S. V. Institute of Management Center for Excellence CMAT 2014-15 GK Today 23 !

2013 Tick the right answers from the options given below:
1. Which of the following Akademis is responsible for fostering the development of dance, drama and music in India? a) National chool of !rama b) angeet Akademi c) ahit"a Akademi d) #alit $ala Akademi %. &he 'ath (atra at )uri is celebrated in honour of which *indu deit" a) 'am b) +aganath c) hiva d) ,ishnu

-. ./adhubani., a st"le of folk paintings, is popular in which of the following states in India? a) 0ttar )radesh b) 'a1asthan c) /adh"a )radesh d) 2ihar 3. &he National ong of India was composed b" a) 'abindranath &agore b) 2ankim 4handra 4hatter1i c) I5bal d) +ai hankar )rasad 6. Who composed the famous song . are +ahan eAchha.? a) +aidev b) /ohammad I5bal c) 2ankim 4handra 4hattopadh"a" d) 'abindranath &agore 7. $alchakra ceremon" is associated with which of the following ceremonies? a) *induism b) 2uddhism c) +ainism d) Islam 8. Which of the following places is famous for 4hikankari work, which is a traditional art of embroider"? a) #ucknow b) *"derabad c) +aipur d) /"sore 9. 9. &he dance encouraged and performance from the temple of &an1ore was a) $athakali b) :dissi c) $athak d) 2haratanat"am

;. &he head 5uarters of ahit"a Akademi is at a) /umbai b) 4hennai c) New !elhi

d) $olkata

1<. &he treat" of rirangapatna was signed between &ipu ultan and a) 'obert 4live b) 4ornwallis c) !alhousie d) Warren *astings

4. 13. 1. &he victories of $arikala are well portra"ed in a) )alamoli b) Aruvanad c) )attinappalai 1.. :n +ul" 1%.69 d) April 1. India changed over to the decimal s"stem of coinage in a) April 1. d) )adirrupattu %<.9%. /ahmud of =ha@ni defeated a) =hurids b) Arabs c) $arkotakas d) *indushahis 18.. &he theor" of economic drain of India during 2ritish imperialism was propounded b" a) +awaharlal Nehru b) !adabhai Naoro1i c) '. &o which professions earlier leaders who struggled for freedom of India mainl" belonged? a) #aw"ersb) &eachers c) +ournalists d) All of the above 19.$.11. the A'!4 was merged into a) '2I b) NA2A'! c) ?CI/ 2ankd) None of the above . taken as prisoners b" the A>is )owers. &hrough which one of the following. &o con5uer and anne> )eshawar and )un1ab. 0nder an agreement with which of the following countries did ubhas 4handra 2ose organi@e the Indian soldiers.6. !utt d) /. into the A@ad *ind Aau1? a) 4hina b) =erman" c) Ital" d) +apan 16. We hear of two envo"s being sent to the 'oman kings.68 c) April 1. =andhi &he s"stem of competitive e>amination for civil service was accepted in principle in the "ear a) 19-b) 196c) 1969 d) 199% 1-.i1a"anagar ?mpire? a) !anna"aka b) umanta c) Na"aka d) /ahana"akachar"a 1%. the king e>ercised his control over villages in the .6 b) April 1. one in %8B%9 A! to the court of Augustus and the other in 11<B%< A! to the court of a) 4artius b) &ra1an c) Nero d) 2rutus 17.

AnswersD .

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