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BCS Computer City

& iu An'ar Md. Jedar Hossain Abdu !a""er S.M.ntrodu-tion to Business Se-tion: N Submission /ate: 0%00(0+00# . A)hiruzzaman Sa*or Abu Ja"ar : 111083016 : 1110#1$%1 : 11108300( : 1110830$+ : 1110#1388 Sub.e-t: .Submitted To: Nasrin Shah Naaz (Course Instructor) Submitted By: Md.

outlets for retail and 'holesale of exclusively computer hard'are! accessories! peripherals and related products% (hus! the BCS Computer City is not a mere shopping complex but the &( Hub of the country% .UNITED INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (UIU) TABLE OF CONTENT • • • • • • • • About the BCS Computer city History Executive committee members Structure of the computer city Customer profile Suggestion/Recommendation Conclusion Reference ABOUT THE BCS COMPUTER CITY BCS Computer City is conveniently located in the heart of Dha a City at Agargaon! Sher"e"Bangla #agar at the close proximity of the Bangladesh $arliament building% &t is a distinctive 'ell"maintained building 'ith the most elaborate architecture as 'ell as 'ith all modern amenities% As a result it attracts a large cro'd of customers as 'ell as visitors everyday% (his building has four"storied covered floor space of more than )**!*** s+uare feet of shopping complex 'ith above ).. Position: Vice President Name: Nazmul Alam huiyan Email: ! Position: General Secretary Name: A. Abdul Mu"tadir Email: secretary@bcscomputercity.S.ourney from ))th September )///% Since then it has been providing us 'ith up to date computer based technology 'ith the purpose of developing a Bangladesh of advanced &( technology% EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS 2008/09 -2009/10 Position: President Name: Mozibur Rahman Sawpon Email: president@bcscomputercity.HISTORY BCS Computer City started its .org .

org Position: Cultural & Social Welfare Secretary Name: Position: Position: Treasurer Name: 'aynul Abedin Email: treasurer@bcscomputercity. Al Mamun (han Email: . Mazharul #mam $Sina% Email: &secretary@bcscomputercity. Mahmudul )asan (han Email: itsecretary@bcscomputercity. Publication & PR Secretary Name: Position: IT Secretary Name: A. 'aman Ezaz Email: cultural@bcscomputercity.(.Position: Joint Secretary Name: Md.

Position: EC Member Name: Position: EC Member Name: Shamim )ossain Email: ecmember.(. Mahmudur Rahman (han Email: Position: EC Member Name: Md.@bcscomputercity.M.@bcscomputercity. Ro"noor Rahman Email: ecmember* Position: EC Member Name: A. Ati-ur Rashid Email: .org Position: EC Member Name: (azi Shamsuddin Ahmed Email: ecmember/@bcscomputercity.

*3 */ )) ): ).A.STRUCTURE OF THE COMPUTER CITY (his building has four"storied covered floor space of more than )**!*** s+uare feet of shopping complex 'ith above ). 9* 99 Businelssland Computer Services Computer Jagat Dolp in Computers Ltd #rate$ay Computer System "nternational Computer Vision Ltd "nternational (''ice )*uipment (ne Stop Service + Solution .. )3 )/ 9) A-2000 Systems Cyber Bridge CACTS Ltd Computer Valley Ltd !itco "nternational %i-tec &ro'essionals "ntegra Computer "mart Computer Tec nology Ltd .onarc Computer + )ngineers *9 *2 **.outlets for retail and 'holesale of exclusively computer hard'are! accessories! peripherals and related products% (hus! the BCS Computer City is not a mere shopping complex but the &( Hub of the country% 0verall! it1s a great sight to see as 'ell% (here are exactly )23 stores in this mar et% (he list of the stores is given belo'4 5R06#D 7800R *) *: *.ainbo$ )-press &arcel Services ltd S/y 0et Computer .S Tec nology Super Dotcom 1niversasl Traders Ltd )S( 7800R . )* )9 )2 )).

