). One student’s misbehaviour, however slight, can detrimentally affect the learning of many others. Therefore all staff are encouraged to be both fair and firm. ii) In addition to the support outlined in the Organisation section above, we encourage you to motivate your son with praise when it is deserved. We encourage you to take an active interest in your son’s school life. Your attitude will of course influence that of your son.

3. Academic i) Whilst we encourage your son to complete his own school work, including Homework and Project work, we also encourage your role as his most important teacher. If you’re able to assist your son with school work then help him with questions that will support (or scaffold) your son’s arrival at the desired answer.....rather than just solving problems for him. This will help him in school as often marks are awarded for students who attempt questions even where the final answer is incorrect. Encourage your son to seek understanding beyond his normal school work. A love of learning, whether reading, fixing things or developing a talent, will of course develop his mind and aid his school work.