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The resource-based theory of organizational performance emphasizes the sustained competitive advantages gained from production capabilities. The purpose of this term paper is to examine relationship among different variables regarding the practice of human resource planning and policy of an organization. A survey has been conducted in Data-Path Limited, Bangladesh. A uestionaries! "as formed about ten variables # $.%ecruitment and selection policy, &.Decision Decentralization, '. (raining and Development ). *areer development. +. Promotion policy ,.Performance appraisal, -. Pay for performance. /ncentive program. 0. 1inancial performance 2. 3or4 environment $5. 6anaging compensation. 7o" the organization is doing about all of the above variables have been reflected throughout the survey analysis. /nvestigation sho"s that organization is doing moderately "ell in most of the area of human resource planning and management system. (here is strong relationship bet"een ----------------------- except the relation bet"een --------------------------. 8rganization can thin4 about this area ho" to improve to increase the productivity. 9ey"ords. Relationship, performance, productivity, policy, practice, improvement.

1. Introduction: Statement of the problem and concise information about variables:

Human resource planning, policies and management are the 4ey areas of an organization in the current competitive business "orld. 6ost organization is no" focusing to establish a strong strategic staffing system because organization no" understand that this is the cornerstone of successful human resource management system because it lays the foundation for an organization!s future performance and survival. People in the organization create sustainable competitive advantage for the company. :o, managing human resource is the 4ey area for the company!s gro"th and profitability. /f company cannot recruit right people, cannot retain right talent then productivity and profitability "ill go do"n and it "ill be difficult for company to sustain;survive. :o, managing human resource is the big challenge for the organization in this competitive business mar4et. (he areas "here human resource management systems need to manage properly are as bello"s.

Recruitment and selection policy: This variable indicates the process of sourcing and attracting qualified talent and the process of selection of right talent for the right post in right time in accordance with company s goals and strategic staffing policy. !ecision !ecentralization: This variable indicates how the organization is distributing their decision ma"ing authority in different level and different sections. Training and !evelopment: Training and development is important to increase productivity

#areer development: #areer development focuses on $mployee retention, company productivity and efficiency. %romotion policy: %romotion policy depends on performance, age, merit, length of service and recommendation by supervisor. %erformance appraisal: #lear ob&ective needs to describe to the employee for better performance. 'eedbac" should be ta"en and fairly evaluated without any biasness. %ay for performance: (ncentive program: %ay for performance enhance and encourage employee to wor" more efficiently and company can earn more revenue. 'inancial performance: 'inancial performance focuses in company profit, employee wor"ing efficiency, mar"et share, quality product and growth in sale. )or" environment: )or" environment means better relation among different level of employee such as manager and subordinate, wor" recognition, trust, $$* etc. +anaging compensation: #ompensation program focuses on &ob evaluation system, internal and e,ternal labor supply and demand, wage survey etc.


Significance and objective of the topic

-s the importance of the human resource has increased to a great e,tent in today.s date, therefore the significance and necessity of the survey to be conducted also cannot be denied at any cost. (t is essential on part of every company to see that all the details of the companies are "ept updated.

/ince the management level is huge it is not so easy to "eep everything regular and updated. Therefore one of the best ways of doing so is to conduct an survey. There are many functions that are done through the survey and it is only because of the surveying processes that the company continues to grow and develop prosperously. The main function of the human resource survey is to conduct a thorough review of the several different HR policies and practices. -t the same time, it also views the different strategies used by the company in the effective organization and the running of the organization. (t dutifully reviews the different essential documents of the company. (f necessary the various people involved in this particular department are interviewed to acquire necessary information that might prove to be effective for the company as a whole. *b&ective is to find out the current practice and policy of HR+ and 7%PP and to find out the relationship bet"een different variables and the resolution. Human resource planning involves the hiring, development and retention of employees in the achievement of organizational goals. This includes analysis of the current wor"force and how it aligns with future employment needs. 0y planning for the future, human resources creates action plans aimed to satisfy organizational goals. *rganizations use strategic planning to achieve goals. This relates to the organization.s vision, mission and strategic ob&ectives. -n organization must analyze its future employment needs. (f an organization decides it must increase productivity by 12 percent, it may need to grow its wor"force by 1 percent. (f an organization wants to increase mar"et share by moving offices into new locations, it must consider the human resource requirements. )ith future wor"force needs considered, human resource planning must analyze the competency of the present wor"force. #omparing future needs with current wor"force strengths and abilities will identify gaps or surpluses. #onsidering wor"force surpluses and deficits, human resources must prepare action plans for the wor"force. This includes identifying the type and number of employees needed, employee competency, budget considerations, recruiting and retaining measures, and the development and training of employees.

