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ETA Magicians Glut q N S M p



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T he State Library of V ictoria A I M A C O N JU R IN G C O L L n ^ I I O N


Read these Hints Carefully

Boys and Girls: ^ ^ t3 fi Q y A s m embers o f the E T A M agicians Club I want to make a few suggestions to you that will be well worth the tim e you take in com m itting them to m em ory. Firstly, to be a successful am ateur conjurer it is essential that you rehearse each trick carefully before you perform it before anyone. Tricks badly done (through want o f practice) will brand your perform ance as a poor show and one with which you and your audience will be disappointed. A gain I say, practise all tricks thorough ly so that you will be able to present them confidently and easily and to the enjoym ent o f those to whom you show them. A nother point to remember: never show tricks when your audience is around you or too close to your sides, or the m ethods you use will be detected and the w hole effects lost. O f course, this does not apply to tricks where there is no possibility o f anyone seeing how they are done. N ever do the sam e trick twice. It is much better to arrange your program m e so as to keep a few tricks in reserve. T h en , if asked to repeat any trick you can avoid d oin g so by show ing one o f the extra tricks. Y ou will find that m ost o f the tricks in this book require secret preparation beforehand. T o avoid the embarrassment o f keeping your audience waiting, it is advisable to prepare your tricks lon g b efore the perform ance. In this way when the actual tim e to give your show arrives you will n ot be worried and your tricks will run sm oothly and w ithout delays. I f you learn these tricks thoroughly I am sure you w ill be am ply rewarded, not only for the pleasure that you will derive from them , but also for the pleasure and am usem ent which you are giving to others. T h e art of conjuring is a very fascinating study, and who knows that som e d ay you m ay be so proficient that your ser. . ices as vices as a am magical agical entertainer entertainer may be sought after to ive a perform ance at concerts give a perform ance at concerts or other entertainm ents. W ish in g you every success,

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E T A M A G IC IA N S CLUB T R IC K N o . 2 5

T he M agnetised Pipe

H ow to cause a piece of paper to be attracted to the stem of a pipe.

* *
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\ S O L U T IO N T R IC K N o . 25 5
* *
B orrow f a th e rs p ip e and ru b th e f f * * $ f stem s h a rp ly a g a in st y o u r tro u se rs leg a n d im m ed iately place it n ea r a sm all p iece o f p a p e r a b o u t th e size o f sixp ence. The p ip e stem becom es a

* t \

m a g n e t a n d picks u p th e p a p e r. (P ra c tic e all tric k s ) ETA"

s a v o u r ie s ,

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B U T T E R F or
on p l a in b is c u its

a n d add p e p p e r a n d s a lt


S y d n e y - M e lb o u rn e - B risb a n e


" '" X

The ETA book of Magic


The Wasadeffisig Cs*ks

F o U R sm all pieces o f round cork about Jin. diameter by Jin. thick are laid flat upon the table in the form of a square. T h e trick is to make th e corks travel invisibly and appear'together under one hand. S O L U T IO N T h e secret o f the trick is that the perform er has an extra piece o f cork which is not seen by the audience, gripped in the right hand (as in fig. 1) palm downwards. Place the hands over two o f the corks as in fig. 2. W hen the hands are lifted, the right hand leaves the concealed cork upon the table, and the le ft hand has the cork gripped (as in fig. 1) palm down wards. T h e left hand is now placed over the two corks and the right hand over one o f the single corks. W hen the hands are again raised three corks are under the left hand, and the right hand has the cork gripped (as in fig. 1) palm downwards. Finally, the right hand is placed over the three corks, and the left hand over the remaining single cork. U p o n raising the hands the four corks are together. T h e concealed cork in the le ft hand is slowly dropped into the lap.

A Paradox
T h e peanut is a paradox. W h ile it develops its fru it underground, it is not borne on the roots o f the plant, but on the branches. T hese carry yellow flowers o f a pea-like form . W ith the shrivelling o f the flowers their stalks bend downwards until they pierce the soil for several inches. T here the you ng seeding pods form and develop into the rich nut used in the m aking Peanut plant showing how o f E T A P E A N U T B U T T E R and other delicious Pfanut* ar* 1rmed under _ , the ground but not on Eta products. roots.

