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A Collaborative Approach to Sustainability in the Arts (CASA), an Ottawa Cultural Community Initiative

The Collaborative Approach to Sustainability in the Arts (CASA) is a special initiative to research an! !evelop a collaborative approach to sustainin" the arts in Ottawa !urin" the economic crisis, an! into the #uture$ The pro%ect was initiate! in &ay '(() when a "roup o# Ottawa*s lea!in" cultural mana"ers (i$e$ o# local, pro#essional arts or"ani+ations) "athere! at the invitation o# Au!rey Chur"in, ,-ecutive Director o# &ASC to !iscuss the impacts o# the economic !ownturn$ The "roup ha! hear! many success stories o# how" to"ether is better #or all involve!$ Collaboration on a small scale was alrea!y success#ul in the arts community in Ottawa, however there was an interest in e-plorin" whether collaboration coul! be #ormali+e! in some way to meet the challen"es o# capacity buil!in", or"ani+ational health an! overall pro#ile o# local arts or"ani+ations in Cana!a*s capital city$ The participatin" or"ani+ations a"ree! that it woul! be help#ul to e-plore a collaborative approach to sustainability$ /un!in" to be"in the pro%ect was success#ully secure! #rom the Community /oun!ation o# Ottawa throu"h the 0oyce Con"er /un! #or the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council Compass 1ro"ram an! the City o# Ottawa Capacity 2uil!in" 1ro"ram$ There was !iscussion in the early sta"es o# CASA as to whether the pro%ect shoul! be con!ucte! separately #or the lar"er or"ani+ations or to mi- or"ani+ations o# all si+es$ Research in!icate! that smaller or"ani+ations ha! very similar concerns, an! thou"h the scale was !i##erent, there was much to be "aine! in hearin" the solutions an! su""estions o# others on these common matters$ The initial "roup o# 3' or"ani+ations "rew over the course o# the pro%ect to 45 in!ivi!uals representin" '5 or"ani+ations (see Appen!i- A), both lar"e an! small an! in /rench an! ,n"lish$


The initial phase o# wor. comprise! research into best practices in collaborative action by consultant Rosalyn Rubinstein an! two roun!table meetin"s with arts or"ani+ations in the City$ Strate"ic an! operational lea!ership throu"hout the pro%ect was le! by Au!rey Chur"in, with a committee comprisin" Nancy Oa.ley (6reat Cana!ian Theatre Company) an! 1eter 7oneywell (Council #or the Arts in Ottawa)$ ,arly in '(3(, eleven o# the participatin" or"ani+ations complete! a 8uestionnaire inten!e! to assess the impact o# the economic !owntown on their operations, i!enti#y collaborations they were currently en"a"e! in, an! test their appetite #or #uture collaborations$ The 8uestionnaire #ormat allowe! CASA participants to contribute basic in#ormation, which coul! then be analy+e! an! #urther e-plore! in #acilitate! community !iscussions$ In sprin" '(3(, the assessment survey #in!in"s were analyse! by consultant 0enny 6in!er (6in!er Consultin") who continue! to wor. with the CASA team throu"h the rest o# the pro%ect$ The assessments in!icate! there were three topics that the "roups were most intereste! in !iscussin", with a view to a collaborative approach$ These were9 /acilities: 2uil!in" the pro#ile o# the arts in the Ottawa area: an! 7uman resource !evelopment

CASA Final Report: June 2011

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In 0une '(3(, three roun!table !iscussions too. place, one !e!icate! to each o# these topics$ ,ach "roup e-plore! in !epth their in!ivi!ual an! collective interests in collaboration, an! i!enti#ie! actions to be un!erta.en (see Appen!i- 2)$

A secon! phase o# the pro%ect starte! in September '(3( #un!e! by the Compass 1ro"ram at the Ontario Arts Council$ October 2010 Roundtables This phase commence! with another #ull !ay o# roun!tables on October ';, '(3( at the Council #or the Arts in Ottawa$ The three roun!tables each #ocuse! on one o# the core topics < #acilities, human resource !evelopment an! buil!in" the pro#ile o# the arts in Ottawa$ At each roun!table, a "uest was invite! to atten! an! present a case stu!y or best practice to serve as inspiration #or the !iscussion$ The "uests were Richar! =ebel (Nouvelle Scene) #or #acilities: 2arbara Stacey (Ottawa /estivals) #or 7R: an! 6eo## &c2ri!e (Ottawa Theatre Networ.)" about buil!in" the pro#ile o# the arts in Ottawa$ The CASA consultant, 0enny 6in!er planne! the meetin"s, #acilitate! them an! prepare! notes which were !istribute! to all participants (see Appen!i- C)$ The outcomes #rom these roun!tables were9 /acilities It was a"ree! that "iven its a!vocacy man!ate an! e-istin" wor. on the topic, the Council #or the Arts in Ottawa woul! ta.e the lea! on the #ile, an! !etermine9 i# the City*s mappin" process woul! inclu!e spaces suitable #or rehearsal, stora"e, e-hibition etc: i# the City woul! !evelop an! maintain an electronic !atabase o# space, plus a rental calen!ar: prepare a letter to the City re8uestin" reinstatement o# the arts capital pro"ram: an! write a statement o# nee!, !escribin" spaces re8uire! an! a sample o# each$ 2uil!in" the 1ro#ile The "roup narrowe! their !iscussion to three areas o# common interest9 co<bran!in": local consumption: an! social me!ia>social mar.etin"$ They !eci!e! that it woul! be best to move on one o# these themes, an! it was a"ree! to reconvene how to use social me!ia to promote cultural activities in Ottawa$ The "roup has met many times, an! ha! presentations #rom 0enni#er Covert about the NAC*s wor. with social me!ia, an! #rom web<!eveloper Sterlin" =ynch$ ?hat was interestin" particularly with this "roup is that it has be"un to interest people" in the private sector, an! they have been atten!in" some o# the meetin"s$ This !evelopment inspire! the Cultural Attach@ #rom the S ,mbassy to o##er to boo. an on<line conversation (to be hoste! by them) with an American e-pert in the #iel!$ A pilot pro%ect was consi!ere!, usin" /aceboo. to promote events an! buil! au!iences$ The theory was that this pro%ect woul! be very simple, an! measurable #or its value$ It was clear #rom the !iscussions that a !eeper un!erstan!in" o# the "oals o# in!ivi!ual or"ani+ations an! the mar.ets they wishe! to reach was necessary$ A new a!vertisin" pro%ect 1oster =oops, coinci!entally was launche! in Ottawa, which also intereste! the "roup an! seems to have potential to meet some o# the nee!s un!er consi!eration$ 7R Development
CASA Final Report: June 2011 Page '

