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and National Military Family Association Work Together to Help Military Families Pro Pad Inc. will donate 5% of their sales on military related products to National Military Family Association (NMFA). The NMFA fi hts for !enefits and pro rams that stren then and protect "niformed #er$ices families and reflect the Nation%s respect for their ser$ice. Mooresville, NC, an!ary "#, "$%& '' Pro Pad Inc. has joined forces with the National Military Family Association (NMFA) to strengthen and protect the families of the men and women who are currently serving in the military have retired or have !een wounded or have fallen in service to their country. "he NMFA has provided families of the Army Navy Marine #orps Air Force #oast $uard and #ommissioned #orps of the %&P'& and N(AA with information wor) to get them the !enefits they deserve and programs that improve their lives for over *+ years. Pro Pad Inc. will donate ,- of the proceeds from their military related products to the NMFA in .+/*. "his is just one of the ways Pro Pad Inc. proudly supports those who serve or have served in the %& military. Items that 0ualify for the donation are indicated on Pro Pad Inc.1s we!site at or can !e in0uired a!out at /23++2*+42.5/*. 67e are so than)ful to ProPad for their contri!ution 8 said National Military Family Association 9:ecutive ;irector <oyce =ae>er. 6"heir commitment to spreading the word a!out our Association1s mission to help military families is invalua!le.8 6NMFA is a premier organi>ation and it is a privilege to wor) them with them.8 says Mi)e 9n>wiler President of Pro Pad. 6Many of our customers are in the military and this is a great opportunity for us to give !ac) and say than) you.8 Pro Pad is proud to aid the NMFA in supporting America1s military families who serve our country with pride honor and 0uiet dedication. "o learn more a!out the NMFA a non2profit organi>ation please visit A(o!t Pro Pad Inc) Pro Pad Inc is a leading manufacturer of motorcycle seat pads motorcycle flags and motorcycle flag mounts. (ur motorcycle accessories are /++- made in the %&A for our glo!al customer !ase. .+/* is our /,th anniversary for our family owned and operated motorcycle accessory !usiness. For more information please visit or email us at info? Contact) Mi)e 9n>wiler Pro Pad Inc /*3 #edar Pointe ;r. &te. /+. Mooresville N# .3//5 / 3++ *+4 .5/* info?

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