The ETA book of Magic


The V anishing ETA P eanut B u tter J a r

T h e perform er sits at a table, places on it a sm all piece o f bread covering it with an inverted E T A Peanut Butter Jar. H e then covers the jar with a d ouble sheet o f newspaper, pressing paper tightly around the jar so that it assumes its shape. H is apparent object is to make the bread disappear. H e first lifts the m oulded paper with the jar still inside and discloses the bread still on the table. T h e paper with the jar still inside is placed once again over the bread. O n liftin g for the second time, and as the bread is still there, the perform er says "W ell this tim e there will be no doubt about it, the bread will vanish, and he picks it up and eats it. W h ilst the attention o f the audience is centred on him eating the bread, the paper and jar has been slowly m oved to the edge o f the table and the jar allow ed to fall into his lap. T h u s w hen the paper, which still retains the shape o f the jar, is placed back on the table it is em pty, although to the onlooker it seems as thou gh the jar is still there. T h e perform er now hits the paper a sharp blow with the palm o f the hand and at the same time lets the jar fall from his closed knees to the floor. It will appear to have been through the table. pushed the

Half Right: Half Wrong

T h e nam e peanut is partly correct, yet partly in correct. T h e first h a lf is right, the second part, wrong. Botanically the peanut is n ot a nut at all. It belongs to the large fam ily o f the Legum inosae. In cluded in this fam ily are the beans, peas, clovers and other plants o f m any names, high in fo o d value to man and beast. In other countries the peanut is known as the G round N u t, the Earth N u t, M onkey N u t and Goober. From its habit of d evelopin g its fruit underground, the first two names are m ore truly descriptive, but in Australia no one calls it by any name other than Peanut.

Peanut plants growing on farm.

The ETA book of Magic


An Effective C ard T rick

F i v e cards are shown as in the illustration. Tw o o f them are thought o f by a m em ber o f the audience. T h e cards are then placed in a hat, and reversed. T w o cards are then taken from the hat one at a tim e and neither o f them is foun d to be the ones thought o f, the hat being then shown empty. S O L U T IO N Secretly gum four strips o f different cards (as shown in the illustration) on the back o f another card, say the three o f clubs. Take another card, say the Jack o f H earts, and gum it to the A ce o f Clubs, back to back. Com m ence the trick by holding, appar ently, the five cards (as shown) and ask som eone to think o f two o f them . Place them in a hat and in d oing so reverse them. T ake out the cards and lay them face u p wards on the table. T h e person who thought o f two cards will naturally remark that they are not the ones thou ght of. T h e perform er will then reply that they must have vanished as h e shows the hat empty.

A Vegetable Marco Polo

T h e peanut has been a great traveller to new countries. It has jour neyed from its first hom e, which is believed to have been in Brazil, to the Guinea Coast in W est A frica, from there across to R aleighs V irginia, through India, China, and Java, and finally finding a new hom e in Q ueens land and in the warmer districts o f N ew South W ales. Being a sun-worshipper it flourishes in the tropical and semitropical parts o f the world. T h e sundrenching which it gets increases its natural store of vitamins, thus helping to make it a food o f unsurpassed value for young and old. "ETA Peanuts on the way to the factory.

The ETA book of Magic


A Balancing Feat
perform er an n o u n ces that h e w ill balance a pack o f cards o n the back o f his h and s. S o lu tio n . A n y ordinary pack o f cards is u sed to p erform this trick. H o ld a pack o f cards in th e le ft h and b e tw een th e ball o f th e thum b and fin gers, th e cards facin g the p alm o f that hand. T h e card nearest th e p er form ers b o d y is th en slow ly m o v ed dow nw ard b y th e little finger u n til it is abou t ^ o f an inch b elo w th e others. T h e right h an d now grips this card b etw een th e first an d seco n d finger so as to form a resting p o st fo r th e cards w h en p laced o n th e back o f th e fingers, as in illustration. T h e pack o f cards can n ow b e balan ced o n th e back o f th e fingers. A little practice will enab le y o u to perform this balancing feat with ease.

T J- H E

A G ift of the Missionaries

A m on g th e m any benefits brought to China by the m issionaries was the peanut. It was not so lon g ago that an Am erican m issionary who had with him a few pounds o f peanuts, gave som e o f them to the C hinese whom h e was teaching. Som e of these they planted, thus establishing one o f Chinas largest and m ost im portant fo o d crops. It is alm ost im possible to get any reliable inform ation covering the total o f C hinas yearly crop o f peanuts, but after satisfying the dem ands o f her h u g e population sh e is still ab le to export 145,000 tons annually.

Stacking Peanuts for m atur ing on farm.

The ETA book o} Magic


n p

-S. H E perform er has his two wrists tied with th e ends o f a piece o f tap e. A b an gle is th en passed round for in sp ection , and th e perform er remarks that h e will m ake it appear on th e tape. S o lu tion . B efore com m en cin g this trick, secretly slide a duplicate ban gle up your arm, under th e sleeve, so that it will stay there w ithout falling. N o w ask so m eo n e to tie you r wrists with the en ds o f a piece o f tape, leavin g th em about 15 inches apart. T ak e the other bangle in your hand, turn your back to th e audience, place this bangle up your vest or jum per, and th en slide the oth er o n e from under your sleeve over your wrist o n to the tape. D o these m ovem en ts quickly th en face you r audience with the bangle sp innin g on th e tape.

