Reasonable price Laparoscopic back surgery in India

Laparoscopic back surgery also known as Laparoscopic spine surgery. India have some of the best surgeons for spin surgery and hospitals of Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad have most modern equipment and facilities, to provide patients best of treatment and accommodation. There surgeons are well experienced and determined to perform best of there knowledge. This coupled with the extremely low cost of the surgeries makes India the ideal destination for your Laparoscopic back surgery needs. Back problems affect most of us significantly and cause more lost work days then any illness expect the common cold. Estimates of number of surgeries for disc problems run around 200,000 per year, with about 20% being fusion procedures.The spine is composed of repetitive stacked assemblies of three joints (an intervertebral disc and two facet joints) which allows for both stability and motion. Most problems are caused by one of these mechanism: 1. Pressure on the nervous tissue by parts of discs which are protruding where they are not supposed to be. 2. General deterioration of the stabilizing structures of the joints, causing stimulation of the microscopic pain nerves during normal activities. 3. Pressure on the major nerves from reactive soft and bony formation which inhibits the nerve’s blood supply. Frequently, combination of these abnormalities exit simultaneously. The first category, protruding discs, is treated surgically by partial removal of the disc. The second category of painful, worn out joints, is surgically treated by fusion procedure; that is, bridging across the joint with solid bone, causing all of its motion to stop and thereby diminishing mechanical stimulation of the pain receptors. The third type, pressure or entrapment of major nerves by degenerative bone and soft tissue, is relieved by surgical removal of the offending tissue. The fact that these problems typically involve

entrapment by bone and are located posteriorly (towards the back) in the spin canal, makes them not an easy treated from an anterior endoscopic approach as from the posterior approach which is not so conducive for endoscopic assisted surgery. Advantages of the Laparoscopic back surgery approach:
1. Small incision and little blood loss.

2. Less post-operative pain and need for pain medication 3. Earlier discharge from the hospital 4. Shorter post-operative disability at home. Nonsurgical Treatment: Before considering surgery, your doctor is likely to recommend one or more of these for at least three months. 1. Physical Therapy: working with a physical therapy can build up your strength and endurance and help maintaining the flexibility and stability to your spin. 2. Analgesics: This group of pain relievers includes acetaminophen. Analegesics don’t reduce inflammation, but they can effectively treat pain. Drinking alcohol increases your risk of serious side effects. 3. A back brace or corset: this helps provide support may especially benefit people who have weak abdominal muscles or degeneration in more then one area of the spin. 4. Epidural steroid injections: In some ceases, your doctor may inject a corticosteroid medication into the spinal fluid around your spinal cord and nerve roots. 5. Rest or restricted activity: Moderate rest followed by a gradual return to activity may improve symptoms. Walking is usually the best exercise, especially for people with neurogenic claudication, but biking also is recommended because it keeps your back in a flexed position rather than in an extended one. Why do you need another surgeon who is not a spine surgeon? Whereas your spine surgeon has the expertise to diagnose and treat your spin problem, the laparoscopic back surgery surgeons in India has the expertise to approach the spine using minimal invasive technology. By combining the expertise of both surgeons, your

surgical team can afford to offer you the best chance at a safe and effective laparoscopic operation. The co-surgeon is a general surgeon known as a laparoscopic surgeon who: 1. Its accustomed to working with non-bony structures such as major blood vessels and intestines that are in front of the spine. 2. Can assist the spine surgeon with some parts of the operation, such as obtaining bone for the bone grafts. 3. Is present during your operation to both assist the surgeon and protect the vital structures in the vicinity where the spine surgery is working. Different types of laparoscopic spine operations: More than one type of minimally invasive technique has been developed for access to the anterior lumbar spine. The techniques differ not only in the approach, but in the spine instrumentation that is used to stabilize the spine. The technique chosen is based on many factors including individual surgeon preference and site (level) of the lumbar spine surgery. Some surgeons select a direct access into the abdominal cavity, known as a transperitoneal approach, and move the internal organs away from the spine. Another technique, the retroperitoneal approach, is when the operation is done from behind the muscles so the spine is actually reached by going around the internal organs. The placement, number and size of the incisions and cannula portals all depend on factors individualized for each patient.

What happens if the operation cannot be performed or completed by the Laparoscopic back surgery method? In a small number of patients the laparoscopic method does not work effectively. Factors that may increase the possibility of choosing or converting to the open procedure may include: 1. Obesity 2. A history of prior abdominal surgery causing dense scar tissue. 3. Inability to visualize structure. 4. Bleeding during operation. 5. More then one lumber disc level and which lumber disc level.

The decision to perform the open procedure is a judgment decision made by your surgeon either before or during the actual operation. The decision to convert to an open procedure is based on patient safety. Over the last few years India had become hub of international medical tourism. The accommodations and medical facilities that you are used to, are now available in India. Cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, are providing some of the best surgeons for the treatment of Laparoscopy back surgery in India. Along with medical treatment you can enjoy different tourist destinations in India, as you know India is one of most liked tourist place among the tourist. And all this just in half cost of what you pay in countries like US, UK, Canada. The cost in which you have just your medical treatment in western countries, you can enjoy both medical treatment and tourism facilities in India. So why to expand more, if you can get the same medical treatment and facilities just expanding half of the cost. For more information on Laparoscopy back surgery in India visit us at or mail your queries at , +91-9579129423