The 7R Development "roup !eci!e! that more in#ormation was nee!e! about the current 7R situation at participatin" or"ani+ations$ It was !eci!e! that a survey was re8uire! to i!enti#y areas o# common concern an! activity$ The survey was create! usin" Survey &on.ey technolo"y an! !istribute! to CASA participants$ There were 3' complete! surveys by a representative sample o# arts or"ani+ations in the City$ ?hile this sample si+e was less than what was hope! #or, the steerin" committee surmise! that it was in #act an accurate snapshot o# the community$ A summary report o# the #in!in"s is attache! (Appen!i- D)$ The .ey learnin" is that9 The or"ani+ations are relyin" heavily on interns, reportin" '( interns place! within 33 or"ani+ations over the past three years: The Summer ,-perience 1ro"ram is the most heavily use! pro"ram #or internship "rants, with three times more interns than throu"h the Cultural 7uman Resources Council (C7RC) 1ro"ram: C7RC is the A"o toB place #or in#ormation on 7R best practices: ;CD o# or"ani+ations have a bu!"et line #or sta## trainin">pro#essional !evelopment, althou"h only E(D o# or"ani+ations have use! this: The ma%ority o# or"ani+ations are" trainin" throu"h their art service or"ani+ation, an! that trainin" is still primarily in<person classroom<base!$ The most !esire! 1D is in mar.etin", social me!ia an! sponsorship: an! ,-ternal e-pertise most commonly use! by or"ani+ations is in the area o# web !esi"n an! maintenance, "raphic !esi"n an! computer systems$ June 2011 Roundtable All CASA participants were invite! to a #inal pro%ect meetin" on 0une 3, '(33 atten!e! by 3' participants representin" 33 or"ani+ations$ This meetin" starte! with an up!ate on each o# the three topics, an! continue! with a !iscussion o# ne-t steps$ Au!rey Chur"in a!vise! that the #un!in" #or consultants was !eplete!, an! that any #uture collaborative initiatives ha! to be un!erta.en by the "roup on a truly collaborative basis, rather than bein" !riven by her$ 1articipants were practical an! realistic in !ebatin" what coul! be accomplishe!$ In summary, the .ey outcomes on a "o<#orwar! basis are that9 One participant is "oin" to establish a CASA Dropbo- or similar technolo"y #or the sharin" o# in#ormation on 7R policies an! #acility in#ormation, that is open #or contributions by all participants$ /acilities will be a stan!in" a"en!a item #or the CAO a!vocacy committee$ Arts Court an! the service or"ani+ations (Arts Ottawa ,ast, CAO an! /estivals Ottawa) are collaboratin" now on the pro"rammin" an! !elivery o# pro#essional !evelopment: Arts Court will hol! a social me!ia in the #all$