Wilberforco and the Slaves

T h rou gh th e efforts o f W ilberforce, slaves in British countries were freed, but lon g before his day the peanut freed the slaves from hunger. O n the lon g voyage from the Guinea Coast to the American plantations, the peanut was the slaves staple diet. It supplied a food o f high nutritive value. T h is is due to it being very rich in protein, without which the human body cannot build up firm healthy flesh and strong muscle. T h e value o f E T A P E A N U T B U T T E R , as a fo o d for you ng and old, is therefore partly due to its rich protein content.

Filling and capping ja rs of E T A Peanut Butter.

The ETA book of Magic


Odds and Evens

T H E perform er halves a pack o f cards, and has a card chosen from each
h a lf and th e packs sh uffled by a m em ber o f the audience. a sim ple matter for th e perform er to locate th e chosen cards. S O L U T IO N B efore com m encing this trick, secretly place the od d cards in one pack and th e even cards in another pack. I f you wish to leave the court cards in, the Jack is considered an odd card and the Q ueen and K ing even 0DD EVEN PACK' cards. N o w pick up the odd pack and have a card selected. Put this pack on the table and have a card chosen from the even pack and lay this pack about a fo o t from the o d d pack. G ive the od d pack to the person who has the even num bered card, and the even pack to th e person who h old s the od d card; request each o f them to place their card in the pack and shuffle the cards. N o w ask for on e o f the packs, and if it is the odd pack look at the cards until you com e to the even card which is foun d to be the chosen card. T h en look through the other pack until you find the odd card, which is also the other chosen card. It is th en

A Perfect Food
In ev e r y peanut, M other N atu re has fitted up a fo o d storehouse in miniature. In this are fo u n d all the essential food-stuffs on which the growing girl or boy, or the grow n up man or woman, can live for a lo n g time. In every kernel used in the manufacture o f E T A P E A N U T B U T T E R there is packed a liberal supply o f proteins, fats, carbo hydrates and vitam ins. T h a t is why E T A P E A N U T B U T T E R contains one and a h alf tim es as m uch protein, m ore than three tim es as m uch fat and three times as m uch fuel-value as b eef steak.

Labelling jars of E T A Pea nut B utter on automatic machines.

The ETA book of Magic


A Quick Change
T T *H E p erform er ann ou n ces that h e will ch an ge a silk handker c h ie f into a p in g p o n g ball. S o lu tio n . T h is trick n ev er fails to m ystify your a u d ien ce and is very sim ple to perform . B efore com m en cin g the trick, secretly cut a round h o le o f an in ch in diam eter in a p in g p o n g ball and place it on a table or chair with th e silk han dk erch ief over it, so that the ball is n o t seen.

Y o u are now ready to d o th e trick. Pick up th e hand k erchief and ball togeth er with th e right hand, and with th e aid o f the le ft h an d co m m en ce p u sh in g th e handkerchief throu gh th e h o le in to the ball until it is com p letely inside the ball. C over the h o le with the thum b an d sh ow th e ball. Be sure to m o v e th e hands up and dow n w hen p u sh in g the h and kerchief into th e p in g p o n g ball, otherw ise the effect will be lost.

A Vegetable M eat
M eat in the main consists o f protein, and no man can exist for lon g without an adequate supply o f this essential. Peanuts being particularly rich in this substance an analysis shows that they contain 29% , as against 19% in steak and 13.4% in eggs can conveniently take the place of m eat, and are, to all intents and purposes, m eat in vegetable form .

Roasting E T A Peanuts

The ETA book of Magic


D isappear a Penny in a Glass of W afer

P E N N Y is borrowed and placed under a handkerchief, which is then h eld over a glass o f water by a spectator (see fig. 2 ) . A t the word o f com m and the spectator is asked to let go th e penny (w hich h e h old s through the h an d k erch ief). T h e coin falls in th e water with a clink. W hen the handkerchief is rem oved, the penny has -disappeared. S O L U T IO N T h e secret o f this trick lies in the use o f a glass disc the sam e size as a penny. In com m encing the trick place a glass of water on the table. Grip the disc, as in fig. 1 so that the audience cannot see it, and h o ld the borrowed penny in the same hand between thumb and first finger. A fter placing the penny under the hand kerchief substitute the disc for the penny and drape the handkerchief around the glass. T h en ask som eone to h old the penny (really the disc) through the h and kerchief over the glass o f water. T h e perform er requests the person h old in g the handkerchief to let go, the disc falls into the water to th e bottom o f the glass, and is not seen when the handkerchief is taken away.

