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Presented By:
Nandeesh kumar L

The project aimed to assess the world and Indian market scenario of forging

industries for automobile and non automobile components.

The study was descriptive in nature and it tries to understand TVS Sundram Fasteners potential to diversify its business into Non automobile industries like erospace sector! "arthmoving and #onstruction and "$uipment sector and %eavy engineering sector. The Non utomobile industry will have a steady growth in the future and these markets re$uire products manufactured with high end technology.

The composition of the Indian forging industry can be categori&ed into four

sectors ' large! medium! small and tiny.

The Indian forging industry has evolved as a major contributor to the

manufacturing sector of the Indian economy. The key demand driver is the automobile industry.
The other industries that use forgings include (ailways! )efence! *il

"+ploration! #ement! Steel Industry and other engineering Industries.

,-per cent of the total forging production is used in

utomobile sector.


Sundram Fasteners .imited is a part of the /S 01 billion TVS 2roup!

head$uartered in #hennai! India.

Sundram Fasteners has become a supplier of choice to leading customers in

the automotive and industrial segments worldwide.

The company3s manufacturing facilities across the globe are all certified to

IS* 45664 and adhere to the most stringent environment management standards.

The product range consists of high'tensile fasteners! powder metal

components! cold e+truded parts! hot forged components.

To study world and Indian market scenario of forging industries. To find out the technologies of other forging industries. To analyse the trend of non automobile industry. To find components for non automobile industry. To Identify end use of the other forging components. To find out the potential customers for the company.

The data needed to this project report is collected by secondary data only. This

secondary data is fully e$uivalent to primary data. The analysis of study was achieved by using simple statistical tools like trend analysis and displayed by line graphs. Considerations or t!e resear"! de ined #$ TVS S%ndara& Fasteners Li&ited The products should of hot forging or cold forging. The components should not weight more than 5 kilograms. The product dimension should be less than ,6 mm. The components should be manufactured from less than 4666 pressure ton machines.


Trend Gra'! or G(o#a( Aeros'a"e ind%str$

Sales in ($bn)

Trend Gra'! or G(o#a( MRO Ind%str$

Sales in ($bn)

Trend )ra'! or Indian MRO Ind%str$

Sales in ($bn)

Trend )ra'! or Eart! &o*in) se"tor

Sales in ($bn)

Trend )ra'! or Hea*$ En)ineerin) se"tor

Sales in ($bn)

Aeros'a"e ind%str$
The US represents the biggest aerospa e market! "ro#th in the last $ years has been $%!&'! Types o( air ra(ts )*i+il air ra(t and ,ilitary air ra(t -t is estimated that by the year ./.01 the #orld2s airlines #ill take deli+ery o( .31$// i+il airplanes #ith a total +alue o( US$ &!. Trillion to keep pa e #ith the gro#ing demand (or air tra+el! The *hinese aerospa e se tor ranks among the #orld2s most dynami se tor due to the massi+e in+estment in4e ted by the ountry! -n (uture1 de+eloping e onomies su h as *hina1 -ndia1 ,e5i o and Bra6il are e5pe ted to emerge as huge marketpla e (or aerospa e produ ts!

7The Boeing *ompany 8irbus United Te hnologies *orporation Lo kheed ,artin *orporation1 9aytheon *ompany B8: Systems

Potential Customers

Aerospace parts
-mpelle rs

9e tangular Straight ;a+eguide

;a+eguide Transition

*urrent market is o( US$.!& billion ! The industry<s re+enue and +olume ha+e re orded $/' gro#th year)on)year bet#een .//$ and .//=! -ndian earthmo+ing industry to gro# >)(old by ./%> ! The -ndian :arth mo+ing industry has the potential to gro# (i+e(old (rom its urrent si6e o( US$.!& billion to appro5imately US$%.?%& billion by ./%>1 gro#ing at .$' *8"9! @as usualA gro#th #ill reate a market o( $B billion by Major ./%>!


Earth Moving Sector parts

Clang e Pinions

Potential cusomers



*onne ting 9od

Di((erential *ross


The engineering se tor is ategori6ed into hea+y engineering and light engineering segments! Eea+y engineering segment (orms the ma4ority o( the engineering se tor in -ndia! The e5ports o( engineering produ ts is e5pe ted to gro# at a mu h higher rate in the ne5t (i+e years as ompared to the urrent (igure o( $%&!.3 billion! :ngineering e5ports are estimated to tou h $.0!$ billion by .//3)./%/ (rom the urrent le+el!

,a4or players

!alve "ody


eavy Engineering Sector parts Potential customers



The company should enter into non automobile sectors like

erospace industry 7. %eavy "ngineering industry 1. "arthmoving and #onstruction "$uipment Industry The company3s domestic sales and e+port business would grow if start producing aerospace components. "ntering %eavy "ngineering industry and "arthmoving and #onstruction "$uipment Industry would increase the company3s revenue. The company should install machines which are advance in technology to be competitive in non automobile Industry. The company should invest more in research and development activities.


Throughout the study most care has been taken to avoid errors so as to

ensure authenticity and accuracy. 8ut there is a possibility for some discrepancies to come in between due to following limitation9 The research is based only on secondary data. The study re$uired e+tensive research! due to this factor time was a major limitation. It is difficult to find the method of technology used to manufacture the components until the si&e and the diameter of the component is known. It is difficult to find composition of raw materials in the components.

Sundram fasteners limited have a strong brand name of ethical values and

consistent high $uality product image. :ith over 56 years of e+perience in managing large scale process industries with sustained high level of performance! SF. meets the needs of the automobile industry. Fostering enduring relationships is at the core of SF.3s business philosophy ; with vendors! business partners! and customers and within the organi&ation between employees. It is $uite evident from this research carried out that the demand for non automobile components increases day by day especially in aerospace! heavy engineering and earthmoving sectors. )iversifying the business into these markets and manufacturing the components with improved technology would help the company to grow faster in this competitive environment.