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We have got the primary information through interviews. 0 . brand profiles. Introduction !dvanced $hemical %ndustries -!$%. Page 3 of 11 . #ournals. We have got the secondary information through reports.Executive Summary To do the report on “Marketing Practices in a Small or Medium Sized Enterprise we have chosen “Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited Company . 0). web sites etc. industry analysis. 0'. 0$. 0!. 0". SWOT analysis. discussions etc. meeting and e0ceeding customer e0pectations.ines. 0. Topic 1umber 01.. They have a mission to achieve business e0cellence through +uality by understanding. Topic 1ame Acknowledgements Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Industry Analysis Com%any &rofiles (rand &rofiles S*+T Analysis &EST Analysis Com%etitors Analysis )age 1umber Our main ob#ectives were to find out !$% &oods 'td(s profiles. 0#. accepting. maga. 10. observations. )*ST analysis and competitors analysis. with a multinational heritage. +uestionnaires. !s it is a very large company" we have decided to discuss about “ACI oods Ltd . 'imited is one of the leading conglomerates in /angladesh.

The main %ndustries of !$% are7 • • • • • • • • • • !$% &ormulations 'td. Industry Analysis !$% 'imited has a wide range of industrial )roduct. and distribution food products and condiment under the brand names of )45* and &41.They follow %nternational Standards on 2uality 3anagement System to ensure consistent +uality of products and services to achieve customer satisfaction. 4!*. snacks and confectionary categories. The necessity of pure food in consumers( mind especially in the commodity food business has pushed !$% to fill up the market demand by producing food products. !$% foods limited e0ports )ure and &un /rand products to !ustralia. $onsumer brand. Saudi !rabia. marketing. !$% &oods limited is engaged in manufacturing. !pe0 'eathercrafts 'imited !$% Salt 'imited !$% )ure &lour 'imited !$% &oods 'imited $onsolidated $hemicals 'imited )remiafle0 )lastics 'imited $reative $ommunication 'imited !$% 3otors 'imited !$% 'ogistics 'imited etc. 2atar and many other countries to come into the list. 6uwait. /ahrain. Their portfolio covers practically basic spices. edible oil. !gribusinesses. 8oint 9entures are7 • !$% :odre# !grovet )rivate 'imited Page 4 of 11 . They have three ma#or business units. cereals. These are )harmaceuticals. mi0ed spices.

'ater on H 3ay. !$% meets all national regulatory re+uirements relating to its current businesses and ensures that current :ood 3anufacturing )ractices -c:3). !$% is committed to the pursuit of e0cellence through world. 1ow. !$% &oods 'td. !mong them we chose !$% &oods 'imited for our assignment. customer focus. This $ompany also obtained listing with Ghaka Stock *0change on CB Gecember. in the then *ast )akistan in <@AB. continuous improvement and innovation. 'imited !sian $onsumer $are -)vt.ation. is focusing on improving the food habit of /angladeshi consumers through providing more ready to cook products and ready to eat as well. &un $andy and &un $hanachur produced from high +uality imported raw materials with state of the art technology have attained enormous popularity among the consumers. Within the very short period of its entrance this brand has been en#oying second leading position in the market. as recommended by World Iealth Organi. <@@D. (rand &rofiles Basic Spices: “Discover the pure warmth of Bangladeshi love” Page 5 of 11 .• • Tetley !$% -/angladesh. %$% plc divested E=> of its shareholding to local management.days the customers of /angladesh are ensured with <==> pure food products under the brand name of ?)ure?.class products.a. 'isting with $hittagong Stock *0change was made on CC October <@@H.ation is followed properly. !fter independence the company has been incorporated in /angladesh on the CDth of 8anuary <@EF as %$% /angladesh 3anufacturers 'imited and also as )ublic 'imited $ompany. <@@C. Com%any &rofile !$% was established as the subsidiary of %mperial $hemical %ndustries -%$%. <@EA and its first trading of shares took place on @ 3arch. 'imited. transparency. fairness. Subse+uently the company was registered in the name of !dvanced $hemical %ndustries 'imited. innovative processes and empowered employees to provide the highest level of satisfaction to its customers. Their values are for +uality. !$% has been accepted as a &ounding 3ember of the $ommunity of :lobal :rowth $ompanies by the World *conomic &orum which is the most prestigious business networking organi.