A Huge Acreage
In w hatever part o f the world the peanut has been introduced the people have quickly realised that in it they have a valuable fo o d stuff. By the year 1870 the w hole w orld had accepted the peanut as an excellent fo o d . I t was not, however, till 30 years later in 1900 that the industry o f peanut grow ing com m enced to grow rapidly. In the U n ited States no less than 1,750,000 ' acres are devoted to this crop. W ith the steady growth o f the dem and, the two m illion acre mark will soon be, if it is not already passed.

The ETA book of Magic


Th@ Jumping Cm?&

T h e effect to the pack. shoe. W hen to about six Join of this surprising trick is that a card is chosen and returned T he pack is then placed under the toe of the performers the foot is raised the chosen card jumps out of the pack feet away. S O L U T IO N

with a piece of elastic band as shown T o do this cut a slit near the top of each card and pass the ends of the elastic through these slits for about iin . In order to keep the elastic in position gum a card on the back of each of the two cards, all four cards facing the same way. T he ends of the elastic band are thus hidden and the four cards have the appearance of two cards joined by the band. These cards are now placed in the pack about 12 cards from the top and the pack is held in the right hand. You ask one of the audience to select a card, which you take back in your left hand and inreturning it to the pack, place it between the joined cards,pressing it level with the pack, thus expanding the elastic. Now place the pack facing downward under your toe and at the magic word "ETA raise your toe and out jumps the selected card.

two cardstogether

Lo! The Poor Indian

The teeming myriads which make up Indias population, live chiefly on rice and cereals. Both of these are deficient in pro tein and fat, which are necessary to main tain a healthy existence. Compensation, however, is provided by the peanut, of which two million tons annually are con sumed.
V Peanuts being inspected to ensure only the best being made into " E T A " Peanut Butter.

The ETA book of Magic


Tlse Revolving Pesmy

H E fo llo w in g trick consists o f p ick in g u p a p e n n y by h o ld in g it b etw een tw o p in s in th e way show n in th e illustration, and th en blow in g o n it so that th e p e n n y turns round.
* * *

W h en on ce the p e n n y b egin s to re volve, th e perform er sh ou ld keep his head p erfectly still, and blow in the sam e place all th e tim e.


M atter Tltearafgla Matter T JL H E

o n ly articles used for this trick are a safety p in and a Insert th e safety pin through the centre o f th e m atch, as show n, and clasp the safety pin. H o ld the safety pin b etw een th e thum b and first finger o f each hand, and state that you will cause the m atch to travel straight th rough the solid bar o f /d m th e pin. T o d o this, flick the en d o f the m atch with the secon d finger (see illustration) and, to the surprise o f everyon e, the m atch travels right th rou gh the m etal bar. R epeat this several tim es and th : audience, as w ell as th e perform er, will be greatly m ystified. headless w o o d en m atch.

The ETA book of Magic


A Colour Change
H E perform er shows his hands em pty, picks up a red silk handkerchief and announces that h e will change it into a b lue silk. S O L U T IO N A ping p ong ball is prepared before hand by cutting two holes Jin. in diameter opposite one another (see fig. 1). A sm all blue silk handkerchief is then placed inside the ball, which is laid on the table and covered by a sm all red silk handkerchief. In presenting the trick, casually show your hands em pty, then with the le ft hand pick up the ball and red silk in such a m anner that the ball is concealed from view by the fingers. N ow with the right hand slow ly push a portion o f the red silk into the ball and pull out a portion o f the blue silk (see fig. 2 ). Repeat these m ovem ents alternatively until the red silk is concealed in the ball, and the blue silk is drawn out. T h is trick is sure to d eligh t your audi ence and is w ell worth practicing.

(Practice all tricks)

Eaten the World Over

Everyone knows about the great wheat producing countries o f the world and what trem endous wheat crops are grown in Russia, the U n ited States o f Am erica, Canada, and Australia, but how few people realise that the peanut is also an im portant w orld crop. In In dia over three m illion tons o f peanuts are grown each year, which is equal to A ustralias total wheat crop; A frica exports about l j m illion tons annually; the U n ited States o f A m erica produces 380,000 tons per year, whilst in the A rgentine, China and Java large crops are also grown. M uch o f these crops are consum ed in th e countries in which they are grown, but large quantities are also exported to other countries, such as Europe, which im ports over l m illion tons per annum. N o t very lo n g ago A ustralia im ported all her peanut supplies, but now our farmers are grow ing about 5,000 tons annually, w hich is sufficient for A ustralias needs.