$nsuring ob&ectives are being met by the future wor"force requires an evaluation process. This will determine if the wor"force is adequate to satisfy strategic goals. %lanning for this process now will more easily


Data *ollection <sample size = )5>. - sample size of 34 has been ta"en at different level of the organization. -s it was a service level company so top level, middle level and front level employee s opinion have been ta"en for this analysis. The below is the percentage of different level of employee involved as respondent:

Total number of employee: $$' /ample /ize: 14 Category. $,ecutive *fficer: -----------------------54? Team 6eader. ----------------------------&+? +anager. --------------------------------$+? '. %evie" of Literature and 7ypothesis building.

#ompany %rofile: #itycell 7%acific 0angladesh Telecom 6imited8 is the first mobile communications company of 0angladesh. (t is the only #!+- networ" operator in the country. -s of 9 +arch 144:, #itycell.s total mobile subscriber base is 9.25 million, up 9;< per cent or 5:4,444 from two years ago, giving it the best growth rate of the company till date. #itycell is currently owned by /ingTel "ith )+? sta4e and the rest ++? o"ned by Pacific @roup and 1ar Aast (elecom. By the end of &55- *itycell had refurbished its old brand identity and introduced a ne" logo and corporate identityB the ne" logo is very reminiscent of the old logo.


Previous Citycell logo.

(n 9=:= 0angladesh Telecom 6imited 70T68 was awarded a license to operate cellular, paging, and other wireless communication networ"s. Then in 9==4 Hutchison 0angladesh Telecom 6imited 7H0T68 was incorporated in 0angladesh as a &oint venture between 0T6 and Hutchison Telecommunications 70angladesh8 6imited. H0T6 began commercial operation in !ha"a using the -+%/ mobile technology in 9==; and became the 9st cellular operator in /outh -sia. 6ater that year %acific +otors bought 24> of 0T6. 0y 9==5 H0T6 was renamed as %acific 0angladesh Telecom 6imited 7%0T68 and launched the brand name ?#itycell !igital? to mar"et its cellular products. HR+ !epartment activities

:ample description. $mployee %rofile: Total number of employee: 9444 /ample /ize: 34 #ategory: *ffice @ +anager: 35? 6anager # Deputy @eneral 6anager. '5?

@eneral 6anager and Above. '5? -ge limit assumption: 14-;4 years A 9 ;4 -;2 years A1 ;2 B years $ducation assumption: Craduation +asters A9 A1 A;

+asters and above A; Dob Tenure assumption: 9-2 years 2-94 years A9 =&

$5 years above ='

4. #onceptual model.


Research methodology Research sample:


a.8 !esigning questionnaire. A uestionnaire has been designed to conduct the survey "hich has been attached in the appendix.

b.8 $,plain dependent and independent variables. /ndependent variable is one due to change of "hich another variables changes. Due to unit change of one variable the changes happen to another variable and in this case the first variable is called independent and the & nd variable is called dependent variable.

c.8 $,plain organization of research

d.8 Discussion about factor analysis. factor analysis of the surveyed data is required when alpha value of a variable fall below 4.5. This means that these data do not carry minimum requirement for the analysis. (f this happens then we require for factor analysis. 'actor analysis- find out which variable s data have high value of coefficient and which data variable has low value coefficient. )e then select those high value coefficient variables to compute mean and used this mean for further analysis such as correlation and regression analysis.

6. Research Results and discussion -

a.8 Reliability test -ll variable s reliability test has been conducted by using :P:: "hich result has been attached in the appendix. %eliability test ensure that data collected through conducting survey has at least acceptable level of accuracy.

b.8 !escriptive statistics <*orrelation 6atrix>

Eote: 'ull output has been attached as an appendi,.


c.8 Regression analysis 7-F*E*-G'- testGT-testG08

A versus D A = independent variable = RSP (Recruitment and Selection Policy) D = Dependent variable = (Carrier Development)

The parameters in the table shows that the factor ' value is =.42; which is larger than /ig. and also t value ;.44= and beta value .3;= indicates the significance relationship between recruitment selection policy and carrier development.

The above graphical Result shows that #arrier development 7#! mean8 is significantly depend on recruitment and selection %olicy 7R/% mean8, this means that company is doing in right way in terms of recruitment and selection policy which ultimately effect on carrier development.

The regression analysis for the below variables have been attached as an appendi,
1. !. ". #. %. '. ). B versus C versus D C versus B versus $ $ versus & & versus ( & versus *

7. #onclusion and (mplication

8. References