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Newham Branch Newsletter August 2009

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This will Brabbs. phase one.
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2) Good £826k for d is
quality staffing. November
supervision Unite 2009.
3) Decision reserve Please
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point 4) transfers updates.
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6) Career sought and exploratory
pathways. whether the talks with
Unite numbers in Mouchell
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Officers are Steve ach
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Please return the completed tear off to the Branch 4th September 2009. Circle the
6PMOffice by Friday and
option of your choice. – Com
earlie munit
I wish to accept the payr in offer for 2009/10y - Yes No
members in winte Grou
the meeting r. ps.
we intend  Urge
to members nt
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Unite has ers staff.
submitted faced  Team
comments Lead
Line John
Mana Gregory
ger to (Branch
telep Secretary)
staff Cindy
to Gosling
y Donford
their Vardon

We await
t’s response
to this


Please note
that our
address is
East Ham
Town Hall,
Road, East
London E6
2RP. Our
are 40375,
40376 and