The ETA book of Magic


The V anishing Knots

T H R E E pieces o f tape each about 8in. lon g are tied so as to form one strip, and the ends h eld by two assistants. A handkerchief is then placed over the two knots and on pronouncing th e m agic word "E T A , the* handkerchief is drawn away and the knots have com pletely vanished. S O L U T IO N T h e secret o f this trick lies in the use o f another piece o f tape the same w idth and 21 ins lon g, and two sm all pieces o f tape each about 3ins. long. T h e sm all pieces are tied round the lon g piece o f tape by a single knot, at equal distances apart, so as to give the appearance o f three pieces o f tape tied to each other. R oll this tape into a ball and place it in the top corner o f your right trousers pocket and also place a handkerchief in the pocket. A fter secretly preparing the above you are now ready to d o the trick. Show three pieces o f tape each 8ins. lon g and tie them so as to make one lo n g strip, and then roll the strip into a ball. Explain to the audience that you will need Y o u then place the hand a handkerchief for the trick.

containing the ball o f tape into your pocket, leave it there and take out the handkerchief and the other roll o f tape. Im m ediately unroll this tape and ask two assistants to h old each end. N ow place the handkerchief over the dum m y knots, announce that you will cause the knots to vanish and leave one piece o f tape. T o do this place your hands under the handkerchief and untie the two short pieces o f tape, place them in your right hand and after pronouncing the m agic word " E T A draw the handkerchief away with the same hand, and th e audience will be surprised to see the knots have vanished.

The ETA book of Magic

TRICK No. A 14

An Effective Colour Change

R ED silk handkerchief is wrapped in a piece o f newspaper. A blue handkerchief is also wrapped in another piece o f newspaper. T h e perform er waves his hand over the newspapers and th e silks have changed places. S O L U T IO N Prior to doing this trick a red silk handkerchief is placed between two pieces o f newspaper about 20ins. square with the edges gum m ed together. T his will then have the appearance o f one sheet o f paper. N ow do the same with a *blue silk handkerchief. So that you will remember in which papers are the different handkerchiefs, place a distinguishing mark on each sheet, see illustrations. Y ou will now require a duplicate red and blue silk handkerchief. In presenting the trick pick up the newspaper m arked red and in it wrap the blue silk handkerchief, and pass it to som eone to hold. In the other piece o f newspaper wrap the red silk handkerchief, and have this h eld by a different person. N ow remark to your audience that you will make the handkerchiefs change places. A fter waving your hands from one paper to the other exclaim ing the m agic word 'E T A take one paper in your own hands, gently tear a h ole in its centre and extract the hidden handkerchief, which will be the opposite colour to what the audience saw you place in it. D o the same with the other paper and the trick is done.

In Australia
It was not until thirteen years ago that the grow ing o f peanuts in A ustralia was started in earnest. In 1922 on the A therton Tableland and in Cooktown in the northern part of Q ueensland a few farm ers tried them out as an experim ent. U p to that time A ustralian buyers were only interested in the C hinese variety for roasting and in the Javanese type for con fec tionary use. C onsequently, with no market avail able, this new Australian crop was used m ostly for stock food . N u t F oods Ltd. in 1922 adver tised in Q ueensland rural papers that they were Packing tins of E T A prepared to purchase a large quantity o f pea R oasted Peanuts in shell. nuts and this encouraged the peanut pioneers to extend their acreage.

The ETA book of Magic


The Elusive Pemay

* . N E W S P A P E R is spread o u t o n th e tab le and a p e n n y is placed o n it. T h e p e n n y is th en m ade to disappear by placing over it an inverted " E T A P ean u t jar. S o lu tio n . B efo re co m m en cin g this trick secretly gu m over th e top o f the jar a disc o new spaper similar to that w hich is to b e u sed in the trick (see fig. 1 ) . A lso roll a p iece o f w hite paper into a cylinder and fasten it togeth er with a p in and place it over the jar (see fig. 2 ) . Y o u are n ow ready to d o th e trick. Place a sh eet o f new spaper o n the table, borrow a p e n n y an d lay it on the new spaper. N o w pick u p the jar w ith th e paper cylinder still around it and cover over the p en n y. N o w p ro n o u n ce th e m agic word " E T A , at th e sam e tim e liftin g the paper cylinder and, to th e w onder o f the audience, th e p e n n y has vanished. N o te . B e careful to see that th e disc o n the jar w hen it is p laced over the p e n n y is in alig n m en t with the new sprint on th e table, otherw ise th e trick is spoilt.

The Expansion of the Industry

In 1922, when the 20 A therton Tableland farmers planted 120 acres peanuts as a crop, they harvested 60 tons. Since then the num ber o f growers in Q ueensland, N orthern Australia, and in the warmer parts o f N ew South W ales has m aterially increased. In Q ueensland production has risen to about 5,000 tons per annum, and the growing o f these was greatly encouraged by the dem and created for the fo o d delicacies bearing the E T A brand and m anufactured by N U T F O O D S L T D . o f 74 Edinburgh Road, M arrickville.

ETA Peanut B utter being packed for distribution.