)* )9 )2 )- Autodes/ Limited Borland Computers B"TS Ltd Best Computer Tec nologies Computer #allery Con'idence Computer 0et$or/ Computer Source Limited Con'idence Computer Corner .icro$ay Systems 0i/or . 2* 29 22 22. Systems Ltd Superior )lectronics &vt2 Ltd So'tec Computers + 0et$or/s Ltd Sys "nternation S$eep Computer Ltd Tec Vie$ Ta5co "nternational *9 *2 **. *3 */ )) ): ). 23 Advanced "n'ormation Tec Ata3 Trade Systems Businesslin/ Computers Ltd Business Automation Ltd Boo/s + Tec vies Classic Business Center Cyber &la3a Ltd Des ary Computer Systems D rubo Ltd )uro Systems !lora Limited #lobal Brand &vt2 Ltd "nternational Computer 0e$t$or/ "n'ormatics Ltd .%7 &lus Angel Computers Ltd BDtec Compuers BD tel Communication Ltd Binary Logic Computer Solutions "0C Comptec 0et$or/ System &vt Ltd Com-Culus *9 *2 **. )* )9 )2 )).. )3 )/ 9) 9: 9. :3 :/ 2) 2: 2. *3 */ )) ): ).yans Computer Salta Computer Systems Sris ty Syscom System + Communications co2 Sun Computer Super Store Spectrum )ngineering Consortium ltd T e Solutions T e Accsees &vt2 Ltd 9#D 7800R *) *: *.ulti Con2 (cen &erip erals ."t Limited "nterpreter "n'o Tec J2A20 Associates .*) *: *. 6200 .ultilin/ "nternational Co2 Ltd . 93 9/ :) :: :. 9* 99 92 99. :* :9 :2 ::. A2T2 Associates ABC Computer Corner Baticram )lectronic + Computers Buy + 4in Comtrade Cyber Communication Computer Clinic Ltd Da''odil Computers Ltd )lectronic Concept !oresig t Systems + .esources #lorious Computer System "nde.

Computers System S aranee Ltd Speed Tec nology + )ngineering Ltd 1nited Computer Center Com Valley Limited *9 *2 **.assive Computers (rbit Computer %ome &erennial "nternational .ain Computer .ic man "n'ormatics So'tlin/ Computers Tec no Care Tec nolin/ 1ddipon .)3 )/ 9) 9: 9.estaurant )lectrosonic #enesis Computers Ltd "npace Communications .icrotop System .. 9* CD Vision BornaliComputer )-cel Tec nologies Ltd "n'ormation System #roup 9"0!(S:S.2 .ar/eting Company 1nited Computers ). :* :9 :2 ::. :3 :/ 2) 2: noons Limited . 9* 99 92 99. .ac ines Ltd Dreamland Computer #ate$ay Tec "psita Computers &vt Ltd "magineering . 93 9/ :) :: :.* .icro )lectronics Ltd . CDS "T Ltd Digitus Computers !oresig t Computers + 0et$or/s #eneral Computer "ntraso't Jet Computer Ltd Lucid Computers .2 "nteractive Smart Tec nologies 9BD. )* )9 )2 )). )3 )/ 9) Complus Bonappetit .: . *3 */ )) ): ). 23 2/ . Logitec Computers 0etstar &rivate Limited &ro . 2* 29 22 22.adiance Computers Ltd .obicon Computer + )ngineers (ni.icrodil Computers 0CLL Systems Limited (rient Computers .) .9 .a'a )ngineers Tec noedge Corporation Ltd Tec Valley Computer Ltd T e computer 1niversal Computer + Tec nology 4inta/ Computer :RD 7800R *) *: *.S Computers System .is it Computers Ltd .icroplus Computer System . Ltd Sys Computers 7entit "nternaional .- D a/a Business .icro Systems + &erp erls 8 an Ja an Ali Computers Limited Longs ine Computers + )lectronics .

CUSTOMER PROFILE <ost of the customers 'ho are seen visiting the mar et are young people% 0bviously! the young generations are mostly attracted to technology% As of conse+uence! their target is mainly directed at the young generation of our country% Beside them! 'e no' that there are several organi=ations in our county 'hich highly rely on the use of computer in order to run their daily activities% So! these organi=ations are a 'ell source of income for this mar et% Ho'ever! it doesn1t mean that only people of corporate level can only use computers% >ith the development of &( technology computer parts have become much cheaper than it used to be% Due to the decrease of price! no' a day! almost everyone can afford to buy a computer% So! 'e can see that people of almost every level are the customers of BCS Computer City% SUGGESTION/RECOMMENDATION      <a e ade+uate par ing place Repair of lift and escalator is necessary Ade+uate space for the prayer of visiting customer should be made Stability of price should be maintained <anagement of &( fair should be made even better CONCLUSION So far it has been a 'onderful experience in 'or ing 'ith the reno'ned BCS Computer City% >e got to see so many things that 'e had no idea about% #o doubt! they have the .

price! product and +uality that a customer is loo ing for% &t indeed is the leading &( technology provider of Bangladesh% REFERENCE http4//'''%bcscomputercity%org/ .

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