Overall the CASA pro%ect was a success$ A lar"e number o# lea!ers o# arts or"ani+ations in the City "athere! to"ether F lar"e an! small, #rom a ran"e o# !isciplines F to loo. #or share! learnin" an! ways to operate more collaboratively$ The #act that so many lea!ers chose to ta.e time #rom their busy wor. !ay to en"a"e in this way, spea.s #or a thirst to wor. to"ether, learn to"ether, an! share wis!om$ It is worth re#lectin" on three o# the components o# CASA that !i! not meet their tar"et, be#ore movin" to the successes$ ?hen CASA was conceive!, in the early !ays o# the post<'((G economic crisis, the lea!ers anticipate! that the result mi"ht be a new entity or umbrella or"ani+ation o# some !escription that woul! e-ist to pursue #ormal collaborations an! improve the sustainability o# the arts sector$ One
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possible mo!el was Creative Trust in Toronto$ A#ter some o# the early research, an! #ee!bac. #rom participatin" or"ani+ations, it became clear that there woul! not be the resources #or or interest in movin" in this !irection$ In part, it was #elt that this coul! be a role #or the local service or"ani+ations$ ?hether the service or"ani+ations have the capacity to really lea! a collaborative approach to sustainability in the #ace o# serious e-ternal #inancial challen"es remains to be seen, an! presents another topic o# research lea!in" to another course o# action$ The secon! challen"e was one o# lea!ership$ Au!rey Chur"in was the lea!er throu"hout the pro%ect, assiste! by consultants$ At every roun!table, the principals o# collaboration an! best practices were reviewe! (see Appen!i- ,), an! the nee! #or active en"a"ement by all collaborators was rein#orce!$ All too #re8uently, participants were not able to step up to ta.e the lea! on an action item: an! in many cases, when they !i! o##er they coul! not #ul#ill their commitment$ Our community*s cultural lea!ers are all !eeply en"a"e! in a number o# activities, in a!!ition to mana"in" their or"ani+ations typically with insu##icient human an! #inancial resources$ The lac. o# lea!ership in maintainin" the potential #or CASA is, most li.ely, !irectly relate! to lac. o# time, rather than lac. o# interest$ The lac. o# lea!ership may also re#lect the #act that the ur"ency that was #elt in early '(() has !iminishe! now, as #inances have stabili+e! #or many or"ani+ations$ It is 8uite possible that i# a part<time a!ministrator ha! been" on CASA, to .eep the actions alive, convene meetin"s, remin! people o# their commitments, an! provi!e the myria! a!ministrative tas.s that some tan"ible pro%ects mi"ht have arisen$ The interest in continuin" a variety o# collaborations now that the pro%ect has wrappe! up, spea.s to the possibility this mi"ht be a worthwhile ne-t step$ An! thir!ly, outreach to the Ottawa #rancophone community prove! more !i##icult than e-pecte!$ Our wor. an! bac."roun! !ocuments were translate! to /rench an! #orwar!e! to .ey people in local #rancophone or"ani+ations$ The 7R survey was translate! into /rench, however was not complete! by any #rancophone or"ani+ations$ Some cultural mana"ers e-presse! interest in .nowin" more about the wor. envisione! in the CASA pro%ect, but wante! to be contacte! #or more input or !irection later in the process$ The re"ion*s #rancophone artists an! or"ani+ations have alrea!y create! a ti"ht networ. to support the wor. they !o in their communities, but welcome an opportunity to !iscuss new approaches$ Some o# the participants at our meetin"s put #orth the i!ea o# creatin" a #rancophone sub<committee, but this never "ot o## the "roun!$ On a more positive note, CASA participation has increase! over the two years an! in!ivi!uals an! or"ani+ations are buil!in" trust across !isciplines re"ar!less o# the si+e o# or"ani+ation$ Cross<or"ani+ational .nowle!"e an! processes, .nowle!"e sharin" an! in#ormal, a!<hoc a!vocacy are percolatin" everywhere CASA has been$ CASA has been instrumental in %umpstartin" some o# this wor., otherwise rein#orcin" processes alrea!y in place by brin"in" new participants #rom the community to the table$ This has e-pan!e! the ran"e o# community lea!ers who are intereste! an! capable o# movin" the local arts a"en!a #orwar!$ CASA has provi!e! a stimulus #or collaborative activity an! has e-pan!e! the awareness o# an! un!erstan!in" about the #acility nee!s within the community$ This has helpe! in#orm the CAO as they a!vocate on the community*s behal#$ Otherwise, there have been a number o# smaller collaborations between or"ani+ations an! in!ivi!uals who !i! not .now each other be#ore this pro%ect be"an$ ,-ample o# this woul! be9 Space sharin" that has happene! between the Ottawa School o# Art an! "roups nee!in" rehearsal, classroom an! o##ice space$ 2aobab Tree #oun! sub<tenants #or their e-cess a!ministrative space: Houn" 1eople*s Theatre school has partnere! with Storytellers: an! Ottawa School o# Art is rentin" o##ice space #rom the Centretown Citi+ens Ottawa Corporation

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The arts service or"ani+ations in the area are now" more collaboratively on the topics e-plore! throu"h CASA$ A prime e-ample o# this is their %oint !iscussions about human resource nee!s o# the sector an! establishin" a lo"ical pro"ram o# seminars an! wor.shops to meet the nee!s i!enti#ie! in the CASA 7R survey in a collaborative, rather than competitive manner$ 1articipatin" "roups learne! about the #ollowin" initiatives an! events open to them, that they !i! not .now about be#ore, an! which many subse8uently chose to atten!9 The 2usiness #or the Arts ASpee! Datin"B pro"ram &ar.etin" wor.shops bein" presente! by Arts Court The community meetin" about "roup insurance bene#its presente! by /estivals !*Ottawa /estivals 1erhaps the most encoura"in" si"n that the e##ects o# CASA will live, at least in#ormally, happene! very recently, when one o# the "roup sent an e<mail to the others" #or a!vice on the value o# posters$ A lively e<mail e-chan"e ensue!, where ei"ht participants share! e-perience an! wis!om on the relative value not only o# posters, but o# postcar!s, rave car!s an! brochures, inclu!in" su""estions #or printin" an! !istribution$ The or"ani+ations participatin" in inclu!e! an artist run centre, per#ormin" arts companies an! service or"ani+ations, in!ivi!uals who lar"ely !i! not .now each other be#ore CASA starte! an! li.ely woul! have been more reticent to share .nowle!"e because the personal connections an! trust ha! not been establishe!$ Respect#ully submitte! Au!rey Chur"in 0une 34, '(33

CASA Final Report: June 2011

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/ollowin" is a list o# in!ivi!uals an! or"ani+ation who have participate! in the CASA pro%ect$

CASA Final Report: June 2011

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2aobab Tree &ASC Opera =yra Ottawa School o# Art Ottawa Storytellers Salaman!er Iathy Armstron" Au!rey Chur"in Ric. 2anville, 0oelle 1atry 0e## Stellic. Caitlyn 1a-son Chris &c=eo!, Nathalie Dalton