The ETA book of Magic


The D isappearing Penny H O W to m ake a p en n y disappear

from your h an d , to th e astonishm ent o f th e audience. S o lu tio n . O n studying th e illustration you will
s io e jia n j

v ie w

see that the p e n n y is prepared befores o l d e r i n g o n the side near the

ed ge a short p iece o f need le, about

o f an in ch lon g.

In p resenting the trick the perform er h o ld s th e p en n y b etw een the first finger and thu m b o f th e right hand, h id in g the short pin. N o w , with a dow nw ard m otion , sw ing th e arm toward th e trousers, th en bring the arm up again, still sh ow in g the p en n y. R epeat this m ovem en t, but, w hen passing th e trouser leg , clip th e p en n y to the trousers, b ringin g the hand up, show ing th e audience that th e p e n n y has disappeared.. T h e m eth o d o f clip p in g the p en n y o n to the trousers will n eed a little practice, in order that your hand will m ove up and dow n w ith ou t pau sing at the trousers.

Has Put Kingaroy on the Map

T h e hub o f A ustralias peanut grow ing is Kingaroy, a flourishing town in the South Burnett district o f Q ueens land. T h ere, at a cost o f 56,000 storage-silos and up-to-date m achinery fo r cleaning, grading and shelling the crop has been installed.
L oading trucks w ith E T A Peanuts from silos.

The ETA book of Magic


H andkerchief and Soup P late

1 JL'hE perform er
it in a, paper cone. shows a soup-plate to be em pty and places it upside H e then takes a red silk handkerchief and places A t the word o f com m and th e handkerchief vanishes dow n on the table.

and is fo u n d under the soup plate. S O L U T IO N Before com m encing this trick secretly cut two pieces o f about 15ins. x 13ins. and paste three sides together at the an op en ing on one side. M ake a little b undle with a handkerchief and h old it behind the paper with the le ft the thum b in front (see fig. 1 ). Y o u are now ready to present the trick. Pick up the soup-plate with the right hand and show it back and front, then m ove towards th e table and in placing the paper on the table instantly put the soup-plate on the paper upside down over where th e handkerchief is h idden. N o w take the hands away leav ing the handkerchief, paper and soupplate where it is. Y o u now make a cone with the paper and in taking it up from the table with the right hand draw it away from the soup-plate (towards the audience) at the sam e tim e ligh tly press the fingers o f your le ft hand on the soup-plate (see fig. 2 ). T h e paper will then m ove away from the soup-plate, naturally leaving the handkerchief under it without being seen. N o w place another red silk handker ch ief down the ungum m ed opening o f the paper cone, see fig. 3. Pronounce the m agic word "E T A , u n fo ld the paper cone and the handkerchief w ill have disappeared. Y ou now lift the soup-plate and the handkerchief is underneath. T h is is an excellent trick and w ell worth practicing. newspaper each edges, leaving sm allred silk hand showing

The ETA book of Magic


The CoiaSetti Show er T A HE

performer shows an egg to the audience, and during the process of waving it in the air, the egg disappears and its place is taken by a shower o f confetti. Solution.

B efo re d oin g this trick take an eg g , m ake a very sm all h o le at each end and take o u t th e yolk and w hite b y b low ing through on e o f the holes. W h e n th e eg g sh ell is quite dry, carefully m ake a h o le in the side about f o f an inch in diam eter, and through this h o le fill up the e g g with co n fetti (see illu stra tio n ). T h e n paste a sm all piece o f paper the sam e colou r as th e e g g over th e h o le to hide the confetti. Y o u are n o w ready to perform the trick. H o ld the eg g in o n e hand so that the audience can see it, then cover it with both hands and wave them up and dow n, at the sam e tim e break ing the e g g and allow ing th e co n fetti to fall in a show er to the ground. T h e broken pieces o f e g g will n o t b e noticed, and this trick will deligh t and m ystify your audience.

The Home of "Eta" Peanuts

T hirteen years ago in a sm all building down by W o o llo o m o o lo o Bay, N u t F oods Lim ited, the pioneers o f the peanut industry in Australia, com m enced to m anufacture 'E T A Salted and Roasted Peanuts. A s the public dem and for these d eligh tfu l products increased, and other lines were m anufactured, larger premises were required and so a large five story factory was built at M arrickville, which is now the h om e o f all 'E T A products. M any other delicious products are now being m ade from this w onderful little nut. E T A Peanut Butter, so popular with old and young; E T A W hole-B lanched Salted Peanuts, delicious w hole nuts that need no crack ing; E T A Crushed N u ts, for m aking those favourite nut loaves and bis cuits, or for sprinkling on the tops o f cakes or trifles and fruit salads; blanched peanuts for m aking peanut toffee, chocolate coated peanuts and other splendid confections; these and m any other valuable fo o d s are m anufactured in very large quantities under the m ost hygienic conditions in the 'E T A factory, which is the largest o f its kind in the southern hem isphere.

