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POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES This study has been conducted to yield information regarding to farmers, management, the

industry, community, students and country. For farmers: The importance of this study is that they would know their rights and importance to the business since their labor and presence is the key to repeat business and growth. Farmers could tell their insights, ranting about how their employers treat them, if they are given the privileges to do their rights and if they are being compensated correctly. With these experiences, whether good or bad, would surely have a great impact on the industry that they are in. For management: The importance of this study with regards to management is that they will know how to maintain a harmonious relationship with their workers. Having an agricultural industry business is very risky and uncertain. With this study, it is essential for the management to have the broad and extent knowledge of the law covering their business. It is also one of the bases in part of the management on how to improve, develop and innovate their handling of employees. Also, this will help to address efficiency issues by increasing farm productivity. It will also identify the improvement of the farm productivity that is expected to be accomplished through the adoption of appropriate farming practices and technology by the land owners and the provision of complementary support services. For the industry: The importance of this study is to analyze the effects of the agrarian reform on agricultural productivity, employment and income distribution to the sugar cane industry in Central Azucarera Don Pedro in Nasugbu Batangas. It also gives the industry an

POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES emphasis on the law covering the agriculture. This will also help determine the uncertainties arising from agrarian reform and its implications on the value of agricultural assets. For the community: The importance of this study to the community of the said place is that they will have the knowledge regarding the righteous and just doings of such agricultural activities which will affect them in good or bad way. For students: The importance of this study with regards to students of Marketing Management is that they will have deeper understanding when it comes to the relationship of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program to the agriculture industry, particularly on the sugar cane industry. They will have a better understanding of how this CARP law really works. As a Marketing practitioner, they must know and fully understand how to apply theories from books into reality.