J &or 'ocal. !$% )ure Spices takes pride in delivering all the natural goodness of spices so that we can serve great tasting foods to the ones we care. 1et Weight7 J &or *0port. &amous /angladeshi brand. • Pure Turmeric: )ure Turmeric With its natural aroma pure turmeric endows the food with beautiful golden yellow color. presenting “!$% )ure Spices . <==g. H==g. <==g. 1et Weight7 J &or *0port. They believe the value of spices lies in the natural trait of spices. J &or 'ocal. C==g. <==g. D==g. H==g. C==g. <Hg. • Pure Chilli: )ure $hilli is grinded form the best variety of chilli. <Hg. <===g. Their uni+ue “%mpact $lassifying 3illing technology with its temperature control grinding feature. *0port )ack 'ocal )ack %ngredient7 $hilli. %t provides bright red color with high hotness. H=g. Mixed Spices: • Pure Kheer Mix: Page 6 of 11 . C==g. D==g. *0port )ack 'ocal )ack %ngredient7 Turmeric. <===g. <===g. volatile oil is very essential for retaining natural color and aroma of spices.&rom the country of hospitality. C==g. <==g. <===g. H=g. keep the volatile oil of fresh spices intact.

%ngredient7 !romatic rice. $love. 1et Weight7 Page 7 of 11 . !niseed. !lmond nut. 1et Weight7 J &or *0port. J &or 'ocal. Sugar. Turmeric. :reen gram. C==g. cereal and pulse based product with perfect blend spices. $umin. J &or 'ocal. )ea..<A=g.of. FH=g. machineries. &lavor. B=g. • Pure Haleem Mix: )ure Ialeem 3i0 is very easy to prepare.. B=g. $hilli.)ure 6heer 3i0 is an easy cooking cereal based products. 1et Weight7 J &or *0port. <H=g. $innamon. :rass pea. Edible Oil: • Mustard Oil: )ure 3ustard Oil is e0tracted from high +uality home..the. $ardamom. 3ustard seeds. D=g.watering taste. $hick pea. $oriander. Wheat. 1et Weight7 J &or *0port. J &or 'ocal. %t(s ideal as dessert and also for entertaining guests. C==g. 3onosodium glutamate. )ure Ialeem is very nutritious with a mouth. This fresh and crispy Snack is available now in spice flavor and wins the hearts of millions. /lack pepper. Snacks: • Fun Chanachur: &un $hanachur is the hottest consumer brand of !$% &oods 'td with its si. &enugreek. %ngredient7 'entil.grown mustard seeds and filtered properly to maintain pungency and good health. %ngredient7 3ustard seeds. <H=g.<A=g. /est +uality raw materials are used to produce &un $hanachur by using modern +uality control technology K state. %ngredient7 3ustard seeds.ling taste. cooked with < liter milk can be served to si0 persons. Salt. Salt. One pack of )ure 6heer 3i0 -<H= g. /ay leaf. 5ock salt -/it salt. D=g. !romatic rice. /lack gram.

which is their one of the big strength. opportunities -O.. Page 8 of 11 . &un candy is an easy solution to make the kids happy... which are very powerful and able to produce good +uality products. Therefore. C==g. Strengths are the internal capabilities that may help a company to reach its ob#ectives. J &or 'ocal. Their selecting price of the products is reasonable considering the economic condition of /angladesh. S*+T Analysis SWOT analysis is an overall evaluation of the company(s strengths -S. Threats are the current and emerging e0ternal factors that may challenge the company(s performance. To satisfy different segment of consumer. weaknesses -W.  5easonable price of the products7 $ompany(s pricing strategy is much better. fun candy is now available in two different variants. and threats -T. Opportunities are the e0ternal factors that the company may be able to e0ploit to its advantage. C==g.. H==g. H==g. Weaknesses are the internal limitations that may interfere with a company(s ability to achieve its ob#ectives. milk and caramel. Confectionary: • Fun Candy: &un $andy is produced from high +uality imported raw materials with state of the art technology. customers can purchase their products cheaply.  3odern machineries7 !ll the machineries they have are so much modern.J &or *0port. Strengths (S):  2uality product7 The product(s +uality of !$% &oods 'td is so high. /oth of these variants are highly appreciated by consumers specially kids. &or producing +uality product they follow under strict hygienic conditions in the factory.

