Attachment A For Local Governments Requesting a 2014 Capital Appropriation I.

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Project Basics
Name: City of Maplewood Project title: Harriet Tubman Center East Project priority number: 2 of 3 Project location City of Maplewood, Ramsey County Ownership and Operation: Who will own the facility: City of Maplewood (currently owns and will remain as owner) Who will operate the facility: Tubman Names of any private entities that will occupy/use any portion of the building: Tubman offers a wide range of shelter, legal, educational, youth, mental health, and elder care services locally and statewide. When delivering these services to those in need, Tubman foresees having the following organizations undertake programs at Harriet Tubman Center East: o Ramsey and Washington County police departments, prosecutors, and county probation officers o Programs who service victims of sex trafficking o Other domestic violence agencies and youth service agencies, mental and chemical health agencies o A Federally Qualified Community Health Clinic, for which we are currently seeking a specific partner agency o Community colleges needing classroom space and partner agencies doing prevention education o Area universities and colleges as part of Tubman’s new Learning and Research Institute o Artists and artisans working with Tubman families and/or exhibiting work o Community partners wishing to collaborate with Tubman in a culinary training and meal service center for food preparation and distribution for affordable meal service for the community Project contact person: Christine M. Brinkman, Tubman Project Manager, 612-870-2417



Project Description
Description and Rationale: Provide a brief project description and rationale (one page maximum).

The City of Maplewood respectfully requests a direct appropriation in the amount of $720,000 to complete renovations and furnish the two remaining shelter floors at Harriet Tubman Center East in Maplewood. This is a building of statewide architectural significance formerly used as a monastery. This appropriation will address an unmet community need by providing additional shelter for youth and young adult victims of violence and exploitation, primarily individuals who are victims of sex
400 Centennial Building Voice: (651) 201-8000 658 Cedar Street Fax: (651) 296-8685 St. Paul, Minnesota 55155 TTY: 1-800-627-3529
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trafficking. The renovated floors will provide safe and accessible rooms for 36 young people and their children each night, plus space for the services needed for them to build safe, stable, violence-free lives. The funding requested is included as a portion of the $8.178 million project to purchase, retrofit and refurbish the former monastery and establish it as a statewide residential, family and collaborative community service center. This center will serve and support individuals and families in crisis, the systems and services that support them, and also the communities working to innovate and sustain change. It makes sense to invest additional capital into this project because the majority of life safety, accessibility, and other code work was completed during the first phase of renovations. Because this project re-purposes an existing building and because the initial renovations are completed, it will cost only $36 per square foot to renovate the final two shelter floors of the facility. This cost represents 14% to 22% of construction costs for other facilities: Facility Hospital Jail Assisted Living College Dorm Tubman Shelter 8) Sq. Ft. 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 $/Sq. Ft.* $235 229 162 147 $ 36 Total Cost $4,700,000 4,580,000 3,240,000 2,940,000 $ 720,000

Square Footage:

Total current square footage: 110,000 Square footage to be renovated: 20,000 No new square footage will be added.


Project Financing

Do the project cost estimates below include inflation (see question 10 below)? ___ Yes _XX_ No

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Sources of Funds Dollars in Thousands State GO Bonds Requested Funds Already Committed State Funds City Funds County Funds Other Local Government Funds Federal Funds Non-Governmental Funds Pending Contributions City Funds County Funds Other Local Government Funds Federal Funds Non-Governmental Funds l TOTAL* Uses of Funds Dollars in Thousands

Prior Years

For 2014 720

For 2016

For 2018

Total 720 2,600 417

2,600 417



7,458 Prior Years For 2014 For 2016 For 2018


Total 2,690 9 157

Land Acquisition 2,690 Predesign (required for projects over $1.5 9 M) Design (including construction 157 administration) Project Management 110 Construction 4,085 Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment 407 Relocation (not bond-eligible) TOTAL* 7,458


110 4,805 407 0 8,178


* Totals must be the same.

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Other Project Information

10) Project schedule. • • Anticipated Start Date: 90 days after project financing is available. Anticipated Occupancy date: 120 day renovation period.