Human Re !u"ce De#e$!pmen%

2aobab Tree Council #or the Arts in Ottawa 6reat Cana!ian Theatre Co$ 0a++ ?or.s &ASC Ottawa Art 6allery Ottawa School o# Art Salaman!er Iathy Armstron" 1eter 7oneywell Nancy Oa.ley 0u!y 7umenic. Au!rey Chur"in &ela Constantini!i 1atricia &a!"e Nathalie Dalton

Bu&$'&n( %)e P"!*&$e

Arts Court 2aobab Tree Council #or the Arts in Ottawa 6reat Cana!ian Theatre Co$ &ASC Opera =yra Ottawa Art 6allery Ottawa School o# Art Ottawa Storytellers Salaman!er Consultant (?ith Opera =yra) 2arbara 2run+ell 7ayley !e 2ie 1eter 7oneywell Nancy Oa.ley, Ievin /"ham Au!rey Chur"in Sheila"h DJArcy &c6ee, 0oelle 1atry, =i+ 7u"hes An!rea /atona 0e## Stellic. Caitlyn 1a-son Chris &c=eo!, Nathalie Dalton Tara =apointe


CASA Final Report: June 2011 Page ;

CASA HR Development Roundtable Outcomes

Pa"%&c&pan% Au!rey Chur"in, &ASC Christine Tremblay, AO, Arts Council Domini8ue Saint 1ierre, &ASC 0ulie Trewartha, Ottawa School o# Art 1enny &cCann, SA? 6allery 1eter 7oneywell, Council #or the Arts in Ottawa Summa"- !* P!%en%&a$ C!$$a.!"a%&#e In&%&a%&#e : 3$ I!enti#y an! share access to c!n%"ac% /!"0e" /&%) pec&a$&1e' 0&$$ (e$"$ web !esi"n, translation, 7R)$ Develop list o# specialists an! re#erences$ ACTION9 Iathy Armstron" or"ani+es a "roup to wor. on this$ '$ Collaborate in (ene"a$ au'&%&!n 9 ACTION9 Nancy Oa.ley to ta.e to her AD an! Theatre /estival Networ. 4$ Bene*&% pac0a(e9 /estivals Ottawa>CAO have this, nee! to buil! awareness o# e-istin" pro!uct ACTION: 1eter 7oneywell to sen! out in#ormation an! place on website 5$ Share! access to )a"' c!p- e2amp$e !* manua$ such as sta## orientation, boar! manuals etc ACTION: Nathalie Dalton to coor!inate an! o##er up a shel# at Salaman!er C$ Sa$a"- '& c"epanc- between City an! N/1 or"s #or li.e positions$ ACTION9 1eter 7oneywell to #ollow up as part o# his a"en!a with the City E$ Collaborative mechanisms to &'en%&*-3"ec"u&% B!a"' /&%) pec&*&c 0&$$ (le"al, accountin", 7R)$ ACTION: 1eter 7oneywell to con#er with C2AC re their pro"ram

CASA Final Report: June 2011

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CASA Space Roundtable Outcomes

Pa"%&c&pan% Au!rey Chur"in, &ASC Domini8ue Saint 1ierre, &ASC 0e## Stellic., Ottawa School o# Art =in!a 2al!u++i, Arts Court 1enny &cCann, SA? 6allery 1eter 7oneywell, Council #or the Arts in Ottawa 6eo## &c2ri!e, Ottawa Theatre Networ. C!$$a.!"a%&#e In&%&a%&#e 3$ Develop a %a%emen% !* nee' re stora"e an! rehearsal space, that inclu!es re8uirements such as =ocation Security Access>time>!ay>sche!ulin" 6oo! nei"hbours /unctionality =oa!in" !oc. '$ D& %"&.u%&!n !* %a%emen% !* nee' to property !evelopers, real estate in!ustry, "overnment !epartments, Arts Court, school boar!s an! private schools, business community$ &e!iums o# !istribution coul! inclu!e 2oar! contacts, !onors, local newspapers$ 4$ Open D!!" *!" %)e a"% c!mmun&%- (crawl," tour) by nei"hbourhoo! 5$ +u$%&4'& c&p$&na"- pace In#en%!"- an! calen!ar (maybe wi.i with e<lin.s)

CASA Final Report: June 2011

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Building the Profile Roundtable Outcomes

Pa"%&c&pan% Ale-an!ra 2a!+a., Ottawa Art 6allery Au!rey Chur"in,&ASC Catherine OJ6ra!y, Ottawa 0a++ /estival Christine Tremblay, AO, Arts Council Domini8ue Saint 1ierre, /rancophone 1ro"ram Director 7ayley !e 2ie, 2aobab Tree 0essica Kan Der ?al, Ottawa School o# Art Ievin /"ham, 6CTC =in!a 2al!u++i, Arts Court 1enny &cCann, SA? 6allery 1eter 7oneywell, Council #or the Arts in Ottawa Sheila"h DJArcy &c6ee, Opera =yra Summa"- !* P!%en%&a$ C!$$a.!"a%&#e In&%&a%&#e : 3$ 5L!ca$ c!n ump%&!nB$ Nee! to !evelop strate"y, cra#t consistent messa"es, create a lo"o an! messa"e templates re economic an! value systems$ W!"0&n( ("!up9 2arbara 2run+ell, 1eter 7oneywell, Sheila"h D*Arcy &c6ee (with Ciatlyn 1a-son an! Nathalie Dalton) '$ S!c&a$ me'&a %"a&n&n($ Develop strate"y #or>webinar>course with on"oin" support #or application, pre#erably local trainer, chec. Al"on8uin Colle"e W!"0&n( ("!up9 0oelle 1atry, Nathalie Dalton, Caitlyn 1a-son, 0e## Stellic., 7ailey !e 2ie 4$ C!4."an'&n(9 Coul! be outcome o# space crawl an! other initiatives so community "ets to .now each other better$ Tal. to Arts Court a! hoc "roup$ &aybe learn #rom Tourism &ar.etin" collaborative approach$ W!"0&n( ("!up: An!rea /atona, 0e## Stellic., =i+ 7u"hes, Caitlyn 1a-son, 0oelle 1atry, Sheila"h D*Arcy &c6ee, 7ailey !e 2ie 5$ +a"0e% Re ea"c)6 Determine en! use o# research: chec. e-istin" !ata: !etermine strate"y an! re8uirements$ W!"0&n( ("!up: Ievin /"ham, 2arbara 2run+ell, Tara =apointe, 1eter 7oneywell, Nathalie Dalton$