Therefore. 4niversal &ood 'imited etc. %n /angladesh there are a lot of consumer foods producing companies are available like S+uare $onsumer )roduct 'imited. it is another opportunity for !$% &oods 'td. These companies are the actual threat for !$% &oods 'td.  'ow advertising fre+uency7 !ll around /angladesh their advertising fre+uency is lower than re+uired. ! vast number of eager energetic sales representatives are dedicating themselves to maintain good distribution throughout the country. %t is very easy for the company to enter into a large market for doing their business. ! good portion of the profit has to pay the company as ta0.  &ew promotional tools7 They use few promotional tools. it is another opportunity for !$% &oods 'td. Therefore. So.  !vailability of raw materials7 %n /angladesh raw materials are available for !$% &oods 'td to produce their products. The cost of the labor is very low here.  :ood transportation system7 Transportation system is comparatively good here in /angladesh.  !vailable labor with low cost7 'abors are available in /angladesh. so the market is large here for all the products.  :overnment ta0es7 Gay by day :overnment ta0es are increasing rapidly. )5!1 &oods. hreats ( ):  $ompetitors7 $ompetitors are the main threat for a company. Page 9 of 11 . Opportunities (O):  $urrent large market7 !s /angladesh is a densely populated country. all of their producing goods are halal" which decreases the religious hesitation of customers. /G &oods. $ost of transportation is also not so high.  :ood distribution network7 !$% &oods 'td(s distribution network is one of the largest distribution networks in /angladesh. which is one of the biggest opportunities for the company. Weaknesses (W):  'abor strikes7 Sometimes labors of the company strikes to get their regular wages and privileges. Ialal raw materials7 !ll the raw materials they are using to produce the products are <==> halal. which is a threat for !$% &oods 'td.

which is a threat for the company.  *nvironmental issues7 Sometimes the environment of our country becomes threat for the company. Social "actors: Social factors include the cultural aspects and health consciousness. tariffs and political stability. like during hartal or any other strikes of political parties can stop the distribution process of the company. These factors have ma#or impacts on !$% &oods 'td to operate and make decisions. )olitical factors have a great impact on !$% &oods 'td.ation considers its environment before beginning the marketing process. age distribution. business position. Sociocultural factors. Specifically. interest rates affect a firm?s cost of capital and therefore to what e0tent a business grows and e0pands. )olitical issues7 Sometimes some political issues create some problems. high import ta0. Guring this period running business becomes incredibly tough. population growth rate. Economical factors. &or e0ample. environmental law. !olitical "actors: )olitical factors. *0change rates affect the costs of e0porting goods and the supply and price of imported goods in an economy. 'ots of natural calamities occur in /angladesh. government new labour law etc impose a great effect on !$% &oods 'td. career attitudes and emphasis on safety.. %n fact. interest rates. factors. Iigh domestic ta0ation. Political -and legal. e0change rates and the inflation rates. corruption. !s a successful company !$% &oods 'td considers their different macroenvironmental factors very well to understand market growth or decline. political factors include areas such as ta0 policy. Econo#ical "actors: *conomic factors include economic growth. Trends in social factors affect the Page 10 of 11 . potential and direction for operations. trade restrictions. environmental analysis should be continuous and feed all aspects of planning. labour law. &EST Analysis %t is very important that an organi. political instability. and !echnological factors are known as )*ST factors -macroenvironmental factors. or how and to what degree a government intervenes in the economy.  *conomical threats7 *conomical condition is not good in our country.

and lead to innovation. technology incentives and the rate of technological change. 4niversal &ood 'imited. strengths. ♦ S$uare Consu#er !roduct %i#ited 7 One of the main competitors of !$% &oods 'imited is S+uare $onsumer )roduct 'imited. )ran &oods. production.ation -in long term. !s both !$% and )5!1 have same substitutes so they have very hard competition between them. echnological factors: Technological factors include ecological and environmental aspects" such as activity. )5!1 spices etc. !$% &oods 'td also adopts modern waste management technology. 5uchi snacks etc. spices. Page 11 of 11 . costs. The main competitors of !$% &oods 'imited are S+uare $onsumer )roduct 'imited.demand for !$% &oods 'td(s products and how !$% &oods 'td operates. weaknesses. confectionaries like 5adhuni spices. &urthermore. /y analy. minimum efficient production level and influence outsourcing decisions. +uality. ob#ectives. automation. %t also has many food items and spices like )5!1 snakes. Once a company identifies its primary competitors it must ascertain their strategies. snacks. %t forced to produce +uality goods to attract and retain actual and possible technological factors !$% &oods 'td can determine barriers to entry. edible oils. and business position of the organi. Social factors affect daily operations -in short term. Com%etitors Analysis $ompetitors are one of the key factors of a company. /G &oods. Sometimes !$% &oods 'td changes various management strategies to adapt essential social trends.. $ompetitors are companies those produce and market substitutes to satisfy the same customer needs. ♦ PRAN Foods7 !nother ma#or competitor of !$% &oods 'imited is )5!1 &oods. technological shifts can affect time. 'ike !$% &oods 'td S+uare $onsumer )roduct 'td has also many food items.