11) Predesign. For projects with a total construction cost of $1.5 million or more: Has a project predesign been completed? - Yes Has the predesign been submitted to the Commissioner of Administration? - Yes 12) State operating subsidies. Identify any new or additional state operating dollars that will be requested for this project. (Specify the amount and year, if applicable). Based on 32 additional residents, Tubman will need to secure $975,000 per year ($83.37 per day per person) in order to provide programs and services. We hope to receive funding from a variety of sources including local and state government, and the private sector. 13) Sustainable building guidelines. Tubman does not seek to build new infrastructure or to disturb undeveloped soil as part of this project. Instead Tubman has chosen to retrofit an existing building of historical and architectural significance for a series of modern uses. Mindful of sustainability guidelines and with regular maintenance, valuable social services could be effectively delivered from this site for a period of 50 years or more – it was built to last for 200 years. Tubman will work with the Center for Sustainable Building Research in order to incorporate B.3 mandates into the facility where ever appropriate. 14) Sustainable building designs. Not applicable. 15) Resolution of support and priority designation. Has the governing body of the applicant passed a resolution of support (which indicates the project’s priority number if the applicant is submitting multiple requests)? - Yes

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Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Maplewood, Minnesota, was duly called and held in the Council Chambers of said City on the 23rd day of September 2013, at 7:02 P.M. The following members were present: Will Rossbach, Mayor Robert Cardinal, Councilmember Rebecca Cave, Councilmember Kathleen Juenemann, Councilmember Marvin Koppen, Councilmember

Present Present Present Present Present

Approval of Resolution of Support for Tubman to Allow the City of Maplewood to Serve as Fiscal Agent for State Bonding Proposal

Councilmember Juenemann moved to approve the resolution of support for Tubman in securing state of Minnesota bonding monies for their project and further directing the City Manager to develop documents to approve the City as fiscal agent for Tubman in this endeavor. RESOLUTION 13-9-973 Resolution of Support for Tubman to Allow City as Fiscal Agent for State Bonding Proposal WHEREAS, Tubman operates a regional Community Collaborative Service Center, Shelter for victims of violence and exploitation, and Learning Institute at the former St. Paul's Monastery located at Monastery Way and Larpenteur Avenue, and WHEREAS, Tubman is proposing nearly $6 million in necessary code, accessibility and security improvements to the former monastery-now Harriet Tubman Center East-to facilitate this service center, and WHEREAS, Tubman is requesting state bonding support through legislation to provide for up to $720,000 in financial support to complete renovations and furnish the two remaining shelter floors in this facility, and WHEREAS, the Maplewood City Council has previously expressed support for the services provided by Tubman for the citizens of our City and region, and WHEREAS, the State of Minnesota requires that a local government agency act as the fiscal agent for General Obligation Bond funding. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE CITY COUNCIL OF MAPLEWOOD, MINNESOTA, as follows:

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Hereby acknowledges its support for Tubman's request for state funding for this important project and improvement, and further supports said legislation as introduced on behalf of Tubman in the 2014 legislative session. Hereby directs the City Manager to prepare documents for Council approval such that the City of Maplewood will act as the fiscal agent for Tubman in receiving financial support from the State of Minnesota. Ayes - All


Seconded by Councilmember Koppen The motion passed. STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF RAMSEY CITY OF MAPLEWOOD

) ) SS

I, the undersigned, being the duly qualified and appointed Clerk of the City of Maplewood, Minnesota, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that I have compared the attached and foregoing extract of minutes of a regular meeting of the City of Maplewood, held on the 23rd day of September, 2013 with the original on file in my office, and the same is a full, true and complete transcript therefrom insofar as the same relates to the Resolution of Support for Tubman to Allow the City of Maplewood to Serve as Fiscal Agent for State Bonding Proposal. WITNESS my hand and sealed this 6th day of January, 2014.
.. -··· .. ,..,. /_,. "'

City of -Maplewo..ocL M i nt"l.esota

�-!;COt' re� n_Guilfoile Ka // : C.iiy Clerk

/� - .::


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