CASA Final Report: June 2011

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Human Resource Development

16 Pa"%&c&pan% Au!rey Chur"in, &ASC Christine Tremblay, Arts Ottawa ,ast Domini8ue Saint 1ierre, &ASC 0ulie Trewartha, Ottawa School o# Art 1enny &cCann, SA? 6allery 1eter 7oneywell, Council #or the Arts in Ottawa 6uest presenter9 2arbara Stacey, Ottawa /estivals !*Ottawa /acilitator9 0enny 6in!er, 6in!er Consultin" 26 Ca e %u'-: O%%a/a Fe %&#a$ '7O%%a/a Ottawa /estivals !*Ottawa provi!es the #ollowin" 7R relate! services to its C4 members9 1artners with Ontario &inistry o# Trainin", Colle"es an! niversities in the !elivery o# the 0ob Creation 1ro"ram$ 1rocesses applications #or appro-imately 3'(, si- month %ob placements #or its members$ 1lacements are pai! throu"h ,mployment Insurance$ /re8uently these placements lea! to #ull time %obs in the sector$ 7ave an o##icial suppliers list, which inclu!es 8uality chec.s an! re#erences$ Arts an! Culture Associations who are members can access this$ (Note membership in Ottawa /estivals is available to non pro#it arts or"ani+ations, membership #ees base! on bu!"et)$ 2ene#its plan, as bene#its are proven as valuable in attractin" an! retainin" employees$ Currently they have appro-imately 5C members in the plan$ There will be an in#ormation session about the plan in Thurs!ay, November 'C, '(3( #rom ) am $< Noon at the Ottawa /estivals o##ice, 5; ?illiam Street$ The plan is open member Arts an! Culture Associations but not to in!ivi!uals$ They have a resource centre>library The o##er seminars>wor.shops open to the community, typically in the #all an! winter$ An on<line volunteer en"a"ement tool is bein" !evelope! an! shoul! be rea!y early '(33$ 86 D& cu &!n a"!un' a c!$$a.!"a%&#e p"!9ec% Can there be a similar or"ani+ational structure that provi!es these services to the rest o# the arts or"ani+ations in OttawaL ,mployment "rants are the entry point #or many a!ministrative %obs in the sector$ Some 8uestione! whether arts or"ani+ations are even aware o# these "rants an! how to access them$ The concept o# a Centre #or Social Innovation F a space where a number o# in!epen!ent consultants an! arts or"ani+ations can co<locate F woul! be value! in Ottawa F either in Arts Court or another #acility$ It woul! be help#ul to have a list o# specialists>consultants #or outsource! services such as !esi"n, technolo"y an! translation$
CASA Final Report: June 2011 Page 33

It woul! also be use#ul to .now who is o##erin" 1D pro"rams, where the best 7R resources are locate!, where to #in! summer employment "rants etc$ :6 Ne2% S%ep It was a"ree! that more in#ormation was nee!e! be#ore a pro%ect coul! be !evelope!$ An on<line survey shoul! be !evelope! to better un!erstan! the 7R lan!scape, it shoul! i!enti#y amon" other thin"s9 ?hat 7R resources currently e-ist, are use!, an! value!: ?hich employment "rants>internships are bein" accesse!: ?hich C7RC resources are use! most #re8uently: ?hat specialists s.ills are bein" outsource! an! #rom whom: ?hat, i# any, %ob sharin" is bein" un!erta.en ?hat 1D is bein" o##ere! an! where are the "aps$ Other 7R nee!s The survey will be arts sector wi!e, an! !istribute! throu"h service or"ani+ations such as /estivals !*Ottawa /estivals, CAO an! AO,$ There is a possibility that the Compass #un!in" #or the consultant can be !irecte! towar!s the research an! !evelopment o# the survey$ The #ollowin"" "roup a"ree! to be a!visors to the survey !esi"n an! content9 2arbara Stacey Christine Tremblay 1eter 7oneywell Au!rey Chur"in