The ETA book of Magic


A Lemon T rick
A n ex cellen t little trick is that o f van ish in g a sixp en ce from a handk erchief in to a le m o n . S o lu tio n . B efo re d o in g this trick prepare b efo reh a n d th e fo llow in g articles: 1. 2. 3. A din ner k n ife with a six p en ce stuck o n near the end by m eans o f a sm all piece o f soap. A h an d k erch ief with an oth er sixp en ce sew n in on e corner in th e h em . A lem on .

T o com m en ce the trick first borrow a sixp en ce, and in placin g the han d k erch ief over it, let it fall into the right h an d and grip it betw een the first and second join ts o f the two m iddle fingers (see fig. 1 ) , at the sam e tim e let th e le ft h an d (w hich is h o ld in g th e sew n-in six p en ce b e tw een th e thum b and first finger) take th e place o f th e right h an d in the centre o f the han dk erch ief. N o w ask so m eo n e to h o ld this six p en ce th ro u g h the h an d k erch ief as show n in fig. 2. N o w pick up th e k n ife with the right h an d , in w hich y o u are still g rippin g th e b orrow ed sixp en ce, and partially cut o p e n th e lem on , taking care that th e side o f th e k n ife facin g the aud ien ce is n o t the on e o n w hich th e six p en ce is stuck. Y o u now draw th e k n ife th rou gh th e lem o n towards you , and at the sam e tim e leave th e sixp en ce in th e lem o n (see fig- 3 ) . N o w take h o ld o f o n e o f th e lo o se corners o f the h an d k erch ief and p u ll it sharply away fro m the o n e h o ld in g it exclaim ing " W h eres the six p en ce? I t will b e fo u n d in th e lem o n and is returned to th e ow ner.

The ETA book of Magic


The V anishing C ard

C A R D is covered by a handkerchief and h eld over a glass jug o f water. It is dropped into the water, the handkerchief withdrawn and the card has disappeared. S O L U T IO N

U nknow n to anyone but yourself, you have a piece o f celluloid 1 /1 6th o f an inch sm aller all round than a playing card. T o com m ence the trick borrow a hand kerchief and an ordinary playing card. W ith the celluloid concealed in the right hand, h o ld the card between the thumb and first finger o f that hand (see fig. 1 ). W ith the le ft hand place the handker chief over the card and whilst d oing so substitute the cellu loid for the card. N ow ask som eone to take h old o f the card (in reality the cellu loid ) through the handkerchief, then withdraw your right hand and casually place the card in one o f your pockets. T h en ask your assistant to h old the card over a ju g o f water and to drape the handkerchief around the ju g. S ee
f ig . 2 .

Pronouncing the m agic word 'E T A ask him to let go the card. T h e hand kerchief being withdrawn the card is foun d to have vanished.

Rigid Inspection
M any essentials enter into the m anu facture o f the many lines put up by N U T FOODS LTD. T h e first o f th ese is quality. T h is is safeguarded "by a rigid system o f grading, while a staff o f h ig h ly trained chem ists exam ine daily, not only the raw material, but also the finished product. A ll E T A these rigid *hat purity f o r which products have to withstand tests, in order to maintain and excellence o f quality, the nam e E T A stands.

The El A booh of Magic


The Magic Jo in
.A k C IG A R E T T E paper is . h eld be tween the thum b and fingers and torn into several pieces. T h e pieces are rolled in a sm all ball. T h e perform er then pronouncing the m agic word "E T A blows on it, opens it, and shows that the pieces o f paper have been m agically restored. S O L U T IO N Prior to d oing this trick secretly roll a cigarette paper and grip it near the tips o f first and second finger o f th e right hand, palm inwards, so that it cannot be seen. (See illustration.) Borrow a cigarette paper and tear it into several pieces. Roll the pieces into a sm all ball, press it down on the other one and then show the two balls as one. Y o u now grip the torn pieces between the fingers as before and slowly unroll the untorn paper. T h is trick will need a good deal o f practice but is certainly worth your while.

Only the Choicest

For E T A P E A N U T B U T T E R only the choicest peanut kernels are used. First tested in the laboratory, they are afterwards roasted a golden brown in h uge gas-heated ovens. A fter blanching and blending they are transported to the peanut butter m ills, where they are ground, em erging as a sm ooth, creamy paste. Fed into glass jars E T A P E A N U T B U T T E R is then herm etically sealed under vacuum and thus will keep indefinitely.

