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Detailed Lesson Plan in English for Grade-IV Students

Prepared by : Noe A. Calmorin Beed-4


Objectives After the discussion, the students would be able to: 1. Understand the individual character traits 2. Relate to themselves the importance of a good character 3. Do this learning not just inside but also outside the school


Subject Matters A. Topic: -Infer the character traits from the selection B. References: -Harnessing English Arts Today pp.324-326 C. Materials: crossword puzzle, picture, papers



Teachers Activity A. Preparatory Activities Drill: Review Class, Based on your previous discussion of adjective, I have some questions that you need to answer Direction: Identify the adjectives on the following sentences. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The cat s mighty. America is a powerful country. Dr. Jose Rizalis a genius hero. Vhong Navarro is dead. Filipinos are industrious

Students Activity

okay sir

Motivation (Showing a picture of fire) class what did you see? Class? What does fire did to our live? Yes Jay? Very good! what would happen if there was no fire? Kathy?answer my question Correct Unlocking of difficulties now class I will show you a crossword puzzle and below are the synonyms of the words Keith, kindly fell the 1st puzzle? okay sir(writes the word fearful to no.1) very good Keith now, who wants to answer next? yes, Alliya? Answer question number 2 correct Albert, answer the last puzzle excellent job children class, lets give the participants an applause Presentation alright class, we will read a story. The title is The Gift of Fire (allowing a good reader from the class read the story) therefore, fire is an important matter and must be used properly Analysis class, we already read and understand the story. Now, I want you to answer my simple questions who was the Greek god who kept the fire for himself? yes Joan? okay sir a fire Me sir? Use for cooking sir

life will be difficult

me sir? (writing the word weapon)

(writing the word creature)

(all students clap their hands)

(keep on listening) ahhh

sir? Jupiter sir

very good! next is the person who tried to help people by giving them gift of fire? yes Devina? excellent Devina very good! Exercises (Giving them a comprehension question) okay class, identify the character traits by okay sir choosing the correct answers below. 1. Dr. Lavilla spends most of her time with her teachers. She meets and visits them regularly in their classrooms. As a principal she explains their duties and listen to their problem. Dr. Lavilla is a) Problem solver b) Dedicated principal c) Hardworker d) Sincere 2. Mrs. Piat taught in the fourth grade for 20 years. She prepared her lessons carefully. She assisted schoolchildren in their needs. She is a) Faithful to her job b) honest c) industrious d) thankful 3. Gerry found P100 in the boys restroom. He went to the principals office and turn over the money. Gery is a) Trustworthy b) Helpful c) Clean d) Honest 4. Dr. Noe Calmorin saw an old woman on the bus. He recognized that the old woman has no chair to sit. Dr. Noe stands up and offer his chair to the old woman. Dr. Noe is a) Cruel b) Kind c) Obedient d) Proud

I Sir I think it was Prometheus?

5. Noe is a student before. During his schooldays he complied all the requirements, maintain his grades and give his best to his education and now he reach his goal of becoming a Division Superintendent . Noe is a) Punctual student b) Dedicated student c) Lazy student d) Honest student Evaluation class, get 1 whole piece of paper cause we have a quiz (presenting instructional materials for the quiz) Direction: Read the paragraph and decide the character trait that is being revealed. 1. When Dennis heard his name called, he turned to a deep red. He swallowed rapidly, blink his eyes and slowly gut up. He was sure everyone could hear his heart thumping heavily in his breast. He stood but his knees felt like jelly as he walks slowly to the stage. a.) Self-confident b.) Generous c.) Frightened 2. As a child, Jericho had watched the bird fly far away over the hills to where the sun is setting. He had longed far wings that might follow the birds in flight. At times in his dreams he had risen from the earth and soared high above the trees on strong wings that bore him far away. a.) Lazy b.) Imaginative c.) Religious 3. Jojo finished the repair job and got up. He wipe his tools, put them in a tool box and begun swiping again the saw dust and wood shaving on the floor. a.) Neat b.) Ashamed c.) Cheerful

Assignment Our lesson has ended and now Ill give you a homework Direction: Read the sentence carefully and choose the correct answer in the box. Neat Kind respectful Honest Faithful to the job proud

1. Andy feeds his dog 3x a day. He takes care of his dog and play with it. What character traits were portrayed? 2. Shiela leaves for school saying goodbye to her parents and kissing them. When she arrives she kisses their hands. She ask permission when she wants to go out and play. 3. Tony found P500 in the girls restroom. He went to the guidance office and turn over the money. 4. Mrs. Lim taught in the 4th grade for 15 years. She prepared her lesson carefully. She assisted the schoolchildren in their needs. 5. Dingdong finish the job and got up. He wipe his things, put them in the box and begun swiping away the saw dust and wood shaving on the floor.