CASA Final Report: June 2011

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Facilities Roundtable
16 Pa"%&c&pan% Au!rey Chur"in, &ASC Domini8ue Saint 1ierre, &ASC 6eo## &c2ri!e, Ottawa Theatre Networ. 0e## Stellic., Ottawa School #or the Arts =in!a 2al!u++i, Arts Court 1enny &cCann, SA? 6allery 1eter 7oneywell, Council #or the Arts 6uest presenter9 Richar! =ebel, =a Nouvelle ScMne /acilitator9 0enny 6in!er, 6in!er Consultin" 26 Ca e S%u'-: La N!u#e$$e Sc;ne There are 35 /rench lan"ua"e theatre companies in Ontario, o# which ) are in Ottawa$ /our o# these came to"ether in the late 3)G(*s to wor. collaboratively on the !evelopment o# a share! space #or creation an! pro!uction with three theatre spaces$ =a Nouvelle Scene is the a!ministrative an! "overnin" bo!y #or their #acility an! representatives o# the #our resi!ent companies comprise its boar!$ The #our companies own the space, which now nee!s a capital investment o# more than NC million , =a Nouvelle ScMne also presents music an! #estivals, an! the spaces are available on a rental basis to anyone else in the sector$ ?hile all resi!ent companies are promote! throu"h =a Nouvelle ScMne season brochure, the challen"e remains that each resi!ent companies wants to maintain its own visual i!entity an! !istinctive mar.etin" strate"ies$ 86 D& cu &!n a"!un' a c!$$a.!"a%&#e p"!9ec% The space re8uirements articulate! by the participants in the room were9 Rehearsal Ki!eo Shootin">creatin" (soun! proo#) ,-hibition Stora"e ? It was note! that the #ilm>vi!eo in!ustry is !evelopin" a proposal #or a soun! sta"e in Ottawa$ There are complementary sche!ules #or rehearsal space < !rama mi"ht nee! a rehearsal space #or two wee.s, but vi!eo mi"ht only nee! a similar space #or ' !ays$ ,-istin" empty buil!in"s are a potential short term solution as lon" as liability insurance is available$ The City is un!" a cultural mappin" pro%ect$ The City coul!>shoul! have a role in !evelopin" a master plan to preserve the tra!itional artist habitat !owntown F #or both live, wor. an! presentation space$ Is there an e-pan!e! role o# the 3D #or art policiesL
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The Ottawa Theatre Networ. attempte! a #acilities wi.i, maintaine! by members on a volunteer basis$ It !i!n*t succee! because it was not a!e8uately maintaine!$ A statement o# nee! is re8uire!, an! reinstatement o# an arts capital pro"ram$ :6 Ne2% S%ep It was a"ree! that "iven its a!vocacy man!ate, an! e-istin" wor. on the topic, the Council #or the Arts in Ottawa will ta.e the lea! on this #ile an! the #ollowin" tas.s9 Determine whether City*s mappin" process is inclu!in" spaces suitable #or rehearsal, stora"e, e-hibition etc in the short term as well as lon"er<term (e$"$ vacant schools, city buil!in"s, an! commercial properties)$ o 1eter will en8uire about this in early November$ As a #ollow up to the mappin" wor. bein" !one by the City, !etermine i# City shoul! !evelop an! maintain an electronic !atabase o# rehearsal, stora"e, an! e-hibition spaces, complete with rental in#ormation an! a reservation calen!ar$ o 1eter will #ollow up in early November$ 1repare a letter to the City re8uestin" reinstatement o# the arts capital pro"ram$ o 1enny will prepare an! circulate to all session participants #or comment by mi!<November, #or !istribution to City Council in early December$ ?rite a statement o# nee!, which has a short !escription o# the types o# spaces re8uire!, with e-amples o# each$ o Domini8ue will !ra#t by mi!< November base! upon input o# others #or e-amples: Domini8ue will share with 1enny #or her re#erence>inclusion in letter to City Councillors$ The "roup a"ree! to reconvene in si- months upon completion o# the City*s mappin" pro%ect$

CASA Final Report: June 2011

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Building the Profile Roundtable

16 Pa"%&c&pan% Ale-an!ra 2a!+a., Ottawa Art 6allery Au!rey Chur"in, &ASC Catherine O*6ra!y, Ottawa 0a++ /estival Christine Tremblay, Arts Ottawa ,ast Domini8ue Saint 1ierre, &ASC 7ayley !e 2ie, 2aobab Tree Ievin /"ham, 6CTC =in!a 2al!u++i, Arts Court 1enny &cCann, SA? 6allery 1eter 7oneywell, Council #or the Arts in Ottawa Sheila"h D*Arcy &c6ee, Opera =yra Ottawa 6uest presenter9 6eo## &c2ri!e, Ottawa Theatre Networ. /acilitator9 0enny 6in!er, 6in!er Consultin" 26 Ca e %u'-: O%%a/a T)ea%"e Ne%/!"0 The Ottawa Theatre Networ. is an a! hoc "roup #orme! in the summer '(() to assist the "rowth o# the pro#essional theatre community by #osterin" communications an! resource sharin" amon" pro#essional theatre companies an! practitioners$ Initiatives to !ate were9 A wi.i9 !esi"ne! #or theatre pro#essionals with in#ormation such as people (artists, crew, volunteers, mentors), per#ormance an! rehearsal spaces$ A website (,!esi"ne! #or the "eneral public, with newsletters an! in#ormation about the OTN an! its activities$ Nee!s assessment survey which in!icate! that communication an! au!ience !evelopment were important issues #or members o# the theatre community$ In response to nee!s assessment, the OTN has chosen to un!erta.e the creation o# a theatre "ui!e #or e-ternal communication$ The bilin"ual "ui!e will be publishe! #our times a year in har! copy an! an on<line version is planne!$ They are" "rants to "o to print$ Some lessons learne!9 There were ori"inally 3( members !rivin" the networ.$ It has whittle! !own to #ive who !o all the wor.$ ?hat is the motivation9 Networ. lea!ership is youn" an! wants to ma.e a career in Ottawa so have to #in! a #or their wor.$ It is an in!ivi!ual commitment by each to helpin" the pro#essional theatre community$ It is all volunteer$ Note9 A #ull copy o# the OTN presentation is available #rom Au!rey Chur"in$ 86 D& cu &!n !* a c!$$a.!"a%&#e p"!9ec% Discussion #ocuse! aroun! three areas9

