SEXUAL DISORDER » These are disorders that are related to human sexuality due to psychological causes » Types: 1.

Alteration in gender identity 2. Alteration in sexual orientation 3. Alteration in sexual behavior 4. Alteration in sexual functioning 5. Painful sexual disorders ALTERATION IN GENDER IDENTITY 1. Transexualism • Persistent discomfort about one’s sex assignment • Caused by confused learning about gender roles • Feeling of being trapped in the wrong body 2. Gender Identity Disorder of Childhood • Persistent and intense distress at one’s sexual identity • Client insist that he/she is an opposite sex • Assertion that he/she will grow up to have transsexual surgery 3. Nontranssexual Cross Gender Disorder • Persistent discomfort about one’s sex but with no preoccupation with getting rid of the genitalia ALTERATION IN SEXUAL ORIENTATION 1. Ego-Dystonic Homosexuality • Weak heterosexual arousal with desire to have heterosexual relationship • Client experience inappropriate homosexual arousal pattern ALTERATION IN SEXUAL BEHAVIOR 1. Sexual Acting Out - Disturbed conduct or poor impulse control - May create a sexually provocative remarks - Have extramarital affairs and promiscuous - Have high sexual drive - Presence of inadequate coping and interpersonal skills 2. Paraphilias - Sexual urges or fantasies that are directed toward nonhuman objects pain to self, partner, or children, or other non-consenting individuals - This may be asymptomatic - Behavior often followed by guilt, shame. low-esteem, or anxiety - Not due to other mental disorder

Types of Paraphilias: 1. Fetishism- substitution of an inanimate object for the genitals 2. Transvestism- wearing clothes of the opposite sex to achieve sexual pleasure 3. Exhibitionism- sexual pleasure obtained by exposing the genitals 4. Pedophilia- attraction to children as sex objects 5. Voyeurism- sexual gratification obtained by watching the sexual plays of others 6. Frotteurism- sexual obtained by touching or rubbing against a non-consenting person 7. Telephone Scatologia- sexual gratification form during telephone conversation 8. Dendrophilia – sexual gratification in woods ALTERATION IN SEXUAL FUNCTIONING 1. Sexual Dysfunction- individuals is unsatisfied in his sexual function 2. Hypoactive sexual desire- absence of sexual fantasies and desires 3. Sexual aversion- avoidance of genital sexual contact with partner 4. Sexual arousal disorder- failure to attain and maintain erection in males • Lack of lubrication • Persistent or recurrent lack of subjective sense of sexual excitement and pleasure PAINFUL SEXUAL DISORDERS 1. Vaginismus- an involuntary vaginal spasm at penetration • protection against anticipated pain associated with sexual trauma, intense guilt, or high religion offense 2. Dyspareunia- painful sexual intercourse