VISuaL TIME The Image in History Keith Moxey
29 illustrations (incl. 8 in color), paper, $24.95

At thE EDGE Of SIGht Photography and the Unseen Shawn Michelle Smith
120 photographs (incl. 9 in color), paper, $28.95

HOLD It AGaINSt ME Difficulty and Emotion in Contemporary Art Jennifer Doyle
45 illustrations, (including 17 in color), paper, $23.95

MIMESIS AcROSS EMpIRES Artworks and Networks in India, 1765-1860 Natasha Eaton
48 color illustrations, paper, $29.95

ThE MIGRaNt IMaGE The Art and Politics of Documentary during Global Crisis T. J. Demos
93 illustrations (including 17 in color), paper, $26.95

ThIRtEEN WaYS Of LOOKING at LatINO ARt Ilan Stavans & Jorge J. E. Gracia
13 color illustrations, paper, $22.95

FROM a NatION TORN Decolonizing Art and Representation in France, 1945–1962 Hannah Feldman
84 illustrations (incl. 21 in color), paper, $27.95

ThE WORK Of ARt IN thE WORLD Civic Agency and Public Humanities Doris Sommer
14 photographs, paper, $22.95

Objects/Histories Art History Publication Initiative

MONEY, TRaINS, aND GuILLOtINES Art and Revolution in 1960s Japan William Marotti
Asia-Pacific: Culture, Politics, and Society
paper, $25.95 125 illustrations (including 19 in color),

EMpIRES Of VISION A Reader Martin Jay & Sumathi Ramaswamy, editors
58 illustrations, paper, $32.95

SEX, OR thE UNBEaRaBLE Lauren Berlant & Lee Edelman
Theory Q
6 illustrations, paper, $21.95

Asia-Pacific: Culture, Politics, and Society

CINEMa Of ActuaLItY Japanese Avant-Garde Filmmaking in the Season of Image Politics Yuriko Furuhata

29 illustrations, paper, $24.95

D-PaSSaGE The Digital Way Trinh T. Minh-ha
50 illustrations (incl. 8 in color), paper, $24.95

PuBLIc PROpERtIES Museums in Imperial Japan Noriko Aso

Asia-Pacific: Culture, Politics, and Society A Study of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University
33 illustrations, paper, $27.95

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PINK GLOBaLIZatION Hello Kitty’s Trek across the Pacific Christine R. Yano
16 illustrations, paper, $24.95

What WE MaDE Conversations on Art and Social Cooperation Tom Finkelpearl
91 illustrations, paper, $26.95

Publication of the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University
100 color illustrations, cloth, $39.95

WaNGEchI Mutu A Fantastic Journey Trevor Schoonmaker, editor

WATCH FOR THESE FORTHCOMING TITLES! ARt BEYOND ItSELf Anthropology for a Society without a Story Line Néstor García Canclini
Translated by David Frye
22 illustrations, paper, $23.95

ARchIBaLD MOtLEY Jazz Age Modernist Richard J. Powell, editor

Publication of the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University

140 color illustrations, paper, $39.95

With an Introduction by Deborah Willis and an Essay by Frank Roberts A CDS Book
95 photographs, cloth, $45.00

LEGENDaRY Inside the House Ballroom Scene Gerard H. Gaskin

BLacK PERfORMaNcE ThEORY Thomas F. DeFrantz & Anita Gonzalez, editors
With a Foreword by Soyini Madison
22 illustrations, paper, $24.95

IMaGINED GLOBaLIZatION Néstor García Canclini
Translated and with an Introduction by George Yúdice Latin America in Translation
14 color illustrations, paper, $24.95

IMpERIaL DEBRIS On Ruins and Ruination Ann Laura Stoler, editor
29 illustrations, paper, $25.95

ARt fROM a FRactuRED PaSt Memory and Truth Telling in Post-Shining Path Peru Cynthia E. Milton, editor
With an Afterword by Steve J. Stern
53 illustrations, paper, $24.95

FEELING PhOtOGRaphY Elspeth H. Brown & Thy Phu, editors
62 illustrations (incl. 20 in color), paper, $27.95

TREaSuRED POSSESSIONS Indigenous Interventions into Cultural and Intellectual Property Haidy Geismar
28 illustrations, paper, $24.95

REcORDS RuIN thE LaNDScapE John Cage, the Sixties, and Sound Recording David Grubbs
19 illustrations, paper, $23.95

ANIMatING FILM ThEORY Karen Beckman, editor
49 illustrations, paper, $27.95

ThE EchO Of ThINGS The Lives of Photographs in the Solomon Islands Christopher Wright
85 photographs, 1 map, paper, $27.95

ThE FORMS Of thE AffEctS Eugenie Brinkema
10 illustrations (incl. 3 in color), paper, $25.95

ThE POLItIcaL FORcE Of MuSIcaL BEautY Barry Shank
Refiguring American Music
15 illustrations, paper, $25.95

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