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a) Co<bran!in" Discussion o# co<bran!in", which can mean !i##erent thin"s to !i##erent people$ It is>coul! be9 &ulti<party collaborative mar.etin" initiatives, such as See ;, Culture Days, 2u++, Summin" /lin": or One on one collaborative promotional partnership$ This is !istinct #rom creative collaborations, an! #rom networ.s b) =ocal consumption 1eter 7oneywell reporte! that he, 2arbara 2run+ell an! Ievin /otherin"ham met to !iscuss local consumption an! throu"h it the promotion o# pro#essional artists$ They believe this has a lot o# potential but is more than a share! lo"o F the pro%ect woul! nee! to ensure stan!ar!s, promote pro#essionalism, an! buil! trust in the bran!$ This re8uires a Aslow an! stea!yB approach an! Time Si"ni#icant amounts o# !evelopment A structure! campai"n$ They will meet a"ain be#ore Christmas to !iscuss ne-t steps$ Ouestion #or the "roup to consi!er when they meet a"ain9 Can you pac.a"e the pro#essional arts an! community arts separately within the Culture Days umbrellaL c) Social &ar.etin">Social &e!ia The AHB "eneration (un!er 4() is techno savvy an! obtainin" all their in#ormation throu"h the internet$ This !emo"raphic an! increasin"ly others are e-pectin" apps to provi!e the in#ormation an! !irection to events$ CASA participants are" #or9 2roa!er un!erstan!in" o# the potential an! #unctionality o# various social mar.etin" tools Technical trainin" on !esi"n so#tware: how to ma.e the most e##ective use o#, blo"s etc$ (It was note! that this probably alrea!y e-ists, an! with enou"h participants an e-istin" pro"ram coul! be a!apte! #or the arts sectors* nee!s) :6 Ne2% S%ep The ma%ority o# CASA participants e-presse! an interest in movin" #orwar! on strate"ic mar.etin"$ A" "roup consistin" o# =in!a, 7ayley, 6eo##, 1enny, Sheila"h, Au!rey an! Ale-an!ra will meet later in November to #urther !evelop an! !e#ine the nee!s an! how best to meet them$

CASA Final Report: June 2011

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3$ Bac0("!un'3In%"!'uc%&!n 7uman recourses !evelopment was i!enti#ie! by CASA participants as a potential area o# collaboration$ At a roun!table meetin" on October ';, '(3(, participatin" or"ani+ations a"ree! that more in#ormation about the e-istin" 7R lan!scape in Ottawa was nee!e! be#ore a collaborative pro%ect coul! be i!enti#ie! an! !evelope!$ It was a"ree! that a survey shoul! be un!erta.en to obtain base !ata$ A" "roup (Au!rey Chur"in, 1eter 7oneywell, Christine Tremblay an! 2arbara Stacey) wor.e! with consultant 0enny 6in!er to !evelop the survey #ramewor.$ It was a"ree! that the overarchin" ob%ective o# the survey woul! be to obtain a comprehensive un!erstan!in" o# e-istin" human resource materials an! pro"rams that are value! by Ottawa*s arts sector, how these resources are bein" use!, an! to i!enti#y 7R "aps$ The survey was primarily multiple choice 8uestions structure! aroun! .ey topics with write<in bo-es where appropriate$ The survey was in the #iel! #or 3' !ays in &arch '(33$ 26 T)e u"#e- amp$e Re8uests to complete the on<line survey were !istribute! to the 'C or"ani+ations on the CASA !istribution list$ The survey was translate! into /rench, an! re8uest e<mail an! survey lin. were sent in both o##icial lan"ua"es$ There were 34 responses to the ,n"lish survey an! none to the /rench, representin" a response rate o# C'D$ It shoul! be note! 3' o# the 34 or"ani+ations that entere! the survey complete! it$ A snapshot o# those who respon!e! to the survey in#orms us that they represente! lar"e an! small or"ani+ations with the #ollowin" operatin" bu!"et ran"es9 They represente! a cross<section o# arts sub<sectors (note that arts e!ucation an! storytellin" were a!!e! as write<in comments) with the lar"est "roup bein" #rom the au!io visual an! live per#ormin" arts$ (Note that the sub<sectors mirror those use! by the Cultural 7uman Resources Council)

The ma%ority ha! #ewer than E /T,$ In a subse8uent 8uestion, 3GD sai! they o##er %ob sharin" in the$

86 In%e"n )&p an' emp$!-men%: p"!("am an' ("an%

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1articipants were as.e! to report on how many internship placements they ha! hoste! in the past three years$ ?rite<in comments in!icate that interns are also bein" place! #rom /lemin" Colle"e, Concor!ia niversity, the niversity o# Toronto an! =awrence Colle"e in Iin"ston$ Or"ani+ations are" heavy use o# Ontario*s Summer ,-perience 1ro"ram to support these internships an! to a lesser e-tent the #e!eral pro"rams$ One respon!ent a!!e! that they have accesse! internship #un!in" throu"h Houn" Cana!a ?or.s9

Over the past three years, two<thir!s (EED) o# respon!ents have accesse! employment pro"rams, placements or "rants9 0ob Creation 1ro"rams throu"h the &inistry o# =abour, Ontario "overnment 7RSDC Ontario Trillium /oun!ation 0ob Creation 1ro"ram throu"h &inistry o# Trainin" Colle"es P niversities Summer stu!ent "rants throu"h 7RSDC an! 6overnment o# Ontario Houn" Cana!a ?or.s

