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NEW SOFTWARE RELEASE ==================== Products involved: AXIS Camera Station Release date: Release type: August 21st,

2012 Release

Software version: 3.54 Build 23 File name: Supported OS: Professional, AXISCameraStationSetup.exe AXISCameraStationRedistSetup.exe Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8, Windows Vista Business, XP

SServer 2003, Server 2008,Server 2008 R2. (32/64bit) (latest service packs)(Windows Media). Microsoft .NET version 4.0 is required. Supported Devices: AXIS video products with firmware versions 4.30 or higher except AXIS 206M and AXIS 206W. Virus Scanner: Languages: rench, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic and Persian/Farsi, Finnish, Portuguese (Brazilian). Trend Micro. English, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Danish, F German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish,

Last preceding release:

3.51 Build 29

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Contact Information =================== Please contact Axis Communications for product information, updates and support at: Solutions to new problems and FAQ's are listed at: Installation ============ - It is very important that your system is up-to-date before attempting to install AXIS Camera Station. Update your system by running Windows Update. - If an existing installation is being upgraded with this version please consult the 'Upgrade consideration' section below before upgrading. - If not already installed, Microsoft .NET 4.0 framework will be installed (included in installation file). This will take a few minutes.

It is recommended to install Microsoft .NET 4.0 framework via Windows Update prior to installing AXIS Camera Station. - Run the self-extracting AXIS Camera Station setup file. - For upgrade to this version an upgrade license must be valid. - Make sure you have full administrator rights on the computer you install on. - The background service will be stopped for the upgrade (no recordings). The background service will start automatically after the upgrade. - If AXIS Camera Station is upgraded any AXIS Camera Station Clients must also be upgraded. Uninstallation ============== - Run 'Uninstall' under Start/Control Panel/Add or Remove programs. - Recordings are not erased by 'Uninstall' and need to be manually removed from C:\Recordings\ or where located as specified for each camera. Recommendations =============== - Observe the hardware requirements for running AXIS Camera Station. See users documentation at for details. - Make sure that the latest available graphics card driver is used. - Install AXIS Camera Station on a dedicated computer mainly running this application. - Defragment the hard disk periodically for optimal performance. - Make sure used Axis devices run latest available firmware. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------New features in 3.54.23 ============================== - Portuguese (Brazilian) language added. - User permissions dialog can now handle large active directory databases - Time limited playback setting for operators - Updated help files. - Fixed an issue with menus and .NET 4.5 - Fixed issue with live view profiles in full screen/monitor mode - Fixed issue with frame stepping forward. Sometimes frames were skipped during stepping.

New features in 3.51.29 ============================== - Multilingual version - Finnish translation added

New features in 3.50.40 ============================== - 64-bit architecture Server support for 64-bit architecture. - 100 channels per server Manage 100 channels on the same server. - Image enhancement Make the objects in live and recorded video more visible. No additional license is required. - Original resolution View video streams in their native resolution. - AXIS File Player Use AXIS File Player to play exported video without the need for a separate me dia player. - Device event triggers Trigger on device events, for example from custom ACAP applications. Corrected problems in 3.50.40 ============================== - Improved live view and playback stability. - Improved performance for motion detection in large systems. - Improved server stability

New features in 3.41 ============================== - Multilingual version - Polish translation added New features in 3.40 ============================== - Axis' Corridor Format . - 25-camera simultaneous playback. - Play recorded video at up to 64 times normal speed.

- Export using start and end markers. - Add and switch cameras while investigating. Corrected problems 3.40 ============================== - Improved stability of smart search. - Fixed possible memory and handle leak in Server related to scheduled continuou s recordings. - Fixed possible problem with monitoring of I/O state when there are network pro blems. - Fault tolerance has been improved when scheduled export of recordings is perfo rmed. New features in ACS 3.30.31 ============================== - Arabic and Persian/Farsi languages were added. Changes since version 3.30.089 ============================== - Added error handling and logging for database backup problems. The server will now restart instead of staying in a deadlock if the problems occur. - Fixed incorrect reporting of is part of domain. - Fixed that I/O ports could become unavailable after firmware upgrade if using DHCP. - Old backups are removed if there is not enough disk space to create database b ackups. - Fixed memory and handle leak with scheduled continuous recording. - Fixed that two network interfaces with the same name caused the ACS server to crash. - The feature to fetch the latest alarms when starting the client is disabled, s ince it didn't work with large databases. Corrected problems in 3.30.089 ============================== - Fixed time validation for ACS Client. - Fixed option "Start as Full Screen". New features in ACS 3.30 ==============================