Australian Wide
E T A P E A N U T B U T T E R and E T A B R A N D raw materials from which they are derived, are E T A brand can be foun d in shops all over the public popularity created by the excellence o f standard o f m anufacture has resulted in the nam e am ong A ustralians being as "fam iliar in their P R O D U C T S , like the great travellers. T h e Com m onwealth. T h e quality and the high of E T A PR O D U C T S m ouths as h ousehold


The ETA book of Magic


Lifting a Person w ith th e Finger Tips

Z l N Y O N E not knowing how to perform this seemingly impossible trick will be astonished when they see how it is done. Solution.
T h e perform er asks fo r a volun teer to sit o n a chair and enlists th e h elp o f three others. T h e perform er and his assistants stand alon g sid e th e person sitting in the chair in th e positions indicated in the illustration. First th e four le ft hands and then the right hands, in the sam e order, are placed on th e v olu n teers head, w hich is ligh tly pressed dow n by all the hands. T h e hands are th en im m ediately withdrawn and the volu nteer is then lifted b y the first fingers o f each o f th e lifters hands, as show n in the illustration. H e will appear as ligh t as a feather and can easily be lifted several feet in the air and g en tly re placed in the chair.

Its Many Uses

T h e peanut passes through m any processes to appear as E T A P E A N U T B U T T E R , which is known Australia-wide. Salted, it quickens the appetite, used with chocloate it m akes a d eligh tfu l sweet-meat, while peanut toffee sets every youngsters m outh watering. It has, however, other uses. Crushed peanuts are used by pastry cooks and confectioners, while coloured crushed peanuts are a d eligh tfu l topping for cakes, p u d dings, junkets, etc. From it is expressed a beautifully bland oil which, under the name o f C H E F O L , is used by all who claim to be g ood cooks. In addition, chem ists, requiring the highest grade oil, use it for com bining with medicines.

The ETA book of Magic


The Book Test

1 1 H E effect o f this trick is that the perform er (unknow n to the audience) m ysteriously writes on a card the num bers o f a page and paragraph of a book chosen by a member o f th e audience. S O L U T IO N B efore com m encing the trick place in your right trousers pocket a plain visiting or white card and a short piece o f pencil. A sk som eone to open a book and to call out the num ber o f the page at the sam e tim e casually putting your right hand into your trousers pocket. W h en the num ber is called out, write it on the card; then ask for the num ber o f a paragraph on the same page and write it also on the card below the other number. T h en have the book passed to you, receiving it in the left hand and at the same tim e casually withdraw from your pocket the card. (See illus tration) . N ow transfer the book to the right hand, allowing it to lie on the palm , with the card between. Y o u then tell the audience that the numbers called out have been m ysteriously written on a card under the book. T o prove this hand round the card for inspection.

Pass the Mustard

I t was in the latter part o f the six teenth century that m ustard was found to be such a tasty condim ent. N o t until 1720, however, was mustard known in England. In this year an old lady residing in D urham began to grind the seed through a hand m ill, and, after passing the crushed seed through several processes to re m ove the husks, began to sell the dry mustard. N U T F O O D S L T D now m anufac ture a d eligh tfu l ready m ixed mustard that keeps its flavour and consistency and will not dry up.

The " E T A " fleet of Sales Vans that deliver E T A Products fresh to your grocer and confectioner.

The ETA book of Magic


Vanish a Glass Into a H at

f f 1H E perform er shows a handkerchief and places it over a tum bler, and announces that he will make the tum bler vanish from under the handker ch ief into a hat previously shown to be empty. S O L U T IO N

Before doing thistrick, secretly prepare two fancy handkerchiefs of the same pattern bysewing a ring the same size as the rim of the tumbler be tween them. This ring is sewn in the centre of the handkerchiefs and they
are then stitched around the edges as in fig. 1, appearing as one handkerchief. N ow show an em pty hat and place it in position on your left, as indicated in fig. 2. N ext, picking up the tum bler with your right hand cover it with the handkerchief h eld in your le ft hand so that the ring lies on the rim o f the tumbler. Y ou now h old the tumbler through the handkerchief by the le ft hand as in fig. 3. A nnounce to the audience that there are two m ethods o f passing the tumbler into the hat, one visibly and the other invisibly. T o pass it visibly all you have to do is to place the tum bler into the hat. T h e perform er does this and leaves the tumbler and handkerchief in the hat. A t this stage you remark that anyone could pass a tum bler visibly, but to pass it into the hat invisibly seems im possible. T o do this pick up the ring through the handkerchief with the le ft hand (leaving the tum bler in the hat) and m ove away from the hat. T h e shape o f the ring in the handkerchief gives the audience the im pression that the tumbler is still under the handkerchief. Y ou now remark that the tum bler will vanish invisibly into the hat. T ake one corner o f the handkerchief with the right hand and flick it away from the le ft hand and then im m e diately go to the hat and take out the tumbler. A c_H n c P
7 ^ 3 > M 2 sf c -y -


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