:6 Human "e !u"ce ma%e"&a$ 1articipants were as.e! where they "o #or in#ormation on best practices in 7R$ C7RC an! the Ontario Arts Council are the most #re8uently accesse! resources$

?hen as.e! to list the most value! 7R resources use! on a re"ular basis, respon!ents wrote9 Charity Killa"e 1SAC C7RC C7RC publications (%ob !escriptions, terminations, evaluations P reviews) C7RCJs Cultural 7uman Resources &ana"ement tools /estivals Ottawa
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2oar! members with 7R trainin" an! e-perience 2oar! members with 7R le"al bac."roun! ,mployment Ontario an! Ontario =abour 2oar! web sites

>6 T"a&n&n( an' p"!*e &!na$ 'e#e$!pmen% Three 8uarters o# respon!ents (;CD) have a bu!"et line #or sta## trainin">pro#essional !evelopment$ Over the past year, sta## at two<thir!s (EED) o# the or"ani+ations have ta.en %ob relate! pro#essional !evelopment$ In the ma%ority o# cases, one person at the or"ani+ation has ta.en trainin" or 1D, an! the most common service provi!er is an arts service or"ani+ation$

Overwhelmin"ly, the trainin" !elivery mechanism use! was in<person classroom<base! instruction$

/our or"ani+ations reporte! they have not participate! in any pro#essional !evelopment or trainin" "ave the reasons as9 ?e have !one it on our own time an! loo. #or people to volunteer their s.ills to show us (ie social") &oney ori"inally allocate! #or pro#essional !evelopment an! trainin" was use! in an e##ort to lower our e-penses$ The multiple choice options were evenly !ivi!e! as to reasons9

There are a number o# topics that woul! be help#ul #or sta## pro#essional !evelopment an! s.ills up"ra!in"$ 1articipants coul! select all topics that applie!$

CASA Final Report: June 2011

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?6 U e !* e2%e"na$ c!n%"ac%!" The #ollowin" chart !emonstrates the e-tent to which e-ternal contractors are bein" use! by participatin" or"ani+ations$ ,-ternal e-pertise is use! most e-tensively in #iel!s relatin" to !esi"n an! technolo"y$ The ma%ority o# or"ani+ations are usin" e-ternal e-pertise #or less than 3 hour per wee. on avera"e$
How any hours per year on average !o you rely on external expert"se to supple ent your regular a! "n"strat"ve Up to 50 50 - 100 100 - 200 Over 200 Response #nswer Opt"ons hours hours hours hours Count 'e site design and maintenance 5 3 0 0 8 Graphic design/copy layout 4 2 1 0 7 (omputer systems 5 1 0 1 7 &ranslation 2 2 1 1 6 !inancial ser"ices 4 2 0 0 6 $ocial media mar%eting 2 1 0 0 3 !undraising 1 0 1 0 2 Grant #riting 1 0 1 0 2 Pu lic relations 1 0 0 0 1 Human resources 0 0 0 0 0 Total # external contractors per hour range per year 25 11 4 2

CASA Final Report: June 2011

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C!$$a.!"a%&!n: Summa"- !* c!n & %en% /& '!m 3$ S)a"e' #& &!n an' (!a$ : ,veryone in the "roup must participate in shapin" the vision an! purpose o# the enterprise an! in !oin" so can hope#ully see ways that this vision supports their own or"ani+ation*s mission an! ob%ectives$ '$ In#e %men%: No collaborative initiative is "oin" to happen without an investment o# time an! resources #rom all participants$ The more you put in, the more you will "et out$ 4$ A$$!/ p$en%- !* %&me: It can ta.e a lon" time (in the years) #or collaborations to #ully !evelop an! share! a"en!as an! activities to soli!i#y$ There is no cutter approach$ 5$ T)e p"!9ec%: Start with a mana"eable si+e! pro%ect or initiative that stan!s a "oo! chance o# success an! meets the nee!s o# the ma%ority$ Once there is one success, the "roup can buil! on this momentum #or the ne-t pro%ect$ C$ Pe!p$e: ,veryone is comin" into this collaboration #rom a !i##erent place with !i##erin" nee!s an! perspectives$ It will not be ri"ht #or everyone$ Hou nee! committe! people in the room who can buil! trust, subsume e"o an! ma.e it #un$ The !ynamic can an! will chan"e as participants move on to new %obs an! others ta.e their place$ &utual trust is a .ey in"re!ient to success$ The collaborative "roup !oes not have to be lar"e$ E$ Lea'e" )&p: The collaboration mi"ht be steere! by one or two "oo! lea!ers but all participants must participate in !e#inin" the actions, settin" parameters," responsibility an! participatin" actively$ &eetin"s must be #ocuse!$ ;$ T)e c!mm!n (!!': Success#ul collaborations typically re8uire participants to put the common "oo! o# the pro%ect ahea! o# their own or"ani+ational interests$ It is important that participants approach this #rom the perspective o# the community bene#it as oppose! to solely the #inancial or other bene#it #or their or"ani+ation$ G$ C!mmun&ca%&!n: Transparent an! re"ular communication is a .ey to success$ ,nsure clarity in all !ocumentation an! !evelop a !ispute resolution mechanism$ Develop" points, elevator speeches an! other te-t early so everyone is usin" the same lan"ua"e when promotin" the concept$ )$ Fun'&n(: Collaborative initiatives #re8uently re8uire resources to "et starte!, however beware o# chasin" the !ollars an! lettin" #un!ers !rive the a"en!a$

CASA Final Report: June 2011

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