- Multi-site Client - Connect to several servers at once. - Create Live View splits with cameras from different servers. - Receive alarms and notifications from all connected servers. - Configure and manage cameras on all connected servers. - Failover Recording (with cameras that support it). - Saves recordings on camera if connection is lost while recording. - Automatically retrieves recordings from camera when connection is restored. - New rules wizard triggers - Tampering trigger actions when the camera detects tampering. - Crossline trigger actions when the camera makes a crossline detection. - Support for AXIS P8221 audio module. - Support for AXIS T8310 Video Surveillance Control Board. - Improved audio and video synchronization using RTCP. - Improved logon workflow and many more usability improvements.

Corrected problems in 3.30 ============================== - Improved playback of recordings at higher speed ratio. - Corrected audio related issues in playback and live view. - Corrected various issues related to replacing cameras with new ones. - Progress is now shown in admin tool when upgrading large databases. - Improved Smart Search stability. - Fixed compatibility issues with Windows 7. - Manual recordings are resumed after restarting server. - Improved handling of video on low-end graphics cards.

Corrected problems in 3.22.027 ============================== - Playback snapshot can now be larger than the screen size.

- Fixed playback bug that caused video-freeze. - Added license text from Windows Media Technologies. - Changed default value for Number of days that logs should be kept in the datab ase, from 90 to 30. - AAC exported video should now play on Windows 7 - Latest AXIS components (decoders, FileWriter etc) solving various problems on Windows 7 - Motion detection rotation bug fixed - Timeline zoom updated now can be done only with mouse scroll wheel - Fixed bug with backup directory - Minor error corrections in server - Updated RTSP server - Fixed bug with cameras reporting that no I/O ports exist - Added one split live view configuration - Fixed problem with Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D driver - Added support for cameras with "multi view" like AXIS P1346. - Fixed bug that could occur during nightly refresh of cameras. - Some alignment problems in French and Spanish versions - Client crash when reconnecting in other languages - Reduced time for reconnect for MD and IO.

Corrected problems in 3.21.024 ============================== - Send mail optimization. - Fixed bug with exporting. - Fixed issue where service wasn't started after installation. - Refresh devices now performed in sequence to reduce CPU load. - Bugfix for scheduler. - Fix for log/alarm cleanup. - Fixed recording cleanup transaction problem. - Disk load monitoring added in resource monitor

- Refactoring of disk cleanup. - DirectX bundled. - Gmail problems should be fixed. - Updated Filewriter.

Corrected problems in 3.21.015 ============================== - fixed an upgrade problem in Axis Camera Station 3.20 where you could receive a n error message during the upgrade claiming that support has expired even though the installation was still supported. - A problem using the scheduler would in rare cases stop the recording engine. A new schedule engine has been implemented to solve this issue. - Fixed a problem with some Nvidia and ATI graphics adapters where in rare cases the CPU load could go up to 100% when switching views. - Various bugfixes and improvements related to the introduction of the AXIS Vide o Element.

Corrected problems in 3.20.036 ============================== - WMI (Window Management Instrumentation) fix to prevent crash. - Improved log cleanup. - Prevent corrupt recordings to be played. - PTZ zoom buttons always visible for PT and PTZ cameras. - Fixed Service not starting with Windows 2003 Corrected problems in 3.20.031 ============================== - Fixed problem setting the date and time for 207x and 209x cameras Add in 3.20.036 ============================== - Enhanced logging for better troubleshooting.

Known limitations =================

- AXIS Camera Station doesn't handle 2CIF correctly, use 2CIF Expanded instead. - AXIS Camera Station will use the current regional settings from Windows but will not make use of any custom settings e.g. numeric separators etc. - I/O will not work with AXIS 221, 240Q, 241QA/SA, 225FD, 216FD, 214PTZ or 207W unless they are upgraded to firmware 4.40 or higher. - I/O will not work with AXIS Q7401 on Windows XP. - Only one-way synchronized audio supported. - If a network disk is configured in AXIS Camera Station, then afterwards physically removed from the network, there is a risk that the disk can't be removed from the AXIS Camera Station configuration. - AXIS Camera Station Client installed on Windows 2003/2008 Server should only be used for configuration and not media viewing since for many graphics adapte rs there are no up to date drivers available for server operating systems

Best Regards, Axis Communications